GLS: Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Team Planning

Bai Xuan suggested having Ling Xuefeng join the team and Li Cangyu also had this thought.

He hadn’t known Ling Xuefeng for very long but every time they talked, he had the feeling of a ‘close friend.’ Ling Xuefeng might not speak much but the contents of his sentences were excellent. He was one year older than Li Cangyu and was more mature. He played in the US server for a period of time and had a deeper understanding of Miracle.

If he could pull such a powerful person into the team, the strength of the FTD team would definitely increase.

Li Cangyu was thinking about how to persuade him when he woke up the next morning and got a call.

Since they often played instances together and PKed in the Yisu City square, he had exchanged phone numbers with Ling Xuefeng to facilitate contact.  Now the caller ID showed it was Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu picked up in a puzzled manner. “Hello? Why are you calling me so early in the morning?”

A calm voice entered his ears. “Are you free today? I happen to be in Hangzhou. Come out and meet me.”

In a previous conversation, Li Cangyu had mentioned that he was studying in Hangzhou. He didn’t expect Ling Xuefeng to actually come over but it was truly speak of the devil and he would appear.

Li Cangyu immediately said, “Okay, decide a place and I will come out.”


Some time later, Li Cangyu arrived at the agreed upon place and opened the door to a private room. He was surprised to find that three people were actually sitting there.

Li Cangyu instantly recognized Ling Xuefeng despite never seeing him before.

The teenager standing in the middle was wearing a white shirt and light blue jeans. He was tall and slender, handsome with a pair of deep and dark eyes. The expression on his face revealed a touch of indifference, just like the Ling Xuefeng in the online game.

Of the two men standing beside him, one was wearing silver-framed glasses and had the appearance of an elite worker. The other one was in a plaid t-shirt and slacks. He was older than Ling Xuefeng and should be around 20 years old. He was smiling gently at Li Cangyu.

The teenager in the middle offered his hand and said, “Hello, I am Ling Xuefeng. I don’t know your name yet.”

“I am Li Cangyu.” Li Cangyu shook hands with him and wondered, “Who are these two people?”

Ling Xuefeng didn’t talk nonsense and spoke bluntly. “The one wearing glasses is the manager of the Wind Colour team, Zhu Ping, and the other person is a main member of the Wind Colour team, Yuan Shaoze. We came here today to formally invite you to join the Wind Colour team.”

Li Cangyu, “…”

What was this unexpected result? He had wanted to invite Ling Xuefeng to join the FTD team!

Ling Xuefeng’s tone was very serious. “I returned to China to form a team. Many of the Wind Colour Guild’s management are experts that we are looking to rise. The Wind Colour team is now officially registered and has team members, sponsors, a training room and a dormitory. We are only lacking a vice-captain. If you want, I would like to offer you the position of vice-captain of the Wind Colour team. Come with me to the Miracle Professional League.”

Li Cangyu was silent, his mood complicated.

Yuan Shaoze saw that he wasn’t responding and said with a smile, “I am Xiao Ling’s cousin. I often listened to him talk about you. He said that your summoner ideas are very novel, you are talented and your progress is very fast. You are a rear e-sports genius. That’s why we are sincerely inviting you to join the Wind Colour team. I personally came with the manager and brought the contract. If you agree, we can sign the contract on the spot.”

Manager Zhu Ping also said, “Wind Colour has many experts but Xuefeng insisted that the vice-captain’s positions is left to you. I believe in his eyes but I also believe in your potential. This is the contract. I hope you think about it.”

Li Cangyu took a close look at the contract.

The conditions that Wind Colour gave him were really good but if he joined Wind Colour, what would Bai Xuan do?

Last night they just discussed building a team and Xiao Bai even gave it the special name of For the Dream, FTD. Everyone had been so happy and full of hope. He was the person they chose as team captain. How could he leave them and join another team alone?

Li Cangyu couldn’t do such a thing.

Despite the Wind Colour team’s high salary, he decisively handed back the contract and looked at Ling Xuefeng. “Thank you for your appreciation. I’m sorry but I can’t join the Wind Colour team.”

Manager Zhu was surprised. “Is the treatment not good enough?”

“It isn’t a matter of treatment.” Li Cangyu said seriously, “I want to build a team myself.”

“…” Their expressions were a bit complicated.

After a moment of silence, Yuan Shaoze said, “It is good to have ambition. However, building your own team isn’t as you as you think. Manpower, funds, team quarters, a training room, many things must be prepared. You also have to submit an application with the league.”

“I know.” Li Cangyu’s attitude was very resolute. “I will work with my friends to solve these difficulties.”

“You shouldn’t think that things are simple.” Ling Xuefeng suddenly said. “At present, the Miracle League has officially registered eight teams. In addition to Wind Colour, there are strong teams such as Flying Feathers and Time.  If you join Wind Colour, I am confident that we can win the championship together. If you build your own team, you probably won’t make it to the playoffs, let alone get a trophy.”

“So what?” Li Cangyu met Ling Xuefeng’s eyes, seeing the same resolution and confidence there.

He knew that Ling Xuefeng’s invitation was sincere but he couldn’t leave his four friends to join Wind Colour. He wasn’t a selfish person who would ignore promises. He had decided to team up with Bai Xuan and promised to be the captain of the FTD team. He should take up this responsibility and bear the expectations of his good friends.

