GLS: Chapter 293

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Chapter 293 – Post-Match Interview

The Chinese team won against Spain 3:0 and ranked first in their group with 30 points. Ling Xuefeng won the super god achievement by killing eight people and became the world’s first player to gain this achievement!

This news set off an uproar in the domestic e-sports circle.

All domestic e-sports sites scrambled to report the good news. The comments for the Miracle League’s official Weibo post broke through seven figures in an instant while other countries’ e-sports reporters expressed surprised at the Chinese team’s record. They defeated Australia and then Spain with a score of 3:0 and the Chinese team seemed to have an unstoppable momentum in the World Competition.

Li Cangyu’s three kills in the arena and Ling Xuefeng’s super god in death racing announced to the world’s MIracle fans that the Chinese team was strong!

The Spanish captain Rodriguez stated in an interview after the game, “The captain of the Chinese team is a very resourceful player. In addition, I advise the captains of other countries to try and ban the Chinese team’s maps or they will definitely suffer!”

It was obvious that Rodriguez had a psychological shadow regarding Mount Huangshan Plank Road.

The Spanish vice-captain Sobrino told the reporters, “Many players on the Chines team haven’t appeared in the world rankings but their strength is world-class. We were too careless…”

Spain had lost two games and were destined to miss out on the quarter-finals. Their emotions weren’t great and after the interview, they returned to the Miracle Village in advance.

Next was the interview with the winners, the Chinese team.

Li Cangyu wanted to bring Jiang Xu but Jiang Xu didn’t want to appear in front of the reporters. He always kept a low profile and declined to attend the interview. Other players also said they didn’t want to accept the baptism of camera flashes and Li Cangyu was forced to appear with Ling Xuefeng.

As soon as the captain and vice-captain of the national team appeared, they received warm applause from e-sports reporters from all over the world!

The two people were equally tall and handsome. Ling Xuefeng looked cold while Li Cangyu smiled brightly. He was obviously in a very good mood.

The reporters instantly handed the microphone over to Li Cangyu. “Cat God, your three kills were really handsome!”

Li Cangyu nodded to the reporter. “Thank you.”

“I want to ask, who arranges the tactics for every match?”

Li Cangyu glanced at the man next to him and smiled. “I usually discuss it with Xuefeng.”

Ling Xuefeng didn’t speak but he looked at Li Cangyu and nodded in agreement.

The reporter asked curiously, “How are the overall tactics formulated?”

Li Cangyu patiently explained, “We will set the core tactics and corresponding commander in response to the characteristics of players from different countries. For example, in the previous match against Australia, I decided to let Tan Shitian take charge of the economic warfare after discussing it with Xuefeng while Su Guangmo was responsible for death racing. In this match against Spain, Jiang Xu was responsible for the economic battle while Xuefeng was responsible for death racing.”

“Every person is responsible for a different style. For example, Tan Shitian’s kite flow can deal with the Australian lineup. In order to avoid out tactics being guessed early on by Spain, I let Jiang Xu use the double taunting method.”

“After setting the core tactics and corresponding commander, we let the commander personally select the teammates. There will be six people for the economic war and five people for death racing. Then I will arrange the arena combinations from the remaining people.”

A reporter couldn’t help being surprised after hearing this. “The commander of the economic battle was Jiang Xu?” Obviously, people who didn’t know much about tactics misunderstood that the commander was Tan Shitian.

Li Cangyu felt it was necessary to give credit to Jiang Xu. “It is truly Captain Jiang. Tan Shitian and Liu Xiang fit his style of play and the national team doesn’t have many hunters. We can use the pure trap flow so Jiang Xu proposed the double taunting idea. The effect worked better than we thought.”

The reporters suddenly realized. Jiang Xu had always been invisible in China and the performance of the Cheetah team wasn’t great. He had the title of best hunter but he was always ridiculed by netizens as not having enough strength. This time he proved himself in the World Competition. He might not have Li Cangyu’s strength and hand speed but he was still an excellent player.

“I want to ask Cat God. The national team has 22 players and you can choose from many combinations and team lineups. Isn’t it chaotic before every match?”

“That’s why I will arrange the tactical commanders and let them choose their teammates.” Li Cangyu smiled and replied. “This way, people will have a chance to lead a team in every match and the pressure on me and Xuefeng will be much smaller.”

Li Cangyu was always serious every time he answered questions relating to the game. The reporters quickly wrote it down while sighing at Cat God’s strength. To be able to manage more than 20 people and not have ever match be chaotic, this showed that Li Cangyu was truly a rare genius.

Another person asked, “According to Cat God, the commanders and tactics will change in the next match against Italy?”

“Naturally, although I can’t disclose who they are.”

At this moment, a blonde foreign female reporter with blue eyes stood up and asked a few questions in English.

Li Cangyu listened politely but only half understood. Once she finished her questions, Li Cangyu turned to Ling Xuefeng for him and Ling Xuefeng immediately whispered a translation in his ears.

The reporter’s question was, “Li Cangyu’s elf summoner is very strong. Do you have the confidence to defeat the American team’s Jack and South Korea’s Captain Park, who are top three players in the world.”

Li Cangyu listened to Ling Xuefeng’s translation and replied, “The rankings based on a player’s popularity and data aren’t necessarily accurate. Is a summoner with a winning percentage of 53% stronger than one with a winning percentage of 51%? Not necessarily. In my opinion, two people should at least fight against each other first before determining who is strong and who is weak. I haven’t played with Jack and Park and can’t answer this question. The certain thing is that they are very good players. If there is a chance to fight against them, I will let the audience judge who is stronger.”

His answer was very generous and the turned to Ling Xuefeng after finishing. The latter acted as his interpreted and repeated it in fluent English.

