GLS: Chapter 300

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Chapter 300 – China VS Italy (Shu Bai Combination)

Due to the unexpected situation in the opening stage, the Su YU combination left early. This made the Chinese team send their second stage partners in advance—XIEXIE and White Fox!

The two IDs appeared on the big screen and the emotions of the domestic Canglan fans and the milk dad fans instantly ignited.

[Shu Bai!] [Previously in the Canglan team, no matter how bad the situation, the Shu Bai combination in the middle will always stabilize things!] [I hope that Shu Bai can show their force! Dad Bai refuel, Ah Shu Refuel!]

Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan took their seats.

At this point, Italy’s archer still had 30% blood and 30% blue left while the white magician had 25% blood and 40% blue. This state couldn’t be called good but as long as the two of them grasped an opportunity, a wave of attacks would be enough to hit the opponents to residual blood.

Xie Shurong rushed towards the fountain. He didn’t use any big moves but instead used the simplest ordinary attack to stab the white magician’s chest.

The sword was sharp and swift, so that the white magicians of Italy couldn’t keep up with the rhythm!

The speed of this terran swordsman was too fast. he was like a gust of wind!

In the blink of an eye, Xie Shurong reached three combos and his attack power directly doubled!

The white magician was beaten to 10% blood. He desperately had to use the instant skill God’s Light on Xie Shurong before hitting him with a few general attacks.

However, this wasn’t useful because Xie Shurong was someone who brought a dad with him.

Bai Xuan used a small healing skill and Xie Shurong returned to full blood. The white magician of Italy was then killed by Xie Shurong.

The archer in the distance continued to attack Xie Shurong. Bai Xuan quickly placed five layers of Healing Language on Ah Shu and then he was too lazy to add blood. He knew that the other archer only had a bit of blue left. Even if a big move was used, Xie Shurong had the buff on his body and wouldn’t die for a while.

With Bai Xuan was cover, Xie Shurong was even more unscrupulous.

He killed the white magician and turned towards the archer. Then he unleashed a gorgeous combo.

Kou Hongyi said, “Ah Shu’s style isn’t as fierce as his brother but his quick attack isn’t something that others can imitate! Attack four times in a row, five times in a row! The damage of the general attack has tripled!]

The attack power of a swordman’s general attack was actually very small but once a combo was formed, the damage would increase.

The so-called combo couldn’t have a 0.2 second gap between attacks and the target of the attack must be the same person. Every time Xie Shurong hit a combo, his hand speed would burst to the highest speed. The slender fingertips danced on the keyboard, dazzling people’s eyes!

In the blink of an eye, Xie Shurong took care of the residual blood Xie Shurong.

The Italian archer also pushed Xie Shurong’s blood to 40% but Xie Shurong brought his milk dad. Bai Xuan used Holy Light Surge and directly filled up his blood.

The two of them solved the problem. They used ordinary attacks and didn’t consume much blue. Xie Shurong was still full of blood and blue. Bai Xuan only used three skills and his blue was also above 80%.

Yu Bing’s mood finally improved and she smiled. “It seems that the combination of Shu Bai is truly safe. The disadvantage of the previous round has slowly been recovered by them.”

Kou Hongyi nodded. “It is thanks to Xie Shurong’s style of play. The swordsman’s quick attack combo and his extremely fast Light and Shadow Rotation are features that other people can’t imitate. He is a sharp player but Dad Bai… everyone knows that Bai Xuan is one of the gentlest people in the league. The effect of these two people together is unexpectedly good!”

Sharp and gentle, this combination was very harmonious. Bai Xuan could help Xie Shurong stabilize the situation and Xie Shurong had Bai Xuan’s care, allowing him to play his fast style to the highest level.

Shu Bai were worthy of being Canglan’s ace!

Now the Shu Bai combination had become the trump card of the national team!


In China, many spectators commented: [Shu Bai 6666!] [The Shu Bai combination is good! Flipping over the situation!]

The expressions on Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong’s faces were very relaxed. In fact, in the domestic league, Cat God often sent several youngsters in the first stage of the arena to train them. The Shu Bai combination often faced a disadvantageous situation when going into battle. They were used to this and performed quite calmly.

This might be the World Competition but there was nothing to worry about.

Xie Shurong looked over at Bai Xuan and saw him staring at the computer screen. Xie Shurong smiled handsomely and said, “I always think that playing with you is a pleasure.”

Bai Xuan glared at him. “Stop the nonsense or I will hit you.”

Xie Shurong shrugged. “The players on the other side haven’t come out yet.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

In this tense and exciting game, probably only the shameless Ah Shu would take advantage of this chance to talk?

Xie Shurong went on to say, “They are likely to send someone to take care of you. You have to be careful because I might not be able to protect you.”

Bai Xuan listened to him talk about the game and became serious. “Yes, I know.”

“I want to take care of the opposite people as soon as possible. Then the pressure on our following teammates will be relieved.” Xie Shurong put away his smile and spoke in a rare serious manner. “If necessary, I might give up on you. Can you understand this?”

“How can it not be understood? The role of a healer in the arena is to protect his teammate, not drag down his teammates. If they set fire to kill me, I will delay the time. You don’t need to worry about me. Hit them with your strongest attack and kill one if you can.”

Xie Shurong gently took his hand. “You are the most considerate person.”

Bai Xuan glared at him and removed the hand. “Get ready for the game.”

Xie Shurong smiled happily. He always felt that Bai Xuan’s expression was particularly interesting. It was more beautiful than his usual warm smile.

On the big screen, the IDs of the two Italian players were revealed and Shu Bai instantly became ready.

His words just now weren’t a joke.

The facts proved that his guess was correct. The players sent by Italy were the two black magicians with the most explosive skills!

A black magician was more aggressive than a white magician. It was absolutely feasible for two black magicians to join hands to kill a healer.

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan were a black magicians combination in the domestic league and they could definitely kill first-class gods in the league. In addition, the two black magicians of the Italian team were the signature combination of the championship team!

Xie Shurong’s eyes were cold as he instantly rushed to a black magician.

The two opponents obviously weren’t stupid. They didn’t want to attack Xie Shurong only for Bai Xuan to add blood. Their goal was the healer Bai Xuan!

The Shu Bai combination always had Xie Shurong as the main output while Bai Xuan was the assistance in the rear. In fact, everyone who really understood this combination knew that Bai Xuan was the core of the Shu Bai combination and was Xie Shurong’s most powerful backing.

As long as there was no milk dad, Xie Shurong would definitely fall.

A black magician directly used Dark Fear on Bai Xuan.

Bai Xuan didn’t use a cleansing skill because he knew there were two white magicians and there was another Dark Fear available!

The two Italian opponents took advantage of the control team to break out their skills. All types of attack skills headed towards Bai Xuan. Death Mantra overlapped three times and soon destroyed 60% of Bai Xuan’s blood!

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