GLS: Chapter 331

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Chapter 331 – China VS South Korea (Deadly Counterattack)

In the miracle arena, it wasn’t uncommon to win the battle by counterattacking. The advantage in numbers wasn’t necessarily directly converted into victory. It was necessary to comprehensively consider the skills cooldown, the state of the players and the remaining blood and blue. If there was a person full of blood and blue encountered five residual blood opponents, it was likely they would take away the other side’s heads in a single attack.

The Chinese team had very clear thinking in this wave of combat.

The Lou Zhang brothers being intercepted by Im Sanghun during their scouting was unexpected for Li Cangyu. Fortunately, the two of them reacted very quickly. They resisted the skills from the other side and tacitly used their big moves on the two most threatening summoners from the Korean team before dying.

Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng also cooperated very well. They joined forces to lower the blood of the Korean team.

All this was laying the groundwork for Li Cangyu’s final harvest.

The remaining four Korean players found Li Cangyu standing alone in the attic and instantly reacted. The paladin turned and rushed towards the attic only for Li Cangyu to use the water spirit group control skill, Frost Heart!

The overwhelming ice and snow rushed from the attic like a blizzard.

The four Korean players were frozen in place. Li Cangyu took this opportunity to summon the thunder spirit and use the group attack, Thunder’s Wrath!

Purple thunder fell from the sky and directly killed the blood kin summoner.

The other three lost a lot of blood from this group attack. Apart from the thick-skinned paladin who still had half blood left, the black magician and white magician had approximately 30% of their blood left.

The freezing effect ended and the white magician aimed God’s Seal at the attic!

The white halo flew towards where Li Cangyu was standing. However, Li Cangyu seemed to have expected it and his body moved behind a pillar, successfully allowing him to escape from this skill.

The white magician of the Korean team wanted to cough up blood.

This was the moment when the audience realized how important it was to occupy the height advantage of the attic.

The view from the attic was very wide and showed the opponents on the ground. On the other hand, it was tough for the people on the ground to look up and attack Li Cangyu. In addition, there were many pillars next to the attic window. LI Cangyu sometimes hid behind these pillars, causing the skills of the Korean players to empty out.

After seeing that his teammates’ control skills were wasted, Im Sanghun ordered, “Go upstairs and hit him!”

The three remaining players quickly moved upstairs but at this moment, Li Cangyu emerged from behind the pillar and pressed the keyboard at a very fast speed. The water spirit continuously released three Water Balls and the audience saw them accurately hit the Korean team!

“Beautiful!” Kou Hongyi praised. “Cat God is so handsome. The Korean players were standing in three different directions yet he hit all three with a Water Ball!”

The speed was fast and the accuracy high. A ranged class reaching this level caused people to feel admiration!

The damage caused by the Water Balls wasn’t big but it could trigger the ‘deceleration’ effect. This was the key to the elf summoner’s kiting. Li Cangyu once used this kiting method to kill Ling Xuefeng in the domestic league.

Everyone was reminded of that scene and many people secretly observed Ling Xuefeng. They found that the man was showing a hint of a smile and seemed very satisfied with Li Cangyu’s performance.

The slow-moving South Korean team couldn’t climb the attic for a while and Li Cangyu took advantage of the high field of view to summon the fire spirit and use Raging Prairie Fire!

Fire burned on the ground and the blood of the South Korean players fell again.

The paladin had 35% blood left while the black magician and white magician only had 10% blood!

Li Cangyu aimed a small Fireball at the white magician. It fell from the sky and the blood of the white magician was instantly wiped out.

The other black magician rushed into the attic but Li Cangyu was waiting on the stairs. The moment the opponent entered the door, the same Fireball took away the black magician’s head.

It was 9:4!

Li Cangyu alone faced the four members of the South Korean team and won three kills!

The domestic audience was boiling while Im Sanghun’s face was ashy.

“Withdraw!” He anxiously issued an order. The paladin was unwilling but still retreated after using Guardian’s Power.

However, Li Cangyu didn’t easily let him go.

The Chinese team already had nine heads and would win the game as long as the paladin was killed. If the paladin escaped, they would have to fight another group battle and Li Cangyu didn’t want to waste time.

He decisively summoned the departed spirit public pet to possess the paladin.

The departed spirit slowed the movement of the possessed opponent, similar to the water spirit. The public pet consumed a lot of blue but the duration was much longer than the water spirit’s Water Ball.

Li Cangyu had just broken out to kill three people and his blue was almost empty. After summoning the departed spirit, he barely had any blue left. The paladin’s 35% blood didn’t look like much but it was the most defensive class in Miracle and it would naturally take three times the output to kill the thick-skinned paladin.

