GLS: Chapter 319

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Chapter 319 – China VS France (Second Stage)

France’s captain, Stein didn’t expect that the two assassins that he sent out to target the Chinese team were actually double killed by Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei.

Cheng Wei survived with 5% blood but Tan Shitian still had more than 80% blood…

This type of opening reminded him of the situation in the previous game with Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan.

An ominous premonition filled Stein’s heart but he quickly adjusted his mind and looked back at his teammates. “It isn’t important. Annie and Holder, it is your turn to go on. Send them away as soon as possible and move back the disadvantage!”

The two named people immediately stepped forward.

Annie replied firmly, “Captain, rest assured!”

“The white magician has only one layer of blood left and can easily be solved with one move.” Holder shrugged. “As for the archer, he doesn’t have much blue left and most of his skills are on cooldown. It isn’t difficult to kill him!”

Holder’s words were true but the bad feeling lingered in Stein’s heart.

He always felt that the Chinese team’s players weren’t easy to kill even if they didn’t have much blood left…

Of course, he was the captain and couldn’t express this frustration in case he lowered the players’ confidence. Stein took a deep breath and pretended to smile easily. He patted their shoulders and said, “Come on, I’ll leave it to you!”

The short break ended and the French players appeared.

It was Annie’s dark magician and Holder’s summoner. This was a typical combination of control and output. They were also well known in France, with Holder’s demon summoner ranked in the top 10 of the world.

Li Cangyu saw this lineup and glanced over at Ling Xuefeng. “Have you played against Holder?”

“No.” Ling Xuefeng paused before adding, “However, he has a winning percentage of less than 40% against Jack.”

Jack Josh was the blood kin summoner of the American team and was as skilled as Ling Xuefeng.

This meant that Holder’s level was a lot worse than Ling Xuefeng.

Tan Shitian didn’t have much blue and skills remaining but Li Cangyu believed that this talented player could increase the advantage on the field.

Sure enough, Tan Shitian knew he couldn’t survive long and didn’t hesitate to use Death Arrow Rain as soon as he saw the two opponents.

Annie’s black magician fell to 75% blood but Holder reacted very quickly. He used the public pet, the guardian to block this wave and then summoned the black crows, opening Cover the Sky!

The dense black crows covered the vision of Tan Cheng and then Holder summoned four skeleton infantry, manipulating them to rush at Tan Shitian!

Cheng Wei was Annie’s focus.

Annie quickly moved forward and used two layers of Shadow Winding on Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei only had 5% blood left and this negative state was enough to make him lose blood and die.

However, Cheng Wei didn’t die in vain. He predicted that the other party’s black magician had entered his attack range and used the last bit of blue to use Tidal Surge!

In the case where his field of view was covered, the blind usage of the big move relied on memory and actually hit the two opponents. The unexpected operation caused the live broadcast room to be filled with: [Cheng Wei 6666!]  [He is infected by Captain Tan and has become smart. It is really touching!]

Kou Hongyi also exclaimed, “I found that Cheng Wei is making rapid progress in this World Competition. He opened up the skill blindly and it precisely hit, indicating that he is very familiar with this map.”

Yu Bing agreed. “Cheng Wei used the big move Tidal Surge before he died. The two French players must be very depressed.”

Annie was really angry. She hadn’t expected this 5% blood guy to be able to use a big move at the last moment. Tidal Surge not only decreased their health by 15%, it added the deadly deceleration effect!

Tan Shitian saw this and couldn’t help praising, “Xiao Wei is good!”

Cheng Wei was in a great mood after being praised. He might’ve cursed by Annie’s black magic but he helped Tan Shitian before he died, allowing Tan Shitian the opportunity to escape.

Tan Shitian didn’t disappoint Cheng Wei. He used Flying Feather Steps to run deeper into the woods. The moment his vision was restored, Tan Shitian used Precise Aim and Shock Shot to force Annie’s blood to 40%!

