GLS: Chapter 292

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Chapter 292 – Crushing Game

The commentator Kou Hongyi roared excitedly, “Captain Ling is so handsome, I can’t find any adjective for it!” The appearance of this brainless fan made many Captain Ling fans disgusted.

On the other hand, Yu Bing controlled her emotions and spoke calmly, “Once Captain Ling was surrounded by three Spanish players, he calmly blackened their vision and turned away. Then he let Yang Muzi be bait for an ambush counterattack. These tactics are really beautiful! There are no doubts about his personal strength. The use of Witch Demon’s Curse and Death Imprisonment were very smooth and the explosive power of the demon god is strong enough. He is worthy of being the top male god of our league.”

Kou Hongyi suddenly smiled. “I always think that Captain Ling and Cat God are competing in the World Competition. Just now, Cat God won three kills while Captain Ling took five kills in one breath. The two strongest rivals are still competing with each other in the World Competition. Their feelings are really good.”

This time, Cat God’s fans were disgusted with him.

Li Cangyu smiled happily as he watched Ling Xuefeng’s precise layout beat the Spanish team. He felt very proud in his heart. This was Xuefeng in the World Competition. Could he be more handsome? Li Cangyu would be sure to reward him well later.

The death racing wasn’t over yet but Li Cangyu already determined that the Chinese team had won.


The facts proved that Ling Xuefeng would never give the Spanish team a chance to reverse the situation.

The previous wave of combat had consumed too many skills. Thus, Ling Xuefeng made the timely decision to let his teammates return to the red resurrection point to add blood and blue.

The red resurrection point was in the upper left corner of the maze map. It was very far from here but the rule of death racing was that as long as the player returned to the resurrection point, their blood and blue would be automatically filled and the skill cooldown reset.

It was very cost-effective to fill up their resources. Thus, the Chinese team would be ready for another wave once the Spanish team resurrected.

The thing that surprised Ling Xuefeng was that the Spanish team actually chose the red resurrection point!

They had just resurrected full of blood and blue when the Chinese team arrived.  The five people of the Spanish team aimed at the 30% blood Yang Muzi. The two assassins quickly closed in and used Back Stab and Fatal Blow as starting moves!

The weak defense Yang Muzi couldn’t resist and instantly fell to the ground.

Ling Xuefeng immediately ordered, “Yang Muzi, resurrect at the red point while the others should restore their blood and blue as soon as possible.”

The remaining four people of the Chinese team took advantage of the time when the Spanish team were attacking Yang Muzi to quickly step into the red resurrection point, fully restoring their blood, blue and skills.

In the case of 4v5, the Chinese team was at the disadvantage but Ling Xuefeng had the type of ‘I can kill you with less’ atmosphere!

The moment that Yang Muzi died, Ling Xuefeng used Cover the Sky!

The release position of the black crows’ group attack was quite clever. It directly confused the opposite side and the five members of the Spanish team wanted to cough up blood.

The two assassins were forced to restore their vision by entering Combat Stealth and quickly circled behind Ling Xuefeng.

However, Yan Ruiwen didn’t stay still. As the vice-captain of Wind Colour, he had cooperated with Ling Xuefeng for many years. The moment Captain Ling used a group attack, he also followed with the group attack, Hell Flames!

The large black-red flames rose from the ground and struck the hidden assassins of the Spanish team.

—Pain Blade!

The Spanish assassin wanted to control Ling Xuefeng but it seemed like Ling Xuefeng had eyes in the back of his head. He summoned a skeleton behind his body to directly block this attack and turned around. Three skeletons followed and circled the assassins, controlling them in a neat manner!

The Spanish assassin wanted to cry.

He had never seen such a fast demon summoner. The skeleton infantry emerged one after another, making the hairs on his back rise.

The assassin who wanted to attack Ling Xuefeng was controlled and Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan went to attack him.

What about Qin Mo?

The witty Qin Mo had set the other assassin in place the moment the two assassins were hit!

The four people of Wind Colour controlled the two assassins but the Spanish berserkers and swordsman weren’t still. Once the black crows’ vision control was over, the berserkers used a combination of Cut Through Thorns and Strong Storm and Rain!

The golden light effect from the giant axes filled the room and the blood of Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan lowered.

The swordsman followed up with Light and Shadow Rotation.

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s blood fell below 30%.

Ling Xuefeng ordered, “Ignore them and kill the assassins first!”

