GLS: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Urge Someone to Stay

Bai Xuan stiffened as he heard the familiar voice behind him. He closed the suitcase and said with a smile, “I have spend so many years tapping on the keyboard, I really don’t want to continue.”

“Is this your true heart?” Li Cangyu stared at him. “We have been partners for so many years. Do you think I would believe this lie?”


Bai Xuan uneasily removed his gaze.

“Why did you to go the hospital a few days ago?” Li Cangyu asked directly.

“…” Bai Xuan was silent.

Li Cangyu saw that his face was pale and asked softly, “What happened? If you are having problems, tell me and maybe I can help you find a solution?”

Facing Li Cangyu’s eyes filled with concern, Bai Xuan finally sighed reluctantly. He smiled bitterly and said, “I really can’t deceive you.”

He turned and found a file in his suitcase, handing it over to the other person. “This is the doctor’s diagnosis report. In fact, it isn’t that I don’t want to play but… My health is getting worse and I’m not fit to play anymore.”

The diagnosis report read: Multiple ulcers in the upper part of the stomach and the duodenum.

Stomach ulcers weren’t the same as liver cancer or lung cancer, which would make people feel desperate. However, this chronic disease that humans suffered was enough to make people miserable.

Bai Xuan’s spirit during this time was very bad and he also ate very little during meals. Li Cangyu thought he had been too stressed from the game. Now it seemed that he actually had a serious stomach disease and was eating and sleeping badly. Therefore, he was pale and weak.

In this state, there was no way for Bai Xuan to continue playing and he obliged to leave.

He felt reluctant but an e-sports player who couldn’t stay highly concentrated would be slaughtered on the arena and drag down his teammates.

Bai Xuan had his own pride and didn’t want to be a burden to his teammates.

He saw Li Cangyu’s frowning expression and smiled, taking back the report. “In fact, the symptoms aren’t serious. The doctor says that I need to pay attention to diet and sleep, then I will slowly get better…”

His words hadn’t finished when he was suddenly pulled into a warm embrace.

Li Cangyu’s hug was very tight. He couldn’t say anything good to comfort his friend so he could only express his feelings with a silent hug.

When the FTD team was created, he and Bai Xuan were both 18 years old. Bai Xuan was good at English and thought about using FTD as a acronym for ‘For the Dream.’ After FTD was disbanded due to poor results and the two people transferred together, Bai Xuan was the one who thought of the name Canglan—it was cold and piercing, magnificent enough to reflect their ambition and heart.

Bai Xuan had stayed by Li Cangyu’s side as the vice-captain and was like Li Cangyu’s right arm. He always helped Li Cangyu handle the team’s internal affairs at the appropriate time.

This man seemed gentle but he had his own dreams and dignity.

He was the best healer, the best vice-captain and Li Cangyu’s most trusted partner.

Since he chose to leave with dignity, Li Cangyu couldn’t detain him. Li Cangyu could only hug him tightly and whisper, “Take care.”

Bai Xuan smiled and nodded. “You too.”


That evening, Li Cangyu took a shower and immediately sat in front of the computer writing a long e-mail that detailed Bai Xuan’s situation. He soon received a reply to his e-mail, the contents saying simply: Bring your friend over, I will examine him.

Li Cangyu bought a ticket to fly to New York and it was the same flight as Bai Xuan.

Once Bai Xuan saw an old friend at the airport security checkpoint, his eyes widened with amazement. “How are you here?”

Li Cangyu’s expression was calm. “I contacted a doctor in New York for you and will accompany you to the check-up.”

Bai Xuan looked at him emotionally. Helping a friend to this extent, Li Cangyu’s degree of loyalty really made people speechless!

Li Cangyu patted Bai Xuan’s shoulder with a smile. “Let’s go. Going abroad can distract us and we can also look at your stomach.”

The two men boarded a flight to New York, USA. After arriving at the airport in New York, a woman with big curly hair rushed over after seeing the two of them and hugged Li Cangyu tightly.

The woman was very beautiful and her black curly hair was very eye-catching. Li Cangyu took the initiative to introduce her. “This is my older sister, Li Yueran.”

“It is nice to meet you.” Bai Xuan politely greeted her.

Li Yueran shook hands with Bai Xuan and said cheerfully, “Let’s go, I have arranged accommodations for you.”

Bai Xuan’s trip to New York was for the sake of travel and he hadn’t expected Li Cangyu to have relatives here. His sister directly let them stay at her house, which was very clean. The bed sheets in the two bedrooms were visibly new, showing that Li Cangyu’s sister was very reliable.

“I will take you out for dinner tonight to welcome you. Starting from tomorrow, I have no time to welcome you so you will have to entertain Bai Xuan.” Li Yueran told her younger brother, “Your brother-in-law is on a business trip. The house is empty so both of you can live casually. You aren’t a stranger to New York. If you have any problems, you can call me. I am working in the hospital this year and will return home at most once a week.”

“I know.” Li Cangyu replied simply. “You are busy so you don’t have to care about me.”

Bai Xuan heard this and couldn’t help feeling curious. “Big sister, are you a doctor?”

Li Yueran laughed and replied, “Yes, my father is also a doctor.”

