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Chapter 283 – Triple Arena Kills

Li Cangyu’s current state was actually very good. He was full of blood and had half his blue left.

He used Wind and Clouds Destruction to directly kill one of the Spanish swordsmen. Then he killed the other swordsman with the help of Xiao Zhu’s arrays and hadn’t consumed too much blue.

In the second stage, the Spanish team sent the female players Benita and Karona, a swordsman and berserker combination. Li Cangyu had carefully studied the Spanish team’s lineup and knew about this pair of sisters. The berserker played very calmly. The swordsman’s hand speed was extremely fast and her general style was a bit similar to Xie Shurong.

It was 2v1 against a summoner. The two sisters of the Spanish team were confident.

At the beginning, Benita carried her giant axe and walked to the middle of the plank road. Karona didn’t fall and followed behind her teammate. The narrow terrain didn’t affect them and it was enough to see their tacit understanding.

Li Cangyu wasn’t in a hurry. His wind spirit’s cooldown time had ended. It was best if he could find a chance to use the map to kill one of them. If he couldn’t, he would lower the opponent’s blood as much as possible so that the next Su Yu combination could play more smoothly.

He didn’t hesitate to summon the water spirit. The moment the other party was about to catch up with him, the water spirit’s Water Ball struck, slowing down their speed. Then he used Flying Feather Steps to move back.

Due to the elf’s fast speed, the berserker and swordsman couldn’t catch up with him for a while. Karona couldn’t bear it anymore. She directly rushed towards Li Cangyu and used Spirit Lock!

At the same time, the berserker Benita used a teleport skill to jump behind Li Cangyu and used Mountain Chop to make a huge hole in the plank road, blocking the road behind him.

Li Cangyu was faced with a front and back pincer attack. He was simultaneously hit by Light and Shadow Rotation and Benita’s Cut Through Thorns!

Karona was just using Breaking Bone Sword to take away his life when Li Cangyu suddenly moved, crossing Karona and reaching the bottom of the plank road!

Karona only felt that there was a flower in front of her eyes. Despite there being only half a metre of space next to her, a figure actually flashed past like a gust of wind!

The audience was almost speechless by the bold operation of Cat God on the plank road!

He almost hung out by one foot yet he could run so quickly on the edge of the cliff!

Ling Xuefeng watched the battle in the rest area and couldn’t help smiling. “His positioning is truly amazing.”

There was a clear appreciation and pride in his tone.

The brainless fan Cheng Wei sitting next to him immediately agreed. “Yes! I think that if Miracle was to hold a match in the sky then our Cat God would definitely take the championship!”

Kou Hongyi praised in the commentator’s room. “The two players of the Spanish team must want to vomit blood! They just surrounded Cat God to prevent him from running away. They even deliberately stood on the edge of the cliff to block him. They didn’t expect… Cat God can cleverly move past them even with the smallest bit of distance!”

“They were hit in the face by Cat God’s movements.” Yu Bing spoke calmly.

This felt like the two people were just about to catch a cat only for the cat to sneak out of a crack like a gust of wind…

Karona and Benita were stunned and immediately turned around.

They were greeted by overwhelming ice and snow. The water spirit’s Frost Heart!

This was the big move of the water spirit. Li Cangyu had kept it, waiting for a key moment to control the opponents.

He moved to the bottom of the plank road to escape the two people’s pincer attack. Then he followed up with the water spirit’s big move. It was too late by the time the opponents turned back. They were directly frozen in place by the ice and snow!

The thing that made Li Cangyu feel regret was that the wind spirit’s Wind and Clouds Destruction couldn’t blow the other side off the cliff. This was because the point where the two opponents were frozen was a corner of the plank road with guardrails.

It didn’t matter. He might not be able to use the wind spirit to kill people but his fire spirit’s cooldown was over.

Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to summon the fire spirit.

He didn’t use the fire spirit’s big move, Raging Prairie Fire. This skill could greatly reduce the blood volume of the two people but the consumption of blue was too much. If released, the remaining blue might not be able to kill one of them.

Li Cangyu calmly used the fire spirit’s single target skill Fireball to hit the swordsman standing in front.

The dazzling little fireballs were like fireworks hitting Karona’s body and forcing her blood to fall to 60% in the blink of an eye!

The summoner’s terrible hand speed made Karona feel frightened. Once the control effect of Frost Heart was over, she immediately rushed forward and wanted to use her sword to interrupt the opponent’s casting.

At this time, Li Cangyu’s water spirit used an accurate Water Ball to freeze Karona in place!

The berserker Benita felt depressed. She wanted to catch up and block the opponent, but her teammate was frozen on the plank road and turned into a natural ice sculpture. This became an obstacle that blocked Benita’s way!