“Cat God is out of blue and obviously can’t kill the paladin.” Kou Hongyi was anxious. “We saw that the four members of South Korea have chosen the red resurrection point. The paladin Bae Jeongho is desperately moving to the red resurrection point and if Cat God chases the paladin, he will have to face the full Korean team!”

“That depends on whether Bae Jeongho has enough health to reach the resurrection point.” Yu Bing suddenly inserted a cold sentence.

Kou Hongyi was stunned before immediately reacting, “Yes! Cat God might have no way to kill the paladin but our Lou Zhang brothers have long been resurrected!”

On the map, the long-resurrected Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui were rushing to Li Cangyu’s coordinates.

Suzhou Gardens’ terrain was complex with bridges, the woods, ponds, attics and courtyards which covered land, water and air warfare in Miracle. Nevertheless, this was a map developed by Chinese developers. The Chinese players were familiar with it like it was their back garden and Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui took a shortcut.

In order to rush from the blue resurrection point to Li Cangyu’s location, they needed to pass through the pond and woods and it was obviously too slow by the main road. Thus, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui chose to go straight over the wall.

The screen cut to the perspective of the Lou Zhang brothers. The two invisible assassins were flying over high walls, shocking many players.

At this time, everyone understood while Li Cangyu used his last amount of blue to summon the departed spirit and slow down the opponent.

He slowed down the paladin in order to win time for the Lou Zhang brothers. The two people were rushing to kill the bloody paladin as soon as possible.

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui were quickly moving through the shortcut while the South Korean paladin was dragging heavy feet towards where his side had resurrected. Unfortunately, he hadn’t reached the resurrection point when he was struck by Pain Blade!

He finally desperately discovered that the two assassins of the Chinese team had already rushed over!

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui cooperated with each other to attack. They dealt critical hits and only blood appeared in front of Bae Jeongho’s eyes.

He used the Indestructible skill to turn himself into a 5 second invincible state in order to buy some time but… in the end, he failed o wait for his teammates to rescue him.

By the time Im Sanghun rushed over with the other members, he saw this picture—

The dagger in Lou Wushuang’s hand was raised high and struck the back of the paladin Bae Jeongho, neatly killing him!

The tall and powerful paladin fell to the ground while blood kin assassins were standing behind him like twins. They wore the same black equipment with bloody daggers in their hands. The captain of the Chinese team, Li Cangyu was standing quietly in the distance with his water spirit, as if this had been long under his control.

10 people died and the Chinese team won!

Im Sanghun felt very reluctant and also full of helplessness.

In this game, the South Korean team were unable to show their true strength.

Li Cangyu’s first underwater ambush caught them off guard and their whole team was wiped out. If they hadn’t fallen into such a huge disadvantage at the beginning then they wouldn’t have lost so quickly.

In fact, the South Korean team was powerful in a frontal battle. They had succeeded in gaining four Chinese heads and if they were given a chance to fight again, they might’ve been able to catch up.

Unfortunately, there was no what ifs in a game. Losing was losing.

Im Sanghun had a chagrined expression as he returned to his teammates. Park Joonseo patted him on the shoulder and said, “Never mind, this is only the second game. The score is 1:1 and we still have a chance.”


The five Chinese players returned to their seats. Everyone immediately stood up and clapped, especially the brainless fan. Cheng Wei rushed to Li Cangyu and exclaimed, “Cat God is so handsome! You could take three kills in a 1v4 situation!”

Li Cangyu smiled and rubbed the head of the brainless fan. “It was Captain Lou and Captain Su who laid the groundwork. The merit isn’t on me alone.”

Su Guangmo told him, “Don’t be humble. Cat God commanded well.”

Zhang Shaohui hurriedly agreed. “Yes! I was really fooled by Cat God’s acting. Right, Brother?”

The always cold and indifferent Lou Wushuang heard his brother’s question and cooperated with him by nodding. “Yes.”

Zhang Shaohui happily wrapped an arm around his brother’s shoulder. “Great! We only lost by one head in the last game and this game we won 10:4, showing our strength!”

Everyone was happy with this result.

Many people were worried when they lost the first game. Then in this game, Li Cangyu was surrounded by four people yet managed to kill three members of the other side…

The captain’s handsome three kills increased the Chinese team’s morale and reassured them.

Ling Xuefeng stood up and walked to Li Cangyu, whispering, “Your tactics were great.”

“This game was a comfortable one. I will be relying on you for the next one.”

Ling Xuefeng smiled slightly. “Rest assured.”

Li Cangyu stretched out his arms and hugged him. “Come on, I’ll wait for you to win another game!”

Ling Xuefeng only nodded in reply.

The two of them were equals.

Li Cangyu could resist the pressure at the critical moment and return the momentum to their side. Ling Xuefeng naturally wouldn’t let everyone down!

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