GLS: Chapter 281

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Chapter 281 – Mount Huangshan Plank Road

Spain had only won death racing in the first match against Italy. They lost to Italy 1:2. If they lost to the Chinese team, they would definitely have no hope of reaching the next stage. Thus, in these two days, Rodriguez carefully studied the lineup of the Chinese team.

The Mechanical City was chosen for China’s match against Australia. The Spanish team naturally went to the Intranet to practice and found that the Mechanical City was too complicated. The Spanish team divided into two groups to play the death racing mode. It took only a few hours for them to understand the upper and lower floors. As the commander, Rodriguez felt his brain bursting from pain.

What the hell were these messy mechanisms?

The Mechanical City absolutely must be banned. Competing with the Chinese team on such a complicated map was simply asking to lose!

This was common knowledge among all members of the Spanish team.

This was why Rodriguez decisively banned the Mechanical City in the selection stage. Mount Huangshan Plank Road might be a strange map but at least there were nos strange mechanisms. It was just a death map! A death map wasn’t uncommon in Miracle and it should be much better than the Mechanical City.

There were six maps left. Mount Huangshan Plank Road couldn’t be banned and the remaining five maps were Las Ventas Bullring, Madrid Palace and Demon Forest, Frost Temple and Endless Sea provided by the official Miracle database.

Rodriguez considered for a moment and banned Endless Sea. There were too many variables if there were two death maps. Mount Huangshan Plank Road was already enough for their heads to ache.

After the Spanish team banned the map, it was time for the captain of the Chinese team, Li Cangyu.

There were five maps left. Which three were he going to leave behind?

Kou Hongyi said, “In the last game against Australia, Cat God left both of Australia’s maps in a handsome manner. Will he release the Spanish bullring and Madrid Palace?”

Yu Bing calmly analyzed, “The bullring map appeared in Spain’s last map against Italy. This map was selected for the economic battle.”

As commentators, the two of them paid attention to the matches of other countries. Kou Hongyi heard this and smiled. “It seems the possibility of Cat God leaving the bullring behind is fairly high. After all, this map has already appeared and the Chinese team members have probably practiced it on the Intranet.”

“Yes, it isn’t difficult to fight an economic battle on the bullring map.” Yu Bing continued, “The other map, Madrid Palace is a famous attraction in Spain. From the thumbnail shown, the designers should’ve preserved the shape of the palace and transformed it internally. If I guessed correctly, this might be a complicated labyrinth map. Will Cat God leave it?”

As they spoke, Li Cangyu decisively banned Demon Forest and Frost Temple. He once again disabled the official Miracle maps and released the two maps submitted by Spain!

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help giving a thumbs up. “I suddenly found that Cat God really seems like a general sitting there! He continues to release the maps submitted by the enemies. This is proper confidence!”

Yu Bing also couldn’t suppress her smile. “It seems that we guessed it correctly. Cat God dared to release the two Spanish maps. At the very least, he is very confident about the bullring map that already appeared. As long as China can win two games, there is no pressure on them qualifying in the group stage.”

The Chinese team won against Australia. If they won against Spain, they would definitely move onto the next round.

Everyone was more concerned about whether the Chinese team could qualify as first in the group stage, so that they could face the second place team in Group D.

The two captains finished making their choices and the big screen zoomed in on the three maps selected for the match—Mount Huangshan Plank Road, Las Ventas Bullring and Madrid Royal Palace.

Next was the first game in arena mode and the system randomly arrived on the Mount Huangshan Plank Road map!

The domestic audience cheered in the comments: [Mount Huangshan Plank Road, it is very thrilling at first glance!] [I think the captain of the Spanish team will surely regret this decision!] [Was there a saying? A trip to China’s Five Sacred Mountains makes seeing other mountains unnecessary, a trip to Mount Huangshan makes seeing the Five Sacred Mountains unnecessary. Mount Huangshan is a very dangerous mountain!] [I’ve climbed Mount Huangshan and stood at the highest road. Once I stood at the top, my legs were soft…]

Most of the domestic audience members were gloating and many lit candles for the Spanish team.

The Spanish captain Rodriguez wasn’t familiar with Chinese geography. He sat in the rest area and saw the landscape map that was released on the screen.

The map projection on the screen using the 3d god’s perspective, which was more comprehensive and wider than the map perspective that players saw in the game. Therefore, the Spanish team could see the full majestic of Mount Huangshan as well as the thrill and stimulation of the airwalk.

The Spanish players, “…”

Everyone made stunned expressions while Rodriguez stared with surprise. He had long guessed that Mount Huangshan Plank Road was a death map and also guessed that it should be related to air combat. He didn’t expect the plank roads to be so narrow. If they carelessly fell off, there was only a cliff below them and they would fall to the death!

A player with a fear of heights would definitely get soft legs on this map!

Even if there wasn’t a fear of heights, walking on a plank road with a width of less than one metre was too easy to slip off!

In addition, most of the Spanish players were melee and had short legs.

Rodriguez felt unbearable.

He thought it would’ve been better to choose the Mechanical City. There might be many traps but at least it wouldn’t be as frightening!