Holder’s skeletons finally caught up with him. They exploded and combined with Annie’s black magic, Tan Shitian’s blood fell to the dangerous 10% state.

Nevertheless, Tan Shitian didn’t give up. He used Flying Feather Steps to move through the woods and grasped the timing to fire Quenching Arrow. The freezing effect froze Annie and he followed up with several ordinary arrows, using these ordinary attacks to force Annie’s blood to 30%.

The survival ability of the Chinese team was so tenacious? Still refusing to die even with a bit of blood left?

Holder couldn’t bear it anymore and directly summoned the banshee to pull Tan Shitian over. Then he used the skeleton infantry to kill him.

Tan Shitian smiled as he looked over at Cheng Wei. He stood up and declared, “Our mission is complete. We will leave it for the players after us.”

“Yes!” Cheng Wei happily followed him. “The early advantage we created is quite big. There is the Su Yu combination and then Captain Ling behind us. We will definitely win this game!”

The two of them walked back to the rest area. Once they encountered the Su Yu combination, Tan Shitian took the initiative to pat Su Guangmo’s shoulder. “Captain Su, I’ll hand it over to you.”

Su Guangmo declared boldly, “No problem, just watch me!”


The short substitution period ended and the Chinese team’s second stage combination appeared.

MOMO and YUYU, the two IDs that deliberately sold meng belonged to the captain and vice-captain of the Flying Feathers team, Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng!

Kou Hongyi exclaimed, “The Su Yu combination, it has been a while since we’ve seen them in the arena!”

Yu Bing added, “Two melees playing against a magician and summoner is actually not very good but Captain Su’s ability to advance is quite strong. In addition, Annie was consumed by Tan Shitian to 30% blood. The Su Yu combination should win as long as there are no accidents.”

Kou Hongyi suddenly found a new world and his eyes shone. “I suddenly found that Cat God’s lineup against the French team is particularly strong! In the group stage, he often sent Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang to practice. Today, from opening to present, the players were Cat Bai, Lou Zhang, Tan Cheng and Su Yu.  All of them are combinations consisting of great gods!” Kou Hongyi paused and added, “It seems that Cat God is really going all out against the French team.”

“After all, it is a knockout match and there is nothing wrong with it. Sending the ace combinations can ensure victory.” Yu Bing thought about it. “In fact, the French team’s overall strength is a bit worse than the Chinese team. It is currently the quarter-finals and if we win this match, we can advance to the semi-finals.”

Kou Hongyi’s expression became serious when he heard this. “Sister Bing’s words are right. The e-sports team that can compete with us in the World Competition are South Korea and the United States. It will be hard to fight if we meet South Korea or the United States! This match against the French team, from beginning to the present, the advantage is actually very obvious.”

The Su Yu combination going against two ranged classes shouldn’t have an advantage but the other side’s black magician was at 30% blood. It shouldn’t be difficult to take care of them.

Su Guangmo was a very fierce melee player who often rushed towards the opponent’s face with his big sword. This time, he still showed his tough style and directly rushed to Holder. He used Light and Shadow Rotation to directly kill Holder’s skeleton infantry and banshee.

This action surprised many viewers. Annie was in a residual blood state and the average person would kill her first. On the other hand, Su Guangmo attacked the full of blood demon summoner and killed his pets.

Annie quickly used Dark Fear to control Su Guangmo but this didn’t pose much threat to him. It was because Holder’s pet skeletons and banshees were killed. He could at best summon the demon god. The demon god’s explosive ability wasn’t strong if it was alone.

The demon god’s group attack combined with the black magician’s Hell Flames and Death Mantra forced Su Guangmo’s blood to 60%.

Yu Pingsheng saw that his brother was being beaten and directly rushed to Annie. He used Mountain Chop followed by Splitting Bone Chop and World Without Justice.

