GLS: Chapter 310

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Chapter 310 – China VS Italy (The Power of Cat God)

The death racing speed mode was actually very unstable.

The positions where players refreshed at the beginning of the game were random and it was easy to get caught in a situation where there was a numbers disadvantage.In particular, the home team would take advantage of the familiar map to surrounded the other side.

Today, the Chinese team played a beautiful underwater sneak attack in an away position and eliminated the five players of Italy!

Li Cangyu didn’t have the idea of matching heads with Ling Xuefeng. He was just too good at grasping opportunities and his hand speed was fast. He naturally took the head of the bloody players and unexpectedly gained five kills.

Cheng Wei watched from the rest area and stood up. “Cat God is too handsome!”

The group around him looked at him strangely, as if to say, ‘We know you are Cat God’s brainless fan. There is no need to shout in a loud voice.’

Cheng Wei couldn’t help blushing at their looks. He scratched his head, sat down and fixed his eyes on the screen again.

The perfect underwater lurking allowed the Chinese team to harvest five heads but death racing judged victory as gaining ten heads. The Chinese team must win another wave of team combat.

Li Cangyu thought this and immediately made a decision. “Gather at the blue resurrection point!”

The red and blue resurrection points weren’t far away. The blue recovery point was to the east side of Venice. The shape of the boat was more complicated than other boats and the area was larger than other boats. In order to distinguish it from other boats, even the deck was blue.

The five Chinese players came here to restore their blood and blue while waiting for their cooldown to end.

Unexpected, the five people from Italy were also here!

Death racing had two resurrection points, red or blue. The probability of the two sides meeting at the same resurrection point was 50% but they actually encountered the Italian team at the blue resurrection point. This was a relatively bad situation but the Chinese team had a five head advantage. Even if they were destroyed in this wave, they could quickly move back the situation.

Moreover, with the strength of the Lou Zhang brothers and the keen reaction speed of Qin Mo and Xiao Han, it was impossible for the entire group to be destroyed.

The Italian team had just resurrected and were about to rush to the middle of the map when they saw the Chinese team heading towards the resurrection point. As soon as both sides met, Commander Villedo quickly responded. “Set fire to the summoner!”

Previously, they had hit Li Cangyu to half blood but couldn’t kill him. Now the Italian players were full of blood and blue. The moment they heard the comment, everyone instantly used their strongest single target skill. The skills with a white, green or black light effect smashed towards Li Cangyu’s location. The moment, the big moves were about to hit him, Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps and moved like a gust of wind towards the blue resurrection point.

The elf summoner was instantly full of blood!

All five people from Italy wanted to vomit out blood.

Li Cangyu spoke in a low face, “Everyone go invisible first. Restore your resources and then fight!”

The four people quickly used Combat Stealth and ran as fast as they could towards the blue resurrection point.

The five Italian players looked slightly baffled.

The captain of the Chinese team was full of blood and they lost track of the four other blood kin players!

The Italian commander Villedo quickly judged that the other side had gone to the recovery point and used Illusion Maze!

The illusion was like white fog and spread rapidly within the range he specified. It had the negative effect of decreasing the defense of all opponents within range while also turning off stealth.

The array hit Xiao Han and Zhang Shaohui while Lou Wushuang and Qin Mo weren’t affected because of their remote position.

The Italian players let out a burst of skills to kill Xiao Han and Zhang Shaohui.

At this time, Villedo was surprised to find that he hadn’t seen the two remaining blood kin players of the Chinese team as well as losing the captain Li Cangyu. He searched the ship and didn’t see their traces. However, there were ripples in the water around the boat.

“They’re in the water!” The white magician Angela cautioned.

“I will force them out with Death Arrow Rain!” The archer Veneto cried out while drawing his bow. He wanted to use the big move to force the Chinese team out of the water. Meanwhile, the audience had a god’s perspective and knew that Lou Wushuang was actually hiding beneath the blue ship. The Italian player would be able to hit him at all unless they followed into the water.

Fortunately, the commander was relatively calm and quickly made a decision. “Don’t chase! Get rid of the two people who will resurrect first!”

The group listened to the order and returned to the ship.

According to the rules of the death competitive speed model, the first death of the choice of the time to live only five seconds, at this moment, the countdown is over, just hung up the Shohan and Zhang Hui has been resurrected.

Five against two, the Italian team had the absolute advantage. Especially when their auxiliaries, magicians and archer still had big moves left.

The moment the Chinese players were resurrected, Villedo cast the Six-Pointed Star Array that he had prepared.

The array happened to set Xiao Han and Zhang Shaohui in place.

Then the other psychic Sandro opened another auxiliary array— Maze, Poison Array!

Maze greatly reduced the opponent’s defense while Poison Array decreased blood and blue. The two auxiliary arrays were released and the three outputs of Italy unleashed their group attacks.

—Hell Flames!

—Tidal Surge!

—Death Arrow Rain!

The big moves of the black magician, white magician and archer combined along with the psychic’s decrease in defense. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Han and Zhang Shaohui’s blood fell below 40%.

After seeing that a few more group skills could take away their heads, the hiding Li Cangyu suddenly jumped onto the ship and did something unexpected.

—Wind Spirit Summoning, Wind and Clouds Destruction!

The two skills were linked smoothly. At almost the same moment that the wind spirit appeared, Wind and Clouds Destruction was used and the five people of the Italian team were blown into the water.

The Italian players, “…”

The wind spirit could be used like this!

