GLS: Chapter 327

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Chapter 327 – China VS South Korea (Heads Scramble)

Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei actually didn’t have much blood left at this time.

Just now, the wave of South Korean attacks caused the Chinese players to collectively fall to residual blood. However, the two players had a tacit understanding for many years. Despite being separated by a reef, they could accurately match each other to hit Hwa Jeongyong’s body

The South Korean team still had three people left. This number might be smaller than the Chinese team but they were in good shape with their blood above 70%. Park Joonseo was controlled by Xiao Han and Qin Mo and couldn’t summon pets for the time being. Kim Yoonhee made a quick decision, “Kill the assassin first!”

Xiao Han’s interruption of Park Joonseo was indeed troublesome and the blood kin assassin’s attacks could suck up blood. In the blink of an eye, the originally residual blood Xiao Han was restored to 35% blood. Kim Yoonhee decisively used Quenching Arrow to freeze Xiao Han.

Qin Mo summoned the blood spider and blood snake to quickly bit the three Korean players. All three of them had three layers of bleeding and then Qin Mo summoned the death knight. Kim Yoonhee fired Seize Life Shot at Xiao Han only to be blocked by Qin Mo’s death knight!

The domestic live broadcast room was instantly filled with: [Little Prince 6666!] [Qin Mo is literally 6!]

Xiao Han’s life was saved in a thrilling manner and he continued to hit Park Joonseo, using Death Strangulation!

The big move allowed his blood to be restored to 45% while Park Joonseo fell to 60%. Kim Yoonhee felt a bit anxious and fired two arrows to kill the blood kin summoner’s knight. She then accurately fired Barrage Shot to kill the blood Qin Mo!

The score became 5:4 with South Korea in the lead.

Xiao Han’s heart was touched after seeing that Qin Mo was killed. In today’s group battle, Qin Mo had helped him many times. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lived to the present. Since QIn Mo sacrificed his life, Xiao Han wouldn’t let him down!

Xiao Han’s eyes became cold as he thought of this and he used Back Stab and Fatal Blow on Kim Yoonhee.

Park Joonseo was greatly affected by the assassin. In desperation, he had to summon the public pet, the guardian to offset the damage. Then he quickly retreated behind a reef and took the opportunity to summon the ice woman!

His snow bird, light god and six-winged angel had been killed by Qin Xiao and he only had the ice woman left.

After successfully summoning the pet, he had her used the big move, Soul of Ice!

Xiao Han was frozen in place and couldn’t move. Kim Yoonhee took the opportunity to decrease his blood.

However, the white magician Hwa Jeongyong wasn’t in a very good state. Under the siege of Tan Cheng, she only had a bit of blood left. It didn’t take look for Hwa Jeongyong to be killed by Tan Shitian’s Seize Life Shot.

At almost the same time, Xiao Han was killed by Kim Yoonhee and Park Joonseo.

The score became 6:5 with South Korea in the lead.

The Chinese team only had Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei while the South Korean team had Park Joonseo and Kim Yoonhee.  Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei only had 15% blood left while Park Joonseo still had 60% blood. Fortunately, Xiao Han had released a last minute outbreak and forced Kim Yoonhee to residual blood.

In a situation where they weren’t dominant, Tan Shitian calmly thought about it and ordered, “Xiao Wei, cover me!”

“Yes!” Cheng Wei took the initiative to walk in front of Tan Shitian.

Kim Yoonhee’s Shock Shot had just hit Cheng Wei who stood in front of him. It was equivalent to Cheng Wei using his body to help Tan Shitian block the move.

Tan Shitian used the opportunity to use Quenching Arrow! Seize Life Shot!

From a god’s perspective, Tan Shitian’s angle of the shot was blocked by Cheng Wei. The surprising thing was that Cheng Wei suddenly moved to the left, allowing Tan Shitian’s arrows to just fly past his body!

Kim Yoonhee had her vision obstructed and couldn’t defend herself. She was frozen in place and then hit by Seize Life Shot. Her blood instantly fell to a precarious state!

Tan Shitian followed with Barrage Shot!

Just then, Park Joonseo’s ice woman suddenly used a big move, World of Ice and Snow.

In addition to the group control of Soul of Ice, the ice woman had the World of Ice and Snow group attack. This was the only attack skill of the angel summoner and consumed a lot of blue.

However, death racing was about speed and this skill was really critical.

The group attack directly killed the Tan Cheng pair!

At almost the same time, Kim Yoonhee was hit by Tan Shitian’s arrow and died.

The heads on the big screen changed to 8:6!

The fierce frontal battle was finally over. All five Chinese players were killed while the South Korean team had the captain Park Joonseo survive. South Korea was ahead by one head at the start and now they led by two heads after this wave.

Kou Hongyi was nervous. “The Chinese players must find a way to play in the next wave or the South Korea team just needs to take two heads to win!”

Tan Shitian saw this and ordered, “Gather at the resurrection point!”

There was a benefit to all five people dying. They could quickly gather for a team battle while South Korea’s Park Joonseo wasn’t dead and had to walk back to meet up with his teammates.

Walking wasn’t as fast as resurrection and they had to grasp this time difference.

The time of resurrection after the second death was 10 seconds.

Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei waited for 10 seconds to pass and then quickly rushed to the red resurrection point with their teammates.

Due to familiarity with the map, Tan Shitian led the team through shortcuts and deliberately avoided the position of the previous group battle to avoid meeting Park Joonseo.

