GLS: Chapter 330

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Chapter 330 – China VS South Korea (Attic Air Battle)

The Chinese team won five heads in the first wave and gained a considerable advantage in death racing. If South Korean wanted to reverse this situation, they would have to wipe out the Chinese team in the next wave of combat. However, Suzhou Gardens was a map submitted by the Chinese team and Li Cangyu knew it well. It wouldn’t be easy for the Korean team to recover these five heads.

Im Sanghun was well aware of this and had to be extra cautious with every step.

After the death of the five people, they chose the red resurrection point. None of the Chinese players could be seen here and they had obviously chosen the blue resurrection point near the pond to restore their state.

Im Sanghun carefully recalled the terrain of this map and made a decision. “Go to the attic.”

They just encountered an underwater attack at the pond and couldn’t enter the pond to die. Im Sanghun thought about an ambush from the attic.

The red resurrection point was relatively close to the attic. They could use the advantage of distance to occupy the heights first then attack when the Chinese team passed by.

The Chinese team quickly returned to a full state. Li Cangyu looked at the surrounding terrain and ordered, “Lou Zhang, enter stealth and investigate the attic.”

Su Guangmo wondered, “Will the South Korean team set up an ambush at the attic?”

Li Cangyu nodded, “There is the possibility. After all, the red resurrection point is very close to the attic. If they occupy the second floor attic, it is easy to control us when we’re passing by below.”

High places had the advantage in vision. The South Korean team was full of black magician and summoners which were ranged classes and they could launch attacks towards the ground from the attic.

The black magician’s Death Fear, the white magician’s Holy Seal and the demon summoner’s Cover the Sky were all group control skills. As long as the South Korean team occupied the high place and took the lead in controlling the Chinese team, the Chinese players would have to be very passive.

Fortunately, the Chinese team had two assassins who could go invisible.

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui went to investigate and saw that the South Korean team were truly at the second floor attic. Im Sanghun seemed aware that their whereabouts might be exposed by the opposite side’s assassins and summoned his banshee.

—Witch Demon’s Curse!

The banshee’s group pull skill actually pulled Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui!

This marvellous operation received warm applause from the audience. Kou Hongyi couldn’t help praising, “Im Sanghun calculated that the Chinese team might send assassins to the attic to investigate and calculated the time and distance to use the banshee’s group pull skill on the Lou Zhang brothers. This awareness isn’t bad!”

The moment Im Sanghun pulled the two enemies, the white magician Shin Chimin used the group control skill, Holy Seal!

The white halo was placed on Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui’s bodies and they were fixed in place.

Im Sanghun ordered, “Kill them!”

The South Korean team was currently behind in the number of heads. It was necessary to seize the current 5v2 opportunity. Before the other three Chinese players came over, they had to resolve this problem as soon as possible and create an advantage in numbers.

The outputs of the Korean team immediately cast their big moves.

—Tidal Surge, Shadow Winding, Blood Bat Festival, Demon God’s Descent!

The four group attack skills were activated and Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui instantly fell to residual blood.

Even so, the two people didn’t sit still. Lou Wushuang typed ‘1’ on the team channel and Zhang Shaohui immediately used Combat Stealth simultaneously. They quickly rushed behind the two summoners and used Pain Blade to set them in place, closely followed by Back Stab, Fatal Blow and Chain Strangulation!

The sharp dagger drew a bloody light in the air.

The outbreak of the Lou Zhang brothers caused the two Korean summoners to fall to residual blood.

The Korean black magician Choi Sooeun reacted very quickly. The moment her teammates were attacked, she adjusted her vision and raised her hand, casting the control skill Dark Fear!

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui were affected by Dark Fear and couldn’t use skills. Choi Sooeun continued with the group attack skill, Hell Flames!

Flames rose from the ground and swallowed up Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui.

Double kill!

The South Korean team finally got two heads and the control on the two summoners were lifted.

However, the commander Im Sanghun wasn’t happy for too long. When he adjusted his perspective and looked back, he was surprised to find that Li Cangyu had reached the attic at an unknown time and was standing on the stairs.

In the fierce battle just now, everyone was focused on the Lou Zhang brothers and Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps. His speed was too fast and he was a phantom flashing past. Thus, none of the Korean players noticed him.

Only the audience saw how he flew to the attic and silently climbed up the stairs.

