GLS: Chapter 311

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Chapter 311 – Post-Match Interview

The Chinese team beat three teams in the group stage and finally won the group stage with all wins. Some reporters interviewed players from Australia, Spain and Italy and asked them how they felt about losing to the Chinese team. Many players expressed a psychological shadow towards the Chinese team’s maps.

Italy’s vice-captain, Villedo said, “China is a team without many masters on the world rankings. There are also several players who don’t play according to common sense. We are convinced about our loss to the Chinese team and will continue to work hard…”

On the surface, the national team’s vice-captain was calm but many people in the Italian team were frustrated. In the World Competition, they entered the quarter-finals as second in the group. However, they were clear in their hearts. If the next knockout game was against France, they didn’t have much hope of winning.

In the post-match interview, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng appeared in the interview room with Tan Shitian, Su Guangmo, Lou Wushuang, Jiang Xu and Chu Yan. The media reporters were immediately excited and stood up to applaud the Chinese team’s victory record.

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for qualifying with all wins! I want to ask you, what are you feeling at this time? Can you give a brief summary of the group stage?” A reporter stood up and looked at the commanders before finally selecting Tan Shitian. “Would Captain Tan like to speak first?”

Tan Shitian glanced at Li Cangyu. “Should the captain speak first?”

Li Cangyu told him, “It doesn’t matter if you are first. My final summary will be the same.”

Tan Shitian said, “Then I’ll speak first. Cough, I’m really happy that the national team can win with all victories. In the three matches of the group stage, we chose different tactics for different countries. The final result shows that Cat God’s decision is correct. The command in each game was very strong and the players were also excellent.”

The reporter couldn’t pick any faults with Tan Shitian’s answer and handed the microphone to Chu Yan. “What do you think?”

Chu Yan replied, “I am very pleased that the illusion flow tactic can be seen in the World Competition. My wish has been half completed.”

“What is the other half?”

“It is naturally to follow the national team to win the prize!”

There was warm applause at this answer.

“What does Captain Jiang have to say?”

Jiang Xu smiled and spoke in a calm tone, “I am very happy that my double taunting lineup can be recognized by all of you in this World Competition. I am thankful to the players of the national team. Their standards are very strong and my ideas were realized in the field. I am very pleased.”

Chu Yan and Jiang Xu’s team scores in the domestic league weren’t excellent but their personal standards and commanding abilities couldn’t be denied. Li Cangyu was quite bold to use them.

Su Guangmo picked up the microphone and spoke aggressively, “I found a problem in the group stage. The captains of many countries use the world rankings as the standard for judging a player. This is actually very unreliable! In recent years, many newcomers have emerged in China and they hadn’t had time to participate in the world rankings. Returning players like Cat God and Vice-Captain Bai also didn’t participate in the rankings last year. Too many people are missing from the rankings and they should be reshuffled after this competition!”

He always had a straightforward personality and wasn’t afraid of criticizing the world rankings. Then he turned to Tan Shitian and polite wondered, “Captain Tan, can you go back and write a paragraph about this point?”

Tan Shitian smiled. “I only write about cats and dogs.”

Su Guangmo sincerely suggested, “This time you can write about Australian koalas, Spanish bulls and Chinese pandas.”

Tan Shitian coughed. “Captain Su shouldn’t take this topic too far!”

Zhuo Hang, “…”

Zhuo Hang watched the interview backstage and couldn’t help laughing. The two of them were his uncle and his cousin. Their private relationship was really good but in front of the reporters, they were like, “What a coincidence to see Captain Tan here” and “Hello Captain Su, nice to meet you.” Thus, Zhuo Hang was worried for both of them.

Li Cangyu knew the truth and didn’t say anything. He just looked at the two men. Su and Tan were known to be close friends in private but they had similar first-class acting in front of reporters. They could be actors if they stopped being e-sports players.

At this time, the microphone ended up in the hands of the cold king, Lou Wushuang. Lou Wushuang was like a natural air conditioner as he sat there. The eyes behind his glasses were cold and didn’t contain any emotion. His eyes swept over the reporters and he spoke indifferently, “I am very happy that the national team can win with an all victories record.”

The audience, “…” We really can’t see that you are happy!

He spoke a simple sentence and handed the microphone to Li Cangyu. Li Cangyu took the microphone and said, “Then I will summarize it. Our complete victory in the group stage is due to the contribution of the 22 members of the national team. The several commanders present here are even more important. I believe that the strength of the national team and the maps designed by the Chinese map designers are very distinctive. It isn’t an accident that we could achieve a complete victory.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded in agreement. “Yes, the map advantage in the group stage is really great. However, this advantage will be weakened in the knockout rounds. We will also be facing stronger opponents in the knockouts.”

