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Chapter 300 – China VS Italy (End of the Arena)

Bai Xuan’s sacrifice at the crucial moment combined with Xie Shurong’s short-term extreme outbreak actually killed the two black magicians of Italy.

The sudden change stunned the Italian team. Captain Alberto directly stood up from his seat with a shocked expression. He obviously hadn’t expected the Chinese team’s healer to come up with such a trick!

The domestic audience through the computer screen couldn’t regain their spirits for a while. Even Li Cangyu was a bit surprised before he quickly smiled and praised, “I knew Xiao Bai would be able to think of a way.”

There was pride in his words. Bai Xuan was his old partner for many years and his awareness was absolutely first-class.

Liu Xiang’s tone was also full of admiration. “Bai Xuan’s understanding of a healer is truly not comparable to ordinary people. I have never tried such a desperate play.”

The female players of Red Fox didn’t have such explosive power. Xie Shurong was too powerful. Even if Liu Xiang used Redemption and sacrificed herself to increase her teammate’s attack power for 10 seconds, her teammate might not be able to successfully kill two people. Only explosive players like Li Cangyu and Xie Shurong could perfectly realize Bai Xuan’s ideals.

Bai Xuan was truly a very good healer but if Xie Shurong’s attack power wasn’t strong enough then the Chinese team couldn’t complete the reversal. The combination of Shu Bai had the same spirit and complemented each other. No one else could show such power. The fact that Li Cangyu joined Shu Bai together as partners was enough to show his vision and strategy.

Liu Xiang might be a captain but at this moment, she felt that she was too far away compared to a captain like Li Cangyu.  Among the current captains of the Chinese Miracle League, it was probably only Ling Xuefeng who could really compete with Li Cangyu?

Liu Xiang thought this and couldn’t help looking over at Ling Xuefeng. This man always had a cold expression on his face and he had called Zhuo Hang to his side, obviously prepared to go out for the guard stage.


In the commentators’ room, Kou Hongyi saw the scene of Shu Bai hugging and he couldn’t help praising, “Shu Bai is worthy of being the Canglan team’s ace combination! In the beginning, Su Yu ate a loss due to the network failure. After Xie Shurong appeared, he killed the archer, white magician and two black magicians in turn. He killed four people and found face for his two senior brothers!”

Yu Bing added, “Ah Shu still has the effect of double attack power but the Italian guard combination can drag out those seconds.  Ah Shu doesn’t have much blue left.”

“However, his style is quick. In many cases, he doesn’t need blue!” Kou Hongyi stated. “With his personality, he will definitely try to consume the other side and lay out a bigger advantage for his teammates playing next.”

Yu Bing nodded in agreement. “Bai Xuan filled Ah Shu’s blood before his sacrifice with this intention. He wanted Ah Shu to continue to consume the opponent.”

In the soundproof room, Bai Xuan gently pushed Ah Shu away and smiled. “Continue the game.”

Xie Shurong stared at him seriously. “Rest assured, I won’t disappoint you.”

This sentence seemed casual but Bai Xuan saw his serious eyes and was suddenly moved. He couldn’t help reaching out to pat Xie Shurong’s hand. “Come on, I believe in you.”

‘I believe in you!’

These simple four words were undoubtedly a great encouragement to Xie Shurong.

He shook Bai Xuan’s hand and then turned to sit down, placing his hands on the keyboard again and staring brightly at the computer screen.

As Kou Hongyi and Yu Bing stated, he used Breaking Bone Sword, Devouring Soul Sword and Storm Sword to kill the two black magicians of Italy. At this time, his blue was almost empty. However, his greatest advantage was that he could still cause considerable damage using the swordsman’s general attack, even if he had no blue.

In fact, Xie Shurong was a very flexible player. His style wasn’t sharp but not radical. Once he started chasing the enemy, he was simply a sword that couldn’t be avoided. This was why Bai Xuan particularly hated him.

Now watching him chase the enemy as a teammate, Bai Xuan thought that this guy was quite handsome!

The Italian team soon sent their guard combination, an archer and berserker. It was a typical melee and ranged combination. The berserker was responsible for protection and penetration while the archer attacked from a distance. The berserker’s defense was strong and the archer’s attack power was strong so this combination was very strong in the arena.

Xie Shurong couldn’t win against the two enemies. He only needed to consume the opponent as much as possible to lay out the advantage for the next combination playing.

Xie Shurong understood this point and fully exerted the characteristics of a cockroach. He repeatedly moved around the fountains in the central square, flexible avoiding the enemy’s attack.

Once the cooldown for his rushing skill was over, he immediately moved towards the berserker and unleashed a swordsman’s combo at a dazzling speed.

The number of combos on the big screen quickly increased and damage rose by five times. Even a thick-skinned berserker lost 15% blood from this combo.

Daring to fight head on with the berserker, Ah Shu was truly fierce!

The domestic audience members were desperately praising him. [Ah Shu is still lacking a waist pendant!] [Ah Shu, teach me to use the combo!] [This is the youngest brother of Captain Su. He might not be as domineering as his older brother but he is a pure man!] [Ah Shu, good power! As a Flying Feathers fan, I won’t blacken you later!]

Su Guangmo saw this scene and couldn’t help smiling. “Our younger brother grew up!”

Yu Pingsheng nodded. “Yes.”

