GLS: Chapter 309

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TL Note: Chapter 308 is just a data set chapter with stuff like character information and skill information. I’m skipping it and keeping the chapter numbering so it doesn’t mess up the rest of my chapter numbering.

Chapter 309 – China VS Italy (Cooperative Killing)

The Chinese team won the arena and economic war. The current score was ranked first in their group. Italy had previously lost one game to Spain and now lost two games to China. Meanwhile, the Chinese team had the record of all wins. In other words, even if the next game was lost, the Chinese team was already destined to qualify as first in the group.

Kou Hongyi excitedly exclaimed, “The Chinese team’s current score is 40 points and we will enter the quarter-finals as first in Group B! There is still the death racing game left. There will be no impact on the result, regardless of whether we win or lose! We can celebrate the Chinese team advancing as first in the group!”

The domestic live broadcast was immediately filled with flowers and many people’s computers froze.

In the soundproof room, Chu Yan returned with his teammates to the rest area. Li Cangyu stood up and patted Chu Yan’s shoulder. “You were great!”

Chu Yan smiled. “It is fortunate.  At present, out team should be firmly first in the standings. What is Cat God’s plan next?”

“Since we have already taken first place, we can take the full victory.”

Everyone, “…”

His words were like, ‘We should eat rice at noon today.’ Everyone around him looked at each other while Ling Xuefeng came to his side and whispered, “All wins? This is a good idea.”

Li Cangyu readily smiled. “I also think it is better to win another game.”

Everyone, “…”

Did the two of them want the Italian players to live? Wouldn’t they have a psychological shadow after this match?

However, the Chinese team’s leaders were decisive. Once the two men determined the goal of ‘full victory’, Li Cangyu called the players who would be participating in death racing.

In this death racing game, he brought four blood kin players with him. The Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui brothers, Xiao Han’s blood kin assassin and Qin Mo’s blood kin summoner.

The map for death racing was Venice. Before the start of the game, the league routinely broadcasted the map from the god’s perspective. Li Cangyu carefully examined the map and found some unique boats on the water that acted as footholds for the players.  The buildings on the waterfront were transformed into the real scenery of Venice. It was beautiful and pleasant. However, according to the map, players couldn’t go a short and could only fight on the water.

In other words, this Venice map was a pure water battle map.

Water combat was much more difficult than land combat. The speed of players moving through the water were greatly slowed and the release of skills were naturally slower. Many newcomers couldn’t adapt to this sluggish rhythm and some people didn’t know about the breathing gauge in the water and directly drowned.

It was impossible for professional players to have these problems. Their daily training included practicing on water maps.

Li Cangyu carefully watched the map and had an idea. He took his teammates, “The blood kin players can become invisible. We will quickly gather in the water and them clear the field after gathering.”

His words raised the morale of the team.

Qin Mo was very excited. He always had a hunch that by playing with Cat God, he just had to follow the powerful commands to crush the opponents.


In Italy’s soundproof room, Captain Alberto whispered, “This water map is submitted by our country and must be won!”

The commander responsible for death racing, Vice-Captain Villedo was also a very powerful psychic. He listened to the captain and nodded solemnly. “Captain, rest assured. I will definitely win this water battle!”

It was too shameful to lose three consecutive games.

The Italian players were provoked by their captain and wanted to take something back from the Chinese team. They put their hands together and shouted, “Come on! Win!”


The two sides were ready and the list of contestants appeared on the screen.

The Chinese side had Li Cangyu, Xiao Han, Lou Wushuang, Zhang Shaohui and Qin Mo. Li Cangyu was obviously the commander.

The Italian lineup for death racing had the combination of two psychics, Villedo and Sandro. They were fixed partners in an Italian team. The other three included the archer Veneto, the white magician Angela and the black magician Monica.

This pure ranged team was the same as the economic war just now and also had the illusion flow core.

Kou Hongyi saw this lineup and couldn’t help worrying. “The Italian team is a pure remote illusion flow lineup. You must know that when fighting in the water, a ranged class is superior to a melee. After all, a remote class has a long range and attack the opponent across the water. The melee class must swim over to make a move and the speed of movement in the water is very slow. If they want to swim then they will waste a lot of time.”

Yu Bing added, “The fortunate thing is that the Chinese team’s melee players are blood kin assassins. Lou, Zhang and Xiao can hide in the water so the opponents can’t find them. If the underwater assassination can be matched well then it is actually a very scary strategic idea.”

