GLS: Chapter 326

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Chapter 326 – China VS South Korea (Five Person Team Battle)

Kim Yoonhee was killed and the Chinese team had the temporary lead with a 2:1 advantage. This didn’t mean that the Chinese team had a huge advantage because Tan Shitian and Xiao Han were currently at half blood and the South Korean trio were still full of blood.

Qin Mo had resurrected and Tan Shitian ordered, “Gather at the blue resurrection point.”

Cheng Wei and Zhuo Hang were closer to the blue resurrection point. Upon hearing the orders, they immediately rushed to meet up with Qin Mo. Tan Shitian and Xiao Han also wanted to meet their teammates but the moment they moved around a reef, they suddenly encountered the interception of the South Korean team!

The moment that Kim Yoonhee was attacked, Park Joonseo rushed over to support his teammate. He might’ve failed to save Kim Yoonhee but he successfully stopped Tan Shitian and Xiao Han.

Park Joonseo decisively summoned the ice woman and used Soul of Ice!

The pet made of ice crystals was the strongest control pet of the angel summoner. The group of ice souls froze, leaving Tan Shitian and Xiao Han frozen in place.

The white magician Hwa Jeongyong instantly followed her captain’s rhythm. She used Tidal Surge to attack the two people while Shim Yoocheol rushed over and used Light and Shadow Rotation. The swordsman’s gorgeous big move was exquisite and did high damage, emptying Tan Shitian and Xiao Han’s blood!

Shim Yoocheol took the double kill, the number of heads on the big screen became 2:3 and the South Korean team took the lead.

The audience nervously held their breaths when they saw this scene.

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help saying, “Today’s death racing is very fierce. Four small-scale fights broke out in the first round and the number of heads is matching each other.

In previous death racing games, the Chinese team generally crushed the opponents with a score of 8:2 or 7:3. Today they encountered the strong South Korean team and everyone had to try their best to fight for heads.


He might’ve been killed but Tan Shitian’s expression didn’t change much. He looked at the coordinates on the mini-map and said calmly, “Wait for Xiao Han and I to resurrect.

Five seconds later, Tan Shitian and Xiao Han were resurrected at the blue point and met their other three teammates.

The brother and sister Kim Yoonhee and Kim Changmin also resurrected. The South Korean team had obviously gone to the red resurrection point to recover. The next thing would be a large-scale team battle between both sides.

In a 5v5 frontal battle, they would win five heads if they wiped out the opponents. There was also a situation where people would kill each other while others survived. Every head in death racing was extremely precious so they had to be extra cautious in this wave of combat.

Tan Shitian thought for a moment and marked a coordinate on the mini-map.

His teammates knew what he meant and quickly moved towards the location.

This lineup didn’t have any front row classes to resist pressure but Qin Mo and Xiao Han’s stealth skills had already refreshed. The two invisible players walked in front to investigate the enemy’s movements while the other three remained a certain distance behind them.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han went to investigate and Qin Mo soon found the other side’s whereabouts. He quickly typed: [There are four Korean players here. I can’t see the assassin so he is probably in stealth!]

Tan Shitian ordered, “Go around behind them!”

Based on their previous experience, Qin Mo and Xiao Han stepped a few steps away from Park Joonseo, out of the range of his light god. Then everyone followed Tan Shitian to the rear of the reef. Cheng Wei saw the backs of the opponents and instantly cast the white magic spell, Holy Seal!

The group control sealed the four Korean players in place.

Tan Shitian followed with the big move, Death Arrow Rain!

The dense arrows are fired towards the other side and the blood of the four players fell to 75%.

Qin Mo wasn’t far behind as he summoned the vampire bats to use Blood Bat Festival. Xiao Han also triggered the group attack Chain Strangulation while Zhuo Hang placed a large number of traps on the ground and exploded them.

The Chinese players suddenly attacked from behind and the South Korean team was caught off guard. Everyone used their big moves and the South Korean team’s blood fell to below 30%.

However, Park Joonseo reacted very quickly. He first resolved the sealing state on his body using the angel Purification class skill. Then he summoned the angel pet, six-winged angel!

The beautiful angel gently flicked her white wings and formed a soft white halo around the Korean team. The six-winged angel provided a protective barrier to allies. All teammates in the barrier were immune to all damage and control for five seconds.