A reporter asked, “The national team has many commanders and everyone has different ideas. Has there been an inconsistencies in the command during the group stage?”

Li Cangyu replied, “So far, there hasn’t been many arguments because every game is handled by different commanders and the national team is very harmonious. Still, there is no denying that this might happen in future games. Different people have different tactics. You can rest assured that even if there is an argument, I will do a good job adjusting it with Xuefeng.”

The reporter received a satisfactory reply and sat down. Someone next to him stood up and asked, “Cat God said that the maps designed by the Chinese team are very distinctive. We can see that the Mechanical City, Mount Huangshan Plank Road and Bamboo Sea have Chinese elements and their design ideas are very innovative. We didn’t get to see the full image of Suzhou Gardens, which was banned in the previous match, and there is also a map that hasn’t shown up at all. Will it appear in the knockout stages?”

Li Cangyu nodded with a smile. “It is for certain. The World Competition has adjusted the probability and it is highly likely that maps that haven’t been played will emerge later. You will definitely meet these two maps in the later stages.”

The reporter then asked, “It is said that the system is slightly adjusted for the knockout stages. Can Cat God explain it in detail?”

“No problem.” Li Cangyu patiently explained. “There are still three types of mode, the arena, death racing and economic war. The group stage was a B03 three games, two victories system. The knockouts are a B05 five games three victories system. This is to minimize any unexpected factors.”

“The specific adjusted rules are similar to our domestic playoffs. The home team can choose the map and mode while the away team can send players to target them. The home and away teams will swap with every game. If each team achieves two victories, a final random tiebreaker will be selected.”

Li Cangyu was afraid people wouldn’t understand and gave an example, “If the Chinese team meets France in the quarter-finals, the captains of the two teams will decide who goes first with a draw. If I get the first move, I will play at home and decide the mode and map. The French team will wait for us to send our players before sending a targeted lineup. After the first game, the home team is swapped. France will decide the map and mode while the Chinese team will send people. If it is a 2:2 draw after four games, the fifth game will be a random mode and random map.”

Some reporters asked curiously, “If you choose a map, is it a fixed map?”

Li Cangyu shook his head. “The domestic league is a fixed map but the World Competition is different. You can choose three maps from the Miracle gallery and those submitted. The opponent has the right to disable two maps and leave one to play the game. The map that has been used can’t be chosen again in the next game.”

The reporters figured it out. It was impossible to use the same map to trap others twice. In addition, the map with the most pits was likely to be banned by the opponent.

They had asked up to here when a reporter excitedly stood up and exclaimed, “Cat God! Your words came true. The Chinese team’s opponent in the quarter-finals is France!”

HIs words shocked those present.

Li Cangyu had an expression of ‘What?’ It seemed even he didn’t think he would have a crow’s mouth and his words would become true…

Ling Xuefeng looked at him helplessly. Li Cangyu touched his nose and smiled innocently. “I was just talking casually.”

This was really surprising. The French team’s performance in Group D had been very good and it was reasonable for them to be ranked first. Thus, they should avoid the quarter-finals with the Chinese team. Since the reporter said that France was China’s opponent, it meant the French team won second place in Group D.

Sure enough, the reporter followed up with, “The match just ended. The British team defeated France in the economic war and death racing. Originally, the two countries had similar points. After the match, the British team won first in Group D and France qualified in second place. They will meet the Chinese team in the quarter-finals!”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Oh, it was like this…”

The reporters were worried. “The overall strength of the French team is actually very strong. It is likely that some of the players were ill today. If Cat God encounters them in the quarter-finals, what are your plans?’

Li Cangyu looked over at Ling Xuefeng and whispered into his ears, “If I remember correctly, the captain of the French team is an old friend of yours?”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng answered very calmly. “I explained it to your before. I only knew him when playing the online game on the US server. I haven’t seen him in many years and don’t have much contact with him. Don’t think too much.”

Li Cangyu replied lightly, “I’m not thinking too much.”

In fact, he was thinking, ‘How good is it that I can abuse the captain of the French team? He seemed to be very arrogant when I met him that day in the hallway?’

The author has something to say:

Cat God running to abuse Ling Xuefeng’s buddy.

Xuefeng: You can eat fish. Don’t be jealous.

Li Cangyu: I’m not jealous. My hands are just itching.

Captain of the French team: I suddenly feel a killing energy QAQ.

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