GLS: Chapter 329

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Chapter 329 – China VS South Korea (Trap)

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui followed the Korean team’s Bae Jeongho and soon saw him meet his nearby teammates.

South Korea’s luck wasn’t bad and the positions of the players were relatively close. The paladin refreshed in the courtyard while the black and white magician refreshed in the nearby woods. Meanwhile, one of the summoners appeared next to the pond while the other one was in a hallway.

South Korea’s commander was obviously familiar with the map and soon chose a good meeting place based on everyone’s refresh location.

The Lou Zhang combination had been tracking them invisibly. After seeing the five people meet, they instantly made a mark on the map.

Li Cangyu looked at the position and ordered, “Go into the water!”

Su Guangmo wanted to laugh. Cat God was really full of bad moves. This type of sinister underwater sneak attack was truly something that only he could think of!

However, Li Cangyu’s idea was indeed very sensible. The Su Yu pair had just come to the bridge. If they walked along the bridge, they would enter the Korean players’ field of view. On the other hand, they wouldn’t be caught underwater and the other side would be off guard.

Yu Pingsheng had never been fond of talking and had an invisible air. He was used to listening to people. Even if the commander of the game was Cat God instead of his brother, he carefully executed the order and instantly entered the pond.

Su Guangmo saw his younger brother quickly diving into the water and smiled slightly before following closely.

The pair swam quickly in the water but it took them some time to reach the location of the Korean team due to the large size of the pond. Yu Pingsheng cleverly hid under a lotus leaf. Su Guangmo saw the lotus laugh on his brother’s head and this picture was so beautiful that he couldn’t help laughing.

Of course, he didn’t laugh out loud but he was smiling and seemed to be in a good mood.

Li Cangyu was using Flying Feather Steps to move his elf summoner forward. He saw Su Guangmo’s smile from the corner of his eyes and couldn’t help giving a reminder, “Take this seriously, it is the World Competition!”

“Yes.” Su Guangmo removed his smile and asked, “Cat God, are you going to act again?”

Li Cangyu replied calmly, “Well, I should lead them into the urn.”


The Lou Zhang brothers had long been standing behind the South Korean team while Su Yu were underwater and waiting for a command. Li Cangyu saw they were ready and walked on the road.

As he advanced quickly, he rotated his field of view with great care, pretending he was looking for his teammates.

The five players of South Korea were wondering why they couldn’t see anyone from the Chinese team when they saw the elf summoner coming alone.

“Why is he the only one?” The cautious black magician Choi Sooeun couldn’t help feeling puzzled. “What about the other four?”

Im Sanghun, the demon summoner in charge of commander this game said, “They are further away in the distance and haven’t gathered yet. Kill the summoner first!”

Don’t blame Im Sanghun for making a mistake. It was because Li Cangyu was acting too much!

Ling Xuefeng sat in the rest area and couldn’t help smiling. If the World Competition had the best performance award, Li Cangyu was simply worthy of being the movie emperor!

A good professional player could judge the opponent’s intentions from their subtle actions.

Li Cangyu’s performance took care of these details, showing his absolute understanding of the Miracle game.

He pretended that he was rushing to find his teammates. The frequent adjustment of his angle of view meant the summoner’s head always turned to the left and right while the use of Flying Feather Steps showed the defensive action of ‘avoiding enemy forces.’

Su Guangmo sent a row of thumbs up on the team channel. [Cat God has good acting.]

Zhang Shaohui also typed: [If I couldn’t see the coordinates of my teammates then I would’ve believed your acting!]

Li Cangyu smiled. He operated his summoner while also typing: [Wait for me to signal before acting.]

Everyone typed ‘1’ show their understanding.

Li Cangyu walked around a corner and was finally completely exposed to the South Korean team. He seemed stunned as his movements suddenly stopped. Then he summoned the water spirit and used Frost Heart!

This big move could collectively freeze the opponents. He obviously wanted to rely on it to ‘escape.’

However, the South Korean players had long been ready and wouldn’t give him such an opportunity. The paladin Bae Jeongho rushed to him and used Fighting Howl to interrupt his casting!

Li Cangyu’s water spirit skill couldn’t be released and he was counter-controlled by the other side’s paladin.

The South Korean team started their full-scale attack and didn’t hesitate to use all types of high damage skills. They instantly pressed Li Cangyu’s blood down to 20% and obviously wanted to kill him directly.

Li Cangyu shouted, “Do it!”

He just finished speaking when Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng suddenly shot out of the water.

The South Korean players were shocked and didn’t respond. Li Cangyu took advantage of this to use Flying Feather Steps and retreated three metres. At the same time, Yu Pingsheng raised the ace on his shoulder and used Mountain Chop to create a deep gully in the ground!

Li Cangyu was isolated on the other side of the gully and the paladin couldn’t hit him.

The speed at which he used Flying Feather Steps to escape stunned the audience. Everyone felt like there was a flower in front of their eyes as Li Cangyu seemed to teleport to the edge of the pond, accurately escaping the other side’s attack range.

The South Korean commander realized the plan but it was already too late to withdraw!

Yu Pingsheng fought the other paladin while Su Guangmo bypassed the paladin and directly hit the back row of the South Korean team with Light and Shadow Rotation!

The black magician recovered his spirit and wanted to use the control skill Dark Fear, only for an assassin to appear behind him and stun him with Pain Blade.

