GLS: Chapter 318

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Chapter 318 – China VS France (Tan Cheng Combination)

Tan Shitian was obviously the commander of this game. Cheng Wei wasn’t well versed in tactics but he worked with Tan Shitian for many years and formed the habit of ‘keeping up with Captain Tan.’ Tan Shitian marked a location on the mini-map and Cheng Wei consciously followed, actively playing the role of ‘follower’ as he ran into the woods to hide.

The two assassins from France had just used Combat Stealth. Unlike the non-combat stealth which could last for several minutes, Combat Stealth lasted up to 10 seconds. Tan Shitian choosing to enter the woods at this time was very clever. He could use the terrain to drag out the duration of the stealth.

It was necessary to be wary of a hidden assassin but there was no need to be so afraid when the whereabouts of the assassin was known.

Sure enough, the two assassins moved through the woods for a while before their stealth effect ended. They couldn’t unleash any more sneak attacks and could only find a way to rush to the other side to deal a set of crits.

At this time, Cheng Wei was at half blood and Tan Shitian was still full of blood.

The French team’s Lord had 75% blood while Shire had only 30% blood. It was necessary to recover this gap as soon as possible!

Tan Shitian’s elf had Flying Feather Steps and along with his ranged attack, it would be hard for them to catch up to the archer. However, Cheng Wei was at half blood and there was hope to kill him.

Shire thought this and immediately ordered, “Surround him on the left and right and the magician!”

The two men quickly dispersed, one to the left and one to the right as they rushed to Cheng Wei’s position. The level of the two assassins wasn’t weak and their Z shaped movement in the woods was very flexible. It wasn’t easy for Cheng Wei to control them from a distance.

In the blink of an eye, Shire and Lord came to Cheng Wei’s side.

—Death Strangulation!

—Chain Strangulation!

The two people opened big moves at the same time and Cheng Wei was directly beaten to 5% blood.

Fortunately, Cheng Wei reacted quickly. He only had a trace of blood left as he moved behind a big tree and flexibly avoided the other side’s dagger. Then he cast the big move, Tidal Surge!

The white glow converged on the opponents like a tide, causing a lot of damage and slowing down their movement speed.

Cheng Wei took the opportunity to run towards Tan Shitian.

A white magician with 5% blood was close at hand and the two assassins didn’t give up. They might be slowed down but they didn’t hesitate to chase.

Tan Shitian looked after Cheng Wei from a distance as he fired Barrage Shot accurately towards Shire and Lord.

The French captain Stein was shocked. Wasn’t this his style of playing?

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help saying, “Tan Shitian’s learning ability is very good. In the past, he fired this skill in a straight line to achieve the maximum damage effect. But today, he obviously learned from the French captain’s play, shooting Barrage Shot in a fan-shaped group attack.”

Yu Bing said calmly, “Using the French captain’s style against the French assassins, Tan Shitian is very promising!”

The domestic Captain Tan fans cheered excitedly. [The Storytelling God’s learning ability is the best!] [The captain of the French team probably wants to vomit blood. His signature skill was learnt by a young man?] [Stein’s expression is really saying ‘What?’]

The domestic audience’s gloating wasn’t unreasonable. Stein’s face was really ugly after he saw it.

Tan Shitian’s talent in e-sports was obviously stronger than he imagined. Tan Shitian’s ability to learn was excellent. He used the fan-shaped group attack to suppress the blood of the two assassins while covering the escaping Cheng Wei.

The two assassins were suppressed by this wave of Barrage Shot and their blood fell again. Shire’s blood was at only 20% while Lord was at 65%.

In addition, Tan Shitian was still full of blood!

If they didn’t kill Cheng Wei and make it a 1v2 situation then the game was likely to be won by the Chinese team!

Shire’s eyes became cold and he immediately used the assassin’s Phantom Rush skill!

This skill allowed the blood kin assassin to momentarily move like a phantom, similar to a swordsman’s movement skill. Phantom Rush burst out at a critical moment and Shire suddenly arrived at Cheng Wei’s back. The dagger in his hand flashed with a cold light as he used Back Stab.

This was a small skill but Cheng Wei only had 5% blood left. As long as it hit successfully, Cheng Wei would definitely die.

At this critical moment, Tan Shitian seemed to have expected it and used Quenching Arrow!

The cold arrow hit Shire’s chest, triggering the freezing effect and making Shire freeze in place. The Back Stab skill failed to be used.

