GLS: Chapter 316

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Chapter 316 – China VS France (Lou Zhang Combination)

The French team’s Angel and Lina were in the best full blood state but Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui’s status wasn’t bad. They had lurked behind the enemies and took care of the two assassins in the quickest manner. At present, both of them were full of blood and their blue was around 80%.

A black and white magician VS two assassins, it was hard to tell the outcome but the Chinese team thought that victory was a foregone conclusion.

Kou Hongyi was very happy and opened his mouth, “Our Lou Zhang combination took care of the French team’s assassins in less than half a minute during the second stage. Now they are taking on the French team’s guard combination! The current status of the Lou Zhang brothers is still good. Even if they can’t win this stage, the Chinese team still has their guard combination!”

Then he casually counted the Chinese team’s combinations. “For example, there are the Su Yu melee, the Tan Cheng kiting and the Yan Guo black magic. There is no suspense in gaining 5 points from this game!”

Yu Bing calmly said, “There are many variables on the field. The advantage from the early stage might be great but the players can’t be too careless.” It meant not to talk too big and lose his reputation!

Kou Hongyi obviously didn’t grasp Yu Bing’s implication and laughed. “Careless? It depends on who the players are! Maybe Xiao Cheng might play sloppily and make a mistake but the team Cat God sent at this stage… I’ve never seen Lou Wushuang make a mistake!”

He might not be modest but Kou Hongyi’s words were an ironclad fact.

The coolest player in the Chinese Miracle League, apart from Ling Xuefeng, was Lou Wushuang.

Lou Wushuang was cold since his debut and no matter how fierce the battle or how inferior or superior the Ghost Spirits team, he always maintained absolute calm and made no mistakes.

Zhang Shaohui might have a careless personality and lack emotional intelligence but on the field, he developed a fierce style along with his cousin. He was very careless in life but could be sharp in the game. His keen senses and fast reaction speed allowed him to form the perfect partnership with Lou Wushuang.

The scary thing about the Lou Zhang combination wasn’t just their sharp and chilling assassination style. It was also their low error rate.

Players with a low error rate were harder to deal with and the Lou Zhang combination was very stable. This was the reason why Li Cangyu sent the Lou Zhang brothers under the premise of winning the game. He wanted to let the Chinese team make a great start in the knockouts and raise the morale of the team.

The always stable Lou Zhang combination wouldn’t let everyone down in this game!


The two magicians of France refreshed on the platform at the highest level of the Eiffel Tower. The white magician Angel started with the group control skill Holy Seal and controlled the two brothers. The black magician Lina continued with the group attacks Shadow Winding and Hell Flames, suppressing the blood of the Lou Zhang brothers to 50%!

France got the advantage at first but the French audience members weren’t happy for long. The Lou Zhang climbed up to the third floor in one breath the moment the control effect ended!

The blood kin assassin’s agility was only second to the elves and this speed was really shocking. It was clear that Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui’s movement ability was first class and it seemed like the tower was a flat passage!

After arriving at the third platform, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui had a tacit agreement.

Lou Wushuang moved to the white magician Angel and used Back Stab to interrupt and control her, following up with Fatal Blow and Death Strangulation. The fragile Angel fell directly to 60% blood.

Then due to the characteristic of the blood kin assassin, the original half blood Lou Wushuang’s blood returned to 70%. He instantly reversed the situation!

Next to him, Zhang Shaohui was the same. He also used Back Stab to interrupt the black magician’s Dark Fear and followed up with several big moves. He sucked up blood while reducing the opponent’s blood and completed the reversal!

The wonderful cooperation between the Lou Zhang combination caused a burst of applause.

The two magicians saw that the situation wasn’t good and Angel ordered on the voice channel, “Jump down!”

Jumping down the tower to open the distance was a tactic repeatedly used by Li Cangyu in the early stages. The two female players reacted very quickly. Once the assassins closed in, they jumped to the second platform without hesitation.

Lina landed and instantly used the group control skill Dark Fear to set the two opponents in place. Angel followed up with the group attack God’s Belief and Tidal Surge!

The cooperation between the two sisters was indeed tacit and the Red Fox captain Liu Xiang couldn’t help commenting, “Their skills connection is very smooth. They should be partners for a long time.”

Yang Muzi nodded in agreement. “Yes, I heard that the two of them are very popular in the French Miracle League and they are regarded as goddesses by otakus. A black and white magician walking together is really eye-catching.”

