GLS: Chapter 322

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Chapter 322 – China VS France (Fast Support)

Ku Hongyi’s statement was also the audience’s biggest concern. It was easy to lose when there were less players. The double hunter’s output ability was also inferior to the double archers. In addition, the French side had an assassin and black magician so the Chinese team’s north battle wasn’t optimistic.

In the south, the Lou Zhang brothers’ output was extremely fierce. They opened their skills and the black magician Fernando fell to 30% blood in the blink of an eye.

Fernando faced the Lou Zhang brothers and could barely fight back. He finally found the opportunity to use the map to move behind a statue and hide from Fatal Blow. He cast Dark Fear to counter the opponent. As a result, Lou Wushuang unceremoniously used Combat Stealth to go invisible, bypassing the statue at a very fast speed and using Fatal Blow!

Fatal Blow dealt a critical hit and Fernando’s blood dropped directly to 5%.  Lou Wushuang’s nect move was a simple attack and he decisively took Fernando’s head.

Fernando was killed and Captain Lou successfully won the first person!

The French captain Stein saw the death prompt on the big screen and couldn’t help feeling surprised. He instantly ordered, “Quickly kill the healer.”

The set fire to the healer and Liu Xiang’s skills were repeatedly interrupted. The face that it was four outputs meant Liu Xiang’s blood was instantly damaged.

Fortunately, Zhuo Hang and Jiang Xu reacted quickly enough. They used Flying Feather Steps to quickly set up traps in the maze. The narrow corridors provided them with great convenience. Zhuo Hang’s four Silence Traps blasted the French team and they fell into a state there they couldn’t use skills!

The teenager’s ability to use the terrain seemed to have improved again. This burst of traps was just ‘like the wind.’

Liu Xiang got a chance to take a breath and immediately cast a ‘big healing skill.’ Her blood was restored to 60% and the addition of the five layered Healing Language meant she was temporarily out of danger.

Jiang Xu wasn’t idle while Zhuo Hang controlled the opponent. He placed a row of Death Traps and exploded them, forcing the blood of the four opponents to 80%.

However, the silence control couldn’t last long. The moment it ended, the French team’s black magician Florent used Dark Fear.

This narrow corridor meant the group control skill accurately hit the three Chinese players. For a time, Zhuo Hang, Jiang Xu and Liu Xiang were affected by the fear state and couldn’t release skills.

Stein instantly ordered, “Open big!”

He used Death Arrow Rain as he spoke and his old partner cooperated with him by also using Death Arrow Rain. The black magician Florent released the group attack skill, Hell Flames!

The three group attacks pushed the blood of the Chinese team to 30%.

Meanwhile, the assassin took advantage of this opportunity to move behind Liu Xiang and a simple Back Stab forced Liu Xiang to a 5% bloody state.

The hearts of the audience members were in their throats as the three Chinese players were about to die. At this moment, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui’s reinforcements finally arrived!

Lou Wushuang chose the best angle to enter the battle. He used Pain Blade to control the French captain Stein while Zhang Shaohui used a skill to decrease the black magician’s blood by 20% while interrupting his big move at the same time!

“Kill the healer, quickly kill the healer!” Stein anxiously pressed on his keyboard.

Fortunately, Ono wasn’t controlled and fired a simple arrow to successfully kill the 5% health Liu Xiang.

However, Liu Xiang’s death didn’t have much impact on the situation. It became a 4v4 team battle and the brothers who just arrived were full of blood!

Zhuo Hang and Jiang Xu’s control effect finally ended. Once the Lou Zhang brothers came over, the two of them joined forces to place a row of Death Traps under the feet of the three ranged French players. The great damage caused by Trap Blast forced the three ranged players to fall below 30% blood.

Lou Wushuang decisively used Chain Strangulation and Zhang Shaohui followed with the same move.

Chain Strangulation was on of the few group attack skills for an assassin. The dagger would form a chain effect on the surrounding enemies. The first one to be attacked received the most damage while the damage gradually decreased as the number of targets increased.

However, the Lou Zhang brothers had extremely tacit cooperation. Lou Wushuang aimed for the left side Stein as the first target while Zhang Shaohui aimed for the right side Florent as the first target. One Chain Strangulation moved from the left to right while the other moved from right to left. The result of the double damage meant the four players of the French team directly fell to 5% blood!

Lou Wushuang’s eyes were cold and sharp. Once all four players were caught, his fingers quickly tapped the keyboard and he used the simplest dagger strike to kill the French players one by one!

France was extinguished in the first wave of combat!

Lou Wushuang’s extreme speed meant the audience’s spirit didn’t return until the death prompts for the French team popped up. Kou Hongyi excitedly exclaimed, “Truly worthy of Lou Wushuang! His support speed is too fast while the Chinese trio successfully delayed the French team’s four players. Once the Lou Zhang brothers came, the situation instantly reversed!”

Yu Bing also praised them. “Liu Xiang withstood the firepower of the other side and sacrificed himself for the Chinese team’s five heads. Originally it was an absolute disadvantage but the Chinese team showed extreme tenacity!”

This wave of five kills boosted the Chinese team’s morale. Liu Xiang might’ve died but she delayed things until the Lou Zhang brothers came as support. As a healer, she accomplished her task well.