Kou Hongyi saw the scene where the sisters were blocked on the narrow plank road and couldn’t help laughing, “Hahaha, Cat God is too witty! The frozen effect will form an ice sculpture. Karona is frozen on a corner of the plank road and this blocks her sister from coming forward! Only one person is frozen but both people are controlled at the same time!”

Li Cangyu used the terrain in a precise and ingenious manner.

Mount Huangshan Plank Road wasn’t a straight path. It was a road suspended at the edge of the cliff and the corners were carefully fenced so that the competitors wouldn’t fall when their visual field was blocked by the cliff. Still, once a person at the corner was frozen, the people behind them couldn’t move past.

This was the same as a traffic jam. If there was a car accident at a corner of the road, the left and right sides wouldn’t be able to pass!

Li Cangyu happily continued using Fireball on Karona and her blood fell to 40%!

Karona of Spain was a top master and a first-class player.

She had never met such a strong summoner when playing the league at home but from this moment on, the summoner rose to become her most hated class!

It was unbelievable that she was beaten to residual blood by a simple Fireball.

Time proved that even if Li Cangyu didn’t use any big moves, he could use the simplest attack skills to cause serious damage in a short amount of time.

The freezing effect was finally lifted. The two players seemed crazy as they didn’t hesitate to rush down. Their imposing appearance seemed like they would tear the fragile summoner in front of them to pieces!

Li Cangyu was very calm. He still had 25% blue, which was why he had economically used Fireball to attack the opponent. At this time, he could no longer save his blue and Li Cangyu summoned the public pet, Departed Spirit! (TL: This was previously known as demon and the skill was demon possession. The author calls it Departed Spirit from now on so I’m going to change it to this).

After seeing the departed spirit appear, many domestic Cat God fans started to light candles for Karona.

The rapidly descending Karona wasn’t aware of this because Cat God’s speed was too fast. He called the departed spirit and it attached itself to her back in almost one second!

She was originally rushing down. As a result, the departed spirit attached to her and she suddenly abruptly slowed. It was like a high-speed car suddenly stopping. Due to inertia, Karona directly fell face-first onto the plank road!

Benita, who was rushing behind her, couldn’t put on the brakes in time and fell to the ground because of her teammate!

The audience, “…”

Cat God, aren’t you really good to the Spanish females?

Li Cangyu’s expression remained calm. After using the departed spirit to slow down the opponent, he retreated into the distance and cast the thunder spirit’s big move, Thunder’s Wrath!

A big move was worthy of being a big move. He might only have 5% blue left but it forced Karona’s blood down to 10%.

“Cat God only has 5% blue left!” Kou Hongyi was a bit nervous. “He can still release a Fireball! However, one Fireball isn’t enough to kill Karona. Perhaps he can use his ordinary attacks?”

Yu Bing cried out, “Too late!”

The berserker wasn’t affected by the departed spirit and swung her giant axe at Li Cangyu!

At this key moment, Li Cangyu made a fine operation that many people couldn’t see clearly.

Karona was trying to move forward to use a big move and kill this annoying summoner. However, the sword in her hand abruptly stopped as she was lifted into the air.

A small fireball exploded against her chest, leaving her bloody on the ground.

Karona stared at the grey screen in front of her as she wondered if something was wrong. How could a small fireball kill a swordsman who still had 10% blood left?

She was surprised and opened the system’s combat panel, looking at the replay of the information. Then her face turned as pale as paper.

Li Cangyu recalled the departed spirit.

Recalling the departed spirit was actively killing the pet but a full agility summoner had a special feature. Once a pet was recalled, there was a chance of increasing the crit rate of the next attack.

Li Cangyu used this feature by recalling the departed spirit at the crucial moment and then using Fireball. This Fireball did critical damage and took away the bloody terran swordsman in one breath!

Such sophisticated calculations, meticulous operations and absolute calm in crucial moments…

Was this person still human?

Karona stared at the computer screen in a complicated mood and was really convinced.

The Spanish team had very good players but the captain of the Chinese team, the summoner who never appeared in the world rankings—today he slapped the faces of those watching the World Competition!

“Three kills, my god! Cat God completed three kills in the arena!” Kou Hongyi jumped up excitedly. “The first person might’ve died because of the wind spirit’s control but the next two were killed using a precise layout and clever moves!”

“Cat God really surprised us!” Yu Bing was also excited. “The ID of Old Cat, from today on, it is no longer an unknown elf summoner. The world’s Miracle fans will know that his name is Li Cangyu, the captain of our Chinese Miracle national team!”

Yu Bing’s words caused the domestic live broadcast room to be filled with flowers and applause.

In the Canglan Support Group, several administrators were crying.

From the young man who lost many battles in his youth to the captain of the national team at the World Competition, this man suffered so much pressure but he never forgot his initial heart.

He didn’t feel discouraged or become arrogant.

His face was still calm despite killing three opponents.

This was the captain of their national team, Li Cangyu!

Under his leadership, who would doubt that the Chinese team couldn’t win the World Competition?

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