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Chapter 287 – Las Ventas Bullring

The loss in the first game didn’t make the Spanish captain, Rodriguez lose confidence. He already knew that the Chinese team had many strong partners and Spain only sent the ace combination of Isabel and Flores in the arena. More masters from the Spanish team would appear in the next team battle and the next two maps were those submitted by Spain. Their familiarity with the map was definitely much higher than the Chinese team.

Rodriguez gathered the players and spoke in a low voice, “This game is very important to us! We have lost to Italy and if we lose to the Chinese team, the group stage will be completely hopeless. Therefore, everyone must do their best to win the economic war.”

The players participating in the economic war put their hands together and encouraged each other.

Before the start of the game, the 3D image of the map was shown on the big screen as usual. Las Ventas Bullring was the most famous bullring in Spain. It was located in the capital city, Madrid. It was said that only bullfighters who won here were real bullfighters and only bulls who died here could regain their freedom.

The Las Ventas Bullring had a special significance for Spaniards. In reality, it was a circular building but an economic warfare map must be symmetrical. The Spanish designers had to transform it.

The MIracle bullring became a square and was transformed into the typical ‘田’ structure. The areas were divided into southeast, northeast, southwest and northwest. The centre of the map contained the crystal that was most important for the economic warfare.

The structure of the economic warfare map was stipulated by the league. There weren’t many changes to the terrain but the mobs on this map were very Spanish. They were all wild bulls.

The Australian koala bears became remote mobs who sold meng. This was very novel for the domestic audiences. Now they saw the strong bulls on Spain’s map and couldn’t help commenting: [Next is fighting bulls?] [These bulls look terrible!] [It must be exciting to be surrounded by a bunch of crazy bulls!]

The commentators had previously seen the Spain and Italy match and Las Ventas Bullring was also used as the economic warfare map. Kou Hongyi took the initiative to explain to the audience. “You can see that Spanish bulls will continue to refresh on the wild areas of this map. These bulls are all aggressive!]

Aggressive monsters were more dangerous because they would actively attack players who entered their range. In particular, the Spanish bulls were thick-skinned wild monsters with powerful attacks. They were difficult to kill.

It would be an embarrassing scene if the Chinese players with weak defense were chased by the bulls.

Yu Bing looked at the situation in the soundproof room and found that Tan Shitian, Cheng Wei and Jiang Xu were gathered to discuss something. She guessed, “It seems that this economic war will be commanded by Captain Tan?”

“It’s possible.” Kou Hongyi agreed. “Tan Shitian won the economic war against the Australian. It is reasonable for Cat God to let him continue. Moreover, the main force from Spain consists of swordsmen and berserkers. It is a wise choice to use the kite flow against melee classes.”

The two of them had just finished saying this when the next lineup appeared on the big screen.

The Chinese players participating in the economic war were Tan Shitian, Cheng Wei, Jiang Xu, Zhuo Hang, Liu Xiang and Meng Jie.

Spain’s lineup was also gorgeous. Captain Rodriguez and Vice-Captain Sobrino actually appeared in the economic war. The rest of the players were also top players from Spain.

Kou Hongyi was surprised. “The captain and vice-captain appeared. It seems that Spain is bound to win the economic war?”

“The Spanish team sent a very strong lineup.” Yu Bing calmly analyzed. “Rodriguez’ swordsman, Sobrino’s paladin and Othello’s berserker are called the Iron Triangle. The front row’s defense and offensive abilities are excellent. The healer Brianna is also a sensitive player.”

Kou Hongyi continued, “The other two swordsmen are from the same team. Victoria and Adela are fixed partners. Their level isn’t as strong as the captain but they have been old partners for many years and their cooperation is tacit.”

The audience felt dizzy at all the names quickly mentioned.

The names of foreigners were really hard to remember!

According to Kou Hongyi and Yu Bing, everyone could see that Spain had sent an ace lineup this game.

The swordsman captain, the paladin vice-captain and a berserker were known as the Iron Triangle. The remaining two swordsmen were tacit partners while the healer was also powerful. The overall strength was significantly improved compared to the arena.

Five melee plus a healer, this was obviously the violent melee style.

Meanwhile, the Chinese team had only one front row, Meng Jie of Red Fox!

The domestic audience couldn’t help worrying. [Can Meng Jiejie hold out against so many swordsmen and berserker?] [There is only one person in the front row. It is very dangerous! Once the front row is broken, the remaining Chinese players all have low defense!] [The healing pressure on Captain Liu will be quite large. Why didn’t Dad Bai come?]

