GLS: Chapter 290

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Chapter 290 – Death Racing

Jiang Xu returned to the resting place and Li Cangyu patted him on the shoulder with a smile. “Your command was excellent!”

Su Su Guangmo also praised him, “Captain Jiang’s double taunting idea is really novel but only the national team can form such a luxurious lineup, right?”

Zhang Shaohui added, “The double taunting style is too hard! Captain Jiang should lead another group battle!”

Jiang Xu was very excited about being praised by such great gods. In the domestic league, the Cheetah team often lost to the other teams and came in last.  Today, he led the national team’s players to win in the World Competition and also achieved his dream.

Perhaps his teammates from the Cheetah team were watching the live broadcast?

At this time, a message suddenly popped up on Jiang Xu’s phone from Chen Anran. [Master is handsome!]

This 16 year old boy was ashamed of his personality. He always blushed and hid behind teammates when meeting reporters. However, Jiang Xu knew that this boy had a strong gaming talent and would one day make everyone look at the Cheetah team.

Jiang Xu thought this and replied: [Next year’s World Competition, I hope that you will have a place in the team. Can you do it?]

Chen Anran immediately replied: [Yes, I will refuel!]

Jiang Xu smiled and put away his phone.

The strength of the Chinese Miracle League would only become stronger and stronger because there were too many outstanding players growing quickly!


The domestic broadcast room was overwhelmed with flowers and clapping at this time. The Chinese team had won three games against Australia. Now they won the arena and economic battle. Each game gave five points and the total score of the Chinese team had reached 25 points, making them ranked first in Group B.

Italy lost one game in the match against Spain. Even if they played 3:0 in the afternoon match against Australia, they could only get 25 points.

In other words, regardless of the outcome, the Chinese team had already locked in a qualifying quota in the group stage.

The audience was naturally very excited but some people were concerned: [I still hope we qualify as first in Group B so that the next opponent will be the second place from Group D!]

According to the rules of the AB and CD group cross matches, the quarter finals would be the first place of Group B against the second place of Group D. The quarter finals was an elimination stage and the slightest mistake would knock them out of the competition. Thus, coming first in the group was more advantageous.

Li Cangyu naturally thought this as well.

The next game was death racing and the commander was Ling Xuefeng.

Li Cangyu looked at Ling Xuefeng in the eyes and patted his shoulder in encouragement. “Refuel.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded firmly and whispered, “Rest assured.”

The two words were simple but there was a strangely reassuring power about them.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling. “Then I will wait for another five points.”

Since Ling Xuefeng was the commander, Li Cangyu had absolute confidence that they would gain these five points!


Kou Hongyi and Yu Bing used the rest time to briefly analyze the situation of Group B.

Kou Hongyi brought up the World Competition’s current rankings and was excited. “At present, the Chinese team is ranked first in the group with 25 points. There is also a match between Italy and Australia this afternoon. The standings will change but we can be certain that China will qualify.”

“I believe that the players of the national team will want to qualify as the first team. This means the next game will be crucial.” Yu Bing explained calmly, “The death racing game will be played on the map submitted by Spain. This will make it more difficult to play.”

“Who will be the commander of the next game?” Kou Hongyi asked.

“It should be Ling Xuefeng.” Yu Bing easily answered. “Cat God, Captain Lou and Captain Su have already appeared in the arena. Jiang Xu and Tan Shitian appeared in the economic battle. The only commanders left in the national team are Chu Yan and Ling Xuefeng. A psychic isn’t suitable for playing against Spain and the other psychic, Zhu Qingyue has already appeared in the arena. Thus, the commander can’t be Chu Yan and Captain Ling is the only one remaining.”

Yu Bing’s analysis made sense and the domestic audience became heated up. [Asking Captain Ling to crush them!] [Captain Ling has been acting as a soy sauce for so long and he’s finally appearing?] [Captain Ling, I will give you a waist pendant!]

Ling Xuefeng’s popularity in China was very high and his fans instantly drowned the live broadcast room with comments.


In the soundproof room, Ling Xuefeng brought together the people participating in death racing to watch the map before the game.

The map chosen for this game was Madrid Palace, submitted by Spain.

On the big screen, the 3D god’s perspective revealed the map. It could be seen that the royal palace was quite magnificent. The palace was entirely white in colour. The palace in front of the Plaza de la Armeria had French-style buildings while the interior of the palace contained the Italian style popular at the time. There were countless small houses and the interior furnishings were quite luxurious.

There were more than 2,000 houses in the real Madrid Palace. It was impossible to move the entire palace into the game. The designers transformed the interior of the palace, leaving only a few dozen rooms. Each room had four doors connected to the front, back, left and right rooms. The passages inside were complex and it was obviously an indoor labyrinth.

Ling Xuefeng looked thoughtfully at the map and said, “The refresh points of death racing should be inside the room. There are so many rooms that it is had to judge.” He paused and looked at the teammates next to him. “Take a closer look at the map and imprint an impression of the structure of the maze. I will directly mark where we should gather later.”

The rooms in the closed labyrinth were square shaped and the surrounding walls were exactly the same. It would be easy to get lost once inside. The league had regulations for this type of maze. There must be a direction marker or the players would end up playing hide and seek and the game couldn’t finish in an hour.

There was a compass on the mini-map of Madrid Palace. They could judge the direction according to the compass.

