GLS: Chapter 313

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Chapter 313 – China VS France (Eiffel Tower)

The list of players for both sides appeared on the big screen and it was customary to play according to the map chosen.

Before choosing the map, Li Cangyu guessed that Notre Dame de Paris was a labyrinth while the Eiffel Tower was an air battle. He banned the maze because he didn’t want the French team to take advantage of their familiarity with the terrain. In addition, the Chinese team had never been afraid of air combat maps. In particular, Li Cangyu quite liked air combat since he had the wind spirit and could use the opportunity to blow people down.

The Eiffel Tower map was thrilling. The Eiffel Tower had been transformed to make many iron plates at different levels of the tower for players to stand on. The width of these plates could accommodate two people at the same time.

This high-altitude combat map was similar to the Chinese team’s Mount Huangshan Plank Road. The difference was that Mount Huangshan Plank Road was a death map. Players who fell down would be directly killed. The Eiffel Tower wasn’t a death map. If they fell from the tower, they would lose a certain amount of blood but could climb up the stairs again.

After learning the characteristics of the map, Li Cangyu calmly got up and walked through the soundproof glass door with his old partner Bai Xuan.

Bai Xuan spoke while walking, “This map isn’t very good for us to play. The other side has two archers with difficult long-ranged shooting. If I can’t add blood…”

Li Cangyu patted his shoulder. “Don’t be humble. I believe in you.”

Bai Xuan smiled and quickly followed.

It really was difficult to add blood in an air combat map but Bai Xuan’s treatment level was world-class and his reaction ability was enough to cope with various emergencies. Besides, the two of them had been working together for many years and Bai Xuan believed that Li Cangyu would protect him.

They sat down in front of a computer and Bai Xuan couldn’t help being excited.

He remembered that when he first sat in front of a computer and played games with Li Cangyu, both of them had been younger than 18 and were full of expectations for the future. Seven years passed in the blink of an eye and many things happened. Now they were no longer year but they joined hands and stood together in the World Competition.

Today they would personally prove how strong the Old Cat and White Fox missing from the world rankings were!

Bai Xuan gently rubbed his hands and placed his long white fingers on the keyboard in preparation for the game.


On the French side, Captain Stein and his old partner Ono were also having a short exchange before the game.

There was a confident smile on Stein’s face but his eyes were sharp. He stared at the computer in front of him and spoke at a very fast speed. “The Chinese captain’s reputation isn’t as big as Ling Xuefeng but his strength is the same. In particular, be careful of his wind spirit!”

“I know.” Ono looked over at the captain. “By the way, he came out in the opening. Is he going against you?”

“Obviously.” Stein didn’t know why Li Cangyu was against him but he simply shrugged. “Don’t be afraid of him! If we start out well then the morale of the next pair will be boosted. We have to win this game!”

Ono shook his fist. “Understood!”

The map loaded finished and both players refreshed on the Eiffel Tower map.

The Eiffel Tower was divided into three platforms. The bottom was supported by four giant sloping columns. There were four curved columns between the first and second platforms. Then there were stairs on top of these columns and contestants could climb up the stairs. Further up, the columns would become almost vertical spirits with a third platform that barely supported four people.

France’s Stein and Ono had refreshed on the third platform at the top while Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan refreshed on the first floor. The French players were obviously lucky. As long as they occupied the heights on this air combat map, they could suppress the opponents by shooting from top to bottom.

Stein saw the current terrain and was in a good mood. He didn’t hesitate to say in the first channel, “Open your big moves!”

Ono instantly pressed the R key which contained the shortcut for his big move.

—Death Arrow Rain!

The two archers opened the big move simultaneously and the silver-white arrows shot down from the heights, like a heavy rain.

However, Li Cangyu wasn’t hit by this wave of arrows. He seemed to have expected it and the moment he saw his refresh position, he decisively summoned the guardian.

The public pet had few chances to appear but he caused the opponent to vomit blood every time he was called. The big moves of Stein and Ono were blocked by the guardian, which was equivalent to wasting them!

The guardian abolished two big moves. It might consume more blue but it was quite cost-effective.

Li Cangyu calmly escaped the arrow rain and used Flying Feather Steps to quickly move up. Bai Xuan followed him.

Stein couldn’t watch them climb up. He narrowed his eyes at the screen and pulled the longbow in his hand. It was the archer’s control move, Quenching Arrow!

This skill was actually more threatening than the Death Arrow Rain just now.

Death Arrow Rain might cause great damage but Li Cangyu brought a daddy with him and his blood could be restored. Quenching Arrow triggered the freezing effect. Once frozen, Bai Xuan couldn’t add blood to Li Cangyu and he would be easily killed by the other side.

The hearts of the audience members were in their throats but sank back down to their stomachs the next moment. It was because Li Cangyu moved sideways while climbing up and escaped Stein’s control in a thrilling manner!

This aerial displacement technique convinced many viewers!

