GLS: Chapter 280

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Chapter 280 –  Map Choice

The Chinese team’s lineup against the Spanish team was finally confirmed after an hour of discussion. The arena would be Li Cangyu, Zhu Qingyue, the Lou Zhang combination and the Su Yu combination. The economic war would use the trap flow style led by Jiang Xu. Death racing would be controlled by Ling Xuefeng’s field control tactics.

This arrangement could be described as very comprehensive. Li Cangyu’s efficiency as a captain was very high and convincing.

Next, everyone started training extensively.

The people teamed up with their commanders and played against the most difficult man against machine mode to improve their understanding. The arena combinations were free to train as they liked. LI Cangyu called Zhu Qingyue to his side and cooperated with him in the arena.

This was the first time Zhu Qingyue paired up with Cat God. There was some excitement in his heart and also a bit of tension.

The previous time when he cried after being abused, he was only 16 years old and was too young. His psychological quality in the game was too fragile. After being killed five times by Li Cangyu, Zhu Qingyue started crying. Li Cangyu came over to shook hands and found the youngster of Pure Cleansing crying. He was suddenly at a loss.

“I will invite you to eat fish so please don’t cry!” Li Cangyu coaxed him helplessly.

Zhu Qingyue tried to stop crying but the tears kept falling. He stared up at Li Cangyu, big tears dripped down. This caused Li Cangyu to feel pained. In the end, Chu Yan helplessly dragged him backstage and educated him.

Zhu Qingyue crying after losing the match was photographed and from that day on, the Internet was full of negative comments about him. The overwhelming resistance and ridicule meant that Zhu Qingyue didn’t dare go outside for a while.

He managed to survive the season and then took over as the captain of Pure Cleansing.

His personality might be shy and he didn’t speak much, but he was no longer afraid when he faced the reporters.

Up to now, Zhu Qingyue still had the most sunspots in the domestic professional league. However, Li Cangyu felt this child was very cute. A 16 year old crying when he was uncomfortable was because he didn’t know how to disguise his emotions. Was it worthy of gaining a large number of sunspots? The reporters’ demands for e-sports players were too high.

In the circumstances, Zhu Qingyue could ignore the ridiculing voices and abuse from all sides, even learning to use the nickname of ‘crybaby. This showed how much Zhu Qingyue had grown.

Li Cangyu looked at the teenager sitting at the computer and staring at it seriously and couldn’t help touching Zhu Qingyue’s head. He said, “Xiao Zhu, come to the arena with me. Remember to not feel any pressure. We have the Su Yu and Lou Zhang combinations behind us. Even if there is a disadvantage in the beginning, it doesn’t matter. Relax and try to find the right state in the game. Do you understand?”

Zhu Qingyue nodded. “Yes, I know!”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Then let’s start the training!”


The afternoon passed quickly. At almost 5 o’clock, Li Cangyu suddenly received a phone call from Zhang Jueming.

The phone connected and Old Zhang’s energetic voice was heard in his ears. “Captain, I watched the match between Spain and Italy carefully. Italy won 2:1! However, Spain’s strength isn’t weak. I have summed up the key points of the game and took a video. Should I send it to your mailbox?”

Old Zhang was really reliable. Li Cangyu was immediately gratified. “Great, send it over now!”

A moment later, Li Cangyu opened the email and showed Old Zhang’s summary and video to everyone. His ability to summarize the main points was also quite admirable.

Li Cangyu watched the video several times with everyone and then let them go back to rest.

The match was in one day. Everyone would seize every minute and every second to train. In the blink of an eye, the third day of the World Competition begun. The match between the Chinese team and the Spanish team was arranged for the morning.

The commentator Kou Hongyi exclaimed excitedly, “Hello everyone, we meet again! After the last victory against Australia, there is only one day of rest before the Chinese team faces the next opponent in the group stage, Spain!”

Yu Bing explained the characteristics of the Chinese team. Then the two commanders sat down and the match officially began.

The referee chose who would go first and this time, the Chinese team was still second. The captain of the Spanish team, Rodriguez had the privilege of banning two maps first.

Mount Huangshan Plank Road and the Mechanical City!

These two maps emerged!

Rodriguez didn’t even think about it and directly banned the Mechanical City.

He had seen the match between China and Australia and knew the Mechanical City was a giant trap! Since only one map submitted by a country could be banned, Rodriguez definitely had to ban the Mechanical City.

The moment he banned the Mechanical City, Rodriguez felt some relief in his heart. Fortunately, Australia had played China first. Otherwise, he would accidentally ban the wrong map and Spain would be the one who fell into the pit!

As for Mount Huangshan Plank Road…

Surely it wasn’t as bad as the Mechanical City?

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5 years ago

Nah, every map the Chinese had is a trap

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lighting candles for spain here, they gonna be vomiting blood too xDD
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Aerilistarylia Sae
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