GLS: Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – Guild Formation

The five people teamed up to clear the instance together and their speed was very fast. At 10 o’clock, everyone collectively rose to level 45, reaching the top of the server rankings. Five levels in two hours, this caused the presidents to stare at the rankings with stunned eyes.

Love to Eat Braised Fish’s leveling speed was too fast. The strange thing was that Popular Land Under Heaven’s level was far above the other guild managers. Why weren’t they teaming up together? Why was Popular Land Under Heaven suddenly so far ahead?

Many people went to Wind Colour to inquire but they couldn’t find any news this time.

Captain Ling had personally ordered them to secrecy so the management members of the Wind Colour Guild didn’t dare to reveal the truth. In fact, Captain Ling was controlling their president’s account and was working with Cat God’s team to crush the Frost Temple instance. It was normal for the two of them together to level up like a rocket.

The secret that people would never guess made the Wind Colour members feel dark.

The first one to become alert was Luo Xiaoluo of the Time Guild. He saw that Love to Eat Braised Fish quickly rose to the top of the rankings and immediately reacted to the other party clearing the instance at least three times faster than the elite teams of their guild.

Luo Xiaoluo excitedly reported to the president. “Boss, this Love to Eat Braised Fish is a rare master!”

Time Machine replied helplessly, “I know he is a master. However, he is too proud to enter our guild.”

Luo Xiaoluo had a thought. “If he doesn’t want to join a guild, we can help him build his guild and form an alliance before anyone else!”

Time Machine hit his thigh. “It makes sense! You have great foresight!”

The guilds in Miracle could voluntarily open up a hostile relationship or an allied relationship. Needless to say, hostile guilds encountering each other would have their names automatically turned red and they would fight to the end. Each guild only had one quota to form an alliance with a guild, making this position very precious. Once an alliance was formed, the members of the allied guilds could join large-scale guild instances as teammates.

It was reasonable to say that a big guild like Time rarely allied with an unknown guild. However, Time Machine had a strange intuition—there would be many benefits if he could form an alliance with Love to Eat Braised Fish!

Time Machine thought this and immediately arranged a task for Luo Xiaoluo. “Xiao Luo, you are the most talkative one in our guild. Go and encourage Love to Eat Braised Fish to form a guild. A person needed 100,000 coins as the starting capital to make a guild. If he doesn’t have the money, come forward and tell him to ally with Time. I believe in your eloquence so go!”

As the promotional master of the Time Guild, Luo Xiaoluo was very confident about his eloquence. He accepted the president’s task and immediately chatted privately with Love to Eat Braised Fish. [Brother Fish, if you aren’t interested in joining Time, are you planning to build your own guild?]

Love to Eat Braised Fish: [I have this idea.]

Luo Xiaoluo asked in a positive manner: [How are the preparations going?]

[The money isn’t enough. If I combine all the money of my teammates, it is only 70,000.] Love to Eat Braised Fish spoke very honestly.

Luo Xiaoluo felt that if he directly gave Braised Fish 100,000 coins as the president said, it would feel like buying the alliance with Time with money. This would clearly make a master very uncomfortable. Therefore, Luo Xiaoluo changed the plan. [You are lacking 30,000? Why don’t you borrow it from me first? I intend to refine my equipment after I reach full level and can’t use my money in the early stages. Once you are well-off, you can pay me back.]

Li Cangyu replied: [Thank you.]

He had a good impression of the ‘Cheng Wei fan’ Luo Xiaoluo. This person was really dedicated to promoting Time.

In fact, Li Cangyu could guess that Luo Xiaoluo had been sent by the Time Guild’s president to get close to him. Still, this approach wasn’t repugnant and Li Cangyu was lacking money, so he accepted it decisively.

Luo Xiaoluo was currently level 42 and playing the Frost Temple instance. He simply headed to the door of the instance and directly traded it with Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu typed: [I will pay this money back.]

Luo Xiaoluo: [No hurry, no hurry! I will only use the money at full level so take your time.]

In fact, this was the president’s money…


Li Cangyu had been a free man without a guild so he received invitations from large and small guilds every day. Once he established a guild, there won’t be as many people bothering him. Besides, as long as the guild he established became famous, it would attract experts to join and it was more convenient to recruit teammates.

