GLS: Chapter 323

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Chapter 323 – Post-Match Interview

Stein spoke harshly to the Chinese team before the game but was thoroughly hit in the face by Li Cangyu with a score of 3:0. In the post-match interview, France’s captain was surrounded by reporters.

“Before the start of the match, you said you were very confident. The French team’s hopes of entering the semi-finals were very big but today we saw a complete rout! What is Mr. Stein’s explanation for this?”

“The French team sent six people to the arena but couldn’t beat China’s four people. Does this mean the overall level of the French Miracle League is far worse than China’s league?”

“You lost this match 0:3. What do you have to say to the audience members at home?”

Stein led the national team and lost. In the group stage of the World Competition, France qualified but accidentally lost the last match against the United Kingdom. He also didn’t expect to encounter China in the quarter-finals and to lose so badly.

After hearing the reporters’ questions, the always graceful smile on Stein’s face couldn’t be maintained.

Fortunately, Vice-Captain Lemande took the initiative to come forward. “Cough, our team members tried their best in today’s match but the Chinese team has many excellent players. Their tactical arrangements are also worthy of studying. We will learn from this failure and strive for better results in next year’s World Competition.”

Stein finally calmed down and barely squeezed out a smile. “Yes, we will continue to work hard.”

Stein’s expression was very ugly in the interview. To make matters worse, he happened to meet the Chinese team’s Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng in the corridor.

The last time they met backstage, Stein had arrogantly told Li Cangyu that they shouldn’t meet in the knockouts. Now he saw Li Cangyu and couldn’t wait to dig a hole to bury himself in.

This was simply a strong punch in the face and his face would become swollen!

Li Cangyu smiled gracefully at him. Of course, it was filled with naked ridicule from Stein’s point of view.

Ling Xuefeng nodded to him as a greeting before saying in French, “Have strength.”

Stein, “…”

The French team had lost and could only roll home, what was the point of strength? Ling Xuefeng’s words were simply sprinkling salt on the wound and Stein suddenly felt a pain in his chest.

The two people, Ling Li left side by side. Stein watched their backs and couldn’t help frowning. He had a hunch that the Chinese team’s Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu would bring the Miracle fans more surprises in the next match.

The semi-finals and finals would definitely have a good show.


The reporters gave Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng a standing ovation when they entered the interview room.

The national team’s reporter Zhao Yue, who was always very positive in each interview, once again stood up and said, “Congratulations to the national team for smoothly entering the top four! Cat God, are you satisfied with the performance of the players in this game?”

“I am very satisfied and I believe the audience members watching were also satisfied.” Li Cangyu replied without any modesty. “Winning 3:0 is enough to prove the strength of our national team.”

This sentence caused everyone to clap. They liked the unpretentious Cat God since he was refreshing.

Another reporter stood up and asked, “We found that in this game, Cat God sent almost all the ace partners. Is there a special reason for doing this?”

Li Cangyu looked at Ling Xuefeng and smiled. “There is no special reason. I arranged it like this because I wanted to come with our highest strength.”

The latter part of the sentence was omitted by him— in order to kill the French team.

A male reporter suddenly stood up excitedly. “Cat God, I just received news that South Korea advanced with a score of 3:0.  According to the schedule, China’s opponents in the semi-finals will be the strong Korean team. Does Cat God have the confidence in defeating the South Korean team?”

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help glancing at each other.

After the quarter-finals, the team that could enter the semi-finals was definitely a team with a very strong overall strength. Li Cangyu hadn’t wanted to meet South Korea in the semi-finals. China and South Korea had been competing in many e-sports projects. The Chinese team participated in international competitions many times and also lost to South Korea many times.

South Korea started a Miracle League for a full seven years and the Korean Miracle League was very mature. In the major clubs, many outstanding players had emerged.

Objectively speaking, the level of the Korean players wasn’t weaker than China.

Li Cangyu wasn’t confident about winning this match but it wasn’t good to say this to the reporters. He thought for a moment before simply replying, “I can’t guarantee the results of the semi-finals but I can guarantee that we will try our best to fight for victory.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded in agreement and spoke softly, “There are many unexpected factors on the field. It is difficult to predict the results before the game but rest assured, since we have reached this stage, we won’t give up easily.”

The two of them didn’t say ‘we will definitely win’ or ‘we will kill South Korea.’ These words sounded hot but were actually quite exaggerated. No one could guarantee victory in a match. The captain and vice-captain of the national team were very calm when facing the enemy, which in turn made the domestic e-sports reporters feel at ease.

It was better to face the match in a stable state of mind than be full of words before the match, only to be punched in the face.


In order to save time, Li Cangyu only attended the interview with Ling Xuefeng. The other great gods didn’t come and the reporters ended the interview as soon as possible.

After returning to the Miracle Village, Li Cangyu strode straight to the restaurant. The reason was simple: there was fish to eat today.

The Miracle Village released the daily dinner menu in advance. Li Cangyu had long known there would be fish tonight and was eager to go to the restaurant. Everyone understood very well. After all, Cat hadn’t eaten fish for a long time after coming to the United States. It was normal to feel greedy.

Ling Xuefeng looked somewhat helpless but consciously helped Li Cangyu get two more plates of grilled fish. Li Cangyu ended up eating three in a row.

It was obvious that fish was a staple food for him after seeing him quickly eat three plates of grilled fish. Everyone was full of admiration.