On the screen, the black magician Lina wore the robes of a black magician and the curses in her hands exuded a thick arrogance. Meanwhile, Angel’s white magician robes made her look very holy. The visual effect of the black and white magic combining was very shocking. The two of them had a good strength and high understanding. It was no wonder they were placed as the guard by the French captain.

Ling Xuefeng whispered into Li Cangyu’s ears, “Do you think Lou Zhang can take it?  Do you want to consider the guard combination in advance?”

Li Cangyu touched his chin and replied, “They should win, I believe in their strength. If they can’t take it, let the Xiao Zhuo combination go to finish it. The players in the previous game can’t be repeated in the next game. I want to try avoiding the use of the Su Yu and Tan Cheng combinations.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “Yes.”

Li Cangyu had always been far-sighted. Sending out Lou Zhang to resolve the battle was obvious to consider the candidates in the later games. Looking back at the big screen, the blood of Lou Zhang had been forced to a 30% danger level by the French team’s players. At this time, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui disappeared simultaneously. It was Combat Stealth!

Angel of the French team cried out, “They are invisible, be careful!”

Both of them had used key group attacks in order to suppress the opponent’s blood. The Lou Zhang brothers took advantage of this opponent to enter stealth and quickly come behind the French players.

“We will control one each and fight!” Lou Wushuang ordered simply and Zhang Shaohui instantly understood what to do.

The two men were like twins as they took out cold daggers and accurately aimed Pain Blade that had just finished cooling down at the necks of the two French magicians.

Angel and Lina were simultaneously dizzy and the black magician didn’t have any skills to resolve her problem. She was controlled by Zhang Shaohui on the second platform and Zhang Shaohui’s fast outbreak reduced her blood in the blink of an eye. She fell to 30% residual blood while he sucked back blood.

After Angel was dizzy, she used Purification to resolve Lou Wushuang’s control and jumped down the tower again.

Her reaction was fast but Lou Wushuang was faster.

He saw her jump down and didn’t hesitate to jump after her. He used a simple Fatal Blow to interrupt his white magic control skill and then used the big move Chain Strangulation!

Angel was unable to use any skills and could only rely on a small number of instant skills to fight back. However, Lou Wushuang was extremely fast and he sucked back more blood than she could decrease.

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui’s practice of dividing the battlefield 1v1 was quite sensible. As long as the black and white magicians were cut off and their casting interrupted, it would be hard for them to play…

Angel was on the ground while Lina was on the second platform. They could still take care of each other but both of them had an assassin following them. They couldn’t use any big moves and became very passive.

Angel tried her best to get rid of Lou Wushuang but his pursuit and assassination skills were the best. He was a player that Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were wary of and he wouldn’t give his opponent a chance to escape!

Angel simply couldn’t get rid of Lou Wushuang!

On the second floor platform, Lina relied on a brief opportunity to release Death Mantra and Shadow Winding. Zhang Shaohui fell to residual blood but then he used Soul Stab and Chain Strangulation to suck back blood.

Then there was the news that Lou Wushuang killed Angel…

Lina lost confidence and her reaction speed was a bit slow, giving Zhang Shaohui the opportunity to use a big move!


Victory belonged to the Chinese team!

To the surprise of many viewers, the Chinese team used only four people to kill six people on the French team!

The Chinese team’s guard combination didn’t even play. They only used two groups of old partners to directly win the arena!

Many foreign reporters were stunned.

—Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan created a huge advantage and the Lou Zhang brothers came to directly clear the stage!

—The Chinese team’s arena is so strong? Four people beat six people and the French team had no power to fight back?!

—The Chinese team swept through the group stage. Will they also sweep through the knockout stage?

—In the end, who can stop the Chinese team?

The foreign reporters wrote about the overwhelming game while Li Cangyu remained calm. He looked over at Ling Xuefeng and said, “This game was won too beautifully. It is estimated that the countries we meet in the future will be afraid to choose the arena. In fact, our economic war and death racing are also very strong!”

The captain of the national team was so confident and straightforward. He was never deliberately humble but all his words were the truth.

Ling Xuefeng looked at Li Cangyu and calmly told him, “Then we have to be strong to the end and convince all countries.”

Li Cangyu, “…”

This domineering remark made Li Cangyu very convinced.

Good, this was also what he thought!

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