GLS: Chapter 314

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Chapter 314 – China VS France (Killing Gods in the Arena)

France’s captain, Stein had only one choice at this time: slowly climb up.

Stein and Ono had refreshed at the top of Eiffel Tower in the beginning. He had looked down at Li Cangyu and felt very proud. He wanted to kill the summoner climbing up in seconds.

The result was that he didn’t kill the opponent in seconds but was blown down by the wind spirit’s wind!

He had long know that the elf summoner’s wind spirit wasn’t easy to deal with and was always on the defense. He just didn’t expect the healer to use Holy Light Surge on Li Cangyu at the crucial moment, allowing him to instantly release Wind and Clouds Destruction…

The tacit understanding between Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan made Stein feel fear and he decided to change his strategy. Stein thought about it before telling his teammate, “We will work together to suppress the healer. Drain his blue as soon as possible!”

Ono nodded to show his understanding.

As elves, Stein and Ono also had the common racial skill Flying Feather Steps. The two of them used Flying Feather Steps to climb up the tower. One was to the left and the other to the right, their speed as fast as a phantom. It could be seen that they had trained on this map for a long time as they were very familiar with the positions and angle of the stairs.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them climbed to the first platform. The distance between the first and third platform was within the archer’s attack range but the summoner’s pets couldn’t reach them.

Stein took advantage of this distance and fired Barrage Shot above him.

He was worthy of being the world’s first ranked bard. This Barrage Shot was quite subtle and the fan-shaped arrows made Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan lose 30% blood at the same time!

Bai Xuan used a group healing skill to restore the blood but Stein didn’t stop. He aimed at Bai Xuan and used Seize Life Shot!

The archer’s single target attack skill was released and Bai Xuan’s blood dropped again.

Ono cooperated with the captain to lower the blood of the healer Bai Xuan. For a time, all of their skillful moves greeted Bai Xuan and the overwhelming arrows shot towards the top so quickly that Bai Xuan didn’t have time to breathe.

Li Cangyu quickly spoke on the voice channel, “You hide behind me. I will go down and deal with them!”

He jumped using Flying Feather Steps and landed on the second platform. This action on the big screen was very handsome. It seemed like he had wings as he fell in an incomparably light manner.

The two French players finally entered the range of the summoner’s attack. Li Cangyu summoned the water spirit and greeted one person with a Water Ball!

Stein’s reaction speed was extremely fast. He saw the summoner jump down and immediately turned sideways to hide from this skill. However, Ono’s reactions didn’t keep up and he was frozen in place.

Bai Xuan finally got a chance to breathe. He filled up his blood and added five layers of Healing Language to Li Cangyu.

Stein suddenly found that this old pair of partners was really hard to deal with!

The healer’s response speed was quick and his blood-adding technique was also flexible. It was basically impossible to kill a person in one wave. In addition, the two of them protected each other. It was even harder to isolate one person to kill the other!

At the very least, Li Cangyu jumping down gave an opportunity to Stein. He quickly ordered, “You try to drag out the summoner. I will deal with the healer!”

Then he climbed up the stairs to the third platform.

Yu Bing saw this and couldn’t help frowning. “Stein wants to split up the Cat Bai combination to form a 1v1 situation. He wants to suppress the healer and then deal with Cat God?”

“Well, this is the most sensible way to handle the Cat Bai combination. It is impossible to kill Cat God with Bai Xuan adding blood. There is nothing wrong with him dealing with Bai Xuan first.” Kou Hongyi looked at the big screen with some concern. “Stein is a very fast attacking player. It will be troublesome for a healer to be targeted by him in close combat!”

Sure enough, Stein arrived on the third platform and started attacking Bai Xuan without hesitation.

Precise Aim, Shock Shot, Barrage Shot and Seize Life Shot!

One after another, the archer skills cooperated with the quick ordinary attacks. For a time, his arrows formed a seamless storm as they covered the place where Bai Xuan was standing!

Bai Xuan’s blood volume plummeted. He saw that it reached 10% and directly opened the instant group healing skill, Divine Blessing!

A white glow shrouded the Eiffel Tower and Bai Xuan’s blood recovered by 40%. On the second platform, Li Cangyu’s blood was also restored by 40% due to the group skill.

Then Stein’s next round of arrows appeared again and Bai Xuan’s blood fell to 15% in the blink of an eye.

It was obvious that Stein was very good at dealing with healers.

Bai Xuan was targeted by him and many skills were interrupted. It was very difficult to add blood.

After seeing that Bai Xuan’s blood was decreasing, Li Cangyu suddenly summoned the public pet ‘destruction demon’ that rarely appeared. The huge axe in the demon’s hand cut down horizontally and a precise ‘block’ was made. Stein’s big move was stopped and Bai Xuan took the initiative to jump down the tower!

This exquisite cooperation made the audience clap.

Kou Hongyi was excited. “Cat God and Vice-Captain Bai are worthy of being old partners! Just now, Vice-Captain Bai was really in danger. Fortunately, Cat God was watching the above situation and rescued his teammate at the crucial moment. Vice-Captain Bai is also witty. He will lose blood from jumping down but Stein won’t be able to hit him!”