Cheng Wei’s life was saved in a thrilling manner. He turned around and used God’s Seal on Lord not far away.

Using these few seconds of control, Cheng Wei raced behind Tan Shitian and finally survived.

“Phew, it was too dangerous!” Cheng Wei gasped and looked over at Tan Shitian, only to see a small smile on Tan Shitian’s face. His low voice was extraordinarily gentle, “What are you afraid of? There is me.”

“…” Cheng Wei’s heart was moved and he didn’t know what to say. He quickly focused his attention on the game.

Tan Shitian’s eyes narrowed and he aimed his bow at Shire. He used a precise Seize Life Shot!

—First Blood!

This activated a crit and completely wiped out Shire’s blood!

Then came Tan Shitian’s performance.

France’s Lord only had 65% blood left. In the complex woody terrain, it was almost impossible for him to catch the archer using Flying Feather Steps.

Tan Shitian relied on his attack range and released his hand speed, playing a beautiful combo.

—Precise Aim! Shock Shot! Barrage Shot!

The arrows hit accurately and Lord’s blood kept falling.

Lord quickly fell to 30% residual blood while Tan Shitian was still full of blood. The French team would fall into a complete disadvantage again like the first game.

He could no longer be so passive. He had to kill at least one person! The white magician had only 5% blood left and could be killed with a simple skill.

At this time, Combat Stealth had just finished its cooldown. Lord immediately used it and moved towards Cheng Wei to kill him.

Tan Shitian saw that the assassin had disappeared and warned on the voice channel, “Xiao Wei, come over.”

Cheng Wei also realized that the other side wanted to kill him and consciously came towards Tan Shitian.

Tan Shitian judged the area around him and then the game time bar. He estimated the time before suddenly turning around and firing Death Arrow Rain in the open space!

The dense arrow rain descended from the sky and the group attack skill with the widest range actually hit the French assassin, forcing him out of stealth.

“Beautiful!” Kou Hongyi hit the table with excitement. “Tan Shitian’s prejudgment is too godly! He guessed that the French player would kill Cheng Wei and used a big move to force the French assassin out!”

Yu Bing nodded and commented, “It seems that Captain Tan doesn’t want to let Cheng Wei die and is protecting him.”

Kou Hongyi laughed, “This is true love!”

The audience, “…”

[This big mouth is talking nonsense again. Xiao Cheng’s true love is clearly Cat God!] [Captain Tan’s true love isn’t the stupid Xiao Wei. How can he see Cheng Wei? Stupid face!] [A smart person with a silly person is actually quite complementary!]

Tan Shitian really didn’t want to let Cheng Wei die. He always thought that this guy with a layer of blood trying to escape was quite cute. Besides, Cheng Wei’s existence meant the other side would always try to kill Cheng Wei. Tan Shitian could guess their position and the bloody Cheng Wei was simply a living bait.

Of course, the most important reason was…

He wanted to stand next to Cheng Wei on the field at the moment of victory.


The archer actually blindly fired Death Arrow Rain into the open space. Lord hadn’t expected this and after being revealed, he simply opened the assassin’s rushing skill to teleport to Cheng Wei.

To his surprise, his move was successful but he ended up hitting Tan Shitian.

The audience didn’t think that Tan Shitian would use Flying Feather Steps to come behind Cheng Wei, using his body to block the attack.

Cheng Wei was also obviously stunned. However, he might be stupid but his awareness wasn’t bad. He used this opportunity to cast Voice of Combat and directly killed the bloody Lord.

The French team’s assassins were killed in succession. Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei both survived and entered the second stage.

The 5% blood Cheng Wei actually lived to the end…

Cheng Wei glanced over at Tan Shitian and smiled happily. “Thank you for helping me block the dagger!”

Tan Shitian reached out and patted his head. “Don’t be polite. It is what I should do.”

Cheng Wei moved his head along with Tan Shitian’s movements, clearly used to it. He used to think this person was bullying him but at this time, Cheng Wei felt particularly happy and his heartbeat accelerated.

Over the years, Tan Shitian had always been calm on the field. He had saved Cheng Wei countless times and unconsciously, Cheng Wei had become used to being protected by him. In his subconscious, Cheng Wei thought that as long as Tan Shitian was present, they would definitely win.

This time, they still won.

Perhaps he would win many games with Tan Shitian in the future.

The Tan Cheng combination would never be abandoned.

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