The team usually never talked about family so this was the first time Bai Xuan knew that Li Cangyu’s father and sister were doctors. He didn’t expect Li Cangyu to actually come from a medical family.

The next day, Li Cangyu took Bai Xuan to the hospital to find his father.

Professor Li Jianan was an expert in digestive medicine. The middle-aged man in his 50s looked quite similar to Li Cangyu but his face was very serious. His expression didn’t change at all after seeing his son. He just picked up Bai Xuan’s medical record and studied it carefully.

After reading Bai Xuan’s medical records and examination reports, he carefully took a basic medical examination. Then he wrote on a piece of paper and said, “Go for a gastroscopy and I will tell you the results later.”

Li Cangyu stood outside and couldn’t help feeling distressed when he saw the pale Bai Xuan lying there and frowning in pain.

Bai Xuan must’ve been too worried about the team’s affairs and didn’t take time to go to the hospital for a good checkup. In addition, e-sports players often flew around to play games in various places. The diet, work schedule and rest were very irregular, causing his stomach disease to become more and more serious.

In the past two years, Bai Xuan had lost weight. This guy seemed to have a gentle temper but he was actually very stubborn. The two unfortunate people had worked together for many years and only got stomach ulcers, not a trophy. They were really the saddest partners in the competitive e-sports circle.

After finishing the gastroscope, Bai Xuan’s face was still very pale. Li Cangyu quickly held him and whispered, “Are you okay?”

Bai Xuan smiled and said, “I’m okay. Let’s take the results to your father.”

The two people returned to the doctor’s office, where Li Jianan looked at the results and explained, “This level doesn’t require surgery. You just need to rest and slowly recover. To prevent stomach bleeding, I will give you some drugs that will protect the gastric mucosa. You must pay attention to your diet and not eat any spicy or stimulating things. The meals should be light and they should be a regular three meals a day. Don’t stay up late and get adequate sleep.”

“Yes.” Bai Xuan listened and nodded seriously. “Thank you uncle.”

Li Jianan gave the list to Bai Xuan and looked at the two people. “Don’t think you can act freely at your age. Take the medicine or your body will regret it!”

He was obviously speaking to Bai Xuan and his son at the same time. Bai Xuan looked at Li Cangyu slyly while the other was calm and had a ‘not my business’ attitude.

Father Li couldn’t bear it and called out directly, “Li Cangyu, I’m talking about you!”

“Oh.” Li Cangyu nodded and said seriously, “My health is very good and I can play for a few more years. Rest assured Dad.”

“…” Li Jianan was so angry at his son that he got chest pains. Then he waved his hand and said, “Get lost. In any case, I can’t control you after you turned 18 years old.”

Li Cangyu said with a smile, “Thank you Dad! I’m going on.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

Wouldn’t this make his father angrier?

It was fun to see how this father and son didn’t get along on the surface, always bickering, but they were actually quite concerned about one another. When Li Cangyu came here, he bought a lot of gifts for his dad that he handed over to his eldest sister.

They left the hospital and Li Cangyu repeated his father’s words. “Do you remember to pay attention to your diet and get enough sleep?”

Bai Xuan felt like laughing and crying. “I remember!”

“Good.” Li Cangyu nodded with satisfaction. “Where do you want to go? I’ll go with you.”

“I don’t want to wander around. Let’s go home for dinner first.”

Bai Xuan needed an empty stomach for his hospital examination. The moment Li Cangyu thought this, he immediately took Bai Xuan home.

On the way back, he saw a store selling a variety of games. Li Cangyu couldn’t help stopping at the counter and said to the salesperson, “Hello, please give me a Miracle card.”

The voice was very good, causing the salesperson to look up. The smiling person had neat white teeth and gave off a sunny and handsome appearance.

The people who came here to buy things were usually otakus with some acne, this type of handsome person was very rare.

“Your card contains 300 hours of game time.” The shopkeeper became enthusiastic. “Is there anything else for this handsome man?”

“No, thank you.” Li Cangyu paid the money, took the card and turned away.

Bai Xuan couldn’t help asking, “Why are you buying a Miracle card? Aren’t you going to the Dragon Song team?”

“I talked to Liu Chuan and he wants to expand the Dragon Song club into the Miracle Professional League. This time I took the initiative to find him and he allowed me to be the captain in charge of this matter.” Li Cangyu explained while studying the pattern on the card in his hand. “I’m going to build a new team to return to the Miracle Alliance.”

“…” Bai Xuan frowned. “Won’t you feel very tired building a new team again?”

Wasn’t this his third team?

In addition, the last time he had the vice-captain and other teammates. This time he was alone!

Li Cangyu smiled. “I don’t feel tired. I have been thinking about returning to Miracle for the past two years, so this is a good opportunity for me.

“…” Bai Xuan looked at him helplessly. Once this man had decided something, eight horses couldn’t pull him back. He had clearly made up his mind to recreate a team in Miracle and no one could shake this determination.

“I’ll go to the bathroom first. Wait for me here.” Li Cangyu rushed away.

Bai Xuan looked thoughtfully at this man’s back before suddenly turning around and returning to the store.

As the shopkeeper looked at him with puzzled eyes, Bai Xuan politely smiled and said, “Please give me a Miracle card as well, thank you.”

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Melody Biosah
Melody Biosah
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Cornelia Spark
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