Kou Hongyi scratched his head and thought for a moment. “Based on this lineup, Cat God should be the commander. If the double summoners and triple blood kin assassins cooperate, they could like up destroy the other group in a matter of seconds.”

Yu Bing covered her excitement and pretended in a quiet voice, “We can look forward to Cat God’s command.  Since the start of the World Competition, this is the first time our captain has appeared as the commander of a team battle!”


The lineup of both sides was introduced and the game finally started.

The players couldn’t go onto the shores of Venice and 90% of the map area was water. The boats on the water were the refresh points for the players.

Due to the large water surface area, the positions of players on both sides were relatively scattered and they couldn’t see the other side for the moment.

Li Cangyu was to the west of the map, Xiao Han was relatively close to him while the other three were in the east.  Li Cangyu glanced at everyone’s position and made a decision. “Gather with Xiao Han as the centre.”

The three people in the east entered stealth and jumped into the water, swimming towards Xiao Han’s position. Li Cangyu also travelled to Xiao Han’s location.

The speed underwater was very slow but Li Cangyu had full agility and he made an extreme choice. He actually used Flying Feather Steps underwater!

Compared to the relative slowness of other people, Li Cangyu swam through the water like a fish and arrived at his apprentice Xiao Han in the blink of an eye.

Many viewers were surprised by this. Kou Hongyi couldn’t help saying, “Cat God is very fast in the water. No wonder why he eats so many fish.”

Yu Bing, “…”

Many viewers commented: [Cat God swims so fast!] [Should he change his name to Fish God?] [The man who loves to eat fish will be as flexible as a fish after entering the water!]

Someone asked curiously: [Can Cat God’s fire spirit be summoned in the water?] [Cat God’s power in the water definitely isn’t as good as it is on the ground!]

There was a time limit to how long they could spend underwater. Once the breathing gauge ran out, players would be drowned. Li Cangyu swiftly moved out of the water after arriving at his destination and jumped on Xiao Han’s boat.

Ripples formed on the surface of the water due to Li Cangyu’s actions. They subsided after a few seconds but then there were huge ripples, like an atomic bomb had been set off.

It was the Italian team!

According to the refresh coordinates, the audience saw that three Italian players were on a boat near Xiao Han and they happened to see Li Cangyu.

Since Xiao Han was invisible, the Italian players thought that only Li Cangyu was on the boat.

The Italian team’s commander, Villedo immediately issued an order. “Kill him!”

The teammates around him happened to be a black magician and white magician. Along with his psychic help, their explosive power was definitely sufficient. The lone Cat God wouldn’t be able to kill them and after killing him, they could increase the morale of the team. Three people could definitely resolve one opponent within 10 seconds.

The three Italians successfully landed on a nearby boat. Villedo used Six-Pointed Star Array and a soft green light drew a six-pointed star on the boat, setting Li Cangyu in place!

The black magician quickly released Shadow Winding while the white magician used God’s Light and Voice of Combat. Li Cangyu’s blood dropped to half blood in just three seconds!

The black magician was about to release Hell Flames when the control effect ended. Li Cangyu suddenly jumped directly into the water.

The three Italian players naturally wouldn’t let him go and followed.

The moment they jumped into the water, an assassin moved and a dagger aimed at Villedo’s back.

—Pain Blade!

It was Xiao Han hiding in the water!

The extremely accurate control skill stunned the other party. Xiao Han wasn’t satisfied with controlling him and released Back stab, Fatal Blow and Death Strangulation!

This combo caused Villedo’s blood to directly fall by 40%.

The black magician and white magician were shocked by the assassin lurking in the water but soon reacted. The white magician opened God’s Seal to control Xiao Han. Like a flexible fish, Xiao Han suddenly jumped onto the boat and hid from the control.

Li Cangyu summoned a water spirit at this time and used the simplest freezing skill to freeze the white magician.

In fact, Xiao Han jumped out because his breathing gauge was nearing the end and he would’ve drowned. He didn’t expect this jump to allow him to escape from the other person’s control. Xiao Han was stunned and looked at the water. At first glance, his master had successfully controlled the other party’s white magician. Xiao Han waited until his breathing gauge was restored and jumped into the water without any hesitation.

