GLS: Chapter 306

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Chapter 306 – China VS Italy (Real Illusion Flow)

The six people of the Chinese team returned to the city and opened the equipment library to update their equipment. Chu Yan got two heads and didn’t hesitate to choose from the psychic equipment library. He chose a ring that reduced cooldown and a necklace to increase the release distance of an array.

The role of the ring was self-evident. It reduced the cooldown time of all psychic skills. This was in line with the illusion flow, especially when two psychics cooperated. The shorter cooldown would allow many large-scale formations to seamlessly connect.

Zhu Qingyue’s economy wasn’t as high as his master. He only bought one ring but it was enough to form a perfect match with his teacher.

After updating the equipment, the six Chinese players went to the refresh point of the ice dragon.

The ice dragon’s refresh point was consistent with the map coordinates of other economic warfare maps. The six Chinese players rushed to the ice dragon’s refresh point and the six Italian players also arrived.

Both sides started the first wave of combat.

The white magicians, black magicians and psychics of the Chinese team were all ranged classes with weak defense. The Italian team also had a six member ranged lineup. The difference was that the Italian had two archers with a bigger attack range. They took advantage of this and the two Italian archers used the big move, Death Arrow Rain!

The arrows fell down like a rainstorm and instantly covered the Chinese team. If these two big moves hit, the six players of the Chinese team were like to fall to half-blood in an instant!

At this moment, Zhu Qingyue made a big move.

—Psychic Array, Time and Space Illusion!

This big move allowed the players of the Chinese team to teleport away.

Time and Space Illusion was one of the most commonly used arrays for a psychic. It could transfer teammates to a designated position. The teleportation at the key moment made the six Chinese players disappear from their spot. The big moves from the Italian archers were completely wasted. After the arrow rain passed, the Italian players saw the Chinese team appear right in front of the ice dragon cave.

Zhu Qingyue pre-judged the skills of the archers in advance and casted the big illusion array. This made the audience warmly applaud him.

Many domestic viewers watching the live broadcast said: [The little crybaby is really powerful!]

Since being forced to take over as captain of Pure Cleansing, the crybaby gradually became stronger and stronger. He no longer had a look of grievance when he faced the media reporters. Today, he was standing in the World Competition and could calmly handle the two archers of the Italian team. His growth was obvious to everyone!

The opening teleportation directly got rid of the two big moves of the Italian archers. This made the captain Alberto feel reluctant and he also used Time and Space Illusion to teleport the six Italian players.

The audience saw a flash in front of them and the six Italian players had caught up.

Six people instantly disappeared and reappeared in another place. This type of place was strange and exciting, which was why it was called the illusion flow.

The illusion flow was first popular in Europe and Italy was the leader in it. As more and more players chose a psychic, the tactic was popularized all over the world with the Pure Cleansing team as a representative.

The Italian team’s illusion flow was really strong and aggressive. They used the illusions of two psychics to directly kill the Spanish and Australian team in the group stage!

This time they were against the Chinese team and their play was still fierce. Alberto used Time and Space Illusion to send his teammates to the left side of the Chinese team and followed with the black magician’s group control skill, Dark Fear.

At this moment, Chu Yan also opened the big psychic move. Time and Space Illusion!

The red, yellow, blue and green light appeared at their feet and the six Chinese players disappeared again, reappearing in the left side of the ice dragon’s cave.

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help spitting out, “The two sides are playing a teleportation battle!”

This sentence described the situation very well.

Within half a minute, the Italian captain Alberto had completed one teleportation while the Chinese team relied on the cooperation between Zhu Qingyue and Chu Yan for two successive teleportations.

However, it could be found that the Italian team’s teleportation was for attack while the Chinese team was mainly defensive.

Sure enough, after the captain Alberto used teleportation, the other psychic Fabio also opened the psychic array to chase the Chinese team. Both sides appeared to the left of the ice dragon cave and the Italian black magician once again opened Dark Fear!

The domestic audience members were nervous. Now the Chinese team’s two psychics were on cooldown. What would happen when the group control skill hit?

The scene that occurred next surprised everyone.