There were many questions in the live broadcast room. Yu Bing seemed to guess their thoughts and explained, “Bai Xuan isn’t playing because his body isn’t very comfortable. He temporarily took this match off. However, the healing level of Red Fox’s captain Liu Xiang isn’t weak. We must have more confidence in the female players Liu Xiang and Meng Jie.”

As the former captain of Red Fox, Yu Bing naturally had to speak for the female players of Red Fox.

Kou Hongyi immediately agreed. “Sister Bing is right. Captain Liu’s group healing skills are very strong. The Chinese team’s lineup consists of hunters, a white magician and an archer. Even if they can’t kite, they can rely on traps and create countless troubles for the melee classes of Spain. I am very optimistic that the Chinese team can win this game!”

Yu Bing nodded. “The game is about to begin. Please focus on the big screen.”


On the screen, both teams refreshed in the lower left corner and upper right corner of the map.

At the beginning of the game, Tan Cheng walked down one road while Zhuo Hang and Meng Jie took the other road. Jiang Xu and Liu Xiang held the middle which was their home base. This type of splitting made Yu Bing feel surprised.

It was reasonable to say that based on the lineup, the two hunters should be together while Meng Jie and Liu Xiang should be together. Why was this arrangement disrupted? If they wanted to focus the resources of the wild area on a certain player, shouldn’t Tan Shitian go with a healer to earn more money in the beginning?

Yu Bing was once a female captain with a high tactical literacy. She thought for a moment before crying out in a shocked manner, “Is Tan Shitian not the commander of this game?”

Kou Hongyi still hadn’t realized the situation and turned doubtfully at these words, “Ah? Why is Sister Bing saying this?”

Yu Bing explained, “In the economic war, the number of mobs in each wild area is limited. If two people go together, the resources are generally divided equally. Usually a healer doesn’t kill the mobs. In other words, the person who the healer accompanies is generally the one the resources will be concentrated on.”

This was the general rule of the economic warfare. For example, the mobs in one wild area would give 1,000 gold coins. Two outputs equalled to 500 gold coins per person.  If there was a healer, the other person would swallow up the economy of 1,000 coins and they were able to buy more advanced equipment in the early stages.

In general, the team commander would take care of the core players when splitting the team, so that the resources were concentrated on the core player.

“Looking at the current situation, Jiang Xu and Liu Xiang are together. Then the initial economic focus should be on Jiang Xu, not Tan Shitian.” Yu Bing patiently explained.

Kou Hongyi suddenly realized. “In this case, the core might not be Tan Shitian’s kite flow?”

“It could be the trap stream.” Yu Bing looked thoughtfully at the screen.


The first wave of mobs soon appeared on the map.

The Spanish bulls were extremely aggressive. Once they appeared on the map, they aimed their horns at the nearest player. Even the thick-skinned Meng Jie lost 10% of her blood and became dizzy.

Zhuo Hang and Meng Jie happened to meet the Spanish double swordsmen combination. After seeing that Meng Jie was fixed in place, the other party instantly rushed up. They joined hands and used Breaking Bone Sword and Devouring Soul Sword to force Meng Jie’s blood to 60%.

Zhuo Hang’s reaction speed was extremely fast. He placed a series of traps around Meng Jie and bought the two of them time. Meng Jie escaped the trouble and used Mountain Chop to create a deep gully in the ground, blocking the other party’s pursuit.

This small encounter only forced Meng Jie to drop some blood and they didn’t give away a head. Zhuo Hang sighed and used the traps to take care of the mad bulls. He said in the voice channel, “Senior, the bulls will make ranged classes lose 20% blood and cause dizziness!”

He inferred the bull’s attack power according to Meng Jie’s blood loss. If a fragile player like Tan Shitian had been hit then the blood loss should be 20%.

Jiang Xu said, “I understand. Everyone be careful.”

He praised Zhuo Hang in his heart. This person had followed him to learn the hunter’s gameplay and his attitude was very respectful. There wasn’t the rumoured arrogance and conceit. His reaction speed in the game was also quite sharp. He was worthy of being a player trained by Li Cangyu.

In the middle, Jiang Xu and Liu Xiang encountered the Spanish berserker and healer combination.

