GLS: Chapter 289

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Chapter 289 -Broken Crystal

Jiang Xu and Brianna died in succession and the ground battle became a 5v5 situation.

At this time, the Spanish team’s disadvantage wasn’t obvious. Everyone’s blood was above 80%. As long as the paladin protected them well, the other four outputs would join forces to kill one person from the Chinese team.

Unfortunately, the ranged classes of the Chinese team wouldn’t give them a chance to catch up!

While the Spanish players worked together to kill Jiang Xu, Liu Xiang managed to retreat. Then Meng Jie’s Mountain Chop created a huge pit in the ground that hindered displacement skills. Once they Spanish team bypassed the giant pit to chase the opponents, they found that the ground had already been filled with Zhuo Hang’s traps.

—Stop Trap!

This was a hunter’s basic skill but it was enough to set the short-legged melee in place.

Rodriguez just managed to break out of it when he stepped into the next trap, the Silence Trap!

The audience was a bit surprised. They didn’t expect that Zhuo Hang’s traps could play a role here.

Everyone knew that Zhuo Hang was good at using the terrain but the Spanish bullring was a map with very flat terrain. The advantage of Zhuo Hang’s terrain traps seemed to be greatly weakened.

However, everyone was ignoring Meng Jie’s berserker!

The berserker could use skills to divide the battlefield. The map might originally be flat but Meng Jie’s axe continued to smash down and created numerous obstacles.

Zhuo Hang wisely cooperated with Meng Jie to lay a variety of traps besides the big holes created by the axe.

The Spanish team might be fierce but facing the ground that was full of pits and traps, they were like a lion with one foot cut off. There was no way for them to catch up with the opponents!

Thus, Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei could comfortably cast their skills in the distance.

The moment Jiang Xu died, the Chinese team’s tactics shifted to the kite flow. Zhuo Hang and Meng Jie controlled the displacement of the other side while Tan Cheng were responsible for attacking. Gradually, they placed pressure on the Spanish team’s blood.

The Spanish team had no healer and could only be beaten. Due to the interference of the hunter’s traps, they couldn’t break through. Rodriguez was a bit annoyed. It felt like he was slamming his fists into a mass of cotton.

“Do a good job of protection and unleash a strong wave!” Rodriguez gave an order.

The paladin Sobrino immediately used Unbreakable to increase the defense of the whole group and then placed Guardian Shield on the captain to absorb the damage.

Rodriguez stormed towards Zhuo Hang and everyone gathered to kill Zhuo Hang. Then they encountered Tan Shitian’s Death Arrow Rain waiting for them. By the time the Spanish team exhausted their strength and killed Zhuo Hang, Tan Shitian had taken the heads of two swordsmen.

One for two, it was a big loss in this wave of combat!

Rodriguez had a headache and ordered, “Retreat!”

3v4 while the other side had a healer. They certainly couldn’t win and Rodriguez wisely gave up on the ice dragon.

Jiang Xu looked at the game time and said, “Go kill the ice dragon. I will go with Xiao Zhuo to the fire dragon.”

Tan Shitian understood the meaning. “I understand.”

This round of combat took too long and the fire dragon also refreshed in the top left of the map. Jiang Xu made a judgment and thought that the Spanish team might be desperate enough to steal the fire dragon after giving up on the ice dragon.

The Spanish team’s healer had just been resurrected and the two swordsmen would resurrect in 10 seconds.

Rodriguez returned to the resurrection point to refresh their resources and meet the resurrected teammates.

It would take at least half a minute for the Chinese team to kill the ice dragon. Spain could use this time difference to kill the fire dragon and then use the fire dragon’s bonuses to push towards the crystal.

—He was thinking too beautifully!

Jiang Xu’s eyes were cold. He waited for Zhuo Hang to resurrect and instantly used Flying Feather Steps to move to the refresh point of the fire dragon. The six members of the Spanish team were killing the dragon in the cave.

The fire dragon’s attack power was very fierce. It breathed out fire and the damage caused was amazing.

Nevertheless, Spain had a world-class paladin. Under the protection of Sobrino’s Guardian Shield and the rapid healing from Brianna, the other people exploded their hand speed and things were smooth.

Jiang Xu lurked and waited for an opportunity.

Once the fire dragon was beaten to 30% blood and the healer’s big move was on cooldown, he jumped into the cave and laid a trap at a very fast speed.

Zhuo Hang followed and traps were set one after another.

—Jiang Xu’s Stop Trap!