Yu Bing finally stopped frowning. “This isn’t a death map. Vice-Captain Bai using the terrain to open the distance from Stein is a very flexible idea.”

“Cat God was entangled with the French team’s Ono but he could still focus on Vice-Captain Bai’s situation. Very powerful!” Kou Hongyi praised Li Cangyu’s performance before pausing for a moment. “Vice-Captain Bai jumping down allowed them to temporarily escape from danger but Cat God will be caught by the other two.”

In the game, Bai Xuan quickly filled his blood to the 80% safety line and then stacked five layers of the Healing Language buff on him. His health slowly recovered as he started climbing up.

Li Cangyu had to face the attack of two players but Bai Xuan had absolute confidence in his old partner. Cat God wasn’t so easy to kill.


Stein was startled by Bai Xuan’s direct jump but quickly reacted. He couldn’t help rejoicing as he exclaimed, “Quickly kill the summoner!”

The healer would take a while to climb up the tower. As long as the two of them joined forces to kill LI Cangyu before the healer arrived, the game would be won without any suspense.

Ono also knew this and followed the captain’s instructions to release all types of skills towards Li Cangyu!

The two French players joined up and the dense arrow rain drowned Li Cangyu.

The water spirit was killed and Li Cangyu could no longer rely on the water spirit to control the opponent. The wind spirit was summoned onto to be killed. It was apparent that Stein had taken precautions and wouldn’t be hit by the same thing twice.

In an instant, Li Cangyu’s blood fell to 30% while Bai Xuan had just climbed to the first platform.

The domestic audience was going crazy. They wanted to give Vice-Captain Bai a pair of wings so he could fly directly to Cat God to add blood.

However, Li Cangyu’s face in the soundproof room was still composed. He was in a residual blood state but he wasn’t in a hurry. Once the wind spirit was killed, he jumped to hide and successfully escaped Stein’s Seize Life Shot. Then he summoned the thunder spirit and used Thunder’s Wrath!

Previously, he had been fighting on the second platform with the French player Ono. Since he used two public pets in the early stages, the blue consumption was too big. He had tried to save skills by hitting the opponent with a summoner’s general attack.

Ono’s blood had been consumed down to 35%. Now the thunder spirit’s big move was used and Ono suddenly fell to a 10% bloody state!

His teammate’s blood started to flash red and Stein didn’t have time to hesitate. If Bai Xuan came up and added blood to Li Cangyu, their previous suppression would be in vain.

The cooldown of his big moves was already fine. Stein decisively pulled the longbow and used Death Arrow Rain. Ono had cooperated with Stein for many years and instantly understood the captain’s intention. He triggered Death Arrow Rain at the same time!

The dense silver arrows descended from the sky and Li Cangyu was in the centre of it.

Li Cangyu’s flexible movements allowed him to hide from single target skills but he couldn’t avoid such a dense group of arrows.

He would definitely die if these two big moves hit. The domestic audience held their breaths nervously.

However, Li Cangyu didn’t fall when the two big moves ended. He stood on the tower with a calm expression while it was Ono who fell down first!

Kou Hongyi was a bit stunned and hurriedly had the director open a playback.

Then the audience figured out that just before the two big moves hit, Bai Xuan finally arrived and cast the healer’s big move, Desperate Prayer!

His skill was faster than the opponents’ Death Arrow Rain. In other words, just before Stein’s big move hit Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan used the healing skill to return Li Cangyu’s blood to more than 80% blood, allowing him to survive this wave.

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help sighing. “Vice-Captain Bai is truly someone who provides help in the hour of need!”

Li Cangyu also smiled and spoke on the voice channel. “Xiao Bai is good.”

Bai Xuan replied helplessly, “Can you not call me Xiao Bai?”

They had a familiar conversation seven years ago when they first became teammates. Now they stood on the world stage as old players and reproduced the familiar dialogue. Their dream hadn’t changed and the tacit understanding was still there, but they had become stronger!

Bai Xuan released his hand speed to cast several single target healing skills, directly restoring Li Cangyu’s blood to 100%.

Stein suddenly felt despair.

After playing so long, the other party had returned to full blood. This was a great blow to his confidence!

Li Cangyu was no longer polite. He summoned the first spirit and quickly smashed the other side with the simplest Fireball, taking away the blood Stein.

Double kill!

The first stage of the arena ended with Cat God’s double kill!

Deafening applause filled the venue. Ling Xuefeng, Xie Shurong and the others watching the battle under the stage also stood up and clapped for Cat and Bai.

In the soundproof room, Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan smiled at each other, not saying anything.

—I have experienced thousands of sails but you are still there.

—My best partner, from young to now, thank you for never abandoning me.

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4 years ago

Ah this is the first World Stage Battle that actually felt like it could have been lost- much more interesting to read then the previous ones!

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Thanks for the chapter! I absolutely loved that last line. Their silent but continuous support over the years is an excellent display of platonic love! The world stage battles are becoming more exciting to read!

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Aerilistarylia Sae
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I shed a tear at the last 2 sentence.😭😊😊
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