GLS: Chapter 328

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Chapter 328 – China VS South Korea (Second Round)

The defeat in the first game made many domestic audience members feel sorry but Yu Bing had an objective evaluation of this game. “In our lineup, Qin Mo, Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang are newcomers. Qin Mo only has two years of experience while the others only debuted this year. Tan Shitian is also the youngest captain in the Miracle League. We should be happy that they can compete with the great gods of South Korea with a score of 9:10.”

Kou Hongyi sighed. “That’s right! I think that the captain of the South Korean team must not be happy at this time. They might’ve won but it was very difficult for them. This is enough to prove the strength of the Chinese team!”

The camera cut to the soundproof room of the South Korean team and Park Joonseo’s expression truly didn’t look good.

The two commentators spoke and the wind in the live broadcasting room started to change.

The first game had been played and many of the national team’s great gods hadn’t appeared. Everyone believed that the Chinese team could definitely move back the situation. The audience enthusiastically cheered for the players of the national team. Some people wanted to take advantage of this to blacken Cheng Wei but they were overwhelmed by all the cheers.

After the break, the second game officially began and Li Cangyu sat in the command post again.

The Chinese team had the home advantage this time. Li Cangyu resolutely submitted the game mode—death racing!

The venue filled with loud applause. It was apparent that losing the previous death racing game didn’t affect Li Cangyu’s mentality. The choice of death racing at home was enough to show Cat God’s confidence.

Next, Li Cangyu quickly submitted three maps— Suzhou Gardens and the Mechanical City were maps submitted by the Chinese designers and one was the official Miracle map, Frost Temple.

According to the principles of the choose two, ban one country map, Park Joonseo could only ban one of Suzhou Gardens or the Mechanical City. He had to ban the official Miracle map.

Suzhou Gardens and the Mechanical City had appeared in previous matches. Park Joonseo had taken the team to repeatedly practice on these maps. The upper and lower structure of the Mechanical City was very difficult to play while the complex terrain of Suzhou Gardens was also hard.

At least Suzhou Gardens didn’t have as many traps as the Mechanical City.

Park Joonseo thought this and decisively banned the Mechanical City and then the Mechanical City.

This meant only Suzhou Gardens was left.

It appeared in the quarter-finals against France but the strength of China and France was very different. The Chinese team only used half this map to win.

Now the same map was being used for the strong South Korean team and the audience was full of expectations for the game.

The other side confirmed the selection and Li Cangyu submitted the players’ list.

Killer Lou, Killer Zhang, MOMO, YUYU, Old Cat.

In other words, Lou Wushuang, Zhang Shaohui, Su Guangmo, Yu Pingsheng and Li Cangyu.

The domestic audience, “…”

Everyone suddenly wanted to light a row of candles for the South Korean team.

Kou Hongyi saw the lineup and burst out laughing. “My god! I feel like the Korean team is going to kneel down before them!”

Yu Bing also couldn’t help smiling, “Cat God was really holding back. The first game was a tentative one and now this game is real!”

Kou Hongyi was suddenly worried, “However, he sent so many great gods in the second game. This will greatly restrict the lineup for the three games. These five people can no longer play in the third game and the assassination flow and melee flow can’t be achieved.

“We still have Ling Xuefeng.” Yu Bing was very confident in the national team. “Captain Ling can play as a commander in the third game. The Yan Guo combination also hasn’t played while Tan Cheng can be used again in the third game. There are still many available tactics and we don’t need to worry too much.”

“That’s true!” Kou Hongyi turned his gaze to the arena and found that Park Joonseo had been thinking for a long time.

Li Cangyu sent two assassins, a swordsman and a berserker to create a super output lineup with the summoner, making it difficult for Park Joonseo to cope.

In complex terrain, assassins had an advantage. In order to deal with the assassins, it was necessary to send a class with more control skills as well as a high-output occupation to cooperate with them.

After thinking for a moment, Park Joonseo immediately submitted the list of players, the paladin Bae Jeongho, the black summoner Choi Sooeun. the white magician Shin Chimin, the demon summoner Im Sanghun and the blood kin summoner Song Bin.

This lineup wasn’t as luxurious as the first set of gods but the paladin Bae Jeongho was a front row with a very strong anti-stress ability while the other four were part of a giant Korean club, the IT team.

