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Chapter 28 – Fateful Encounter

New York, USA.

Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong finished watching the game and Xie Shurong was preparing to go back. Then Bai Xuan said with a smile, “Just now, you two made a bet and the person who was wrong would wash the dishes. Who is it?”

Li Cangyu easily pointed to Xie Shurong. “It is A’Shu.”

“…” Xie Shurong immediately made a pained expression.

Bai Xuan’s mood was quite pleasant. It felt great whenever he found an excuse to bully A’Shu.

“A’Shu, go wash the dishes.” Bai Xuan smiled and pointed to the kitchen.

Xie Shurong was driver to the kitchen to wash the dishes. He looked like he was going to his execution as he wore plastic gloves and asked with a bitter expression, “Vice-Captain Bai, what do I do next?”

“Wash it cleanly.”

Xie Shurong smiled and asked, “How do I wash it?”

“Wash it with water.”

Xie Shurong, “…”

Washing these greasy things with water wouldn’t clean them!

Xie Shurong reacted by looking for detergent but he couldn’t find it. He asked with a smile, “Where is the detergent?”

Bai Xuan pointed to the cabinet above him. “Above.”

“Oh.” Xie Shurong finally found the right strategy. He poured the detergent and started to wash the dishes with difficulty.

Bai Xuan saw him seriously washing the dishes and couldn’t help inwardly laughing.

This person was also a kitchen idiot like Li Cangyu. It was estimated that Xie Shurong usually played games and researched tactics, basically never entering the kitchen. Bai Xuan would take this opportunity to bully him but also let him learn more life skills.

Bai Xuan smiled and kept watching Xie Shurong wash the dishes.

This Xie Shurong had grown up more handsome than before. Bai Xuan remembered that when Xie Shurong first debuted, he was only around 1.7 metres, a bit shorter than Bai Xuan. At that time, Xie Shurong played very fiercely, chasing around the healer like a mad wolf.

In the past three years, Xie Shurong’s height had risen by more than 10 centimeters and he had matured a lot. It was estimated that his experience of playing in the United States made him more stable than before.

Why had he left Flying Feathers?

Bai Xuan was very curious about this matter.

In the third season, the old Flying Feathers captain retired and gave the position to Su Guangmo. The Flying Feathers team had three terrain swordsmen. In the third season, they were the Miracle Alliance’s famous ‘Three Musketeers.’ It was the combination of the three high level swordsmen that sent the Flying Feathers team directly to the champion’s throne in the third season.

Flying Feathers’ current captain Su Guangmo was Xie Shurong’s senior. Based on what Bai Xuan remembered, their relationship seemed very good…

As he was feeling doubts, Xie Shurong successfully washed the dishes and suddenly turned around. “I have completed the task of washing the dishes. Does Vice-Captain Bai have a reward for me?”

Bai Xuan stared at him. “I fed you good dishes and now you want a reward?”

Xie Shurong suddenly felt that Vice-Captain Bai’s stare was really good. His eyes were round and were particularly clear and beautiful… After watching for a while, Xie Shurong reluctantly took back his gaze and said, “How about if I am responsible for washing the dishes every time I finish eating?”

Bai Xuan smiled. “It is pretty much the same.”

Xie Shurong said, “I will go back first. Will you continue to cook for me tomorrow?”

Bai Xuan reminded him, “Remember to bring the meal fee!”

Xie Shurong smiled. “I know, I won’t let you be busy for nothing.”


The next morning, Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan routinely got up at 8 o’clock. The two had breakfast together and at 8:30, they sat at the computer and logged into Miracle’s Moonlight Forest district.

Xiao Gu was actively waiting there and sent a message once his teammates were online. Only Xie Shurong wasn’t online so Li Cangyu didn’t hurry to go to the instance. He just chatted with Xiao Gu on the voice channel.

At the same time, the Wind Colour Guild.

Someone immediately sent a message to Popular Land Under Heaven’s private chat. “Love to Eat Braised Fish is online. He is at the west entrance of Frost Temple!”

Popular Land Under Heaven shook and immediately left the management office, heading towards the team’s training room. He excitedly called out, “Captain Ling! Braised Fish is online!”

Captain Ling wasn’t in the training room but other people were. Vice-Captain Yan Ruiwen, Guo Xuan and Xu Feifan had plane tickets scheduled for tomorrow so they were watching videos in the team’s training room.

Yan Ruiwen’s face was confused when he heard this. “Did the dining hall make braised fish?”

Popular Land Under Heaven, “…”

Qin Mo knew the truth and immediately said, “I’ll call Master.”

Yan Ruiwen and the other people still looked blank. Popular Land Under Heaven scratched his head and carefully explained to them.

“Is this a mistake? Six people were killed by three people?” Yan Ruiwen was amazed. “What is the origins of this person?”

Popular Land Under Heaven said, “It isn’t very clear. That’s why Captain Ling told us to inform him whenever Braised Fish is online.

Ling Xuefeng was soon called over by Qin Mo and he ordered with a calm expression, “Give me the account of a demon summoner in the new district.”

Yan Ruiwen sat down next to him. “I will also go and see.”