Cheng Wei couldn’t help wondering, “If the Miracle Village has fish every day, will Cat God’s fighting power double?”

Su Guangmo also joked, “Cat God must be really hungry after going abroad, right?”

Li Cangyu wiped his mouth and smiled with satisfaction. “Okay, I have fully recovered after eating three fish. It is better to strike while the iron is hot. Everyone, let’s go to the conference room for a meeting.

Everyone, “…”

After his vitality was restored, Cat God’s combat power was really tough!


At 8 o’clock in the evening, the national team gathered in the meeting room. Li Cangyu first replayed the wonderful scenes of the match between China and France. He briefly summed it up before switching to the video of South Korea’s quarter-finals match.

This afternoon, South Korea and Sweden of Group C faced Japan and the United States of Group A. The US team swept up the Swedish team 3:0 while the South Korean team swept up Japan 3:0.  From this score, it was obvious that the level of Japan’s e-sports had many gaps compared to South Korea.

The South Korean team drew the first hand and chose the arena. In the second game, Japan chose the economic war to reverse the situation but were defeated by the Korean kite flow tactics. In the third game, South Korea chose death racing and relied on the home map advantage to quickly win and seal the victory.

After seriously watching the complete match, LI Cangyu stated, “It can be seen that the overall level of the South Korean team is very strong. Regardless of whether it is the arena, the economic war or death racing, they all have masters available. The next match will certainly be very difficult to play.

This was the difference between a strong team and a weak team. The teams they met in the group stage were only strong in one mode and would easily collapse in the other modes without a great god participating. However, the South Korean team was different. The overall strength of their players was very high and they had core gods in death racing, the economic war and the arena. They had the possibility of winning every mode. Such opponents were really difficult to face.

Ling Xuefeng plugged in a USB drive and opened a PPT. This PPT was obviously made by Ling Xuefeng and had the information of the 22 South Korean players in great detail.

Li Cangyu looked at the big screen and pointed to the man standing in the middle with a laser pen. “This is South Korea’s captain, Park Joonseo, who ranks in the top three of the world’s summoners list along with Xuefeng and Jack Josh of the United States. Park Joonseo is very famous, his personal strength is strong and his tactical literacy is very high. The angel summoner can be played to the highest level in his hands.”

The angel summoner, this was as rare as the elf summoner.

In the World Miracle Professional League, the most common summoners were the demon and blood kin summoners. It was because they had strong survivability, attack and control. They were suitable for cooperating with teammates in group battles.

The elf summoner required Li Cangyu’s extreme speed and flexibility movements to play a role. Thus, not many players could control the elf summoner and it was naturally rare.

Similarly, the angel summoner prevented many players from picking it due to the particularity of the pets.

The Miracle summoners had three public pets. The departed spirit which slowed down the opponent after possession, the guardian which took damage for the owner and the destruction demon that destroyed the environment.

These three public pets consumed a lot of blue and had a long cooldown. It wasn’t cost-effective to summon them for high-intensity games. Therefore, in most cases, the summoners would rely on their racial pets to fight.

For example, the elf summoner’s fire, water, thunder and wind spirits, the demon summoner’s demon god, banshee, black crows and skeleton infantry and the blood kin summoner’s blood snake, blood spider, death knight and vampire bats. Most of these pets had the ability to attack and control.

However, the angel summoner was very different.

The angels were a peace-loving race. Therefore, the pets summoned by the angel summoner weren’t aggressive and acted as support—the ice woman, the snow bird, the light god and the six-winged angel.

Li Cangyu looked at the man on the big screen. “Park Joonseo players a summoner but he isn’t aggressive. On the contrary, he is the strongest aid in the Miracle Professional League.

The ice woman’s control, the snow bird’s healing, the light god’s strengthening of the team and the status release of the six-winged angel. It could be said that the angel summoner was a very strong auxiliary profession but due to the large number of pets and the complicated operations, it was difficult to play well.

Park Joonseo was very familiar with the angel summoner.

In the World Miracle League, he was a talented player who chose a rare class like Li Cangyu and could reach the top.

The man in the image was very handsome with a slight leaning towards femininity. It was the pretty face type of appearance that some girls preferred. Don’t think that he was weak. Anyone who watched the Korean Miracle League knew how terrible Park Joonseo’s assistance was. As long as he was there, the attack power of his teammates could double in an instant.

It could be imagined that such a great auxiliary would greatly improve the overall combat effectiveness of the team.

“In order to win against the Korean team, we must first recognize their strength.” Li Cangyu glanced at the audience and stated calmly. “The semi-finals will be cruller and more difficult than the previous matches. Everyone needs to be well prepared. Don’t think about winning or losing. Face this game with a normal heart and play to your own standards. Don’t leave any regrets.”

He paused and glanced after at Ling Xuefeng before continuing with firm eyes, “Tonight, everyone will take a closer look at the Korean team’s video. Tomorrow, Ling Xuefeng and I will reconvene everyone to discuss the tactical arrangements.”

Ling Xuefeng saw Li Cangyu’s firm eyes and also nodded decisively. “Please be assured that we will make every effort to find a solution to deal with South Korea.”

The next match might be extremely difficult but Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng’s confidence and decisiveness instilled confidence in the national team.

South Korea might be strong but their Chinese players were never weak!

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