Yan Guo understood. Guo Xuan moved in front as protection and blocked the control of the other side’s melee, while Yan Ruiwen moved back and used Dark Fear!

This control skill instantly neutralized the attack power of the berserkers and swordsman!

Yan Ruiwen decisively turned back and stacked Death Mantra on the two assassins. Guo Xuan was the same.

Qin Mo’s positioning was very flexible. The Spanish team were busy killing the Yan Guo combination and no one was in charge of him. He quickly ran around the whole field and released the blood snakes and blood spiders on the Spanish team.

This approach seemed a bit messy but it was very effective and applied three layers of bleeding on the Spanish team!

Xiao Han couldn’t help praising from the rest area, “Qin Mo’s approach is really very good.”

Li Cangyu smiled and patted his apprentice’s head. IT had been a long time since he heard Xiao Han’s signature praise!

He also thought that Qin Mo was clever with the use of the blood kin pets. As long as he applied three layers of bleeding to the Spanish team, it would be easy for Ling Xuefeng to finish the harvest.

The control effect of the Spanish team’s melee ended and the swordsman decisively used Breaking Bone Sword and Devouring Soul Sword to kill Guo Xuan!

Yan Ruiwen was attacked by the two assassins. He didn’t have much blood left and would soon fall.

To the relief of the Chinese audience, Yang Muzi was resurrected at this time!

Yang Muzi chose the red resurrection point after dying and once resurrected, she immediately used the white magician’s big move, Holy Seal!

This was the white magician’s group control skill. The white light collectively set the five people of the Spanish team in place.

The Spanish commander Trinidad was surprised to find that at this time, the two assassins were already at 30% residual blood and the two berserkers and one swordsman had three layers of bleeding on them!

At almost the same time, Qin Mo used the big move of the blood kin summoner, Blood Bat Festival!

This skill not only lowered the blood volume of the other party, but it also upgraded the three layers of bleeding to four layers.

Yang Muzi followed up with God’s Belief!

The two assassins with only a bit of blood left were instantly killed.

Yang Muzi killed the other side’s assassins and got rid of the threat of their stealth!

The head ratio became 7:3 and the Spanish team’s three melee didn’t have much blood left.

Ling Xuefeng’s demon god finally came out again.

The black demon released the curse from his hand and the dog scattered. Like a beast in the dark, it instantly swallowed up the three people of Spain!

—Killing Spree! Special slaughter!

The Spanish team’s swordsman was killed by Ling Xuefeng. Combined with the five kills from before, his six kills caused the ‘killing spree’ prompt to appear on the big screen.

Ling Xuefeng followed up by summoning the skeleton infantry to surround the berserkers trying to flee. His finger quickly pressed the keyboard and the attack skill Skeleton Explosion was used. There was a loud noise and a residual blood berserker also died.

—Dominating! Dominating the game!

A player who killed seven people would become ‘dominating,’ meaning they could dominate a game.

There was still one person left!

The Spanish team’s last surviving berserker wanted to use this opportunity to escape through a side door. However, Qin Mo had already chased him and used the blood spider to set him in place.

Ling Xuefeng followed closely and once again called out his skeletons.

The two skeletons surrounded the berserker on the left and right and exploded.  Ling Xuefeng’s operation was so fast that it was almost like Skeleton Summoning and Skeleton Explosion were one skill!

This was the demon summoner’s most commonly used attack and control skill. Ling Xuefeng used it in a masterly manner and the Skeleton Explosion successfully removed the head of the Spanish berserker!

—Legendary! Super god!

If a player didn’t die and took eight heads in the death racing mode, they would get the achievement of ‘super god.’

Once this line of English words appeared on the big screen, the domestic audiences boiled over.

Since the start of the World Competition, there had been many death racing games. Ling Xuefeng was the first player to win eight heads and be announced as a ‘super god.’

This was Ling Xuefeng! These days, he had accompanied Cat God to act as a soy sauce. As a result, the world was shocked when he came out!

Cat God’s three kills and Captain Ling’s eight kills, the China VS Spain match ended with this successful result.

Ling Xuefeng calmly walked back to the rest area and Li Cangyu greeted him with a smile and a pat on the shoulder. “Xuefeng, you are too amazing. Is the death racing actually your exhibition game?”

Ling Xuefeng looked at the other person with warm and firm eyes. “I have to keep up with your footsteps don’t I?”

‘Only then can I stand side by side with you. I will lead the national team with you and embark towards the peak of the world!

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