Gui Xuan, Xu Feifan and Qin Mo consciously stood behind them.

“Captain Ling, Vice-Captain Yan, directly use our accounts.” Popular Land Under Heaven entered the president and vice president’s account passwords and logged into the game.

“The coordinates?” Ling Xuefeng asked.

“It is the western entrance of Frost Temple.”

Ling Xuefeng controlled the demon summoner and ran towards the entrance, Yan Ruiwen following behind him.


Li Cangyu and Xiao Gu chatted for a bit before Xie Shurong came online. The four people were just about to enter the Frost Temple instance when two familiar IDs walked towards them.

Popular Land Under Heaven, Same Boat Under Wind and Rain…

They were the president and vice-president of the Wind Colour Guild!

Xie Shurong saw this and couldn’t help feelings surprised. “The president of Wind Colour is so commendable. Did he come to die again?”

Bai Xuan smiled and replied, “Maybe it is a coincidence?  They might be going to play the Frost Temple instance.”

After all, this was the entrance to an instance. It wasn’t strange to meet the president of Wind Colour here. Bai Xuan’s statement was very reliable.

Unfortunately, he just finished speaking when a message popped up on the screen in front of Li Cangyu.

[Player Popular Land Under Heaven, demon race, summoner class, level 40, is requesting to learn from you.]

Bai Xuan helplessly said, “It seems that I was thinking too much of them. They really are aiming for him.”

Li Yunyu smiled and sent a message to the area channel: [What happened? Coming to learn from me, did I mess with you?”

Popular Land Under Heaven stood behind Ling Xuefeng and saw the sentence pop up on the screen.

He didn’t mess with them? He killed them twice!

However, Braised Fish made sense once Popular Land Under Heaven thought about it. The team was wiped out twice… cough, they came to intercept the bounty mission on their own. Qin Mo was abused… cough, he came to their door.

Therefore, the management of the Wind Colour Guild felt really irritated. The feeling of ‘sending themselves to the door to be abused’ was really bad.

Ling Xuefeng’s expression was still calm when he saw this sentence. He just continued to send the invitation.

[Player Popular Land Under Heaven, demon race, summoner class, level 40, is requesting to learn from you.]

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has refused your invitation.]

Not answering? Then he could only come on strongly.

[Popular Land Under Heaven has opened slaughter mode on Love to Eat Braised Fish. Countdown in 3, 2, 1!]

The real Popular Land Under Heaven stood behind Captain Ling with a stunned expression.

Ling Xuefeng had such a decisive and simple personality. He wanted to exchange few blows with Braised Fish to determine if he was the right person. If the other person didn’t accept, he opened slaughter mode.

Li Cangyu was taken by surprise and said helplessly, “Does the Wind Colour Guild want to take it this far with me?”

Gu Siming excitedly exclaimed, “Abuse him! Cat God abuse him!”

The countdown of slaughter mode ended and a red symbol that indicated free killing appeared on the edge of Li Cangyu’s screen. The demon summoner in front of him summoned his banshee and Charm was accurately thrown at Li Cangyu!

Flying Feather Steps!

Li Cangyu acted almost immediately after the other summoner.

His years of experience and his deep understanding of the summoner class meant that his fingers could always keep up with his thoughts.

The clever footwork displacement accurately evaded Ling Xuefeng’s strong pulling skill.

Ling Xuefeng’s fingers became faster as he summoned a skeleton infantry, trying to imprison the opponent to one place.

However, Li Cangyu had called his water spirit pet while moving and froze the skeleton infantry first.

Ling Xuefeng immediately called his black crows and used Cover the Sky to control the opponent’s vision.

In return, Li Cangyu summoned his thunder spirit and used Thunder’s Wrath to directly kill the black crows!

Ling Xuefeng had released the crows in order to force the other person to summon the thunder spirit. After seeing that the big move had been used, Ling Xuefeng didn’t hesitate to use the basic attacks of the summoner to quickly finish off Li Cangyu’s water spirit.

The frozen skeleton infantry was liberated just as the crows were killed and pounced on the distant summoner!

Li Cangyu naturally had experience against the skeleton infantry. He summoned his fire spirit and use four Fireballs in a row, directly turning the demon pet into a pile of ashes.

The group of onlookers all had dull expressions of “…”

In the blink of an eye, Captain Ling and the other elf summoner changed three pets in a row—control, killing pets, movements, counter-control, group attack, killing pet, etc. The smooth operations were a gorgeous performance!

Ling Xuefeng stopped in place and took no more action.

Li Cangyu didn’t move his hands.

At this moment, the demon summoner and elf summoner confronted each other at the entrance of Frost Temple. Everything around them seemed to be quiet. The players coming and going from the instance, Wind Colour team members and guild management who were onlookers… in this duel between masters, they were the only ones present and all outside interference ceased to exist in their hearts.

After a long silence, Ling Xuefeng typed on the private chat channel with a complicated expression: [Is it really you?]

Li Cangyu sent over a handshake emoji. [Long time no see.]

They knew each other too well.

It took less than 10 seconds for them to recognize each other.

The pets exchange, the skills clash, the familiar style and the most familiar name.

—Li Cangyu.

—Ling Xuefeng.

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