Su Guangmo spoke emotionally, “He used to bicker with me every day. He was quick to point to me and scold me. His voice was so loud that it seemed like he would raise the roof. Now he isn’t in the Flying Feathers and there is no one who dares to quarrel with me. I suddenly feel a bit lonely.”

Yu Pingsheng thought of the days when Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong, the two temperamental teenagers argued with each other constantly and he had a headache. Was it good for a scene like that to be reproduced? It would be difficult for him as someone in the middle.

Su Guangmo was silent for a moment before he suddenly held Yu Pingsheng’s hand. “It’s okay, I have you.”

Yu Pingsheng looked over doubtfully but only saw the handsome face of his smiling brother.

The feeling of his hand being held was strange. Yu Pingsheng wanted to pull away but he was gently held. Yu Pingsheng no longer struggled and quietly let him hold it.

Perhaps his brother felt somewhat emotional after recalling past events?

The three brothers of Flying Feathers and their master ‘Sword God’ Song Yang might bicker all the time but those were precious memories of their youth.

At this time, the venue filled with a burst of applause. Yu Pingsheng looked up and saw Xie Shurong unleash a beautiful combo, directly decreasing the berserker to half blood!

The berserker and archer of Italy cooperated to finally kill Xie Shurong but Xie Shurong completed his task. Not only did he move back the Chinese team’s disadvantage, he also completely reversed the situation. This allowed his teammates enter the guard stage with a half blood advantage.

Xie Shurong returned with Bai Xuan and the rest of the national team warmly applauded them.

Su Guangmo stood up and patted his younger brother’s shoulder. “Good, you have fought well for your brothers! You should go back to Kunming for a few days and I will take you to see Master.”

Xie Shurong smiled. “Good! I heard that Master opened a grilled fish shop?”

Li Cangyu heard the keyword ‘fish’ and immediately turned around with bright eyes. “Grilled fish shop? Where is it?”

Su Guangmo, “…”

Xie Shurong, “…”

Could Cat God be like this? The calm of the national team’s captain was completely abandoned after hearing ‘fish’?

Bai Xuan was helpless. “Can you discuss the issue of grilled fish later?  The arena isn’t over yet!”

Li Cangyu was calm. “Xuefeng will definitely win. What is there to worry about?”

Everyone, “…”

His trust in Ling Xuefeng was simple and didn’t require a reason.

However, Cat God had a point. Ling Xuefeng was the guard. Was there still any suspense in the arena?

Everyone calmed down once they realized this and continued to discuss the issue of the grilled fish store.

Bai Xuan asked curiously, “Where is your Master’s shop?’

Su Guangmo told him, “After we return to China, we can go visit. My master’s shop is called ‘Sword God Grilled Fish Shop.’”

Li Cangyu touched his nose. “I didn’t expect Song Yang to be so narcissistic…”

Of the Five Gods of Miracle, the first captain of Ghost Spirits, Mo Quan had already disappeared. Tan Shitian’s master Xu Luo settled overseas. Song Yang, the master of Flying Feathers three brothers had opened a grilled fish shop. Only Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were still left in the league. Li Cangyu felt very amiable when thinking about this old friend.

Sword God Grilled Fish Shop, how did he come up with this?

However, this provided Li Cangyu with new ideas. Perhaps he could open several fish stores after he retired. Pickled fish, sweet and sour fish, steamed bass…

He didn’t want to drool so let’s watch the game first.

Li Cangyu retracted his thoughts and looked back, only to see Ling Xuefeng standing next to him with no expression. Li Cangyu couldn’t help feeling surprised. “You haven’t gone yet?”

Ling Xuefeng told him, “I’m waiting for you. Do you have anything to explain?”

Li Cangyu smiled and hugged him. “The only thing I have to say is that I am waiting for you to win this game.”

“No problem.” Ling Xuefeng nodded and left with Zhuo Hang.

Yan Ruiwen wanted to see the black crows of a demon summoner in front of his eyes. He wanted Cover the Sky to blind him!

Since joining the national team and fighting with Cat God, Captain Ling wasn’t right. Yan Ruiwen thought about gossip every day and painfully endured it.

Li Cangyu saw Yan Ruiwen’s twisted face and couldn’t help feeling worried. “Vice-Captain Yan, are you uncomfortable?”

Yan Ruiwen immediately smiled. “Ah, no! I just suddenly thought of a tactical problem and was worrying over it.”

He successfully fooled Cat God and Yan Ruiwen focused his attention on the big screen.

On the big screen, the Chinese’s players IDs finally appeared. LXF and Navigator!

LXF was undoubtedly Ling Xuefeng’s initials while Navigator matched Zhuo Hang’s Chinese ID.

The combination made the always calm Yu Bing look surprised. “Captain Ling and Zhuo Hang are together?”

“This combination is really novel!” Kou Hongyi exclaimed. “If Captain Ling wants to pair up with a hunter, he could’ve taken Captain Jiang. It is estimated that he is trying to give more opportunities to the newcomer!”

Regardless of Ling Xuefeng’s thinking, his combination with Zhuo Hang was a foregone conclusion.

On the VIP stands, Li Xiaojiang quietly formed fists and cheered on his partner in his heart. ‘Zhuo Hang, you must keep up with Captain Ling’s rhythm!’

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Aerilistarylia Sae
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Jeongipoom Deer
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Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

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Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
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Yan Ruiwen wanted to see the black crows of a demon summoner in front of his eyes. He wanted Cover the Sky to blind him!

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