GLS: Chapter 297

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Chapter 297 – Training

After a long day of practice, Zhuo Hang could finally keep up with Ling Xuefeng’s rhythm. He couldn’t help sighing in admiration at Captain Ling’s violence. It was so terrible as his partner. What about his opponent?

In the past, Zhuo Hang hadn’t dealt directly with Ling Xuefeng. He just felt that the other person’s style was aggressive from the perspective of a watcher. Today, Zhuo Hang stood by his side and felt a huge pressure!

Captain Ling was not only fast, he was quite decisive. Attacking the enemy with a wave of skills in seconds was the play he was best at. Zhuo Hang was busy setting up traps and always felt that eight hands weren’t enough!

After returning to the room in the evening, Zhuo Hang couldn’t help telling Li Xiaojiang on WeChat: [Xiaojiang, I am partnering with Captain Ling and I always feel that I don’t have enough fingers. His play is too violent…]

Li Xiaojiang was surprised. “Hey? You, you are partnering with Captain Ling? Is it for the next match against Italy?”

The voice coming through the phone seemed to be softer. Zhuo Hang listened to the stuttering and his mood became better. He held the record button and continued, “yes, I didn’t expect Captain Ling to call me to go to the arena with him. This is my first time partnering with him and I feel good.”

Li Xiaojiang listened to the voice and immediately changed to typing: [The tactics of the national team, you can’t reveal it in advance!”

He naturally didn’t stutter when he typed. His sentence was very fluent and seemed to have a hint of criticism. Zhuo Hang saw the serious line of words and couldn’t help smiling. [Do I have to conceal it from you? Will you go out and say it?]

Li Xiaojiang: [Of course not!]

Zhuo Hang: [Then why does it matter? I’m just telling you and you are my most trusted friend.]

Li Xiaojiang saw this and couldn’t help feeling moved. The tactics of the next match in the National Competition could be called the biggest secret. The players had to keep it a secret. Zhuo Hang took the initiative to tell Li Xiaojiang that he was partnering with Captain Ling in the arena. This showed his absolute trust in Li Xiaojiang. He was very happy about being trusted by Zhuo Hang.

Even so, Li Xiaojiang still replied sensibly: [Don’t tell me other tactics. This isn’t very good. Cat God will be angry if he knows.]

Zhuo Hang inexplicable felt some loss when he saw this and quickly typed: [I just wanted to share my excitement with you. It is the first time partnering with Captain Ling and it feels very different. I just wanted to tell you this. Don’t think too much.”

After typing it out, he felt it was too immature and immediately deleted it, changing to another reply: [I know. I will pay attention and not tell anyone the tactical secrets.]

Li Xiaojiang: [That’s good.]

Zhuo Hang still felt a bit depressed. He wanted to share a secret with his friend and ended up being scolded by his friend. ‘You can’t tell the secret. It isn’t right.’

It felt like being splashed with cold water.

However, Zhuo Hang saw him seriously considering the national team and couldn’t be angry.

Xiaojiang was indeed more sensible than him. Tactical secrets shouldn’t be leaked. This was the morality of a professional player. He couldn’t say it even to his best friend. For example, Cat God had a good relationship with Captain Ling but in the domestic league, he didn’t mention any tactical arrangements.

This wasn’t just responsibility to his teammates but also respect for the other side.

Zhuo Hang thought this and sent another message to Xiaojiang: [You are really smart. I hadn’t thought of this problem. Thank you for reminding me! There will be a few days of rest after this match. I’ll take you to eat something delicious!]

Li Xiaojiang instantly replied: [I don’t want to eat. You should train well in the national team and don’t think about running out.]

Zhuo Hang, “…”

How did he have the tendency to be controlled by Li Xiaojiang?

Zhuo Hang scratched his head in a confused manner but the feeling of being taken seriously by the small snail wasn’t bad.

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4 years ago

i can’t wait 4 their match against italy
thanks 4 the chapter………

4 years ago

Thank you ❤

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

Thanks for the chapter! He was right to scold him! You never know what someone might tell, even by accident.

Aerilistarylia Sae
Aerilistarylia Sae
4 years ago

Dont underestimate the small snail. Have you not heard of the story Turbo. haha

4 years ago

😭😭😭🙏🙏 Zhuo Li combo is actually one of my favorites. So cute! The little snail is quite sharp when pecking his partner!