Even Stein was a bit surprised. He had seen many good players but suddenly jumping to the side to hide from a skill without falling off was a god’s operation that ordinary people couldn’t do.

Stein became more excited at the thought. It was rare for him to encounter masters. Today would be a good competition. Quenching Arrow failed and he followed up with the combination of Precise Aim, Shock Shot and Seize Life Shot!

He was ranked in the top three of the world’s bard rankings. Last year, he came first with his strength. His biggest feature was his extremely fast attack speed. Three arrows were continuously shot and Li Cangyu’s blood fell to half blood in an instant!

However, Bai Xuan didn’t stay still. Hiding behind Li Cangyu and adding blood to his old partner was something he had long been used to. He saw Li Cangyu’s blood loss and quickly used a small healing skill to fill up the other person’s blood first. Then he unleashed his hand speed and added five layers of Healing Language on Cat God.

Li Cangyu saw his blood was full and continued to climb up the stairs.

Stein’s arrows hadn’t stopped and he cooperated with Ono. The joint firepower of the two archers was enough to turn any average person into a hedgehog. The thing that gave people a headache was that Li Cangyu took Bai Xuan with him. In particular, Bai Xuan was cleverly hiding behind Li Cangyu and the arrows that Stein shot couldn’t hit Bai Xuan. It was naturally impossible to interrupt his casting.

Regardless of how much Stein and Ono attacked Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan would always refill it. This type of consumption battle made Stein feel terrible. It was because he realized that Li Cangyu hadn’t used any big moves yet!

Li Cangyu’s positioning was very flexible. He avoided the key control skills and quickly climbed to the third platform with Flying Feather Steps!

Kou Hongyi saw this scene and couldn’t help exclaiming excitedly, “Oh my god! Cat God actually climbed up!”

Yu Bing added, “He is fearless despite being suppressed by the opponent’s firepower!”

“Yes, his movements are too fast. It took less than half a minute to climb from the first platform to the third platform.”

“He hasn’t used any pets and has kept all his skills. This is the moment when Cat God will act!”

The air staircase was quite thrilling in the audience’s eyes. One careless mistake could cause a player to fall off and undo all their work. Still, it was clear that Li Cangyu wouldn’t make such a low-level mistake. He quickly climbed to the third platform and stood side by side with Stein and Ono.

Archers had the advantage of being able to attack from a long distance. This advantage was gone once the summoner appeared at close range.

Li Cangyu reached the third floor and no longer hide his pets. He decisively summoned the water spirit and used a group attack to freeze them in place. Then he summoned the thunder spirit and Thunder’s Wrath was used. Finally, the fire elf was summoned to use the group attack.

—Frost Heart, Thunder’s Wrath and Raging Prairie Fire!

The three gorgeous moves from the elf pets dazzled the eyes of the domestic audience.

The full agility summoner attacked extremely quickly and after three consecutive moves, Stein and Ono fell to 50% blood.

The freezing effect lifted and Stein used Barrage Shot.

This was a very flexible skill for an archer. The arrow would fly like a bullet. If it was straight line, it would damage all enemies in the way. If it was a curve shot, it would be a fan-shaped group attack.

Stein’s operation was really exquisite. He quickly moved the mouse and the arrow in his hand shot one after another. The arrows swept out like a fan and Li Cangyu’s water, thunder and fire spirits were killed!

Kou Hongyi was a bit nervous. “All of Cat God’s pets have been killed! Stein seems to have experience against summoners.”

Yu Bing agreed. “Yes. If you can control a summoner’s pets then a summoner without any pets will be extremely weak.” She paused before adding, “However, not all of Cat God’s pets were destroyed. He still has…”

Yu Bing’s words hadn’t finished when she saw Li Cangyu summoning his last elf pet.

The wind spirit.

Stein’s back was cold and he wanted to kill the wind spirit but it was too late!

Bai Xuan’s reaction speed was very fast. At this moment, he suddenly used Holy Light Surge!

This skill restored a lot of blood to a given teammate while having the effect of letting their teammate’s next skill be released instantly.

Li Cangyu’s reactions were extremely fast. In the cast where his water, fire and thunder spirits were dead, he didn’t hesitate to call the wind spirit. Once Bai Xuan’s skill was in place, he used the wind spirit’s big move, Wind and Clouds Destruction!

The skill that originally required some casting time became instant due to the effect of the healing skill. As a result, a gust of wind blew at the top of the Eiffel Tower and Stein and Ono were blown towards the ground.

The summoner standing high on the tower poked out his head and looked down. Stein suddenly wanted to swear, ‘What are you looking at? You must be very happy that I fell badly, right?’

Li Cangyu was naturally very happy.

In particular, he wanted to laugh when he saw the graceful and arrogant Captain Stein fall off the tower in such a manner.

‘I’m sorry, my hands are itching to abuse people. I couldn’t help calling the wind spirit to blow you down. Are you going to climb up slowly again?’

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