They quickly came to the red resurrection point and saw the four members of the Korean team.

“Set fire to the swordsman!” Tan Shitian unceremoniously aimed Quenching Arrow at Shim Yoocheol. Cheng Wei, Zhuo Hang, Qin Mo and Xiao Han closely followed. The South Korea team apparently hadn’t expected the Chinese team to come over so fast. They were waiting for their captain only to be hit by China!

The newly resurrected Shim Yoocheol was directly killed by the joint efforts of the five people!”

Shim Yoocheol, “…”

His luck was so bad. It must be because he didn’t eat cold noodles for breakfast this morning.

Still, it was enough to see how powerful China’s five outputs were.

Since the captain was absent, Kim Yoonhee immediately acted as commander. “Quickly kill the hunter! We will win if we take two heads!”

Her brother Kim Yoonhee lurked behind Zhuo Hang and used Pain Blade to control Zhuo Hang. Kim Yoonhee followed with Seize Life Shot and Hwa Jeongyong wasn’t far behind with God’s Light and Voice of Combat!

South Korea’s three outputs teaming up to kill Zhuo Hang was naturally slower than the time it took China’s five outputs.

By the time Zhuo Hang died, the three of them were beaten to half blood by Tan Shitian and the others.

Fortunately, the South Korean team already had nine heads. They just needed to kill one more person and they would directly gain victory.

Which one should they kill? She was hesitating when the captain’s low voice was heard in her ears. “Kill the white magician.”

Kim Yoonhee exclaimed, “Understood!”

The Chinese side had harvested seven heads. They just needed to kill everyone here to win.

The situation reached the critical moment and Tan Shitian clenched his mouse. “Open your group attacks!”

It was obviously too late to kill them one by one. It was only by opening the big moves that they could quickly kill the three opponents. They immediately used group attacks according to his orders but the three South Korean players weren’t outdone. They threw their most explosive moves towards only one individual. In the blink of an eye, Cheng Wei fell to 15% blood!

Tan Shitian ordered, “Xiao Wei, quickly withdraw!”

Cheng Wei instantly turned to run. As the last head, he couldn’t let the Korean team get it for a cheap price!

The assassin saw him escape and didn’t hesitate to chase him!

Qin Mo and Xiao Han continued to attack and Kim Yoonhee and Hwa Jeongyong were hit to residual blood. Tan Shitian clenched his mouse and shook it slightly. His Barrage Shot was released and the group attack allowed him to take two kills in one breath!

The Chinese team got nine heads and it was time to finally decide the outcome.

However, at this critical moment, Cheng Wei had fled the resurrection point to the east and was unlucky enough to meet Park Joonseo, who came from the distance. The South Korean captain instantly made a mark on the map and blocked the narrow road so Cheng Wei couldn’t go forward. The assassin chasing Cheng Wei found him thanks to the captain’s mark.

—Fatal Blow!

The assassin’s most commonly used single attack skill was released and Cheng Wei fell helplessly.

The South Korean team took the lead in gaining 10 heads.

The word ‘Failure’ popped up on the big screen. This was the first time the Chinese team had seen it in the World Competition.

Cheng Wei hung his head and his expression looked like he was going to cry. Tan Shitian was very calm as he moved his hands away from the keyboard and patted Cheng Wei’s head. “This isn’t your fault. Our luck this time wasn’t very good.”

Cheng Wei still wasn’t happy. After all, he was the last head for the South Korean team. If he had just ran in the other direction or got rid of the assassin, the end result would be different.

Nevertheless, there were no ‘ifs’ on the field.

Cheng Wei stared at the computer screen in front of him and muttered, “The domestic audience must be scolding me…”

Tan Shitian helped tidy up his hair and spoke softly, “Don’t mind it. No matter how strong a player, they will all lose eventually. I was the commander of the game and it was also my order for you to retreat. I bear the responsibility.”

His tone was gentle but contained decisiveness and determination. It was as if there was nothing to fear with him there.

Cheng Wei saw the encouraging gaze and couldn’t help feeling moved.

He used to think that the always smiling Tan Shitian was never serious and always bickered with him.

Then today in the World Competition, Cat God sent Tan Shitian out to open the match. As the youngest captain in the professional league, Tan Shitian withstood the huge pressure and achieved a score of 9:10 against the South Korean team, which wasn’t easy.

This man was more powerful than Cheng Wei thought.

At a young age, he could face winning and losing in the World Competition so easily. Despite going against South Korea’s ace captain, Park Joonseo, his mental state was steady and he calmly commanded the game. This alone was enough to make Cheng Wei feel ashamed.

Cheng Wei couldn’t help admiring such a Tan Shitian.  Cheng Wei might feel that Tan Shitian didn’t seem reliable but Tan Shitian was particularly responsible in critical moments.


Cheng Wei returned with the rest of his teammates and Li Cangyu didn’t blame them. Instead, he smiled and said, “You did a lot better than I expected.”

Tan Shitian smiled with some regret. “Unfortunately, I lost in the end.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Li Cangyu patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him. “It is good to fight 9:10 with so many newcomers. Your strength is obvious.”

Tan Shitian nodded. “What’s next?”

Li Cangyu gathered the players and spoke simple, “We don’t need to mind the first game. Adjust your mentality and prepare for the next game. A good show is still ahead!”

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