GLS: Chapter 303

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Chapter 303 – China VS Italy (Ling Zhuo Combination)

Ling Xuefeng was undoubtedly the top god in the China Miracle League and don’t think it would be easy to partner with a great god. During the two days of training, Zhuo Hang had felt suffocated. Ling Xuefeng’s quickly, decisively and violence wasn’t something that an average person could keep up with. In many cases, Zhuo Hang couldn’t respond to what happened and just lay down.

This feeling wasn’t good. He always felt that he was dragging Ling Xuefeng down.

Fortunately, Ling Xuefeng took care of Zhuo Hang by slowing down his rhythm. After two days of intensive training, Zhuo Hang finally became familiar with Captain Ling’s style.

Once the two of them appeared on the map, the Italian berserker only had half blood left while the archer was full of blood. However, he had consumed many skills in order to kill Xie Shurong.

This was a death map. As long as they entered a fountain, they would be corroded by the blood and die.

A demon summoner had two signature skills. One was the banshee’s Charm that pulled one person and the group pull Witch Demon’s Curse. Ling Xuefeng’s use of these two skills was superb. The two Italians had long heard the name Ling Xuefeng and were naturally very careful when confronting him.

The two of them reached a tacit agreement: Kill Zhuo Hang first.

After all, Zhuo Hang was a newcomer with no fame. If they killed Zhuo Hang, they would have a chance to win against Ling Xuefeng since it would be 2v1.

The berserker approached to suppress Zhuo Hang. He used Mountain Chop to push Zhuo Hang into a corner while the archer fired a cold arrow from a distance. Zhuo Hang was attacked by the two people and felt great pressure.

A hunter’s defense wasn’t high but fortunately, their skills didn’t have a casting time. Zhuo Hang withstood the pressure and quickly moved using Flying Feather Steps to set four traps around the berserker. Then he escaped the berserker’s attack range at an extremely fast speed.

The berserker was set in place and Ling Xuefeng immediately summoned four skeleton infantry to surround him.

There was a bang as the skeleton infantry exploded and forced the berserker down to 30% residual blood. At the same time, Zhuo Hang exploded his traps and forced the blood down to 15%.

Li Xiaojiang was relieved from where he was watching. He thought that Zhuo Hang wouldn’t be able to keep up with Captain Ling. Now it seemed that he had been thinking too small. This guy’s reaction in the arena was really fast.

It seemed that Li Xiaojiang’s evaluation was confirmed. Zhuo Hang exploded the traps and turned using Flying Feather Steps towards the archer.

Zhuo Hang played very hard today. He might’ve been initially suppressed by the two opponents and turned into a half blood state in an instant but he wasn’t afraid at all. He used Flying Feather Steps to move as fast as the wind.

The Italian archer saw that the hunter was coming to kill him and instantly escaped with Flying Feather Steps.

On the other side, Ling Xuefeng saw that the berserker’s blood was down to 15% after exploding the skeleton infantry and didn’t hesitate to try and kill the berserker.

However, the berserker’s defense was very high. He raised the axe and used blocking skills to prevent Ling Xuefeng’s attack. Then he went back to cooperate with his teammate to kill Zhuo Hang.

There are five large death fountains in the central square. The audience found that Zhuo Hang was chasing the archer and the berserker was chasing Zhuo Hang. Gradually, the three people approached the narrow boundary between two fountains. Ling Xuefeng remained calm from beginning to end and didn’t chase. Instead, he diverted behind another fountain.

The two people of the Italian team thought that Ling Xuefeng couldn’t come to rescue straight away and was happy. They immediately surrounded Zhuo Hang and used skills.

—Cut Through Thorns!

—Death Arrow Rain!

The two people’s big moves fell and the screen shone brightly. The weak Zhuo Hang was hit by these two skills and fell to 10% residual blood. His blood gauge started to flash red in warning.

He was about to be killed only for Ling Xuefeng to suddenly emerge from behind a fountain. The Italian archer sensed something was wrong and turned to run with Flying Feather Steps.