Li Cangyu spoke to Ling Xuefeng in the same calm tone, “I won’t regret it even if I can’t get a trophy.”

The three people, “…”

Yuan Shaozhe was speechless. He had never seen such a stubborn teenager!

Wasn’t it good to directly get the position of vice-captain?

Ready-made team quarters, ready-made training rooms, ready-made strong teammates and even a high salary! Did this person think it was easy to build a team by himself?

However, Yuan Shaoze was somewhat scared by Li Cangyu’s firm gaze. He was only a teenager yet he was so decisive and resolute. He ignored the temptations of money and a trophy, adhering to his own ideas. This Li Cangyu certainly wasn’t simple!

Yuan Shaoze looked back at his cousin Ling Xuefeng and clearly found a hint of disappointment.

His younger cousin actually liked this Li Cangyu. At the time, the team manager hadn’t believed that an elf summoner could be strong. It was Ling Xuefeng who firmly recommended Li Cangyu, using his identity of captain as the guarantee. That’s why the manager took the special trip here.

In terms of the contract, Ling Xuefeng also negotiated with the manager for a long time in an attempt to give Li Cangyu the highest salary.

They didn’t think this would be the result…

Li Cangyu saw Ling Xuefeng’s stunned expression and took the initiative to say, “Thank you, Ling Xuefeng. I know that you must’ve spent a lot of effort and even deliberately left the position of vice-captain to me. However… I’m sorry. I promised a few friends to build a team with them. Maybe we are doomed not to become teammates. Then I will see you later on the field.”

The youth’s dark eyes were clear without any traces of impurities.

Ling Xuefeng knew that he couldn’t shake this resolve, no matter what he said.

They were the same type of person. As long as they decided on a goal, they would go after it very firmly. Even if they were badly beaten, they wouldn’t easily bend their spines.

“Then I wish you good luck with building your team.” Ling Xuefeng finally stretched out his hand. He watched Li Cangyu and said slowly, “Since there is no way for us to become teammates, I hope that one day you will be my strongest rival.”

“I look forward to that day.” Li Cangyu replied.

“See you at the stadium.”

At that time in Hangzhou, the hands of the two young men tightly held each other, the simple movements expressing their pure admiration of each other.

They didn’t know how the Miracle Professional League would develop. Ling Xuefeng didn’t expect that the Time team would suddenly break out in the first season and crush his championship dream. Li Cangyu didn’t expect the FTD team to experience so many twists and turns…

At that time, they were only friends who met in an online game, exchanged ideas, learned from each other, slowly explored and made progress together.

They had the same dream and looked forward to a day where they would be holding the gold trophy.

Many things happened afterwards. The FTD team disbanded, transferred, reorganized and disbanded again. Li Cangyu suffered so many setbacks but had become a world-class master and his thoughts weren’t as simple as the original youth.

Li Cangyu was accustomed to racking his brains for a chance to win and gradually became a captain that was thoughtful and proficient at strategies.

But for him, the name Ling Xuefeng was still the softest existence in his heart.

He always remembered what Ling Xuefeng told him in his youth.

—Don’t listen to what other people say. If you have an idea, try it out boldly.

—Since there is no way for us to become teammates, I hope that one day you will be my strongest rival.

Ling Xuefeng didn’t expect his words to become a prophecy. Later, Li Cangyu used his own ideas to play the elf summoner to perfection. Then Li Cangyu became a deadly enemy of Ling Xuefeng on the field.

Their fate might be to not fight side by side, but they were the strongest opponents in each other’s hearts and the most appreciated confidant.


Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were silent as they recalled the past.

A long time passed before Ling Xuefeng finally typed: [Are you playing your elf summoner again to return to Miracle?]

Li Cangyu replied: [Of course, I haven’t won the championship so I am somewhat dissatisfied!]

This person was still as confident as before.

Ling Xuefeng saw this sentence on the computer screen and his lips couldn’t help curving up, like they were smiling. A rare gentleness appeared in his eyes.

He used the hands that abused countless people on the field to quickly type: [Fighting. I’ll wait for you to come home.]

After three years, Li Cangyu was finally coming back.

His time in Wulin could only be considered a short journey. The Miracle League was his real home.

In the past few years, the Wind Colour team was invincible in the Miracle Professional League and Ling Xuefeng had no rivals in the arena.

Many players from the same period retired and the younger generation of players were full of respect for him. It could be said that Ling Xuefeng was already successful but there was a gap in his heart that had never been filled. It was the spot that he left to Li Cangyu.

The 17 year old Li Cangyu and 18 year old Ling Xuefeng met in the online game. This was a simple time filled with the purest friendship. They might’ve failed to become teammates because of their respective ideals and embarked on a position of mutual hostility, but Ling Xuefeng’s appreciation of Li Cangyu never changed.

This person would be suffering and distressed after his team disbanded.

However, Ling Xuefeng was glad for the confidence that allowed him to return.

—Li Cangyu, I believe that you will prove your strength to everyone.

—I am in Miracle and waiting for you to come home.

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Kaguya Magami
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—Don’t listen to what other people say. If you have an idea, try it out boldly.”
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