GLS: Chapter 305

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Chapter 305 – China VS Italy (Cooperative Killing)

The wild panda on the Bamboo Sea map couldn’t be attacked using any skills. Instead, they needed to be trapped with bamboo. According to the map setting, the player who first fed the panda would receive 100 gold coins. One panda could only be fed once. After eating, they would lie flat and no longer accept the feeding of other people, indicating they were also principled about food.

This setting was consistent with the rules of the economic war set by the Miracle League.

Very soon, the Italian captain Alberto found a problem. In other economic warfare maps, the wild mobs could be killed and would disappear after being killed. However, the monsters on the Chinese team’s bamboo map couldn’t be killed. This meant the pandas in the wild areas increased more and more!

Less than half a minute after the start of the game, the wild areas were packed with pandas!

This group of chubby animals looked particularly cute but they filled the area, giving players nowhere to go!

The Italian captain found that a panda refreshed not far away, just outside his attack range. He immediately took two steps forward and picked up the bamboo on the ground to feed it. He had just walked past a panda lying flat on the ground when the panda suddenly rose and slammed forward, throwing him directly to the ground.

Alberto who was thrown down by the panda, “…”

He had never experienced such a shameful moment since he became a professional player!

The audience laughed as they saw the Italian captain being pressed to the ground.

Alberto’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot and he immediately cautioned on the voice channel, “Be careful! The pandas will take the initiative to throw people around. Don’t come near them. Don’t come near! Once again, don’t come near!”

The three times repetition was enough to prove how it mentally affected the Italian captain. The animals that looked cute were extremely aggressive. It caused a 15% drop in blood with a single attack.

Alberto had just gotten up when he was set in place by Cheng Wei’s God’s Seal!

Cheng Wei’s ability to adapt to the game was very strong. He naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity created with the panda’s help. Once the opponent was set in place, he burst out with God’s Light and Voice of Combat.

The two single target attack skills fell and Alberto turned into a half blood state.

His partner happened to be an archer. Due to Italy’s illusion flow, the key players in the early stages were the psychics. The archer had been consciously standing at a distance in order to not steal his captain’s economy. As soon as the captain was hit, the archer immediately reacted. He shot Quenching Arrow at Cheng Wei in order to freeze the other person.

However, the archer class was the class that Cheng Wei knew the best apart from the white magician. It was because his partner Tan Shitian was China’s best archer!

Cheng Wei saw the opponent’s pre-action and could predict what he wanted to do.  The other side drew his bow while Cheng Wei quickly jumped behind a panda.

The sharp arrow that crossed the distance hit the panda. The panda rolled across the ground and cleverly hid. On the other hand, Cheng Wei used the panda as a cover to successfully avoid the archer’s skill.

The audience couldn’t help laughing. “Xiao Cheng and the panda can still cooperate!”

Tan Shitian couldn’t help smiling when he saw this scene. No one was around but Cheng Wei was still playing cleverly. He was becoming more and more like a great god.

Cheng Wei was very excited after hiding from the control and used Tidal Surge.

The white wave rushed towards the two players of Italy, drowning them in an instant!

The damage caused by this group attack was very impressive. The Italian captain’s blood dropped directly to 30% while the archer also fell to 70%.

Fortunately, the control effect on Alberto ended and he instantly stepped back, leaving the scope of Cheng Wei’s attack.

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help sighing with admiration. “Xiao Wei is very fierce today!”

Yu Bing added, “In previous matches with the Tan Cheng combination, Tan Shitian will be in charge of attacking while Cheng Wei handles control. Today Captain Tan isn’t present so Cheng Wei chose to attack. His awareness is also very good.”

Kou Hongyi nodded. “Yes, that’s right. This set of moves directly beat the two players of the Italian team.”

Cheng Wei was really aggressive today. He was active but not radical. He looked very smart.

The audience found that due to Cheng Wei’s wave of control and attacks, the two Italian players had to retreat five metres, causing Chu Yan’s range of activity to expand by five metres.

Therefore, all pandas who refreshed in this range were given to Chu Yan.

Cheng Wei didn’t want to kill the two Italian players. After all, it was difficult for him to kill two opponents as a white magician. He just wanted to repel the two opponents and create some opportunities for Captain Yan to increase gold and buy equipment.

Chu Yan was very appreciative of this and couldn’t help praising him. “Xiao Wei is excellent. Take a few steps back and be careful of counterattacks!”

“Yes!” Cheng Wei obediently returned.


At this time, Italy’s captain only had 30% blood left. He naturally didn’t dare rush forward to give away a head. He had to shrink back and continue to feed the pandas. The archer was keen to strike at Cheng Wei but unfortunately, the bamboo forest had pandas everywhere and many of his attacks would be blocked by the pandas.