Im Sanghun suddenly saw the elf summoner standing on the staircase and wanted to summon the skeleton infantry to control him. Unfortunately, he had just summoned his skeletons and couldn’t use a skill when Li Cangyu preemptively used the wind spirit skill, Wind and Clouds Destruction!

The wind blew and the five Korean players were directly blown out the window, falling down like dumplings.

The domestic broadcast room was once again filled with ‘Cat God 6666.’

Kou Hongyi fought back a smile and quickly said, “I think the South Korean team will have a psychological shadow towards Cat God’s wind spirit after this game! They were just blown into the water by the gust of wind and now they are blown out of the attic! The Korean players’ psychological shadow area should be larger than the pond!”

Yu Bing had long been immune to his cold humour and still maintained her cold tone. “The South Korean team wanted to seize the heights for an ambush but it is hard to prevent Cat God’s wind spirit from blowing them down. Cat God succeeding in occupying the high place.”

As Yu Bing said, LI Cangyu alone grabbed the second floor attic. Once the Korean team were blown down, they fell into the encirclement of Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng.

It was 5v3 and South Korea seemed like they had the advantage. However, Yu Pingsheng and Su Guangmo were already prepared. Yu Pingsheng used Cut Through Thorns to cooperate with Su Guangmo’s Light and Shadow Rotation. They successfully destroyed a lot of blood from the ranged classes and also interrupted their casting.

Li Cangyu stood alone upstairs with no one to interfere and his output environment was quite comfortable.

How terrible was Cat God’s output with no one disturbing him?

Bai Xuan had been his partner for many years. Once he saw this, Bai Xuan couldn’t help smiling. “This game is settled.”

Xie Shurong wrapped an arm around his shoulder and asked with a smile, “What do you think the final heads score will be?”

Bai Xuan thought about it. “It might be around 10:5?”

Xie Shurong added, “It seems that South Korea was too badly hurt in the first wave. It is impossible for them to chase back the advantage.”

Bai Xuan smiled and nodded. “Yes, Cat God won’t give them an opportunity to counter-attack.”


On the field, the South Korean team’s Im Sanghun was already injured. Now Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng joined forces to suppress him and he had to summon the public pet, the guardian to resist this wave of damage, followed by the black crows.

—Cover the Sky!

The skill was finally released.

This was the first time he had been suppressed so badly that he couldn’t even release his skills!

The effect of Cover the Sky was really powerful. The black crows screamed and flew through the air, darkening the vision of the Chinese players.

The South Korean team used this time to complete a counterattack.

The blood kin summoner’s Blood Bat Festival, the demon summoner’s Skeleton Explosion, the black magician’s Shadow Winding and the white magician’s Voice of Combat directly smashed into Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng.

Unfortunately, Li Cangyu in the attic wasn’t affected.

The moment the black crows blocked his vision, he moved behind a pillar and the Korean team’s view was blocked by the pillar, meaning he couldn’t be hit at all.

Su Yu fell to residual blood. The moment their vision was restored, Su Guangmo rushed into the back row and used Breaking Bone Sword and Devouring Soul Sword!

The South Korean summoners had been hit by Lou Zhang and the demon summoner Im Sanghun finally fell under Su Guangmo’s sword.

Yu Pingsheng also took the opportunity to sneak into the back row with his brother and used Splitting Bone Chop and Splitting Wind Chop to hit the blood kin summoner who had sucked a bit of blood back.

After seeing that his teammate was attacked by the berserker, the paladin Bae Jeongho rushed forward and used Fighting Howl to block Yu Pingsheng. The white magician followed with God’s Seal and a wave of attacks finally killed Yu Pingsheng.

The number of heads was 6:4. One South Korean player had died while four Chinese players were killed!

The audience couldn’t help feeling anxious. Would the heads ratio end up being tied?

At this time, Yu Bing was very calm. She looked at Li Cangyu hiding behind the pillar and explained, “You don’t have to worry. There are four people remaining on the Korean team but they are in a residual blood state, while one of them only has a trace of blood left. There is no combat effectiveness. Our Cat God is currently full of blood and I believe he can complete the harvest.”

Yu Bing’s confidence in Li Cangyu came from watching him fight back in desperate situations years ago.

Since the second season when she met Li Cangyu, she knew that his man would never give up no matter how difficult the situation.

It was 1v4 and many Korean viewers wanted to celebrate victory in this wave of combat in advance.

However, Yu Bing firmly believed that letting Li Cangyu survive with full blood was the Korean team’s biggest mistake!

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