GLS: Chapter 278

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Chapter 278 – Scene that Shouldn’t Be Seen

The reason why Fujita Rika took the initiative to challenge the Chinese team was really to challenge the Chinese team’s prestige. As a result, their masters were wiped out and the Japanese team was embarrassed.

Captain Sato’s face was as dark as a pot. This time they sent all their great gods while thinking the Chinese team would send a few newcomers. If they could win this friendly match, it would give the players some confidence. The result was that they were beaten 9:2. It was too far-fetched to be explained as just the map advantage.

Sato Takashi was thinking about how to spin this when Fujita Rika took the initiative to break the awkward atmosphere. She looked back at Sato Takashi and said, “Captain, many of the Chinese members participating in the World Competition can’t be found in the world rankings, indicating that they deliberately hid their strength.”

“That’s right.” There was immediate agreement. “The archer Tenday and the elf summoner Old Cat have never been heard of before and we were too careless.”

Fujita Rika nodded. “According to my investigation, the elf summoner called Old Cat is an old player who debuted in the first season of the Chinese Miracle League. He has been unknown for a few years because he ran to another game to play.”

“He ran to another game?” Sato was a bit surprised. “No wonder why I’ve never heard of him…”

There were also players who changed games on the Japanese side but they normally weren’t great players. Therefore, Fujita Rika initially thought that Li Cangyu was at a normal level and changed games when he didn’t succeed. Now it seemed that things weren’t as simple as she imagined.

Everyone was silent for a moment before Sato Takashi said seriously, “Today’s game against the Chinese team, I hope that everyone can keep it a secret and not mention it to anyone.”

Being beaten 9:2 was too shameful to say and the Chinese team was assigned to Group B while the Japanese team was in Group A. Exposing the Chinese team’s strength wasn’t good for the Japanese team. The World Competition was highly competitive. Since the Chinese team was a dark horse, they would definitely destroy the teams of other countries. Sato Takashi was happy to see it.

“Everybody, get ready for the next match.” Vice-Captain Fujita Rika changed the topic. “Our next match is against the US team. They are the team with the highest chance of winning the World Competition. We must be careful when dealing with them!”


At this time, Bai Xuan was having a dream. He was in the game and all his teammates had residual blood. He needed to explode his hand speed and brush up everyone’s blood as quickly as possible.

Bai Xuan felt a bit anxious. He took Xie Shurong’s hand as the keyboard and pressed hard, his mouth saying, “Big Healing.”

“…” Xie Shurong gently grasped the slender fingers and sent him a funny look. He whispered in Bai Xuan’s ears, “You are a competent milk dad. Are you still adding blood to people in your dream?”

Bai Xuan’s fingers were caught and the keyboard in his dream seemed broken. He couldn’t press it and couldn’t help frowning.

Xie Shurong raised the fingers to his lips and gently kissed them. Bai Xuan felt itchy and doubtfully opened his eyes. He saw Xie Shurong holding his hand and smiling at him.

Bai Xuan’s face became hot and he wanted to pull his hand back, but it was held tighter by Xie Shurong.

“These hands are so beautiful.” Xie Shurong kissed the fingertips before stretching out his tongue to lick them. He looked at Bai Xuan with a burning gaze. “The blood-adding technique of your hands is incredible. I always feel that as long as you are present, I won’t die no matter how many enemies there are.”

His fingers were wet with a young man’s saliva and Bai Xuan’s face was red. He pulled his hand back and wiped it, quietly asking, “What time is it?” As he spoke, he sat up, grabbed his phone from the bedside table and looked at the time. Then he turned back with surprise, “Why didn’t you wake me at 3 o’clock?”

Xie Shurong asked him, “Is your stomach better?”

Bai Xuan slept for a while and his stomach wasn’t as uncomfortable as it was at noon. However, the food still wasn’t fully digested and felt like a cold stone in his stomach.

Still, there was the next match…

Xie Shurong seemed to read his thoughts and held Bai Xuan’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I asked Cat God for a break. Cat God said that if you aren’t comfortable, you can rest and not play in the next match.”


“Don’t be strong.” Xie Shurong interrupted him. “There are still many matches to follow. It isn’t a big deal to take a break. Liu Xiang can play if you aren’t there. It is enough to only have a healer in the team economic battle.”

Bai Xuan still wanted to argue but was interrupted by the other person again. “Besides, if you are in a bad state during the game then you won’t be able to keep up with the rhythm and it will affect your teammates. It is better to raise your spirits before playing the game, don’t you think?”

