GLS: Chapter 284

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Chapter 284 – Guard Couple

After killing Karona, Li Cangyu finally ran out of blue. His blood volume wasn’t too low but a summoner without blue didn’t have a chance to survive a berserker.

Benita was probably enraged by the other party and slashed out with her axe. In less than a minute, Li Cangyu’s blood was cut to 10% and his blood gauge started to flash red.

The skill Mountain Chop was just about to kill the elf summoner when Li Cangyu suddenly jumped to the left side of the plank road and plunged into the abyss.

Benita, “…”

Benita almost coughed up blood as she looked at the opponent who committed suicide at the last moment.

In the VIP stands, Liu Chuan sighed and said, “Cat God is worthy of our Dragon Song Club. He actually learnt the essence of ‘suicide to infuriate the enemy’!”

Wu Zewen, who was sitting next to him, glanced at his laughing appearance and couldn’t help saying, “Cat God learnt this from you after joining Dragon Song. Are you proud of yourself?”

Liu Chuan exclaimed, OF course, there is nothing bad about a real god!”

“…” Wu Zewen thought it was better not to talk to him.

Zhang Jueming laughed. “Won’t the Spanish sister by mad? She worked hard to beat the opponent to residual blood. She just used a big move only for Cat God to jump off the cliff, hahaha.”

Li Xiaojiang was a bit embarrassed. In his mind, Li Cangyu was a very honest person. How could he learn this type of thing? Sure enough, was there a problem with the atmosphere of the Dragon Song Club?

Gu Siming excitedly said, “This arena game should have no suspense! Cat God directly killed three members of the Spanish team and the berserker has killed a lot of blue. If the Tan Cheng or Su Yu combinations come out then the Spanish team must kneel down!”

Li Xiaojiang stammered, “Yes, this, this game will definitely be won.”

The boss of the Dragon Song Club was very cordial and powerful. He sat with everyone to watch the game and chatted to them. In the past few days, Xiao Gu, Xiaojiang and Old Zhang had become very familiar with Liu Chuan. Old Zhang also made an appointment for them to drink together once they returned to China.

Liu Chuan agreed that there should be no suspense in the arena. He happily said, “There is really no problem in winning the arena. The key is to watch the second and third games. They are both Spain’s maps.”

Wu Zewen stared at the big screen and thoughtfully wondered, “The bullring should be the map for the economic battle and Madrid Palace looks like a labyrinth. It is suitable for death racing. Do you know who Cat God will send to command these two teams?’

Liu Chuan smiled. “Don’t guess. We can’t guess Cat God’s mind and can only watch.”


In the soundproof room, Li Cangyu and Zhu Qingyue waked back to the rest area and many players stood up to clap.  Chu Yan touched his apprentice’s head in a relieved manner and smiled. “The small crybaby performed well.”

Zhu Qingyue nodded happily. “Yes!”

Cheng Wei excitedly rushed over and hugged Li Cangyu. “Cat God, your three kills were really handsome!”

Li Cangyu patted his shoulder, pushed Cheng Wei away and walked over to Ling Xuefeng.

Ling Xuefeng stood up and hugged Li Cangyu, whispering, “This stage is very wonderful. You will surely become famous after this game.”

Li Cangyu didn’t care about this and smiled. “I just took advantage of the map.”

“Is this false humility?”

Li Cangyu replied bluntly, “Yes, I was very powerful. This isn’t the first day that you realized it.”

Ling Xuefeng’s lips curved slightly and he pulled Li Cangyu to sit down, handing him a bottle of water. “Drink some water and rest. Your burst of hand speed was so high that you must be tired.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu drank some water and looked back to find Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng walking towards the players’ seats.

The swordsman MOMO and berserker YUYU.

The domestic Flying Feathers fans were excited. [The Su Yu combination is going onto the arena!] [The brothers’ IDs are selling to much meng. Captain Su, is it okay for you to give yourself such an ID?] [The female Spanish berserker isn’t as good as you. She might as well surrender directly!]

The captain of the Spanish team couldn’t help frowning when he saw these two IDs.

The ID MOMO, he naturally knew that it was the Chinese team’s terran swordsman Su Guangmo. He had the nickname of Terran Emperor in China and was the strongest terran player.

Su Guangmo was always ranked in the top three on the world’s swordsmen list. The Oriental man had a handsome face, a bold personality and his style of play was very calm and strong. Not only was he popular in the Chinese Miracle circle, he also had many fans around the world.

Rodriguez was someone who also played the terran swordsman and he naturally had an idea of Su Guangmo’s level. If it was a solo match, his winning percentage against Su Guangmo should be around 45%. If it was a pairs match agaisnt the Su Yu combination, this percentage would be lower.

He had long heard about the pair of brothers. The younger brother YUYU might not be world famous but his cooperation with Su Guangmo was extremely tacit. The combination of swordsman and berserker was simply a terrible melee bulldozer that could sweep away the opponent with one sword and one axe. The violence of this combination was at the peak.


Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng refreshed on the plank road and didn’t hesitate to walk towards the centre. At this time, the Spanish berserker Benita had around 80% blood left but her blue consumption was 50%. She had almost no chance of winning against two enemies.