Among them, the demon summoner Im Sanghun was the captain of the IT team. In this year’s Miracle League, the IT team lost to the GOD team led by Park Joonseo and became runner-up. Their strength wasn’t much worse than the championship team.

These people were long-term partners with a high understanding and their output was strong enough. As long as Bae Jeongho resisted the firepower in the front row, the others would find a way to control the opponents and win.

Kou Hongyi saw this lineup and objectively commented, “In the case of the lineup, both sides have a chance of winning. One side has more melee while the other side has more ranged players. It depends on who can find the first hand and seize the opportunity. On the South Korean side, the four outputs are from the IT team and the configuration is similar to the Wind Colour team. Their reputation might not be as big as Park Joonseo but their strength can’t be underestimated.”

Yu Bing continued, “It seems this game is commanded by the IT captain, Im Sanghun. The Chinese team wants to win but must be cautious when dealing with them.”

Her mouth said this but she was inwardly thinking that Cat God definitely wouldn’t lose.

The domestic audience obviously didn’t care about the Korean team. They were all busy praising their favourite players.

[Captain Lou, Captain Su, Cat God, so many handsome guys, please crush the opposite side!] [Sending so many captains, who will be in command?] [Captain Su and Lou can command but a mountain can’t accommodate two tigers. This game is directed by our Cat God!] [Cat God is the biggest tiger in the national team!] [I heard that Cat God drank a bowl of fish porridge this morning. His combat effectiveness has reached the peak!]

The audience happily chatted.


At the scene of the match, the two sides confirmed the lineup and there was the standard map viewing. Ling Xuefeng didn’t seriously look because this map was familiar to him. He instead glanced at Li Cangyu and asked, “Do you have the confidence to win this game?’

Li Cangyu nodded calmly. “Of course.”

Ling Xuefeng gently held his shoulder and whispered, “You should win or we will lose two games. The South Korean team will be at match point and the pressure in the next game will be very high.”

Li Cangyu smiled and squeezed his palm. “Yes, I won’t transfer the pressure to you.”

Ling Xuefeng saw his confident smile and suppressed the urge to kiss him. He whispered, “Come on.”

There was no need to speak many words between them since there was a tacit agreement.

In this game, Li Cangyu would personally go to fight while the next game would have Ling Xuefeng as the commander. No matter what mode South Korea chose, Ling Xuefeng would be there and Li Cangyu could feel at ease.

Ling Xuefeng was right. If the second game was lost, the third game would be South Korea’s match point and the pressure on the Chinese side couldn’t be imagined. Li Cangyu wouldn’t let such a heavy pressure fall on Ling Xuefeng’s body. Thus, he sent the double insurance of Lou Zhang and Su Yu while personally acting as commander. He had to win this game!

Soon, the map preview finished and the contestants on both sides went to their seats.

Li Cangyu sat in the middle with Lou Zhang to his left and Su Yu to his right. The domestic audience joked: [Lou Zhang and Su Yu might be ace gods but Cat sits in the middle and it feels like he is the real king!]

Many viewers agreed with these words.

Among the great gods of the national team, only Li and Ling Xuefeng could suppress such talent.

The great gods of other teams also respected and admired the two most experienced players. Thus, there was no trouble with so many great gods gathered. Instead, they got along happily and this proved the leadership ability of Ling Li.

The map loading countdown ended and both sides refreshed.

Li Cangyu’s eyes swept over the coordinates on the mini-map and he quickly made a decision. “Lou Zhang go to the southeast to scout while Su Yu will go to the west. I’ll go the north. Gather close to the pond within one minute.”

His orders were concise but precisely covered the most complex situation of the Suzhou Gardens map.

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui refreshed to the east side of the map. They heard the instructions and entered stealth before heading southeast.

This place was a small courtyard where players could refresh. Since no one in the Chinese team was here, it proved a South Korean player must’ve refreshed in this place.

Sure enough, the two of them sure the South Korean paladin carefully turning his camera around.

Lou Wushuang typed on the team channel: [Found the paladin.]

Li Cangyu replied: [Tail him.]

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui didn’t act and quietly followed behind the paladin, making marks on the mini-map.

On such a large map with complicated terrain, it would be hard for the Chinese team to find the other side. Since the Korean team would definitely want to gather quickly, using the paladin to find South Korea’s large force was the easier and quickest method.

Follow the vine to get the melon, grab the urn first.

Whenever Li Cangyu commanded a team battle, his thoughts were always clear.

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