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Chapter 332 – China VS South Korea (Third Game)

The Chinese team’s counterattack in the second game succeeded in equalizing the score. The next game was the Korean team’s home advantage and it was crucial for both China and South Korea. Whoever won this game would get match point.

The rest time soon came and the captains sat at the command post again. Park Joonseo didn’t hesitate to submit the game mode—economic war!

The economic war was more stable than the uncertainty of death racing. The two death racing games had a score of 1:1 and it was changed to an economic war in the key game. It could be seen that Park Joonseo was full of confidence when it came to the Korean team’s economic war.

In addition to the official Miracle map, Park Joonseo submitted the Korean maps Jeju Island and Gangwon-d0. The two maps hadn’t appeared in previous matches and the thumbnails were similar.

The map had little impact in an economic war. No matter how the map changed, it would be divided into four areas, the southeast, northeast, southwest and northwest. At most, it would have an effect on the wild mobs.

Li Cangyu didn’t think too much and eventually left the Jeju Island map.

The map was confirmed and Park Joonseo submitted his lineup.

The angel summoner Park Joonseo, the terran swordsman Shim Yoocheol, the elf archer Kim Yoonhee, the blood kin assassin Kim Changmin, the white magician Shin Chimin and the angel healer Bae Eunki.

A careful check revealed this was very similar to the Korean team’s all-star lineup in the first game. However, an economic war required six people and they added a priest to the lineup.

Li Cangyu had learnt about the configuration of the Korean team before the game. Bae Eunki was an excellent healer of the South Korean championship team led by Park Joonseo. Once again, a lineup full of great gods was sent. It seemed that Park Joonseo was determined to win this game.

Li Cangyu pondered for a moment before submitting the lineup.

The demon summoner Ling Xuefeng, the blood kin summoner Qin Mo, the black magician Yan Ruiwen, the black magician Guo Xuan, the terran swordsman Xie Shurong and the anger healer Bai Xuan!

As soon as the lineup was released, the live broadcast room was filled with comments: [This is the combination of Wind Colour and Canglan!] [Yes, the four people of Wind Colour plus the two people of Canglan. Isn’t this also a luxurious lineup?]

Li Cangyu naturally had a reason for sending such people. Ling Xuefeng was most used to commanding two summoners and two black magicians. This national team happened to have four members of Wind Colour selected and if all of them were sent, LIng Xuefeng would naturally feel more comfortable commanding.

Meanwhile, the Shu Bai combination had the strongest survivability of the league. Under the care of Bai Xuan, Xie Shurong could fully act as the front row of this lineup. As long as Shu Bai resisted the pressure, the four people of Wind Colour in the rear could burst out and deal a considerable amount of damage.

Ling Xuefeng saw this and couldn’t help admiring Li Cangyu’s thoughtfulness and meticulous nature.

The four members of Wind Colour had a long-term understanding while Shu Bai had first-class senses. This lineup had been temporarily set up by Li Cangyu before the match and after several days of training, a perfect tactical system had formed.

The domestic audience was right. This was the combination of Canglan and Wind Colour.

Wind Colour’s strongest control and output combined with the strongest swordsman and healer combination. This was almost an upgraded version of the two teams and had significantly higher strength than Canglan and Wind Colour.

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help feeling excited when he saw this. “The four members of Wind Colour are all on while the Shu Bai combination is added. This is the first time this lineup has appeared!”

“Cat God can always come up with a variety of novel combinations.” Yu Bing couldn’t help praising. “In theory, the strength of this lineup doesn’t lose to the Korean team’s great gods. The key is to see Captain Ling’s command.”

“If we can win the third game when South Korean has the home advantage then the Chinese team will take the lead in grabbing match point. The fourth game is our home game and the advantage will be big!”

“Yes, I hope Captain Ling can withstand the pressure.”


On the big screen, the game map was shown. Jeju Island was one of the most famous locations in South Korea. The land here was very strange. Jeju Island was once full of magma but over time, it became a holiday destination filled with trees.

The competition map took a section of Jeju Island and scaled it down. The audience could see that the map was surrounded by vast waters while the island area was divided into the ‘田’ field. This was the standard map in the MIracle economic war. The middle of the map was high ground while the crystal there radiated light.

Ling Xuefeng stared sharply at the screen. Based on the map panorama, there were no traps on Jeju Island. However, the setting of the wild monsters was a bit interesting. They were groups of magpies.

Cheng Wei couldn’t help whispering, “Why magpies? Isn’t the meaning of magpies to be messengers? Wouldn’t it be humiliating to lose? It would be better to pick crows.”

Tan Shitian explained, “The magpie is the national bird of South Korea.”

Cheng Wei was stunned and looked over at him. “The national bird? There was such a thing?”

Tan Shitian nodded. “Yes.”

