GLS: Chapter 307

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Chapter 307 – China VS Italy (Role of a Psychic)

The Chinese team won the ice dragon’s economic bonus. Everyone returned to the birth point and updated their equipment. The psychic’s weapon was a type of crystal ball that changed between the four colours of red, yellow, blue and green. Chu Yan sold his necklace and ring to obtain the psychic’s characteristic weapon, Illusion Crystal Ball!

The characteristics of this weapon were very clear. In addition to increasing the effect of the cooldown reduction, the array duration would be extended by 0.5 seconds.

0.5 seconds sounded very short but it was definitely enough time to change the situation for profession players.

In addition, the duration of all arrays would be extended!

The Illusion Crystal Ball was Chu Yan’s favourite weapon. Once he obtained this weapon, the expression on his face became much more relaxed.

The others didn’t have enough money to buy weapons but the ice dragon’s economic bonus meant that everyone bought their favourite jewellery and their attack power increased significantly.

The Chinese team had killed the ice dragon very quickly so the fire dragon still hadn’t refreshed. The second wave of mobs had just appeared in the wild area.

Chu Yan looked at the time when the fire dragon would refresh and ordered, “Everyone will go on the road!”

This command surprised his teammates but everyone cooperated with him to go on the road.

In the middle road, they saw two familiar figures. The captain of the Italian team, Alberto and the archer Zucker were on the road to increase their money. The two people had just picked up a bamboo and fed it to a giant panda when they saw the six people of the Chinese team.

“Retreat! Quickly retreated!” Alberto’s expression changed and he immediately retrated.

However, Chu Yan was prepared when coming to the road. He used a precise Six-Pointed Star Array to set them in place, followed by Chain Illusion.

Alberto once again saw the image of a panda holding his thigh to eat bamboo and wanted to climb into the game, cut all the surrounding bamboo and hand it to the pandas. Please, could they sleep quietly and not bother him?

The result of the six against two battle couldn’t be doubted.

Once the Chinese team succeeded in controlling the two opponents, the other outputs broke out and quickly cleared the blood of the Italian team’s Alberto and Zucker.

—Three kills!

—Four kills!

Everyone still tacitly gave the heads to Chu Yan.

A normal captain might rely on this advantage to directly kill the fire dragon and then push to the crystal.

On the other hand, Chu Yan was a cautious and calm commander. Killing the fire dragon at this time actually carried a lot of risks. The key was that everyone’s group attacks were on cooldown. They might be defeated if they were ambushed by Italy.

In order to be stable, they should go back to the city to replenish their resources and wait for the skills to be available again.

Chu Yan thought this and gave an order in the voice channel, “Jump into the trap to return to the city.”

The Chinese team jumped into the trap one after another.

Kou Hongyi, “…The traps originally have this effect!”

Yu Bing praised it. “The designers’ thinking is indeed extraordinary. The traps could deal with enemies while also allowing you to quickly return to the city.  It is much faster than other methods to return to the city.”

They collectively returned to the city. Chu Yan didn’t change his equipment but instead bought many lights to control their vision.

By the time the Chinese team came to the fire dragon again, the Italian team had also arrived.

Italy didn’t dare let go of this dragon.

The Chinese team already had the advantage in equipment. If they won the fire dragon and received its attack and defense buff then it would be absolutely impossible for Italy to reverse the situation.

Killing the fire dragon was a must for Alberto. He arrived at the cave and immediately said, “Be prepared to attack!”

He had just spoken when Chu Yan used Time and Space Illusion!

There were two uses for Time and Space Illusion. The most commonly used one was to teleport all teammates within range to a specified location. The second usage wasn’t as common but could be quite effective. It teleported all enemies within range to a specified location.

Of course, a skill that moved the enemy away had a relatively close range of 10 metres.

The captain of the Italian team had obviously wanted to win this wave of team battle and his position happened to be relatively close to the Chinese team. Chu Yan’s trick hit and the result was that he directly fell into a trap.

Zhu Qingyue had the same heart and used the same move. He used the black magician closest to himself and used Time and Space Illusion to move the black magician into a trap!