Yang Muzi suddenly opened the white magician’s group control skill, Holy Seal!

On the big screen, the Italian black magician’s Dark Fear and the Chinese white magician’s Holy Seal collided. One was black and the other white. The two clusters of light met in the air and the result was that the whole Chinese team was affected by Dark Fear while the Italian players were controlled by the seal!

The control skills of the black and white magician were released at almost the same time, causing the 12 people to be fully controlled. This image was very strange.

The control effect lasted only three seconds.

It depended on who could grab the first move once these three seconds were over.

Chu Yan pressed a finger against the keyboard, counting down the time in his heart. At the same time, he gave his apprentice Zhu Qingyue a ‘1’ prompt on the team channel.

The three seconds ended and the master and apprentice immediately joined forces.

—Six-Pointed Star Array! Chain Illusion!

—Maze! Poison Array!

The green six-pointed star, purple array, white array and black poison quickly appeared on the map at a speed that was indistinguishable to the naked eye. The audience saw that skills burst one after another and four colours were opened.

Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue’s equipment finally showed its effect. The cooldown was reduced and their casting time was also greatly reduced. The two people cooperated and read four large arrays in three seconds!

This was the indispensable core of the psychic illusion flow method, a seamless connection.

The Six-Pointed Star Array confined everyone to the range of the six-pointed star. They couldn’t leave before the array was released. Chain Illusion made illusions appear in front of the opponents and they couldn’t see where they were. Maze would greatly reduce the opponent’s movement speed and defense while Poison Array placed the opponents in a ‘poisoned state.’ Their blood and blue would fall every second.

The four big arrays were released and the entire Italian team became blind!

In particular, the Chain Illusion skill.

This skill created an illusion in front of the opponents’ eyes and the illusions were closely related to the map scene. For example, today’s map was Bamboo Sea and the Italian players saw cute pandas hugging their thighs while wanting bamboo…

The Italian captain Alberto was going to collapse!

He clearly knew that he was attacked by an illusion but in front of this weird scene, he really wanted to fly to China and strangle the Chinese map designers!

The audience saw this scene while the Chinese players worked together to attack Italy.

Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue cooperated with the auxiliary chain array, which greatly reduced the defense of the Italian team players. This was the best time to release their skills.

At this time, the cooldown for Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s big moves were over. The two men tacitly used Shadow Winding and Hell Flames!

Cheng Wei and Yang Muzi also weren’t idle. They followed up with the white magician skills, God’s Belief and Tidal Surge!

Black and white magic could restrain each other but once they cooperated, their group attack skills were very powerful. The four big moves hit and the six people of the Italian team fell to residual blood.

Alberto had an ugly expression and ordered, “Withdraw!”

It wasn’t until this moment that he discovered he was fooled.

In fact, the Chinese team’s psychic starting with the teleportation wasn’t because they were afraid of the Italian team. It was because their big moves had been on cooldown.  Zhu Qingyue sending the team away was actually waiting for these skills. Once the cooldown for everyone’s skills were over, Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue started to fight back.

The Chinese team’s counterattack was terrible. The auxiliary chain of arrays plus the four group attacks disabled the Italian team. It was likely they would be wiped out if they stayed here.

Alberto’s decision to withdraw was very calm.

The six Italian players were very strong. Once their captain gave instructions, they immediately pulled back. Alberto was clever enough to leave a Six-Pointed Star Array in the field to hinder the Chinese team’s pursuit.

However, the Chinese team didn’t chase them at all.

Chu Yan was very decisive and ordered, “Ignore them and kill the ice dragon!”

Many viewers wondered why they didn’t chase after victory.

Yu Bing explained, “This is related to the commander’s personal style. If it was changed to Captain Ling, he would likely choose to chase the opponent and destroy them. On the other hand, Chu Yan is a relatively warm and moderate person. His style is to win in a stable manner. The Italian team has successfully retreated so there is no need to rush to grab their heads.”

Kou Hongyi nodded in agreement. “Sister Bing is right. They should take down the ice dragon first! The initial economic gap is so big that I don’t believe the Italian team can catch up!”

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