Inside the Chinese team’s soundproof room, Li Cangyu looked at Mount Huangshan Plank Road and chattered with Ling Xuefeng next to him. “Have you ever been to Mount Huangshan? Looking down from a god’s point of view, the land is really dangerous!”

Ling Xuefeng replied, “I have never been there.”

Li Cangyu said, “There will be opportunities to mountain climb together in the future.”

Cheng Wei actively raised his hand. “I want to go too! Bring me with you!”

Tan Shitian turned back to him and said, “Can you climb?’

Cheng Wei smiled and replied, “If I can’t climb then I can move using the cable car!”

The group discussed the issue of climbing Mount Huangshan and there were no traces of nervousness on their faces.

They had practiced on this map countless times during domestic training. At the beginning, everyone felt their airs rising just standing on the road. There was a cliff to the right and the abyss to the left. The width of the plank road was only around one metre. If they looked forward, there were clouds like a wonderland and faint green hills behind the clouds.

Poor with poor psychologically quality would definitely be affected by such a map.

Some of the national team members with a mild fear of heights hated this map. After many training sessions, they gradually overcame the psychological obstacles. Now that they were at the World Competition and looking at the Mount Huangshan Plank Road map, everyone felt a type of pride.


The panoramic display of the map soon finished and the found game officially began.

The lineup for both sides appeared on the big screen at the same time. The first stage of the Spanish team was the combination of two swordsmen. The first stage for the Chinese team was played by Old Cat and Zhu—it was the Li Cangyu and Zhu Qingyue combination!

The audience was very curious about this fresh combination. [Little crybaby and Cat God!] [A psychic isn’t very useful in the arena. What does it mean for Cat God to play with a small crybaby?] [The little crybaby no longer cries. Don’t blacken him!]

The domestic audience directly called him ‘little crybaby’ instead of Zhu Qingyue.

In the soundproof room, Zhu Qingyue and Li Cangyu walked to the players’ seat from now. The expression on Zhu Qingyue’s face was very relaxed. Li Cangyu whispered a few words to him. He nodded seriously and then placed his fingers on the keyboard.

After seeing this scene, Yu Bing couldn’t help saying, “This is the first time we are seeing the partnership of Cat God and Xiao Zhu. A summoner and a psychic… in fact, this isn’t a very good combination. Cat God must’ve brought Xiao Zhu to play in order to let him adapt to the atmosphere of the World Competition. This way he will be in a good state for the next game against the Italian team.”

Kou Hongyi agreed., “Sister Bing’s analysis makes sense. Perhaps Cat God knows his partnership with Xiao Zhu isn’t stable, which is why he played in the first stage. There is no need to worry since there will definitely be an ace combination in the guard stage!”

The players on both sides were ready and the map of Mount Huangshan Plank Road started to load.

Then the four people refreshed on the map at the same time. Li Cangyu and Zhu Qingyue were in the lower parts of the plank road while the Spanish members were in the upper parts of the plank road. Mount Huangshan Plank Road had a very thrilling slope. The slope was more than 45 degrees and the narrow passage made it more difficult for people to play underneath. Still, this was good for Li Cangyu and Zhu Qingyue.

The two members of the Spanish team glanced at the abyss next to them. Their backs were cold but they still quickly headed down.

The two sides met in the middle of the plank road. The Spanish swordsman immediately used Spirit Lock on the psychic Zhu Qingyue! The other swordsman also used the Spirit Lock skill at the summoner Li Cangyu!

The two people divided the labour and their cooperation was extremely tacit. This was because they were actually from the same team.

After seeing that Li Cangyu and Zhu Qingyue were about to be controlled, it was fortunate that Li Cangyu responded with great speed. He summoned the fire spirit in front of Xiao Zhu and the swordsman’s control skill was successfully blocked. Li Cangyu sacrificed the fire spirit to save Zhu Qingyue.

Then he cleverly moved to the side with Flying Feather Steps to escape the skill in a thrilling manner!

The audience found that Li Cangyu had stepped on the edge of the cliff. He was only 10 centimeters away from falling but after avoiding the control skill, he once again cleverly swung around and returned to the middle of the plank road.

Cat God used precise positioning on the edge of the cliff, causing even the two commentators to be shocked and speechless. The domestic audience members were even more gobsmacked. After a few seconds of sluggishness, a large number of flowers frantically filled the live broadcast room.

This was the captain of the national team!

On the thrilling Mount Huangshan Plank Road, he was able to achieve such precise and accurate positioning.

The even more frightening thing was while hiding from the opponent’s control, he could also summon the fire spirit to help Xiao Zhu with Spirit Lock. The audience really had to admire it!

“Xiao Zhu, walk carefully.” Li Cangyu spoke on the voice channel. “Go behind me.”

Zhu Qingyue’s palms were sweating. He expected Cat God to fall and the result was that Cat God completed a wonderful Z-shaped movement on the plank road!

After seeing Cat God actively go in front of him, Zhu Qingyue returned to his senses and cautiously followed behind Li Cangyu.

The World Competition was different from the Chinese league. The Spanish players were top-notch in strength. They played actively despite the strange map. Zhu Qingyu couldn’t drag Cat God down!

Zhu Qingyue took a deep breath to calm himself. Then he stared at the other side’s position and quickly pressed keys on the keyboard.

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