—Zhuo Hang’s Silence Trap!

The hunter’s two simplest traps worked together and the result was that the six Spanish players were collective set in place and unable to use any skills from the silence.

At this time, the fire dragon breathed out blood and the blood volume of the Spanish players started to fall.

The initiators Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang wisely used Flying Feather Steps to escape.

Rodriguez was frozen in the pit and wanted to cough up blood!

By the time the trap’s effect ended, the Spanish team had fallen to half blood. Brianna was frightened and rushed to fill up their blood. Rodriguez saw that the fire dragon only had 30% health left and said, “Quickly slay the dragon!”

If they gave up then they wouldn’t be able to reverse the situation!

Then Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang returned, once again setting traps in the cave.

Why were these two hunters so annoying?

Rodriguez wanted to tear these two hunters to shreds but as the captain, he had to make a more rational decision. “The berserker will drive them away. Everyone else will continue to fight the dragon.”

The berserker received the order and used Mountain Chop to separate Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang from the surrounding area while the fire dragon’s blood was reduced to 10%. At this critical moment, a dense arrow rain fell from the sky.

Following the arrow rain was a pure white light—God’s Belief!

Tan Cheng had arrived!

The domestic audience started to cheer excitedly!

Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei rushed to the city to recover their blood and blue after killing the ice dragon. Then the headed towards the fire dragon at the fastest speed. They used two big moves to say hello to the residual blood Spanish members.

Rodriguez ordered, “Ignore them and kill the dragon!”

The dragon only had 10% blood left and it was impossible to give up at this time. The members released their skills and the dragon was killed.

[The Spanish team has killed the fire dragon.]

The prompt that appeared on the screen increased the morale of the Spanish team and the bonuses also made them confident. It seemed that victory was in sight.

However, once they came out of the dragon cave, they once again suffered from Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang’s serial traps.

The Spanish team had just finished killing the boss and their blood was very low. Brianna was about to use a big skill but Cheng Wei quickly used God’s Seal to control her!

She resolved it using Purification and Tan Shitian followed with Quenching Arrow to trigger the freezing effect, turning her into an ice sculpture!

Zhuo Hang and Jiang Xu joined forces to control the berserker and paladin in the front row with the Stop Trap and Silence Trap.

Without the support of the paladin and healer, the residual blood Spanish swordsmen were in danger.

The female berserker Meng Jie rushed to the front and the axe in her hand waved aggressively—Cut Through Thorns, World Without Justice!

After controlling the healer, Cheng Wei cast Voice of Combat while Tan Shitian’s arrows followed closely with Barrage Shot and Rapid Shooting. Rodriguez’s life was directly taken away!

The Spanish captain was killed and Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang’s traps exploded, killing the remaining two swordsmen.

The remaining three members collapsed and were destroyed in an instant!

Rodriguez looked at the grey screen and felt particularly heavy.

The game was very confusing and he suddenly had a sense of powerlessness. The two hunters of the Chinese team didn’t look great but they smashed the Spanish team’s plan to kill the dragon and break the crystal as soon as possible.

The Spanish team had still won the fire dragon in the end but… what was the use? The other Chinese members arrived and took advantage of the opportunity to kill the six residual blood Spanish players.

The second resurrection time was 20 seconds and it would take 10 seconds to reach the central crystal area…

This half a minute was enough for the Chinese team to break the crystal.


Once this line popped up on the screen, all six Chinese players showed smiles on their faces.

Tan Shitian took the initiative to walk over and hug Jiang Xu. “Captain Jiang’s tactics are great.”

Liu Xiang also smiled and said, “Yes, the Spanish team messed up by hitting the back row.”

Jiang Xu’s actual game performance today wasn’t brilliant. He was killed by the other side just after starting but his tactical arrangement allowed the Chinese team to successfully win the economic war.

A precise layout and judgment, he wasn’t Chinese’s best hunter for nothing.

When necessary, he even used himself as a trap to successfully complete the tactical transfer of the Chinese team.

Jiang Xu wasn’t proud at receiving praise from great gods. He just felt relieved.

He could finally fulfill his tactical designers on the world stage and tell the people of the world that China’s hunters weren’t weak!

Perhaps the 16 year old Chen Anran would see this game in China and become more determined to play a hunter. Zhuo Hang, who had just won the rookie prize, would gain more insight and growth after this competition.

Jiang Xu’s career wasn’t brilliant but in the future Miracle League, there would surely be a stronger hunter than him.

He always believed this.

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