The reporters, “…”

Captain Ling, where was your coldness? Why do you seem so happy to translate for Cat God?

Moreover, Ling Xuefeng’s memory was really amazed. He remembered such a long passage and translated it without missing anything. Or perhaps he had a connection with Cat God and already guessed how Cat God would answer?

The American reporter heard Ling Xuefeng’s translation and sat down with satisfaction.

Li Cangyu smiled at the man and said, “Your English is really good. It was the correct decision to take you to the interview.”

Ling Xuefeng was calm. “There are still many questions. Drink plenty of water and answer slowly.”

He handed the water bottle over to the other party and Li Cangyu drank it in a natural manner.

The reporters, “…”

The two men whispered together and handed each other water. It was simply treating the reporters as air!

A reporter stood up and questioned, “Captain Ling, today’s death racing was almost the Chinese team’s exhibition game. You were really handsome when killing eight people. What did you think at the time?”

“The super god was just a coincidence.” Ling Xuefeng answered calmly. “My teammates worked well together. Yang Muzi’s control was very timely, the output of Yan Guo was stable and Qin Mo used his blood kin pets to bit the opponents. This created the most favourable conditions for me to kill the Spanish players.  At the time, I didn’t think too much. I just used the moment to take away the heads of the residual blood opponents.”

The reporters, “…”

They listened to his composed answer and felt admiration. If he got the super god achievement through a coincidence, did it mean he could kill 10 people if he deliberately tried?

Compared to the flexible, quick and varied Cat God, Ling Xuefeng’s style could be described with one word—domineering!

Both of them were summoners but their styles were very different.

The strange thing was that when they sat together, they always gave people a feeling of harmony. They were the strongest opponents in China and killed all the way to the finals. It was either ‘you die or I die.’ However in the international competition, they were the captain and vice-captain of the national team. The two of them were complementary and showed a tacit understanding that was higher than any fixed partners.

Even in the interview, they were constantly making eye contact and whispering from time to time…

Perhaps he was aware of the eyes of the reporters. Li Cangyu finally stopped whispering to Ling Xuefeng and told the reporters, “If you have any more questions, please ask.”

A reporter’s spirit returned and he immediately stood up. “I heard Sister Bing say that Bai Xuan’s body was uncomfortable and he asked for leave today? There are many milk dad fans in China who are worrying right now. Cat God, can you tell us anything about how he is doing?’

“Everyone can rest assured. Xiao Bai just hadn’t adapted to the food after going abroad and his stomach isn’t comfortable. I will let him rest for two days and he should return for the next match.”

“We found that Ah Shu also isn’t in the match today. Is he sick as well?”

“Oh, he stayed back to take care of Vice-Captain Bai. The Shu Bai combination will rest together.” Li Cangyu explained.

“Are there any other players of the national team who haven’t adapted after coming abroad.” The reporters heard that Bai Xuan had eaten bad things and were worried.

“Fortunately, other players aren’t showing any reactions to the meals and they are getting plenty of sleep. You don’t have to worry.”

“I have a personal question for Cat God. Who are you sharing a room with during the World Competition?” A young girl suddenly stood up. “There are quite a few fans in China who are concerned about this. Please introduce your roommate to us.”

Li Cangyu glanced over at LIng Xuefeng. “Do you want to say a few words?”

Ling Xuefeng replied lightly, “I am his roommate. Cat God fans, do you have any opinions on this?”

Cat God fans, “…”

This was like ‘I alone have your Cat God. Do you have any opinions?’

The Cat God fans really wanted to kill him!

Li Cangyu smiled happily and nodded. “I am living with Xuefeng for the convenience of discussing match tactics. You don’t have to worry too much about us. We both have no bad habits like snoring or strange dreams.”

The reporter continued to want gossip. “How is Captain Ling’s sleeping position?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “It is like how you imagine the male god. He frowns in bad and had the expression of ‘anyone who disturbs me will die’.”

Ling Xuefeng looked over at him. “Is that so?”

“Yes, if you don’t believe it then I will take a photo and show you.”

Ling Xuefeng coughed and changed the topic. “Are the questions finished? We will go back to rest.”

The reporters saw Captain Ling’s cold eyes and didn’t dare ask anymore questions. They immediately shrank back and watched them leave.


On the way back, Li Cangyu saw his stern expression and couldn’t help whispered, “Are you angry?”

Ling Xuefeng told him, “I’m not that stingy.”

Li Cangyu came over, hugged him and looked at the other person gently.

This close distance meant he could clearly see Ling Xuefeng’s handsome facial features and his own reflection in Ling Xuefeng’s eyes. Li Cangyu wanted to kiss him. Their lips were just about to touch when a puzzled voice was heard from the side, “Cat God?”

It was Cheng Wei and Tan Shitian.

Li Cangyu pushed Ling Xuefeng away and pretending to be calm as he faced Cheng Wei’s curious eyes. “Why are you here?”

Cheng Wei still seemed surprised. “I’m coming back from the bathroom. What are you doing?”

“…” Ling Xuefeng wanted to destroy Cat God’s brainless fan and Li Cangyu also wanted to block the mouth of this silly person.

Didn’t he know that some questions shouldn’t be asked?

Tan Shitian made an awkward expression and coughed. “Cough, isn’t it time to go back? Is the interview over?”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “Yes, let’s go.”

Li Cangyu turned away with Ling Xuefeng and Cheng Wei was left scratching his head.

Just now, Ling Xuefeng was holding Cat God. What did he want to do?

Tan Shitian saw that Cheng Wei was still thinking about this problem and was forced to pull him away. This EQ was low enough to kill him!

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Little Wei: Mom, Dad, what are you doing?
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Poor Dog Tan 😂

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