GLS: Chapter 304

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Chapter 304 – China VS Italy (Bamboo Sea)

Based on the system’s choice, the map for the economic war was Bamboo Sea.

There were five maps submitted by the Chinese team. Putting aside the Mechanical City and Mount Huangshan Plank Road, the ones left were Bamboo Sea, Suzhou Gardens and Eight-Trigram Array.

The Bamboo Sea map looked very simple, especially in the thumbnails. It was a lush sea of bamboo plants.

In fact, the difficulty was no less than the Mechanical City.

The Mechanical City was a three-dimensional map with an upper and lower structure.  Bamboo Sea was a flat map but it was filled with traps.

If the map was chosen for death racing then players who didn’t understand the map could easily walk into traps. If selected for the economic war, the number of traps would be reduced but there would be the map NPCs, the pandas.

Australia had koalas while Spain had bulls. The maps submitted by various countries fully reflected the characteristics of each other. China’s national treasure was naturally indispensable!

Before the start of the game, the 3d god’s perspective was shown as usual. The Italian team members saw the round, chubby pandas and their expressions became complicated.

“The wild area mobs are special. Black and white, what is this?”  Someone who had never seen such an animal asked curiously.

“They are pandas. They are China’s national treasure and have dark circles and a chubby black and white body!”

A female player couldn’t help saying, “So cute!”

“Do they have bamboo in their hands?”

“If we attack the pandas, will they use bamboo as a weapon to attack us?”

The group of people had holes in their brains as they started talking.

Fortunately, the captain Alberto brought back the topic. “The first person to be attacked will immediately explain the situation on the voice channel. If my prediction is correct, they should be a melee type mob that bites people.”

“I know, Captain!”

“It seems that this map isn’t too difficult!” Someone commented.

Alberto immediately denied it. “Impossible. There isn’t any Chinese map that isn’t difficult.”

Everyone, “…”

This was the truth.

Bamboo Sea didn’t seem difficult but this was abnormal when considering the Mechanical City and Mount Huangshan Plank Road maps selected in the previous matches. Could the Chinese team make a panda and bamboo forest map to sell cuteness?

There was definitely something hidden!

The Italian players stared at the screen with wide eyes. Sure enough, the lens moved deep into the bamboo forest and a leaf suddenly fell to the ground. There was a loud noise and a big pit appeared. It was like a pit dug by a hunter when capturing animals in the mountains. The bottom couldn’t be seen at all!

The Italian players got chills.

“A trap map!” Someone exclaimed. “The Chinese team’s maps truly are difficult!”


At the same time, the domestic comments were filled with large flowers and hugging expressions.

[Cute panda, I want to hold one!] [Can this map be released in the online game? I want to see the pandas!] [So cute, I can’t bear to fight it!] [How can you fight pandas! Putting pandas in the economic war isn’t scientific at all!]

A group of people were arguing over this problem until the trap appeared and the style of the comments changed. [It is really a trap, hahaha!] [The foreigners say that the Chinese team’s maps are too hard!] [Trap map, I like it!]

The maps submitted by each country were unknown. In order to avoid the other side from suffering too much, the entire map would be shown before the game.

The Italian players quickly learnt the characteristics of the Bamboo Sea map. The pandas were the wild area mobs while there were large and small traps in the bamboo forest. According to the map, players would automatically be transmitted to the return point after falling into the trap.

Italy’s captain Alberto summed up the map features and convened the players participating to prepare them.

The map finished showing and the names of the players on both sides appeared on the big screen.

The Italian team sent out their signature psychic combination with Captain Alberto personally serving as the commander of the game. The remaining four players included two black magicians and two archers.

The Chinese team’s lineup consisted of Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue. The black magicians Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan and the white magicians Cheng Wei and Yang Muzi also participated.

Yu Bing saw this and immediately explained, “The lineup of both sides is consistent with using psychics as the core. In order words, two psychics cooperate to complete their teleportation. They will flash around the field to control and kill the opponents. Because the movement of the whole group is too fast and they disappear and appear instantly, it is called the illusion flow.”

Kou Hongyi wondered, “Then this game is directed by Chu Yan?”

“Yes. In fact, Chu Yan’s command level isn’t weak. Pure Cleansing’s performance in the domestic league isn’t very good but it is because their players can’t keep up with the psychic’s play. Their cooperation isn’t strong and it is easy for them to be targeted, especially in away games.” Yu Bing paused and added, “However, today is different. The teammates he brought are the strongest black magicians and white magicians in the domestic league. The team’s strength is raised by a notch.”