Cheng Wei scratched his head. “You know so much.”

Tan Shitian smiled and joked, “I have great talent and have as much knowledge as five carloads of books.”

“…” Cheng Wei made a disgusted spitting action and Tan Shitian gently patted him on the back. “Why are you spitting? Are you happen?”

Cheng Wei couldn’t bear it and formed a fist to punch him. Tan Shitian flexibly evaded and Cheng Wei couldn’t stop. He happened to hit Li Cangyu’s shoulder, who was sitting next to Tan Shitian.

Li Cangyu turned back doubtfully. “Why are you hitting me?”

Cheng Wei blushed and immediately retracted his hand. “N-Nothing…”

Li Cangyu stared at Tan Shitian who was trying hard to suppress his smile.  Tan Shitian put away his smile and continued to watch the screen.

The map preview finished and the players sat in front of the computer. Ling Xuefeng took advantage of the map loading tie to quickly say, “Shu Bai will go in the middle, Yan Guo will go up and I will go down with Qin Mo.”

Everyone typed ‘1’ to show their understanding.

The South Korean team’s splitting method was also conventional. Park Joonseo and his old partner Shim Yoocheol were in the middle. Kim Yoonhee and Kim Changmin were in the north while Shin Chimin and the healer Bae Eunki went down.

Park Joonseo’s angel summoner played an auxiliary role in the team battle. Combined with the healer, the Korean team’s lineup was quite defensive. When necessary, there could be two healers and it was suitable for dragging out a team battle.

The Chinese side was mainly based on output. Xie Shurong might be the anti-pressure front row but he also had a strong output capacity.

A strong output team met a strong defensive team, just like a spear and sword colliding. In the end, either the shield or the spear breaking depended on the performance of the players. Their mental state was very crucial.

However, from the opening, both sides seemed to have no intention of starting a battle.

30 seconds after the start of the game, the mobs refreshed on time.

The magpie should be a ranged mob and might deal negative states. It just wasn’t sure what the negative effect was.

Ling Xuefeng told them, “Wait.” Then he used the banshee to pull one of the magpies and quickly killed it with an ordinary attack.

The slain magpie suddenly screamed and just before it died, its wings fluttered and countless feathers filled the air with a golden glow around them. Ling Xuefeng immediately looked at the banshee’s negative state to judge that it was the ‘dizzy’ effect.

Many Miracle bosses had a form of ‘self-detonation’ where they dealt damage to the players as they died. The wild mobs on this map were obviously inspired by those bosses.

Unfortunately, the Chinese team didn’t fall into the trap.

Ling Xuefeng was cautious enough to use his pets to test it and understood the magpies’ skill for his teammates.

“The magpie will blow up when they die. This will release the dizzy effect and the range is 1 metre in diameter.” Ling Xuefeng spoke in the voice channel. “Everyone should take care to avoid it, especially Ah Shu.”

Xie Shurong instantly typed: [Understood.]

The four ranged outputs could stand in the distance and weren’t affected by the magpie’s dizziness. However, Xie Shurong was a melee and it was easy to be caught if his reaction speed wasn’t fast.

Thanks to Ling Xuefeng’s tip, Xie Shurong was naturally more cautious when playing against the mobs.

He would jump over and stab the magpie with a simple attack. Then he would immediately jump back to Bai Xuan’s side to escape the magpie’s skill.

This flowing operation caused Shim Yoocheol to feel admiration.

Perhaps it was God’s care for the Chinese team. The splitting method of this game coincidentally had the Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan combination in the same area as Shim Yoocheol and Park Joonseo. A swordsman with a healer against a swordsman with an auxiliary reduced Xie Shurong’s pressure by half.

If the opponents were ranged classes then it would be very hard for Xie Shurong to kill these self-destructive mobs.

Now he was facing Shim Yoocheol and the two short-ranged swordsman couldn’t control each other.

At the start, Shim Yoocheol would occasionally rush to cut at Xie Shurong. As a result, Bai Xuan would give a small healing skill to fill up Xie Shurong’s blood. Shim Yoocheol seemed to feel this was boring and ignored Xie Shurong.

Xie Shurong also didn’t want to hit him since Park Joonseo had the ability to heal. Instead of wasting his energy, he also killed the magpies.

The two sides reached a consensus and in the initial stage of killing mobs, the middle area was peaceful and the two sides regarded each other as air.

To the north, the Yan Guo double magicians met the Kim Yoonhee and Kim Changmin combination of archer and assassin. They couldn’t beat each other. After exchanging one wave of attacks, they ignored each other and peacefully made money.

However, the situation to the south was particularly fierce.

The white magician Shin Chimin and the healer Bae Eunki, the two female players happened to encounter Ling Xuefeng and Qin Mo.

Ling Xuefeng definitely wouldn’t be polite to them!

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