Everyone followed Ling Xuefeng’s instructions and watched the map again and again. Then once the rest time ended, they pushed open the soundproof glass door and went to the players’ seats.

The list of participants from both sides immediately appeared on the big screen.

The Chinese side had the demon summoner Ling Xuefeng, the blood kin summoner Qin Mo, the black magicians Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan and the white magician Yang Muzi. This was a pure weak defense, ranged lineup.

The Spanish team was a pure melee lineup with two berserkers, two assassins and a swordsman.

Spain’s ace players had already appeared in the economic war but the death racing participants were all fixed partners on their teams and had a high understanding.

Kou Hongyi specialized in supplementing the information of the Spanish team and instantly explained, “The two berserkers are from the Spanish TEG team while the two assassins are from the Spanish LC team. The remaining swordsman is also good.”

Yu Bing frowned. “This lineup is actually very strong in the labyrinth of the palace because the two assassins can hide in the maze, looking for opportunities to catch the opponents and cooperating with teammates to break the opposite side apart.”

“The Chinese team’s defense is weak and it will be easy to die if ambushed by the other side.” Kou Hongyi was worried but then he changed his words after seeing Ling Xuefeng’s calm expression in the soundproof room. “However, I think the winning rate is still high with Captain Ling personally directing! In addition, four people are members of the Wind Colour team and their understanding doesn’t lose to the Spanish team’s fixed partners!”

The Wind Colour fans saw this scene and were excited. Their captain, the Yan Guo combination, the little prince as well as the addition of Red Fox’s Yang Muzi, how could they not win?


The game soon began and the 10 players refreshed on the map.

Sure enough, as Ling Xuefeng expected, the five Chinese players refreshed in five rooms in the labyrinth. Based on the mini-map, the five people were more scattered.

Ling Xuefeng’s excellent memory allowed him to recall the god’s perspective of the map in his mind. This labyrinth was similar to a ‘hive.’ The small rooms were connected to each other because of the four doors in the room. Once a person went in the wrong direction, it would be hard to find a way back.

Ling Xuefeng quickly made a decision based on the refresh points of the five people. “Qin Mo, don’t move. Everyone else, go to Qin Mo’s coordinates.”

Qin Mo had refreshed in the middle of the maze. Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan were relatively close to him. Meanwhile, Yang Muzi and Ling Xuefeng refreshed in the upper left corner and lower right corner. They would have to pass through at least ten rooms to gather with their teammates.

Ling Xuefeng went out the left door of the room and quickly shuttled through the maze.

At this time, the audience with a god’s perspective found that the Spanish players had refreshed closer together and they were very familiar with the maze. Three members had gathered together and were waiting for the other two assassin teammates.

In order to get to Qin Mo, Ling Xuefeng had to go through the room where they were waiting.

The audience started sweating as they found Ling Xuefeng getting closer and closer to this room!

Yu Bing nervously said, “The death racing mode doesn’t allow you to see the opponent’s position. Captain Ling doesn’t know that there are three people from Spain in front of him. 1v3 is quite dangerous.”

Kou Hongyi also stared at the screen. “Captain Ling doesn’t seem to be changing his route… this is bad! He entered the room!”

On the big screen, Ling Xuefeng pushed open the left door to the next room and unexpectedly saw the three members of the Spanish team waiting here. There were two berserkers and a swordsman.

The three players were stunned but quickly reacted.

The berserker raised the axe and aimed Mountain Chop towards the other side. However, Ling Xuefeng’s reaction was faster. He didn’t hesitate to withdraw from the door and escaped the skill in a thrilling manner.

The three players of Spain naturally wouldn’t let him go and chased. They had just opened the door when they saw black crows rushing towards them. Three screens suddenly turned black and they collectively lost their vision.

Ling Xuefeng calmly went out a side door, showing a handsome back to the audience.

The domestic audience, “…”

Kou Hongyi and Yu Bing were a bit embarrassed. They had been worried and nervously explained to the audience. They were afraid that in a 1v3 situation, Ling Xuefeng would be killed by the other side. As a result, Ling Xuefeng decisively stepped back, used the black crows to blacken the other side and calmly escaped from the three people.

There was no need to worry at all!

After a moment of silence, the domestic audience recovered and they started writing mocking comments. [The Spanish team must be pained. Captain Ling simply ignored them and calmly left.] [Captain Ling said: Three people want to kill me? Oh, let’s talk after you regain your vision.]

Li Cangyu watched the game and couldn’t help smiling.

The black crows’ Cover the Sky was one of his most hated skills.

Every time he fought with Ling Xuefeng, the other side would summon the black crows and Li Cangyu wanted to find something that also afflicted Ling Xuefeng’s eyes to let him feel the taste of being blinded. At this moment, Li Cangyu watched Ling Xuefeng use this skill to smash the Spanish players and had one thought—Really handsome! Nice job!

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“Every time he fought with Ling Xuefeng, the other side would summon the black crows and Li Cangyu wanted to find something that also afflicted Ling Xuefeng’s eyes to let him feel the taste of being blinded. ”
Well then I’m pretty sure there’s a way you can do that after the World Championship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Thank you for the chapter ^ ^

Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
4 years ago

Captain Ling said: Three people want to kill me? Oh, let’s talk after you regain your vision.


4 years ago

sdjfhfhhffsa Can’t believe it took me this long to realize “refuel” was just “jia you” which makes a whole ton more sense now. Why not just use “good luck” though? Too bland/doesn’t fit right?