Both sides took a healer who couldn’t kill and gave up on the idea of a conflict. They killed mobs to earn money and looked peaceful.

The other road was particularly intense because it had the Spanish captain and vice-captain!

Rodriguez and Sobrino, a swordsman and paladin, both of whom were Spain’s aces.

In particular, the captain Rodriguez had a very violent and radical style of play. The moment he saw the Tan Cheng combination, he rushed towards Cheng Wei and used Spirit Lock to set him in place. Then he followed with Breaking Bone Sword Devouring Soul Sword to force Cheng Wei’s blood to 4%!

This terrible attack speed and explosiveness was really shocking!

Tan Shitian naturally couldn’t stand by while Cheng Wei was beaten. He stood in the distance and fired his longbow, accurately using Shock Shot!

The arrow hit Rodriguez’ chest and forced his blood down to 70%!

Tan Shitian followed up with Seize Life Shot only to see Vice-Captain Sobrino pick up a shield and rush in front to protect the captain from this attack.

The big move hit the thick-skinned paladin and the other person only lost 15% blood.

Fortunately, Cheng Wei’s control effect ended and he used God’s Seal to trap the bull next to him. Then he turned and ran back to Tan Shitian.

The two sides had a fierce exchange of skills and couldn’t kill anyone.

Tan Shitian no longer fought with the Spanish pair. He fired a few arrows to kill the bull that Cheng Wei controlled and the prompt +100 coins appeared above his head.

Another bull rushed over from the left. Cheng Wei ran away while casting a skill and used white magic to beat it to residual blood. Then Tan Shitian fired and killed the bull again.

Yu Bing was startled and said, “I must’ve guessed wrong. The resources on the road are being concentrated on Tan Shitian while Cheng Wei is giving him assistance.”

Tan Cheng’s cooperation was extremely tacit. In the blink of an eye, Tan Shitian killed the mobs in the wild area and Cheng Wei also robbed two mobs from Rodriguez’ side.

Rodriguez was very angry but he had no way. After all, the opponents were two outputs and their speed of killing was definitely faster. His partner was a paladin with few output skills.

He had to swallow the small loss. However, he didn’t exact the commander of the Chinese team to constantly accumulate economic benefits!


The first wave of mobs finished and everyone returned to the city to update their equipment. On the economic panel, Tan Shitian was the largest tyrant with 1,200 gold coins, followed by Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang with 1,000 gold coins.

Tan Shitian once again brought the Elf’s tears which increased attack distance while Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang chose rings to reduce the cooldown of their skills.

Li Xiaojiang watched the game from the VIP stands and said seriously, “Zhuo, Zhuo Hang rarely chooses this ring. He mainly chooses rings that increase the duration of traps or enhance the trap damage.”

Gu Siming wasn’t good at tactics and turned to ask Zhang Jueming, “Uncle, is this the trap stream style?”

Zhang Jueming nodded. “Yes, Jiang Xu and Chen Anran like to use this ring. The two of them always buy cooldown reduction equipment to seamlessly connect their traps.  They will quickly release traps to trap the opponent and then explode the traps to kill the opponents. This is the Cheetah team’s trap flow.”

Chen Anran hadn’t joined the national team because he was eliminated by Zhuo Hang in the trials. Today Zhuo Hang and Jiang Xu bought the same equipment, apparently to cooperate with each other using the trap flow style.

Li Xiaojiang thought carefully and asked, “But, but the Cheetah team’s trap stream requires the cooperation of four hunters to achieve a seamless connection. There are only two hunters. Won’t it be easy for the opponents to break through?”

The serious Xiaojiang raised a key point and the silently listening Liu Chuan interjected, “This isn’t just the trap steam. It is the taunting style.” Li Xiaojiang looked over and saw Liu Chuan touching his chin. “The combination of traps and kiting, there are two cores at the same time. This means the opponents will have difficulty selecting the core tactic during the battle. It is impossible to determine the target to attack first. In other words, the two tactics are combined to form a double taunting and insurance.” Wu Zewen glanced at him. “Do you know so much about Miracle?”

Liu Chuan replied, “The principles of e-sports competitions is similar. If I’m not guessing wrong, the commander today should be Jiang Xu. His tactical level isn’t bad. It is a pity he is buried in the Cheetah team. Should I dig him out after going back?”

Everyone, “…”

‘Boss, you are too much. You want to dig the captain of another team? Aren’t you afraid of being beaten up?’

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