In other words, after being fed, the pandas became an obstacle that hindered the route of the players as well as blocked the release of skills.

The ground contained traps while there were obstacles that could move. This map was much more complicated than they thought.

Alberto quickly made a decision and spoke in the voice channel, “Everyone, gain as much economy as possible before going back to the city!”

It had been three minutes since the start of the game and pandas were still appearing in the wild. At present, the one on the Chinese team with the most money was Chu Yan, followed by the black magician Yan Ruiwen and Zhu Qingyue. On the Italian team, Alberto was suppressed by Cheng Wei and his money was much worse than other people.

In the early stages of the economic war, Italy’s disadvantage wasn’t that bad.

At this moment, a 2v2 team battle broke up in the middle road!

It was due to a blue mob appearing in the wild area. The blue mobs in the bamboo forest were also pandas but unlike other pandas, this one had a cute blue hat on its head.

The players on both sides quickly reacted. This was a blue monster that gave addition blue and they went forward to compete over it.

The middle of the road happened to contain the double black magicians of Italy and China. It could be called an even match up.

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan quickly stacked Death Mantra on the other two. The black magicians of Italy weren’t weak and directly used the big moves, Shadow Winding and Hell Flames.

The black magicians used powerful moves. The black and red flames rising from the ground were shocking. Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan fell to half blood from the group attack and immediately retreated.

To the shock of the audience, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan weren’t careful when they stepped back. They actually stepped into a trap and the two men fell down in one swoop!

The domestic audience, “…”

The Italian audience members were excited. “Hahaha, China’s own players were pitted by the map!” “They always want to kill someone with these pits but today they killed their own people!”

Kou Hongyi was a bit embarrassed. “This… Vice-Captain Yan shouldn’t make such a low-level mistake?”

Yu Bing stared at the big screen without saying anything.

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan had fallen into a trap in the bamboo forest. The two Italian players moved to kill them but once they approached the trap, they discovered that Yan Guo had returned to the city.

Those who fell into the map would be returned to the city. This was explained when the map was shown before the game.

The two Chinese players were caught by their own trap and the black magicians of Italy were happy. They immediately started to clean up the pandas in the wild area and caught up with the economy.

However, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan made another choice after returning to the city.

They actually went to another section of the road!

Yu Bing immediately reacted. “The two of them falling into the trap might be to blind people’s eyes! The real purpose of Yan Guo is to go join up with Chu Yan and Cheng Wei to kill the captain of the Italian team!”

On the opposite side, it was difficult to kill the two Italian players thanks to the archer’s ranged interference.  Now Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan played a big drama in the middle road, pretending to fall into the trap and quickly returning to the city.

At this time, the first wave of mobs was about to end and the two Italian players were preparing to retreat.

Cheng Wei suddenly circumvented around a few pandas and used Holy Seal to control the two retreating players!

Italy’s captain Alberto didn’t mind. He knew that the white magician’s attack power wouldn’t be able to kill him before the control ended.

The shocking thing was that the moment Cheng Wei controlled him, black and red flames emerged from the ground and there was a black fog. The black magicians had arrived!

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan cooperated very well. Guo Xuan suppressed the blood of the archer while Yan Ruiwen stacked several layers of Death Mantra on Alberto’s body. Then he aimed for the archer.

In the blink of an eye, the blood volume of the two Italian players had become precarious.

Chu Yan, who had been on the sidelines, finally acted.

—Psychic Strangulation!

This was one of the psychic’s few attack skills and it was also a group attack.

A huge red spiral mark rotated on the ground at a very fast speed, spreading out and strangling all enemies within range.

The bloody psychic and archer of the Italian team instantly fell to the ground and Chu Yan successfully won the double kill.

The first wave of mobs finished. Chu Yan smiled and ordered, “Go back to the city!”

The audience’s minds finally returned and they commented: [66666!] [The Chinese team’s players are really worthy of being a movie emperor!] [Yan Guo’s acting is first class!] [It is Captain Chu’s commanding!]

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s actions were indeed Chu Yan’s intentions.

The first wave of mobs would soon be over and Chu Yan was stuck. He had Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan come to join him to launch a storm of attacks against the two retreating Italians.

The four people successfully killed the other side and Chu Yan won two heads, becoming the biggest local tyrant.

The best auxiliary of China wasn’t just simple support.

In many cases, Chu Yan could also become the core of a game.

Li Cangyu saw this scene and couldn’t help smiling. He turned towards Ling Xuefeng and exclaimed, “Chu Yan’s performance is finally about to begin!”

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