After all his teammates were protected, Park Joonseo followed with the snow bird. The snow bird hovered over their heads and continuously restored blood.

The four people with residual blood had their blood filled up by him…

Then Park Joonseo called the light god and used Light God’s Blessing so the fighting power of his teammates greatly improved.

The watching Li Cangyu couldn’t help commenting, “Park Joonseo’s reaction speed is really fast. It seems that in order to deal with Park Joonseo, we must find a way to kill him quickly. If we can’t kill him in seconds, it will be difficult to fight because he always has the means to restore his teammates’ blood.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded in agreement. “There is no doubt that he deserves to be the best aid.”

Li Cangyu looked over at Bai Xuan. “How is his healing level?”

Bai Xuan replied, “The angel summoner only has the snow bird as a healer. The healing amounts aren’t as stable as a healer and will stop if the snow bird is killed.  However, the six-winged angel’s protection barrier is tricky.”

The South Korean team had a protective barrier and rushed over like tigers.

Shim Yoocheol started with Light and Shadow Rotation, Hwa Jeongyong cast white magic in the distance while Kim Yoonhee also used Death Arrow Rain!

There were only three outputs but Park Joonseo’s pet had greatly improved their output. The wave of counterattacks by the Korean team turned the Chinese team to a residual blood state.

The missing South Korean assassin Kim Changmin also came around the side. He lurked behind Cheng Wei and used Pain Blade!

Cheng Wei was interrupted as he was reading a spell. The moment he was stunned by the assassin’s control skill, he reacted quickly with Purification and jumped to hide behind a reef. However, Kim Changmin obviously wouldn’t let him go and chased him.

Tan Shitian naturally wouldn’t watch Cheng Wei being beaten and fired Quenching Arrow to freeze Kim Changmin.

The 5v5 team battle was particularly fierce as the two sides exchanged skills. Dark Reef was illuminated by the light effects of various skills.

Fortunately, Park Joonseo’s barrier and output enhancement effect finally ended. The Chinese team struggled to resist this wave of outbreak and had low blood. It was unlikely the other side would let them go.

Tan Shitian made a sensible decision. “Everyone spread out! Xiao Han, focus on interrupting Park Joonseo’s blood!”

The Tan Cheng combination worked together with deal with the assassin interfering in the back row. They were worthy of being old partners for many years and cooperated with each other to quickly kill the assassin.

The ratio of heads became 3:3.

Tan Shitian looked around and saw that Xiao Han, Zhuo Hang and Qin Mo only had a trace of blood left.

Shim Yoocheol was worthy of being a world-class swordsman. He rushed into the Chinese team’s lineup to disrupt the rear formation. Zhuo Hang’s hand speed might be fast but it was difficult to control him with the traps.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han were forced to open Combat Stealth again.

Xiao Han quickly rushed forward and used an ordinary attack to interrupt Park Joonseo’s summoning of the ice woman. He followed up with Pain Blade while Qin Mo cooperated with Xiao Han to quickly kill Park Joonseo’s snow bird and light god!

The two teenagers attacked the captain of the South Korean team and for a time, they actually suppressed Park Joonseo so he couldn’t summon any pets!

This performance surprised Li Cangyu. “I didn’t think they would play so actively.”

They were fearless when facing strong enemies. Li Cangyu was very pleased with the two apprentices’ cooperation.

Ling Xuefeng also praised them. “They played well.”

Tan Shitian seized the opportunity and ordered, “Kill Shim Yoocheol!”

Zhuo Hang immediately placed a Stop Trap to fix Shim Yoocheol in place while Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei broke out, dropping Shim Yoocheol in one breath!

The Chinese-Korean kill ration became 4:3.

Just then, Kim Yoonhee seized the opportunity to fire Seize Life Shot at Zhuo Hang!

Zhuo Hang’s blood was taken away in an instant and the heads ration became 4:4.

Kou Hongyi nervously formed fists. “Both sides are now in a state of residual blood! Captain Park Joonseo’s snow bird was killed and he can’t return blood to his teammates for a while. The Chinese team must take advantage of this opportunity to kill them as soon as possible. Otherwise, the pet cooldown will end and he will restore blood again.”

Tan Shitian naturally understood this trust. He worked with Cheng Wei as their output reached the maximum and they threw all types of skills at the white magician standing in the distance, Hwa Jeongyong!

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