Li Cangyu thought this and decisively went to the guild administration area of Yisu City. He spoke on the voice channel while walking, “I have enough money so I will go to form a guild first. Otherwise, it will be troublesome to receive invitations every day.”

Bai Xuan agreed with this. “Go ahead.”

Gu Siming actively asked, “What is the name of the guild? Will it be called Canglan?”

Bai Xuan said, “Isn’t calling it Canglan too big? People will know with a single glance who we are?”

Li Cangyu replied, “Yes, it is better to take another name.”

Bai Xuan said, “Then you decide it randomly.”

The startup funds were handed over to the guild management NPC. Then a window popped up asking him to type in the guild ID and upload a guild icon.

Li Cangyu thought about it and entered the guild name: Food Squad.

For the guild icon, he uploaded a bowl of colourful eight treasure rice.

[Congratulations, the Food Squad Guild has been established!]

Li Cangyu quickly invited his teammates and a window appeared before Bai Xuan, Xie Shurong and Gu Siming.

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has invited you to join the Food Squad Guild. Do you agree?]

Xie Shurong and Gu Siming didn’t think about it and pressed agree. Bai Xuan couldn’t help saying, “You just wasted the name!”

Li Cangyu had a straight face. “This name is more in line with our temperament.”

Temperament? The temperament of a foodie?

Well, they did have the temperament of a foodie…

Bai Xuan reluctantly pressed agree and looked at the four IDs in the guild window. He was laughing and crying but his heart was warm.

There were currently only four teammates but he believed that their team would soon grow stronger.


Ling Xuefeng cleared an instance with them. He went to pour a cup of coffee and when he came back, he saw ‘Food Squad President’ above Li Cangyu’s head while Bai Xuan had ‘Food Squad Member’ above his head.

Ling Xuefeng automatically ignored the name of the guild and asked privately, [Did you make a guild?]

Li Cangyu replied: [Yes, it is easy to do the guild upgrade missions and I can recruit teammates.]

Ling Xuefeng thought about it and suddenly shouted to the side, “President, come over.”

Popular Land Under Heaven immediately came over from where he was watching Qin Mo and Xu Feifan. “Captain Ling,what is it?”

Ling Xuefeng asked, “In the new district, is there a side account that isn’t in the Wind Colour Guild?”

There definitely were side accounts. Every guild would have a number of spare accounts to practice. The characters would usually be handed over to the training studios to raise the level. They just followed the big forces to level and it didn’t matter how good or bad the equipment were. Some of these accounts were used as undercovers for other guilds.

Popular Land Under Heaven immediately said, “There are a lot. Captain Ling, do you want one?”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng said, “Give me a black magician’s account, level 40 or above.”

Popular Land Under Heaven immediately looked through the notepad on his phone. He looked at the accounts information and found a black magician, passing the account number and password to Ling Xuefeng.

Ling Xuefeng logged into this account on the next computer and found that the black magician was called ‘Small Demon’ and the equipment was quite general.

He walked to a store in the main city and used money to buy a name card. Ling Xuefeng changed the ID to Steamed Bass.

This name should be pleasing to Li Cangyu’s eyes right? Ling Xuefeng remembered how much he liked to eat it.

Ling Xuefeng operated ‘Steamed Bass’ to the main city’s guild district, looking for the guild administrator, search for the Food Squad and applied for membership.

Popular Land Under Heaven watched the captain do this from behind him and couldn’t help sweating.

Captain Ling’s hand speed was really amazing. He operated two computers, playing an instance with Cat God while logging in, renaming and applying for the guild… no wonder why people admired him!

Ling Xuefeng seemed to notice that this was strange and calmly explained, “It isn’t convenient to use your account. I will change to a side account to learn about the situation of Cat God’s team.”

Popular Land Under Heaven immediately replied, “Yes, Captain Ling’s words are right!”

The captain was outwardly so upright but in fact… wasn’t he just running to be an undercover in Cat God’s guild?

Captain Ling of the Wind Colour team personally opened a side account to be an undercover in  Cat God’s guild. He was definitely the biggest undercover in the history of Miracle!

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