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Chapter 279 – Spain

After returning to the meeting room, Li Cangyu opened the PPT they he had been halfway through and discussed the tactics for the next game.

It was determined that Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong would be absent from the next match. This meant he needed to abandon the Shu Bai combination in any tactics. Li Cangyu first carefully introduced Spain’s lineup.

The Spanish team was slightly stronger than the Australian team but they were a bit worse than Italy. Among the three opponents in Group B, Spain was of a medium standard.

The illusion style had recently became popular in the European countries but Spain was a special case.

Spain’s bullfighting was world famous and Spanish men seemed to have wildness in their bones. The Spanish dance costumes were distinctive. The women’s large skirts and fiery dances also represented the enthusiasm and unrestrained nature of the country.

This type of style wasn’t consistent with the illusion flow.

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng used to study the playing characteristics of each country after bathing during the secluded training. Spain was a country they studied since they were unique among European countries. They were best at the wild and tense melee play!

The captain of the Spanish national team was the terran swordsman Rodriguez, who was on the list of world swordsmen masters like Su Guangmo. His style of play was similar to the Japanese team’s Fujita Rika. He was an extremely fierce player who used offense as defense. He was a highly aggressive player. However, he was much calmer than Fujita Rika. In battle, he could carefully calculate the skill damage and blood volume. This was the scariest thing about him.

Vice-Captain Sobrino was in the top three of the world’s paladin rankings. There was also the female player Isabel, who was a very good paladin.

Female paladins were extremely rare, not to mention she had made it into the world rankings. It was said that she was particularly enthusiastic and bold. She actively pursued the captain of her own team, the archer Flores. Incredibly, she succeeded in winning the captain and this gossip spread through the Spanish Miracle circle.

In this year’s World Competition, the couple Isabel and Flores were also selected for the national team.

In addition to these players, the Spanish team had many excellent melee players who were mainly swordsmen and berserkers. It was obvious that the style of the team was bloody and violent.


After introducing these players, Li Cangyu summed it up simply. “The Spanish team has two very strong paladins and our team is lacking a paladin. In a group battle, the paladin must resist the pressure and also protect their teammates, providing the best output environment for their teammates. It can be expected that the front row of the Spanish team will be extremely difficult to break through.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded in agreement. “The Flying Feathers team in the Chinese Professional League also uses the melee style. We can think of the Spanish team as the Flying Feathers team that has tripled in size. In addition, due to the existence of two world-class paladins, the front row’s defense will be stronger. What does Captain Su think?”

He turned towards Su Guangmo sitting next to him. The latter replied honestly, “The overall strength of the Spanish national team’s melee players is much higher than our Flying Feathers team, especially Sobrino and Isabel. The two world-class paladins will make their front row an impossible wall and it will definitely be a hard fight.”

Yu Pingsheng sat down and didn’t talk. He just nodded in agreement when he heard this.

Su Guangmo glanced at him and said, “To tell the truth, among the domestic teams, Flying Feathers finds it hardest to face the Time team and then Wind Colour. The nemesis of the melee flow is the kite flow and control flow. A melee’s defense is strong and the attack is also sufficient. The biggest disadvantage is our short arms and legs. As long as our side has multiple controls, it will be impossible for them to move! It doesn’t matter if the defense is strong. If they can’t keep up with the attack, they can only wait for death.”

The captain of Flying Feathers was most familiar with the melee style. Everyone listened to Su Guangmo and agreed.

Li Cangyu also praised Su Guangmo’s view before saying, “Since they are afraid of control then death racing will be led by Xuefeng. What do you think?”

This had been decided as early as the interview. Ling Xuefeng naturally had no opinion on this arrangement and the other captains didn’t oppose Cat God’s suggestion.

Li Cangyu made a firm decision. “The third game will be played by Xuefeng. You should first choose the people.”

Ling Xuefeng’s eyes scanned the room and he quickly made a decision. “Yan Ruiwen, Guo Xuan, Qin Mo and Yang Muzi, you will fight in the death racing with me.”

This decision made many people feel surprised. This was a full ranged, fragile defense team!

Then they thought about it and felt it was very reasonable. Ling Xuefeng directly selected the three people of the Wind Colour. The Yan Guo combination was originally a weapon to deal with melee classes while Qin Mo’s pets could match with Ling Xuefeng’s pets. Yang Muzi was also a white magician with a very strong level of control. Thus, this lineup had a considerable number of control skills.

In fact, if this lineup had Li Cangyu’s summoner added then the Spanish team could only cry!

However, Ling Xuefeng didn’t bring Li Cangyu.

It was because he didn’t think it was necessary against Spain. Once the tactics were exposed, it would be more difficult against the Korean team and the US team.

He intended to hide Cat God. Li Cangyu understood this very quickly. He typed down the named players and then said, “The players for death racing are determined. Next is the economic war.”

The economic war could continue the kite flow but LI Cangyu was worried that after Tan Shitian used this against the Australian team, the Spanish team would definitely conduct a targeted study of Tan Shitian. If it was a Spanish home map, the kite flow tactics might not be as useful as the previous game.

Li Cangyu thought for a moment and made a decision. “Captain Jiang, how about you be the commander of the economic war?”

The named Jiang Xu raised his head with surprise. Li Cangyu gave him an encouraging look and said, “The trap flow style can also be used against a melee team. Captain Jiang, do you want to try?”

Jiang Xu felt a bit complicated at this time.