The golden light effect enveloped Annie’s body and the huge axe swept in a 360 degree range, lowering the fragile black magician’s blood to the bottom!

Annie was killed.

At this time, SU Guangmo lifted the negative fear state and turned to join his younger brother. The two men moved forward and surrounded the demon summoner Holder. Su Guangmo’s hands were precise and unpredictable. He stunned the other side with Spirit Lock and followed up with Breaking Bone Sword and Devouring Soul Sword. Yu Pingsheng wasn’t idle and cooperated with his brother.

Being close to two melees at the same time was definitely a nightmare for a ranged class.

Su Yu’s play was quite violent and it was similar to cutting vegetables.

The sword and axe had incomparable understanding.

The silver sword and golden axe intertwined in a gorgeous light and shadow effect, cutting Holder’s blood to 15% at a dazzling speed.

Holder had only a trace of blood left and became very anxious, but most of his pets were on cooldown. He found it hard to wait until the skeleton infantry’s cooldown was over and then immediately summoned four of them, trapping Su Yu in place and taking the opportunity to break away from their encirclement.

This set of moves was wonderful but unfortunately, it was too late.

Su Guangmo was imprisoned by the skeletons and decisively broke out to kill them. Then he raised the giant sword and chased Holder’s back with a fierce Storm Sword!

The bloody Holder was directly stabbed to death…

The domestic audience went crazy. [Captain Su is so handsome!] [Our Captain Su is so handsome and directly rushes to your face. He doesn’t try to reason with you. This is worthy of our Terran Emperor!]


Su Guangmo killed his opponent and turned back to his younger brother with a handsome smile. “It was a bit easy to win.”

Yu Pingsheng thought about it seriously and said, “Yes.”

Su Guangmo knew his brother didn’t like to talk and didn’t say anything else. He continued staring at the computer screen to prepare for the next stage.

He had actually been prepared for a few minutes of fierce fighting when preparing for the second stage. Unexpectedly, the French team’s black magician and summoner made some small mistakes.

For example, the black magician Annie should’ve opened the distance instead of rushing to control him with Dark Fear. She wasn’t cautious about her position, allowing Yu Pingsheng to counterattack and kill her in seconds.

For example, Holder used too many skills against Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei and it was hard to pose a threat as soon as his pets died.

The French team’s combination suffered a great loss and this was clearly related to their 6v4 defeat in the first game. Six people couldn’t win against four people. This definitely dealt a big blow to the players’ confidence.

Cat God’s tactical arrangement was truly very frightening and directly collapsed the French team. The French team’s players were psychologically affected and the pressure on them was relatively high. Once Tan Shitian created the advantage again, they couldn’t remain calm. Even good players were prone to mistakes when they were under great psychological pressure.

Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng were both excellent at catching the opponents’ mistakes and decisively seized the opportunity to kill the other side.

Su Guangmo’s thoughts were also Ling Xuefeng’s thoughts.

Ling Xuefeng saw this and couldn’t help saying to Li Cangyu, “Holder only played at 70% of his level and was obviously too impetuous. The French team seems unstable. Is it because you were too fierce in the first game?”

Li Cangyu calmly replied, “I have to be serious in the knockouts.”

Ling Xuefeng helplessly told him, “If you are even more serious then they will crash.”

Li Cangyu smiled and didn’t say anything else.

In fact, he didn’t need to send the luxurious lineup of Cat Bai, Lou Zhang, Tan Cheng and Su Yu to the arena against the French team. He could let the rookies Xiao Han and Xiao Zhuo continue practicing.

However, Captain Stein’s arrogant words when they meet backstage made Li Cangyu somewhat uncomfortable?

What did he mean by it was better to not meet in the knockouts? His eyes were looking above and the Chinese team would lose if they met?

The unhappy Li Cangyu didn’t want to be polite with the French team and directly used an all-star lineup to teach France a little lesson.

People who were arrogant in front of Cat God would never have a good end!

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