Zhuo Hang and Jiang Xu also performed well. Their various trap layouts meant the French team couldn’t kill the three people quickly.

Five heads, this was already halfway to victory.

Of course, they couldn’t be relaxed because the other side had the map advantage. Lou Wushuang looked at the game time and calmly asked, “Captain Liu, is there anyone at the resurrection point?”

Liu Xiang replied, “There is no one at the blue resurrection point. They should’ve chosen the red point.”

Lou Wushuang ordered, “Go to the blue point to restore out status. We will play as you did just now. The three of you go forward and delay the battle while Ah Hui and I will follow to harvest the heads.”

Jiang Xu smiled. “Understood.”

Lou Wushuang was worthy of the Ghost Spirits’ assassination characteristics. In the opening, he used the advantage of the assassin’s stealth to split the French team into two small battles and directly took five kills!

The next tactical arrangement was for his teammates to make the first wave while the assassins would enter later to harvest the remnants.

The Lou Zhang brother’s ability to harvest heads was quite good. The assassins were flexible with positioning and a few blows could definitely kill the French team!

The facts proved Jiang Xu correct.

The Lou Zhang brothers first sneaked behind while the other three took the lead. Once they encountered the five players of the French team, the battle ignited and the two sides had an exchange of skills.

Liu Xiang was in a perfect state after resurrecting and tenaciously resisted the pressure, opening the big move Desperate Prayer!

This skill restored a large amount of blood while allowing her teammates to be immune to any control for a certain period of time. Being free of control for a few seconds gave Zhuo Hang and Jiang Xu the best space for output. The two hunters used the terrain to lay a dense series of traps before exploding them to collectively reduce the blood of the five French players.

Once the effect of the control immunity ended, the French players set fire to kill the healer, followed by killing Jiang Xu. However, the wave of Silence Traps Jiang Xu set before he died meant they couldn’t use any skills!

At this time, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui finally appeared.

They were ‘reapers’ and directly cut into the battle from the sides.

The Lou Zhang brothers broke out and used Back Stab and Fatal Blow to quickly kill the French team’s archers. Then they used Pain Blade to control the two black magicians.

The French team was silenced and couldn’t release skills. In addition, they were in a state of residual blood from the battle. In no more than 10 seconds, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui were like the wind blowing the leaves as they killed all five people!


The prompt appeared on the screen and the audience stood up to clap excitedly. The domestic live broadcast room was also full of flowers and applause.

Kou Hongyi’s mood was excellent as he smiled brightly at the camera. “The Chinese team won again! Today’s match was played beautifully and we won 3:0!”

Yu Bing added, “Congratulations to the national team for successfully advancing to the semi-finals of the World Competition.”

Kou Hongyi continued, “We will briefly review this map. The first game was a four against six victory in the arena. It was simply crushing the opponents! In the second arena game, Tan Cheng, Su Yu and Qin Mo played well. Of course, Captain Ling played as a domineering soy sauce.  In the third game of death racing, Captain Lou’s command was very flexible. The small battles and assassins’ explosive power prove that Lou Wushuang is still the strongest assassin in our Miracle League!”

Yu Bing agreed. “Today the players of the national team seemed to be injected with chicken blood but this is also related to Cat God’s arrangements. He sent a lot of ace players and obviously didn’t want to play with the French team. He directly won the match with a score of 3:0 so they can go back earlier to rest.”

Kou Hongyi smiled. “Yes, I heard that today’s Miracle Village’s restaurant has Cat God’s favourite fish dish!”

As the two commentators spoke, the big screen replayed great shots. In the soundproof room, Lou Wushuang calmly stood up with Zhang Shaohui draped over his shoulder. “Brother, you are too handsome!”

Lou Wushuang glanced at him. “You say this every time. Can’t you change the adjective?”

Zhang Shaohui laughed. “You are really very good.”

Lou Wushuang, “…”

Idiot! Who told you to learn Xiao Han’s half Chinese? Xiao Han sounded cute when he said it but this person just sounded idiotic!

Still, he saw his younger brother’s bright smile and couldn’t help his lips curving. “It is just the top four, don’t be too excited. If we couldn’t take this game, we wouldn’t be able to explain it.”

Zhang Shaohui nodded in agreement. “It makes sense!”

They returned to the rest area and Li Cangyu smiled at Lou Wushuang. “Captain Lou, you were calm and played excellently! Everyone worked hard!” There was excited applause. Li Cangyu waited a moment before speaking seriously, “We smoothly entered the semi-finals but don’t be too excited. For our team, now is the real start.”

Everyone, “…”

Cat God, if you say this then Australia, Spain, Italy and France will be mad enough to vomit blood! It seemed like Cat God wasn’t taking their teams seriously at all.

However, on reflection, the strength of the Chinese team meant they really didn’t need to fear those countries.

Three wins in the group stage and the 3:0 sweep of France in the quarter-finals was a natural result.

The goal of the Chinese team had always been one thing—the world champions!

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I can see all 4 countries sending cat god middle fingers X”D poor them

4 years ago

It won’t be a smooth road to victory now but I know they’ll win, refuel Chinese national team!