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Chapter 286 – Lou Zhang Combination

Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng weren’t able to kill the couple from Spain but they were cruel to the two players. In particular, the last joint attack forced Isabel down to 30% blood. This state of residual blood made perfect conditions for their teammates who would play next.

They came down from the players’ seats and Su Guangmo nodded to Lou Wushuang, saying simply, “I will give it to you.”

Yu Pingsheng learnt from his brother and nodded at Lou Zhang.

Lou Wushuang pushed the glasses up his nose and said, “Don’t worry.”

Then he took his brother Zhang Shaohui through the glass soundproof door towards the players’ seats.

The key confrontation in the guard stage finally began!

The Spanish team’s paladin Isabel had only 30% of her blood left and her blue was around 60%.  On the other hand, the archer Flores had consumed too many skills killing the Su Yu combination. He might have 70% blood but he only had 40% blue.

Kou Hongyi was excited. “The Lou Zhang combination has appeared! They are the strongest killer brothers in China! In a full blood and blue state against the residual blood players of Spain, there is almost no suspense.”

Yu Bing spoke quietly, “The paladin doesn’t have much blood left but she has many life saving skills that she hasn’t used. It won’t be easy to kill Isabel. My guess is that Lou Zhang should set fire to kill the archer first.”

Sure enough, the moment that Lou Zhang refreshed on the map, they entered stealth and quietly lurked. Their target was the archer Flores.

The use of the stealth skill on such a cliff and air map would indeed make the opponents afraid. The viewers found that both Isabel and Flores were adjusting their perspective to observe the situation around them.

Flores seemed to realize something and he suddenly turned to fire an arrow. It might be the lowest blue consumption attack skill but it hit the hiding Zhang Shaohui and succeeded in revealing him. This was the Spanish team’s ace. His prejudgment ability was quite accurate!

Flores wanted to use a cold arrow to slow down the opponent. As a result, someone flash behind him and Lou Wushuang’s dagger pierced the archer’s back. Pain Blade!

Flores instantly became dizzy.

“…” Nobody could blame him for his miscalculation. Who would think another assassin was hiding behind him!

The domestic audience was familiar with this scene. The Lou Zhang brothers often adopted a double insurance practice. Even if the younger brother was hit, the other brother could still control the opponent.

Lou Wushuang controlled Flores and both assassins released a violent set of combos—Back Stab, Fatal Blow, Blood Blade!

For a time, two silver coloured daggers quickly stabbed Flores. Blood fell from the broken archer onto the plank road like an avalanche. Flores’ blood directly fell to 30%.

At this critical moment, Isabel opened the paladin’s big moves—Steel Battle Soul, Indestructible!

A golden light spread from her feet and formed a wide array. Any allies inside the array would be invincible and all damage would be rebounded for three seconds!

The paladin used these skills and Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui immediately stopped.

Flores flew to the top of the plank road with Flying Feather Steps and used Quenching Arrow. This had a certain chance of triggering the freezing effect and Zhang Shaohui was frozen in place!

Flores quickly fired many arrows at Zhang Shaohui and he was beaten to half blood.

Lou Wushuang naturally didn’t sit idly by while his brother was beaten. He decisively chased the archer. The paladin’s move might bounce back all attacks but there was always a time limit for a big move.

The moment the effect of Steel Battle Soul was over, the dagger in Lou Wushuang’s hand stabbed Flores!

Death Strangulation!

This single target skill caused Flores’ blood to drop to 10% and his health gauge started to flash red.

Isabel was in a hurry as she picked up her shield and rushed over to protect her teammates. As a result, the unfrozen Zhang Shaohui moved and used Pain Blade to set her in place!

Lou Wushuang was relieved by his younger brother’s sensitive response and he decisively used Fatal Blow!

Blood flashed and the archer died.

Isabel wanted to cough up blood. The Su Yu combination in the last stage was enough to surprise her and now the killer brothers in the guard stage were too strong. How could the Chinese team’s partners have such tacit understanding?

Lou Zhang cooperated to kill Flores and they took no more than three minutes!

Lou Wushuang’s fierce style caused her to feel admiration.


The Spanish team’s arena players died in succession and only the paladin Isabel was left facing the Lou Zhang brothers alone. The result was easy to predict.

The thick-skinned paladin couldn’t last long under the siege of the Lou Zhang brothers. News of Isabel’s death soon appeared on the big screen and the Chinese team won five points for the arena!

“Brother, we won!” Zhang Shaohui excitedly stood up and hugged his brother. “We were the guard two times in a row. It is really cool to see the ‘Winner’ pop up on the screen every time.”

Lou Wushuang quietly adjusted his glasses and said, “This is due to Cat God and Captain Su. They played too smoothly. We were only responsible for cleaning things up.”

Zhang Shaohui instantly nodded in an earnest manner. “Yes, that’s for sure! By the time we appeared on the scene, both Spanish players were brutally beaten. I didn’t mean to take Cat God’s credit…” Zhang Shaohui grabbed his hair and thought about it before coming up with a more appropriate description. “I just think that it is great to fight with you and win the game!”

Lou Wushuang heard this and was slightly startled. “Is it different from partnering with other people?”

Zhang Shaohui replied without hesitation, “Of course, you are my brother!”

Lou Wushuang, “…”

He didn’t want to talk to this person and turned away.

Zhang Shaohui followed while looking doubtfully at Lou Wushuang’s back. It was strange. They obviously won the game so why did his brother seem to be in a bad mood.

Zhang Shaohui scratched his head and decided not to provoke the other person. He went to Li Cangyu and smiled. “Cat God, we have successfully won this game. As long as we win another game, the group stage should have no suspense right?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes. Still, I would prefer that we qualify as first in the group.”

His words were very calm, as if he was saying, “Today we will eat rice.”

The captain said this and the blood of the people around him was instantly mobilized. Jiang Xu, the commander of the next battle, came over and said, “Captain, rest assured. We will do our best.”

Li Cangyu patted Jiang Xu’s shoulder in an encouraging manner. “I will watch you.”

The author has something to say:

Isabel: How can the Chinese team’s partners be more tacit than us?  We are engaged!

Flores: Yes, it is weird.

Kou Hongyi: Hehe.

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