Li Cangyu’s hand speed was extremely fast. He couldn’t summon the fire spirit in the water but he relied on the summoner’s ordinary attack and water elf’s attack skills to make Villedo’s blood fall to 15%.

Villedo was about to be killed when the other psychic and archer of Italy finally arrived as support.

The psychic Sandro used Chain Illusion to control Li Cangyu and Xiao Han while the archer released Death Arrow Rain.

The two of them stood on the boat and the archer fired into the water. It was just enough to cover the underwater Li Cangyu and Xiao Han.

The five Italians faced the two Chinese players and the situation was extraordinarily tense.

In a few more seconds, perhaps Cat God and Xiao Han would be killed by the five Italian players.

The Chinese audience held their breaths.

The next moment, there was a big cheer from the audience.

It was because the Chinese team’s reinforcements were here!

Zhang Shaohui, Lou Wushuang and Qin Mo had refreshed to the east of the map and rushed over at a very fast speed. They were invisible so the Italian commander didn’t notice the proximity of the Chinese player.

“Disperse the control!” Li Cangyu only gave this order.

The three people who just arrived immediately scattered. Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui jumped out of the water at the same time and their daggers cut at the backs of two people. Lou Wushuang’s sharp Pain Blade stunned the psychic while Zhang Shaohui also used Pain Blade to control the archer.

The two brothers were like twins. They acted at the same time and instantly neutralized the attack power of the two Italians.

Qin Mo stood on a distant boat and summoned a blood spider to hold the black magician in the water.

By the time the illusion effect on Li Cangyu and Xiao Han had ended, their teammates who came to support them had completed the counter control at an extremely fast speed.

Next was the moment when LI Cangyu broke out.

Cat God, who had been beaten into residual blood in the water, suddenly jumped onto the boat next to Qin Mo and summoned his thunder spirit at a dazzling speed.

—Thunder’s Wrath!

Purple thunder descended from the sky and the commander of the Italian team, Villedo was directly killed!

The range of this group attack covered several other people as well. The blood of the four Italians was reduced to 75%.

Since the fire spirit couldn’t be summoned underwater, Li Cangyu called it onto the boat. Then he quickly fired three fireballs at the Italian psychic and archer at a very fast speed.

Meanwhile, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui cooperated with each other to release an explosive set of skills towards the psychic and archer on the boat.

The big move Death Strangulation hit and the blood of the two Italians dropped to 30%. The control effect ended and they wanted to jump into the water. As a result, Li Cangyu quickly used the fire spirit’s explosive skill, Raging Prairie Fire.

The raging fire almost burned the boat to ashes and the blood of the two players was instantly emptied by this wave!

Kou Hongyi was excited. “Cat God completed three kills in one breath! This wave of underwater lurking is quite beautiful!”

In the soundproof room, Li Cangyu’s expression was composed despite the three kills.

Three people from Italy died while the remaining black and white magician were pursued by Qin Mo and Xiao Han.

The two teenagers had grown up together and had a tacit understanding. Xiao Han targeted the white magician while Qin Mo used the blood spider and blood snake to control the black magician.

Apart from the bats which had to fly in the sky, the rest of Qin Mo’s pets could swim in the water, giving him a big convenience.  In the blink of an eye, his pets applied five layers of bleeding on the black magician.

Xiao Han wasn’t to be undone and his set of combos suppressed the blood of the white magician to 30%.

By the time Li Cangyu entered the water, the black and white magician were in a residual blood state. He summoned the water elf and threw water balls at them.

Venice was a water map and the attack speed of Li Cangyu’s water spirit wasn’t affected by the water. His hand speed was extremely fast and his slender and beautiful fingers quickly tapped the keyboard. His fingers pressed one key after another and the water balls flew again and again. In the blink of an eye, he reduced the blood of the two opponents.

The two Italian players wanted to escape when Li Cangyu used the water spirit’s big move, Frost Heart!

The two people were frozen in place and Li Cangyu followed with a summoner’s ordinary attack to empty the last of their blood.

—Five kills!

The domestic audience was boiling!

Yu Bing was also shaking with excitement. “Cat God took five kills in one breath! Really handsome! This is the captain of our national team!”

Kou Hongyi suddenly interjected, “In the last match, Captain Ling won the super god achievement with eight gods. Is Cat God playing with him? I have a hunch that Cat God will take eight kills and the achievement of super god. They are really good friends!”

The commentator inadvertently spoke the truth again.

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