Benita had an unyielding personality that didn’t want to admit defeat. She wanted to use her remaining blue to decrease the opponent’s blood as much as possible. However, it turned out that she was thinking too much. Yu Pingsheng wouldn’t give her such a chance!

The giant axe in Yu Pingsheng’s hand fell straight down and the skill Mountain Chop split the plank road into two halves!

The audience exclaimed and many people with a fear of heights even closed their eyes!

From the perspective of a god, this angle was quite thrilling. Yu Pingsheng hit the plank road with an axe and it broke to pieces. The wooden pieces made a noise as it fell down. Benita looked back and immediately put on the brakes.

The road was cut off and she was forced to fight back.

Cut Through Thorns, Splitting Mountain and Seas!

The giant axe in the female berserker’s hand was raised high and swept around 360 degrees. She wanted to lower Su Guangmo’s blood volume but Yu Pingsheng didn’t give her a chance to attack his brother. YUYU stepped in front of Su Guangmo and the axe in his hand was plugged into the ground as he forcibly blocked her attack using his body.

A berserker had thick skin and he lost only 30% of his health from this move.

The Flying Feathers fans saw this scene and were touched. Vice-Captain Yu was as quiet as a ghost. In reality, Su Guangmo always protected him. However, once he arrived on the field, he was the only who always protected Su Guangmo.

Su Guangmo couldn’t help smiling slightly after being guarded by his younger brother. The sword in his hand was raised and he used the swordsman’s most beautiful move, Light and Shadow Rotation!

Benita had nowhere to retreat and was hit to half blood by this move.

She had just found an opportunity to escape from the pincer attack when Yu Pingsheng used the big moves Splitting Bone Chop and Storm Strike!

The heavy axe fell and caused a large amount of damage. In the blink of an eye, her blood became 15%.

Then Su Guangmo quickly used Devouring Soul Sword to take away her life.


After the battle, Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng retreated to the bottom of the plank road.

Yu Pingsheng still had 70% of his blood while Su Guangmo was full of blood. Both of them had more than 60% blue left. The Chinese team had only sent their second combination while the Spanish team had to send the final guard combination.

Kou Hongyi spoke excitedly, “The Su Yu combination is in a good state. They should be able to consume Spain’s guard combination to below half blood. The strength of the Chinese team’s guard combination certainly won’t be weak. As long as there is no accident, there should be no suspense in this arena game!”

Yu Bing’s statement was more conservative. “We can’t ignore the unexpected factors of the death map. If the Spanish team sends a class with displacement control, they can look for an opportunity to push the opponent off the cliff and the advantage will be instantly reversed.”

In Miracle, only the summoners and psychics had displacement control.  The summoner could use their pets to blow, pull or displace the opponent in other ways. The psychic could use an array to instantly move their allies or enemies.

The Spanish team didn’t have a summoner in the lineup but as the illusion flow was popular among European teams, they had a very good psychic.

Yu Bing’s argument wasn’t unreasonable. If the psychic used an array to directly transfer Su Guangmo and Yu Bing off the cliff, Spain might reverse the situation in an instant despite the Chinese team’s early advantage.

Kou Hongyi was concerned. “Sister Bing is right. If Spain sends a psychic to the arena then there might be a chance to turn over the situation. Let’s see who they sent as the guards.”

He just finished speaking when the IDs of two players appeared on the big screen.

The female player Isabel, one of the three three female paladins on the world’s rankings!

The male player Flores, one of the 10 top in the world’s bard rankings, the captain of the famous TE team in Spain and Isabel’s boyfriend.

Kou Hongyi sighed with relief after seeing this. “Spain didn’t send a psychic to the arena. It seems that the psychic was left for the economic war or death racing. Of course, the combination that Spain sent as their guard are ace partners! Moreover, the relationship between the two players is somewhat special.”

Yu Bing wasn’t interested in gossip and didn’t know the relationship between the two of them. She couldn’t help wondering, “Are they brother and sister?”

Kou Hongyi laughed. “No, they are a couple! I would like to tell the domestic audience that Isabel’s character is very bold. She actively pursued Captain Flores and took the initiative to start the relationship with Flores. The shy Flores couldn’t withstand her pursuit and finally agreed to marry… no, to take her as a wife!”

Yu Bing, “…”

The domestic audience members wrote a silent row of ellipses but many people also appreciated the unrestrained Isabel. An otaku said: [Will there be a sister who takes the initiative to propose to me? Please give me one!}

Kou Hongyi said, “It is said that the two players just recently got engaged and this is their sweetest time. The Spanish team sending this couple to fight in the arena is just feeding dog food to the world.”

He paused before continuing, “Even so, I think Spain’s lovers will feed us less dog food than Su Yu. Our team’s Su Yu are players who grew up together and their feelings are very good. They are usually inseparable in the team and they are a couple, no, better than a couple!

Flying Feathers fans, “…”

Kou Hongyi, this was enough!

Previously, he said that the uniforms of Canglan and Wind Colour looked like a couples outfit and now he said that their captain and vice-captain was better than a couple. This type of unobstructed commentary, why wasn’t anyone sewing his big mouth shut?

No one knew that Kou Hongyi’s big mouth was actually telling the truth.

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