GLS: Chapter 294

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Chapter 294 – Door to a New World

Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei took the car back with everyone. On the way back to the Miracle Village, Cheng Wei was the only one who was unhappy. His IQ might be low but he wasn’t a fool. In the hallway, he saw Cat God and Ling Xuefeng hugging each other closely. They were only five centimeters apart and Captain Ling could directly reach Cat God’s lips.

What was going on?

Had Cat God slipped and was supported by Captain Ling?

Based on that posture, wasn’t it Cat God who took the initiative to hold onto the other person?

Cheng Wei only felt confused as the scene from before flashed through his mind.

Tan Shitian saw that he was in a daze and didn’t take the initiative to provoke him. Once everyone arrived at the restaurant of the Miracle Village, Tan Shitian thoughtfully gave Cheng Wei a large dish of sweets.

The matcha cake and white chocolate cake were his favourites. In the past, he could eat 10 pieces in one breath. Today, he stared hesitantly at the plate before putting it down with a lack of interest.

“I won’t eat. I want to go back and sleep.” Cheng stated as he got up.

Zhang Shaohui was sitting next to him and expressed some doubts. “Is there a problem with Xiao Wei’s stomach as well? How can he eat so little today?”

Cheng Wei hung his head and replied, “I have no appetite.”

Zhang Shaohui still wanted to ask but he heard Lou Wushuang’s cold voice stating, “Eat and don’t ask too much.”

“Oh.” Zhang Shaohui had to give up his intention to keep inquiring. Moreover, Cheng Wei ignored him and directly turned to leave.


Cheng Wei returned to his room and directly lay on the bed to sleep. Tan Shitian looked at the lump on the bed in a funny manner and walked over. “What’s wrong with you.”

Cheng Wei turned over. “I’m thinking about a problem. Don’t talk to him.”

Tan Shitian teased him, “Your brain capacity isn’t big enough, just like a computer without enough memory to play a game. What’s the problem? Should I help you think about it?’

These words made Cheng Wei open the quilt and sit up angrily. “Tan Shitian, what metaphor are you using? My brain capacity isn’t big enough. Does that mean I am dumber than you?”

Tan Shitian just smiled and Cheng Wei realized that it was an attempt to stimulate him. He soon became depressed again and wanted to continue thinking. As a result, Tan Shitian pulled him over and asked softly, “Are you wondering about that scene you saw in the hallway today?”

Cheng Wei frowned. “Yes.”

His face was wrinkled like a steamed bun and he looked so cute. Tan Shitian endured the urge to reach out and pinch his face. “Cat God and Captain Ling were hugging in the hallway. Do you think there is a problem?”

Cheng Wei scratched his head. “I just feel… it is a bit strange?”

“Where is it strange?”

Cheng Wei thought for a moment before explaining, “I just think… the movements of the two of them are like… they were going for a kiss.”

Tan Shitian, “…”

This guy caught the key point in a critical moment!

It was just that his brain capacity wasn’t enough and he couldn’t understand the complex reality. Of course, don’t blame Cheng Wei. What average person would think that Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng’s relationship would be like this? Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were handsome and the type that was popular with girls.

Tan Shitian knew the truth and felt a bit complicated.

He looked at Cheng Wei’s worried appearance and couldn’t bear to let Cheng Wei face such a big impact. After all, Li Cangyu was Cheng Wei’s idol. If the brainless fan knew that Cat God was taken by Captain Ling, he might take a knife to chope at Ling Xuefeng.

Cough, it was better to let Cheng Wei be in the dark.

Tan Shitian thought this and immediately said with a straight face, “How can you think that of them? Captain Ling and Cat God are the leaders of the national team. Every day, they are busy with the game tactics. They just had an interview with reporters and were obviously whispering in the hallway when we saw them.” He paused before adding seriously, “Cat God is your idol. Do you think he would like a person like Ling Xuefeng?”

Cheng Wei heard Tan Shitian’s words and blushed. “I am wrong! Ling Xuefeng, this cold and haughty person, is definitely a person who wants to defeat Cat God!” Cheng Wei was finally happy. “It seems that I was thinking too much. Cat God definitely isn’t that type of person!”

Tan Shitian, “…”

Tan Shitian felt guilty at distorting the truth for Cheng Wei. However, he saw Cheng Wei’s good mood and didn’t regret his decision.

Today, he noticed that things between Ling and Cat weren’t quite right. It was an opportunity to test Cheng Wei’s attitude on this matter.

Tan Shitian suddenly held Cheng Wei’s shoulder and asked seriously, “Xiao Wei, do you hate the thought of two men being together?”

Cheng Wei was startled and answered, “Isn’t it strange for two men to be together?”

Tan Shitian wondered, “Were you surprised when I kissed you?”

Cheng Wei thought of the scene where he was kissed. A string in his mind was touched and the sensations he felt at that time appeared clearly. Cheng Wei turned red and immediately pushed Tan Shitian away. “Don’t talk nonsense! I’m going to sleep now.”

He had just buried himself in the quilt when Tan Shitian opened the quilt, raised Cheng Wei’s jaw with his fingers and followed with warm lips.

“Oh…” Cheng Wei’s eyes widened from shock.

However, Tan Shitian was pressed against him and he couldn’t resist. The flexible tongue opened his teeth and dove straight in. The familiar taste of Tan Shitian filled his mouth.

“Oh… um…”

Cheng Wei stretched out his hands and struggled. Tan Shitian pulled the hands behind his head, making the kiss deeper so that Cheng Wei could barely breathe.


A strange feeling shot to his mind along the contact areas. His body tingled like there was electricity. It was strange but it made him excited, like the door to a new world had been opened.

Cheng Wei no longer resisted and passively accepted Tan Shitian’s kiss. His cheeks were so red it was like blood could be squeezed from them.

At the end of the kiss, Tan Shitian’s face was flushed and his voice was low and hoarse. “Do you hate me?”

Cheng Wei’s spirit returned and he punched Tan Shitian, only for his fist to be caught.

Tan Shitian continued to ask softly, “Do you hate it?”

Cheng Wei’s eyes were big and fierce as he tried to kill Tan Shitian with his eyes. However, he only met a gentle gaze and became stunned. Once his first was let go, he turned his head and spoke in a depressed manner, “Tan Shitian, stop playing tricks on me. I don’t want to play this game with you…”

Then he covered himself with the quilt.

Inside the enclosed nest, he could hear his loud heart pounding and pounding, almost jumping out from his chest.

He didn’t dare answer the question just now.

It was because he didn’t hate Tan Shitian’s kiss. He enjoyed it and even felt some anticipation.

Tan Shitian might be playing a trick on him but he was addicted to the strange and exciting kisses…

Cheng Wei felt somewhat disgusted with himself and rubbed hard at his lips in a self-destructive manner before closing his eyes.

Then he seemed to hear a soft sigh from outside the quilt. “I’m not playing games with you. In fact, I…”

The voice stopped here. Cheng Wei’s ears pricked as he wanted to keep listening, only to hear Tan Shitian moving away.

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5 years ago

Captain Tan is having hard time over there huh…

anyway, don’t let Captain Ling hear that 😂

5 years ago

More progress between these two. Hopefully the other will be more self aware with his feelings and their relationship.