Those who fell into the trap would be automatically sent back to the recovery point…

Alberto didn’t die but it was worse than death!

Chu Yan’s move was equivalent to forcibly separating him from the battle. Originally the Chinese team and Italian team were in a 6v6 battle but now it became 6v4.

The Italian team’s combat hadn’t even begun and two people were forcibly sent away. How could they keep playing?

The other psychic of Italy wanted to cough up blood.

He wanted to copy the Chinese team’s move and send someone away when Cheng Wei decisively used Holy Seal to collectively set them in place.

The Italian players wanted to cry…

Four against six, they had half lost before even starting!


Alberto and the black magician were sent back to the refresh point and it was too late even if they returned at their fastest speed.

It took 10 seconds to get to the fire dragon from the birth point. This was enough time for the Chinese team to resolve the battle.

Yan Ruiwen, Guo Xuan, Cheng Wei and Yang Muzi were the strongest black and white magicians in the Chinese Miracle League. How could they miss such a great opportunity?

Death Mantra and Shadow Winding were instantly stacked up to five layers.

The white magician’s group attack skill Tidal Surge struck.

The explosive power of the two black magicians was very high and combined with the group attack of the two white magicians. There were also the negative effects of ‘lower defense’ and ‘illusions’ that the psychics created. The four people of Italy fell to residual blood in 10 seconds.

Their blood flashed red and Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue completed the harvest.

The cooldown reduction effect of Chu Yan’s weapon reached the limit and his skill release was extremely fast.

Once Alberto arrived, he saw the scene of the crystal ball in one of the Chinese team’s psychics flashing with various colours. Arrays appeared on the ground one after another, to the point where the ground was constantly shining with colour!

This was the stage of the psychic.

In the World Competition, the stage of the psychic belonged to Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue.

As a psychic, Alberto hadn’t paid much attention to Chu Yan before. In last year’s World Carnival, Chu Yan was able to win the 3v3 team championship trophy because his team was composed of Ling Xuefeng and Su Guangmo. The two great gods were the light of the team.

This was what Alberto always thought.

Chu Yan was just an old auxiliary player who didn’t have many achievements. His team’s performance wasn’t good and he was too far away from the top psychics in the world.

However, today he was thoroughly impressed by Chu Yan!

This stable and steady pushing was like a snowball effect that made the Chinese team’s advantage bigger and bigger.

In the early stages, he arranged for his teammates to come support him on the road. He took two heads and relied on the economic advantage to buy more equipment. The ice dragon opened the gap and he went to the road to kill the Italian team’s core players before returning to the city. Then he killed the fire dragon and used the traps to forcibly send his opponents away…

There were too many wonderful command points in this game.

Alberto was very depressed but he was convinced.

Chu Yan was an excellent and steady captain. He might be different and seem mild compared to Ling Xuefeng’s violent crushing and Su Guangmo’s frontal struggle but he hid needles in his gentleness, not allowing the opponents any chance to counterattack!

The previous victory in the 3v3 World Carnival project was because Chu Yan had the strong personal ability to keep up with Ling Xuefeng and Su Guangmo’s rhythm, eventually defeating the US team!


By the time Alberto’s spirit returned, the Chinese team had killed the four players of Italy and joined forces to kill the dragon.

The Chinese players’ current equipment was enough to endure the damage of the fire dragon and their output was also enough. Moreover, Chu Yan sent Cheng Wei to defend the perimetre. Once an Italian player got close, he would immediately open an array to let everyone counterattack.

It was impossible for Alberto to steal the dragon.

The Chinese team successfully killed the fire dragon and the outcome of this game had no suspense.

The moment the central crystal was broken, Chu Yan finally smiled. “We won!”

Zhu Qingyue stood up and hugged the master next to him.

His eyes were wet again but they were no longer the tears of grievances when he was young and ignorant. They were tears of excitement from winning!

Chu Yan proved today that the illusion flow didn’t only belong to the European team and the role of the psychic wasn’t just an aid!

An excellent psychic was enough to create victory in a game!

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