Unfortunately, it was too late for him to escape.

Zhuo Hang had been passively beaten up. At this moment, he suddenly reversed his hand and used a precise Stop Trap to fix the escaping archer in place.

Ling Xuefeng quickly summoned the banshee, placed the banshee in the fountain and then used a precise Charm to pull the archer!

The audience saw that both the banshee and archer were corroded by the blood!

The effect of the Miracle death map didn’t exceed one second and the summoner’s pets were naturally affected by the map. Ling Xuefeng’s banshee would definitely have no bones left after standing in the pool for one second.

However, Ling Xuefeng’s quick operation scared people.

The timing and positioning when summoning the banshee were quite accurate. After summoning, he instantly used the Charm skill and pulled the Italian archer, not taking longer than one second. The audience couldn’t see what happened and only understood after the slow-motion replay.

Everything thought there was a flower in front of them. The banshee appeared, almost instantly pulled the archer into the fountain and then met the same end as the archer…

Captain Ling’s style was so simple and strong. He used one second to kill the opponent and was too lazy to waste time.

The domestic audience couldn’t help feeling sympathetic and lit a row of candles for the Italian archer.


In the commentators’ room, Kou Hongyi laughed. “Captain Ling is really different! If you look carefully, you will find that Xiao Zhuo was very smart. He knew that the other two wanted to kill him and deliberately led them to a dead corner of the map.”

Yu Bing nodded and praised, “The cooperation between Zhuo Hang and Captain Ling is very clever. Once he saw Captain Ling emerge, he immediately stopped the opponent with a trap and allowed Captain Ling to accurately pull the opponent. This type of awareness is really great!”

Li Xiaojiang saw the scene and couldn’t help stuttering, “He, he is progressing really quickly!”

Gu Siming exclaimed, “Yes! He is our Canglan teammate!”

After killing the Italian archer in one second, Ling Xuefeng’s expression was still calm and didn’t change. His fingers quickly tapped the keyboard and he summoned four skeleton infantry.

The Italian berserker had only 15% blood left and there was no possibility of him winning. He wanted to go back and kill Zhuo Hang to get at least one person, but Ling Xuefeng wouldn’t give him a chance.

The man’s eyes were cold as his slender fingers pressed on the keyboard. On the big screen, the four skeletons moved at a very fast speed towards the berserker and exploded. There was black smoke and the berserker was directly blown up!


Victory belonged to the Chinese team!

Ling Xuefeng stood up from his seat while Zhuo Hang jumped up excitedly. “Captain Ling played really well!”

“You weren’t bad.” Ling Xuefeng patted the teenager’s shoulder as encouragement. Then he lowered his voice and said, “The future Canglan will be handed over to the youngsters. Don’t let him down.”

The sentence made Zhuo Hang freeze up but he quickly reacted. The ‘he’ that Ling Xuefeng mentioned was naturally Cat God.

Then today Captain Ling partnered up with him to teach him something? He was helping Cat God train the newcomers?

Zhuo Hang felt a bit complicated at this time.

He didn’t think that the relationship between Captain Ling and Cat God was good enough for Captain Ling to care about the newcomers.

After a moment of silence, Zhuo Hang looked up and met Ling Xuefeng’s eyes seriously. “Don’t worry Captain Ling. We will work harder in the future and definitely live up to Cat God’s training!”

Ling Xuefeng nodded with relief. “That’s good.”

The two people returned to the rest area. Li Cangyu looked at Ling Xuefeng and said, “I knew there would be no problems. You really won this game.”

Ling Xuefeng’s serious face showed a rare smile. “Well, there are still two games left.”

Li Cangyu heard this and gathered his teammates around him. “Everyone should refuel. There are two games left and we can achieve the victory record!”

These words immediately increased the spirits of the national team.

The commander of the next game, Chu Yan stood up and gathered the players involved in the economic war. He smiled confidently and declared, “Let’s show them China’s illusion flow!”

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