“Today’s illusion flow will be sure to make us feel refreshed.” Kou Hongyi was excited. “This map is also quite distinctive. The national treasure has finally appeared!”


The players on both sides were ready in front of the computer and the map loaded.

In the previous panoramic view of the map, the pandas were shrunk and didn’t feel very real. Now they were immersed in the bamboo forest from a first-person perspective and found the round pandas in the bamboo forest. They were too cute! The eyes of the Chinese audience immediately focused on the pandas.

The Chinese team split so that Chu Yan and Cheng Wei took one road, Yang Muzi and Zhu Qingyue took the other road while the two black magicians were in the middle. The splitting pattern of the Italian side was similar. The two psychics would split up to develop their economy separately. It was obvious that both sides wanted to play safely in the beginning.

The captain of the Italian team, Alberto, headed down one road with an archer and happened to meet the Chu Yan and Cheng Wei pair

At this time, a panda just refreshed. Alberto had his teammate try to attack it. The archer aimed Shock Shot at the giant panda only to see the chubby panda suddenly roll over and cleverly avoided the skill!

The two Italians, “…”

Too much! The mobs actually had a hiding skill. Chinese team, do you have to dig so many pits?

Cheng Wei saw the national treasure rolling slowly on the ground and laughed. “So cute, I can’t bear to fight it!”

Chu Yan also smiled. “We can’t fight the pandas directly. We have to use bamboo to catch them. It is estimated that the Italian people haven’t caught on yet.”

It seemed they would have to give a demonstration to the opposite side. Chu Yan took the initiative to pick up a piece of bamboo on the ground and placed it in front of the fat panda. The panda rolling on the ground immediately rushed over and grabbed it, eating the bamboo happily.

A +100 gold coin tip appeared above Chu Yan’s head.

The Italian players felt chaotic!

The wild mobs couldn’t be fought. They had to be fed directly to get gold coins? The pandas of the Chinese team actually ate goods?

The e-sports reporters and spectators of other countries were speechless and expressed their doubts on the Internet. [Is it possible to set up a map like this?] [The league didn’t dismiss the map of the Chinese team?]

However, some people praised it. [The Chinese map designers are very creative. It is too boring to kill the mobs in the economic war. Thus, they designed a map full of props to trap the mobs. It is very novel!]

Alberto watched Chu Yan feed a panda and successfully get gold coins. His face was dark as he spoke in the voice channel, “Grab bamboo to feed the pandas. Hurry up and grab the gold coins!”

Thus, there was a weird image in the World Competition.

Pandas refreshed one after another in the bamboo forest. If they were attacked, they would cleverly roll a few laps. It was only when they were fed with bamboo that they would give the players gold coins. The pandas that became full would lie flat on the ground. If they weren’t full, they would roll around for food.

The Italian players all had dark expressions.

They always felt that the maps of the World Competition would be broken by these Chinese designers!

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5 years ago

I don’t think you could find a young Italian person that doesn’t know what a panda is… What kind of image do Chinese people have of Europeans? :0

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas
Reply to  Mariko

Pasta, luxury brands??? I think too many Chinese don’t know much of anything about outside their country. + there is also a strong nationalistic sense …

5 years ago

here, panda-panda! I give you bamboo, you give me coins!

…if only the game was real. Wanna feed those pandas aaaa

thank you for the updates!

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

Thanks for the chapter! I love those pandas! That’s my type of game, why fight when you can feed!

5 years ago

I don’t come from the west but it’s kinda offputting reading about brainless italians in a novel. I know international awareness isn’t a thing what with the constraints they have but it shocks me out of my BL reading rythm when those lines pop up. And I’ve been seeing them a lot in other novels lately too… but I like them Danmei as much as any other gay media so onwards I go. Much thanks for this days blessi-I mean chapter

4 years ago

Like the other comments, does the author think so stereotypically of europeans lmao? The people from Spain were “full of vitality and strength and had wild personalities so they focused on melee” and the female player “wouldn’t be scared of a pit because she had the strength to propose to a man” lmao what. And they’re all blonde with blue eyes too for some reason?? Like, it’s almost impossbile for pretty much all of the described european/US/Australian reps to be blonde and blue eyed lol. And how are they so much less intelligent than the Chinese team? I? Like the maps especially like it ain’t like other countries couldn’t also come up with ridiculously hard maps they got smart people too how are the Chinese teams maps basically like cheats??