GLS: Chapter 282

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Chapter 282 – Psychic Array

Ranged players had an advantage against melee players in this type of high-altitude death map. However, if the opposite side played fiercely, it would be quite troublesome for a ranged class to have their casting interrupted.

The style of the Spanish team was really fierce. In the face of such a dangerous map, the two swordsmen actually rushed straight forward, making Li Cangyu feel somewhat surprised.

The fire spirit was used to protect Zhu Qingyue but the two swordsmen on the other side cooperated quite well. They didn’t say anything and opened Light and Shadow Rotation at the same time!

Using such a big move when meeting!

The fans of the Spanish team started cheering excitedly, waiting for the two swordsmen to cut the fragile Chinese team to residual blood.

Then their cheers got stuck in their throats…

The moment that the two Spanish members opened the group attacks, Zhu Qingyue hid behind Cat God and cast a two second big move.

Psychic Array, Phantom Without a Trace!

Two identical phantoms appeared in Li Cangyu and Zhu Qingyue’s position while the real Li Cangyu and Zhu Qingyue were brought to the highest point of the plank road by the psychic array!

Zhu Qingyue’s clever psychic array allowed the two people to complete a wonderful teleportation at a crucial moment.

The two Spanish swordsmen failed in their big moves and Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to summon his wind spirit and use Wind and Clouds Destruction.

A violent gust of wind blew and the Spanish swordsman standing near the abyss fell down with a scream.

The fans of the Spanish team stopped clapping and almost vomited up blood.

Meanwhile, the nervous fans of the Chinese team started to clap and scream. “Cat God is too handsome!” “The favourite wind spirit of Cat God!” “Blowing people off the cliff is so cool!”

The other Spanish swordsman escaped this move but his face was blackened like a pot.

Before the start of the arena game, their captain had specifically explained to them, “Beware of the elf summoner’s wind spirit and the demon summoner’s banshee.”

The Spanish team didn’t have an excellent summoner but Rodriguez carefully studied the Chinese team and judged that the Chinese team’s captain and vice-captain were world-class summoners. Among them, Li Cangyu’s wind spirit blowing move and Ling Xuefeng’s banshee strong pull were their signature moves. Players must be extra careful, especially when encountering them on a death map.

That’s why the two swordsmen quickly used a big move as soon as they started.

If they couldn’t reach the summoner in the distance, it would be easier to be controlled by the other party. If they moved closer and interrupted the summoner, they could prevent skills from being used and also cooperate with each other to kill the Chinese players.

Facts proved that they thought too simply of Li Cangyu!

Their control skills couldn’t control the opponents at all. Then the psychic’s big move teleported them, letting Li Cangyu attack from behind with the wind spirit, directly killing the swordsman!

The swordsman Enoch was left, making it a 1v3 fight!

He couldn’t hit Li Cangyu and started wildly attacking Zhu Qingyue. Breaking Bone Sword, Devouring Soul Sword and Blood-sucking Sword!

The swordsman’s three moves were extremely powerful and Zhu Qingyue’s blood directly fell to 30%!

Nevertheless, Xiao Zhu wasn’t an idiot who would stand in the same place. As Li Cangyu summoned the thunder spirit in the distance, he took a few steps back and started to cast another auxiliary move.

—Desperate Cage!

The effect of this array was very beautiful. The soft purple light spread at the designated position, forming a six-pointed star. Once the array was released, the soft light would rise rapidly and become a transparent cage, locking the opponent inside the array!

The swordsman was trapped in the array and Li Cangyu’s Thunder’s Wrath fell on him!

The purple thunder fell straight down and knocked out a large amount of blood. The swordsman desperately had to break through in a desire to chase Zhu Qingyue.

However, Xiao Zhu had already wisely ran to the highest point of the plank road. The staff in his hand was raised high as he read a large-scale array.

Time and Space Illusion!

The skill effect for this array was even more gorgeous. Red, yellow, blue and green colours suddenly spread from the staff in Zhu Qingyue’s hand, forming a pattern like a four-leaf clover in the designated position. The fast moving Enoch was once again trapped in place.

This was the most powerful illusionary array of a psychic and it was popular among the European teams. Enoch was very familiar with it but at this moment, he was trapped and wanted to smash his keyboard!

This illusion array had a characteristic. The people inside the array could move and attack but everything they saw was a distorted illusion, meaning the position of the opponent couldn’t be seen.

For example, at this time Enoch was seeing a distorted version of Mount Huangshan Plank Road. His swordsman was suspended in the sky and an invisible abyss was below his feet.

This type of floating in the air was too strange and he didn’t want to look at the computer screen.

Li Cangyu took advantage of this opportunity to use the summoner’s ordinary attack to decrease the other person’s blood. Once the illusion ended, Enoch was surprised to find that he only had 30% blood left.

Enoch didn’t hesitate to move and interrupt Zhu Qingyue’s skill. He unleashed a burst of hand speed and released three continuous skills, taking away the bloody Zhu Qingyue’s life in one breath!

However, Li Cangyu kept attacking from the distance and Enoch couldn’t hold on for long before he fell.

The audience clapped warmly. In the first stage, the Chinese team exchanged one head for two!

Zhu Qingyue might’ve died but he smiled happily.

Li Cangyu patted him on the shoulder. “Xiao Zhu, you played well.”

Zhu Qingyue had only released three auxiliary arrays from beginning to end but the timing of each array was very clever, making it more convenient for Li Cangyu to attack.

A good assistant needed to observe the situation and assist in the game. They shouldn’t show off and should find ways to provide the best output environment for their partner. Xiao Zhu had learnt the essence of playing an auxiliary. His years as the captain of Pure Cleansing wasn’t a waste.

Moreover, this teenager smiled very cutely.

The director switched the camera to Zhu Qingyue and his slightly shy smile was magnified on the live broadcast screen. The domestic audience members saw this and couldn’t help saying: [The little crybaby is very cute when smiling!] [I don’t think he is ugly when crying!] [What to do? I think I have to become a fan of Zhu Qingyue!]

Zhu Qingyue didn’t know that many sunspots in the country had changed their minds about him. He only knew that in the World Competition, he didn’t let down his partner as an assistant. This was enough!

“Cat God, refuel.” Zhu Qingyue stared seriously at the captain next to him. “I believe that you can kill another person.”

“Yes, I will try my best.” Li Cangyu showed a straightforward and confident smile.

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