Villedo was confused for a moment about being blown into the water but then he quickly reacted and became alert. “Beware the two underwater blood kin players!”

However, it was too late by the time he finished this sentence.

In the water, Qin Mo used a blood spider to control the black magician while Lou Wushuang rushed towards the white magician and used Pain Blade to make the other person dizzy.

Both magicians were controlled and the Italian team’s combat power decreased.

To make matters worse, Xiao Han and Zhang Shaohui also entered the water and quickly controlled the two psychics.

Li Cangyu stood on the boat and summoned his thunder spirit.

—Thunder’s Wrath!

Purple thunder fell from the sky and accurately covered the five Italian players in the water.

This was followed by Frost Heart and the Italian players were collectively frozen.

The other four players from China started to wildly attack in the water. In the blink of an eye, the five Italian players were beaten to 30% blood.

Villedo didn’t feel good and the moment the control ended, he didn’t hesitate to use Time and Space Illusion!

A vortex appeared in the water and the five Italian players teleported onto the boat behind Li Cangyu.

Villedo ordered excitedly, “Kill him!”

This instantaneous movement really surprised Li Cangyu.

The commander awareness of the Italian team’s psychic wasn’t bad but Li Cangyu’s reaction speed was faster than him. The moment the other party used teleport, Li Cangyu knew that the Italian players would definitely appear on the boat.

He instantly pressed the keyboard and summoned a pet that rarely appeared.

The Guardian!

This was a universal pet that could be summoned by the summoners of all races. The amount of blue consumed was large and the cooldown time was extremely long, but it was especially useful in critical moments.

It had only one skill: take damage for its master!

The moment that Li Cangyu summoned the Guardian, the players of the Italian team used various big moves—Seize Life Shot! —Death Mantra! —Voice of Combat! —Poison Array!

The black magic, white magician, sharp arrow and psychic array all hit the guardian.

Villedo, “…”

The Italian commander felt their hairs on his back rising.

The awareness of the Chinese captain was obviously far above him. All his actions seemed to have been guessed by the other party. The other party could always think about a strategy in advance and this feeling was really bad!

However, Villedo didn’t have a better method. This wave of attacks dropped the guardian but wanting to kill the other person wasn’t easy.

Sure enough, Li Cangyu used the guardian to block the opponents’ attacks at a crucial moment and then summoned his fire spirit to use Raging Prairie Fire!

This group attack caused the five people of Italy to fall to residual blood!

Villedo’s heart jumped as he saw his blood gauge flashing red and he hurriedly ordered, “Withdraw, withdraw, withdraw!”

Unfortunately, the Italian players failed to withdraw despite it being repeated three times.

It was because Li Cangyu’s hand speed was faster than their retreat.

He used Flying Feather Steps to quickly chase the other side while using the water spirit’s Water Ball. In the blink of an eye, the archer was successfully killed by Li Cangyu.

—Six kills!

Li Cangyu once again took a head and was two kills away from the super god achievement!

The audience in the live broadcast room became excited. [Cat God, refuel! Kill two more and you’ll be a super god!] [Captain Ling has won the super god, how can the captain not take it as well?] [Yes, as Ling Xuefeng’s strongest opponent, you can’t lose to him!} [Is Cat God going to become super god as well? I always feel that he is playing against Ling Xuefeng instead of the Italian team…”

In fact, the Italian players in the death race were no match for the Chinese team. In addition, Li Cangyu had selected four blood kin players as his teammates. They assassinated the opponents underwater and the Italian team members were losing their temper.

After killing the archer, Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps and kept chasing.

The remaining four players of Italy fled in different directions after entering the water but they were the four Chinese players waiting for them.

Qin Mo set the black magician in place using the blood spider and Li Cangyu took his head with a Water Ball.

—Seven kills!

Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps to catch up to the nearby white magician and used another Water Ball to instantly empty the opponent’s 5% blood.

—Eight kills!

He got the heads of eight people and the ‘super god’ achievement appeared on the big screen!

At the same time, the two brothers were chasing the two psychics and stabbed them, collecting the last two heads.

10 people died and the Chinese team won!

The domestic audience was so excited that they were tearful!

In the last death racing game, Ling Xuefeng led the team to win super god. In this death racing game, Li Cangyu didn’t lag behind and also took the super god!

The captain and vice-captain of the national team were so handsome!

The commentator Kou Hongyi said, “Audience friends, our Cat God has taken the super god achievement.  The Chinese team has a shocking record of all wins in the Group B stage!”

Yu Bing’s voice was also shaking with excitement. “Yes, it is a complete victory! We entered the quarter-finals with a full victory!”

Many viewers wanted to cry when they saw this scene.

Li Cangyu in the soundproof room was very calm. The camera aimed at him and he seemed to know that the audience was watching the live broadcast. He waved at everyone and showed a smile to the camera.

The smile was very calm and handsome while his eyes were full of confidence. He seemed to be telling everyone, ‘There is me. What are you so worried about? Isn’t it natural for China to cleanly sweep through the group stage?’

The audience wanted to kneel before him and many people shouted in the comments, “Cat God, are you still lacking a faeces shoveller?] [Cat God, I will give you fish every day for free. Can I be your babysitter?] [Is Cat God still missing leg pendants? The waist is also fine!]

Ling Xuefeng saw this and couldn’t help smiling.

This was the person who stood side by side with him.

He took the super god achievement in death racing first and then Li Cangyu took it again today. He proved with his actions that the Chinese elf summoner was qualified to stand at the peak of the World Competition.

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