The demon summoner summoned the black crows and wanted to use Cover the Sky to blacken the other side’s vision. As a result, the skill hadn’t been released yet when an assassin emerged behind him and stunned him using the same trick.

The Lou Zhang brothers would never drop the chain and their shots were quite decisive. In the blink of an eye, the powerful group control of the opponents were neutralized and Su Guangmo’s Light and Shadow Rotation was fully played.

In the back row, Su Guangmo completely broke the formation of the South Korean team. Li Cangyu was protected by Yu Pingsheng and summoned the thunder spirit and fire spirit at an extremely fast speed. Then he released two group attack skills, Thunder’s Wrath and Raging Prairie Fire!

Purple thunder fell from the sky while fire rose from the ground. The entire South Korean team was beaten into residual blood by this wave!

Fortunately, the control skill ended. The Korean team’s paladin immediately used Steel Will and a layer of golden shields rose around the players. The South Korea team would be immune to all damage and control in the next five seconds.

“Retreat!” Im Sanghun wasn’t a coward but it was obviously unwise to struggle in a head on fight at the moment. They had fallen into the Chinese team’s trap the moment they went after Li Cangyu. If they didn’t take the opportunity to retreat, they would likely be destroyed in this wave of combat.

The paladin Bae Jeongho protected them in the front row while the other four remotes of the Korean team immediately retreated.

Unfortunately, the paladin’s shield only made the teammates invincible for five seconds.

At the end of the five seconds, the Korean team found that Li Cangyu had already wandered to the other side of the pond like he knew they would retreat here…

Everyone hadn’t recovered from seeing Li Cangyu when Li Cangyu gave them a gift.

—Wind Spirit Summoning, Wind and Clouds Destruction!

The powerful wind blew the four ranged classes that were about to escape into the pond.

The domestic live broadcast room was filled with ‘Cat God 6666!’ and many people even wanted to climb into the screen to hug Li Cangyu’s thigh. How could he judge so accurately?  How could he prejudge the Korean team’s escape direction and wait in advance? This was simply a god-like consciousness!

The four ranged Korean players fell into the water and were extremely confused. The white magician Choi Sooeun used Holy Seal to freeze Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng but Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui had steathily lurked in the water while the South Korean team was retreating. Li Cangyu blowing the four opponents into the water was simply sending sheep into a tiger’s mouth.

It was impossible for Lou Wushuang to let go of such an opportunity. The man in front of the computer hit the keyboard with cold eyes and aimed a fierce set of moves at the bloody black magician, Back Stab, Fatal Blow!

This set of moves was slowed by the water but Lou Wushuang’s angle was impeccable. It was a critical hit and he instantly accepted the other person’s blood.

—First blood!

The Chinese team took the first head in the game!

His brother was so decisive and Zhang Shaohui naturally wasn’t far behind. He aimed at the white magician next to him and copied his brother with Back Stab and Fatal Blow!

—Second blood!

The two brothers glanced at each other before chasing after the Korean summoners who were fleeing.

The demon summoner Im Sanghun wanted to cry.

He could summon the banshee, skeleton infantry and demon god but he couldn’t summon the black crows underwater.

The crows’ vision control was in the sky. Since Li Cangyu blew him into the water, he couldn’t call out the crows. This was enough to see Li Cangyu’s understanding and targeting of the demon summoner!

In fact, Im Sanghun hadn’t guessed wrong. The class that Li Cangyu was most familiar with was the demon summoner. In addition, his Ling Xuefeng was the world’s best demon summoner while the Cover the Sky was his most hated skill. He naturally had a lot of experience with it.

The fact that he neutralized Im Sanghun’s skill allowed the Lou Zhang brothers to complete the harvest underwater.

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui naturally didn’t let Li Cangyu down.

After killing the two magicians of South Korea, they immediately caught up with the two summoners. Im Sanghun summoned the guardian to resist this wave of damage but the blood kin summoner next to him was significantly slower. Lou Wushuang instantly took his head with Death Strangulation.

—Third blood!

Im Sanghun took the opportunity to escape but the brothers chased after him. Zhang Shaohui ruthlessly killed his guard in one go and Lou Wushuang kept up the violent output. The bloody Im Sanghun eventually gave his life.

Underwater, the Lou Zhang brothers cooperated with each other to complete a gorgeous harvest.

On the shore, the paladin Bae Jeongho was attacked by Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng. He might have thick skin and a high defense but it was difficult to escape from his doom. Su Guangmo’s Breaking Bone Sword successfully collected his head.


This unexpected underwater sneak attack directly wiped out the South Korean team.

The faces of the South Korean team members didn’t look very good. As the commander, Im Sanghun’s expression was even heavier. In this wave of group battle, they were suppressed in technique as well as IQ.

Li Cangyu’s acting was too realistic and his grasp of the timing, terrain and overall tactics was perfect!

The assassins’ harvesting ability was terrible and they killed four people underwater with their sharp blades!

Meanwhile, the Su Yu anti-pressure front row and ability to break into the back row was world-class!

Im Sanghun wasn’t a person who easily lost confidence. In South Korea, he led the IT team to the finals and was the runner-up in the seventh season of the professional league. This was comparable to the championship team led by Park Joonseo.

Today, he suddenly got a chill down his spine.

Li Cangyu, this person seemed straightforward but he was actually terrible!

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