The Cheetah team was at the bottom of the top 8 teams. Their performance this season was relatively mediocre. In the selection trials for the World Competition, the vice-captain Chen Anran was defeated by the rookie Zhuo Hang. Only he managed to join the national team.

The number of great gods was like clouds. Jiang Xu was more invisible than Captain Su and Captain Tan.

He originally thought that he would only be a substitute in the arena or team battle. He didn’t expect that Li Cangyu would hand over command of the economic war directly to him.

The always calm Jiang Xu couldn’t help feeling excitement. Determination filled his eyes as he replied, “Since Cat God believes in me, I will do my best.”

Li Cangyu smiled and nodded. “Choose people.”

Jiang Xu’s eyes swept over the players. Cheetah’s trap flow style actually needed four hunters. In a team battle, the traps everywhere would cause a dilemma. Then he would use the trap’s serial explosions to force the opponent’s blood down and achieve victory. Obviously, the national team didn’t have many hunters and the real trap flow couldn’t be realized.

Jiang Xu thought about it for a moment before saying, “Then Liu Xiang and Meng Jie of Red Fox will join the team battle. Liu Xiang will add blood while Meng Jie is responsible for cutting the battlefield and control displacement. Can you do it?”

Liu Xiang smiled. “Captain Jiang doesn’t need to be so cautious. You are the commander of this game and we will listen to your arrangements.”

Liu Xiang seemed gentle but she wasn’t a weak girl. Instead, she was kind and clever. She knew that Jiang Xu wasn’t confident in front of so many gods and encouraged him with a few words.

Jiang Xu smiled at her and said, “I also want to ask Tan Cheng to join.”

This sentence caused many people to glance at Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei in a strange manner. Cheng Wei directly asked, “Isn’t this the kite flow?”

Tan Shitian quickly understood the idea of the other person. He smiled and wondered, “Captain Jiang, are you trying to confuse the opponent?”

Jiang Xu nodded and felt relief that ‘heroes could see the same thing.’ He explained, “In the last match, Captain Tan commanded the kite flow tactics. If you continue to play in the economic war this time, it will be easy for the other side to misunderstand and think we are still playing the kite mode. In fact, our strategy is actually based on traps. The Spanish team’s commander won’t be able to distinguish the core composition on our side.”

It dawned on everyone at once!

A double core taunting lineup, this was actually a very high-end style.

The team had two core combinations, the Jiang Zhuo trap combination and the Tan Cheng kite combination. This would cause confusion to the other side’s commander. Which combination was the key point? Should they set fire to kill Tan Shitian or Jiang Xu first?

The opponents wouldn’t be able to accurately determine the target at a crucial moment. This would allow the six members of the Chinese team more opportunities.

The former Cheetah team didn’t have so many masters. Forget the double mocking style, even the single trap stream was difficult. The national team was different. There were as many masters as clouds and Jiang Xu could finally realize his tactical ideas.

The thing that worried him was if Captain Tan would be willing to listen to a more invisible captain.

It turned out that Tan Shitian was very good at talking. He smiled and said, “No problem. I will join with Xiao Wei in the economic war and follow Captain Jiang’s arrangements.”

Cheng Wei was still pondering on the tactic. Once he heard Tan Shitian answer, he also said, “Yes, I will listen to the commander.

Jiang Xu felt relieved. It felt like a dream that he could command popular captains like Liu Xiang and Tan Shitian. However, he couldn’t mess up or he would be killed by the domestic netizens.


Once the death racing and economic war were decided, Li Cangyu started to arrange the arena.

The Shu Bai combination was resting. Among the remaining players, there were the two ace combinations of Su Yu and Lou Zhang. There was also the archer Lu Xiao, the psychics Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue, Xiao Han and Li Cangyu left.

If he let Su Yu open the game, Lou Zhang play in the second stage and him and Xiao Han in the guard stage, their possibility of winning would be the biggest.

Then Li Cangyu had a thought about the next match that would bring a greater profit.

Italy was the team with the most illusionary style among the European teams. It was best for the Chinese team to send psychics to face them. Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue had always been in the training room since coming to the United States.

A player who sat on the bench for a long time would more easily make mistakes when playing. That’s why many sports stars often participated in big and small games to maintain their shape.

Li Cangyu was very confident in Chu Yan. He wasn’t called the best auxiliary of the league for nothing.

But Xiao Zhu… he was still young and had been acting as a soy sauce the whole time. Once he had to face the high-level Italian team, he might find it hard to keep up with the rhythm.

Li Cangyu thought of this and said, “I will take Xiao Zhu to open the area. Lou Zhang will play the second stage and Su Yu will end it.”

This decision surprised many people. Zhu Qingyue didn’t even react until his master Chu Yan poked him in the arm and he realized that ‘Xiao Zhu’ was referring to him.

Zhu Qingyue’s eyes widened with surprise. “Eh? I will play in the arena?”

Li Cangyu smiled at him. “This time you can’t cry. If you cry in the World Competition then you will become a world-grade crybaby.”

The group laughed. The little crybaby who was abused by Cat God was a known dark history in the league. Everyone used to tease him about the matter.

Zhu Qingyue’s temper was good and he didn’t become angry. He looked seriously at Li Cangyu and replied firmly, “I will work hard!”

Cat God had once made him cry and now he was partnering with Cat God. Zhu Qingyue’s fists clenched as he thought, ‘I must cherish this opportunity and let Cat God be impressed by the small crybaby!’

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