Bai Xuan didn’t expect this guy’s mouth to be so slick. His words really made sense…

Bai Xuan had to lose the battle. “Okay. My stomach is still uncomfortable. Once I am completely fine, I will tell Old Cat to send me to play. Liu Xiang’s blood adding technique isn’t worse than mine. There should be no problem.”

Xie Shurong sighed with relief and kissed Bai Xuan’s forehead. “Let’s have a good rest.”

Bai Xuan helplessly couldn’t move during the kiss. He was held in Ah Shu’s arms and felt particularly warm. It was probably because Bai Xuan’s body temperature was high and the whole bed was warm, making people not want to get out at all. Bai Xuan closed his eyes and kept leaning on him.

There was a pounding heartbeat coming from the chest. Under the strong muscles, the young heart was pounding fiercely. It jumped so fast that it almost broke the eardrums.

Bai Xuan didn’t want to listen to it. He couldn’t help turning his head and saying, “Your heart is beating so fast…”

Xie Shurong smiled very brightly. “I am holding you, my heartbeat will naturally become faster.”

Bai Xuan was embarrassed by his bluntness and wanted to turn his head. However, his jaw was raised and a gentle kiss imprinted on Bai Xuan’s lips.

Xie Shurong finished the kiss and asked seriously, “Is your heart beating faster?”

Bai Xuan, “…”

He wanted to kick this guy out of bed! Even so, his heartbeat really did become faster after he was kissed…

He looked up and saw Xie Shurong’s bright eyes starting softly. They were clearly filled with a desire for an answer. Bai Xuan’s heart softened and he said with a red face, “Don’t make trouble. I will lie down for a while.”

Then he took the initiative to lie down on Xie Shurong’s chest.

The excited Xie Shurong immediately reached out and hugged him. His right hand was on Bai Xuan’s chest, as if trying to test the other person’s heartbeat. “Your heartbeat is faster, right? Are you tempted by me? Hey, it is really faster!”

Bai Xuan slapped his hand away. “Shut up, you’re noisy.”

Xie Shurong immediately closed his mouth. He saw Bai Xuan’s red face and his mouth rose uncontrollably.


The two people lay together while listening to each other’s heartbeats. Suddenly, the sound of the doorbell ringing was heard. Xie Shurong got out of bed and opened the door with a dark face. He unexpectedly saw Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng standing next to each other while Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei were behind them.

“Is Xiao Bai okay?” Li Cangyu had a straightforward personality and he directly bypassed Xie Shurong to enter the room.

Bai Xuan was busy tidying his clothes. He had just slept in Xie Shurong’s arms and his clothes became a mess. Moreover, Xie Shurong had lifted up his pyjamas while trying to feel Bai Xuan’s heartbeat.

This awkward look was seen by everyone entering the room.

Bai Xuan wanted to grab Xie Shurong and remove him!

Tan Shitian coughed and smartly dragged away the curious Cheng Wei. Ling Xuefeng glanced at Xie Shurong while frowning slightly.

However, Li Cangyu had thick nerves and didn’t seem to notice anything strange. He walked over and sat next to Bai Xuan, placing a hand on Bai Xuan’s forehead. “Your face is so red. Do you have a fever?”

Bai Xuan gave an embarrassed smile. “No, my stomach isn’t very comfortable.”

Li Cangyu was very clear about the physical condition of his old partner. He had given Bai Xuan some Chinese medicine half a year before and Bai Xuan’s stomach problem wasn’t as serious as it was in the beginning. Still, a stomach illness wasn’t something that could be healed in a day or two. This time, he went aboard and ate things he wasn’t accustomed to. Li Cangyu thought this and had Bai Xuan lie down, placing the quilt over him. His voice was also very gentle. “Since your stomach isn’t comfortable, you should keep resting. I won’t send you in the next game.”

Bai Xuan smiled. “Yes. I will improve my spirits and be on standby for the next match.”

Li Cangyu gently patted his shoulder. “There are many players in the national team and there is always an appropriate lineup. Don’t feel too much pressure and rest peacefully.”

Cheng Wei saw this scene from where he was standing beside the door and couldn’t help saying, “Cat God and Vice-Captain Bai’s feelings are really good!”

At these words, Ling Xuefeng and Xie Shurong’s cold eyes shot towards him at the same time. Cheng Wei made a confused expression while Tan Shitian reluctantly pulled him away. “Let’s go to the training room first. We can’t help here!”

Although Ling Xuefeng knew that Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan were partners for many years and their relationship was good, he couldn’t help feeling unhappy when he saw this scene. Xie Shurong naturally wasn’t happy. The vinegar smell in the air almost drowned the two people.

Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan didn’t detect this at all as they kept speaking on the bed.

“Is the lineup for Spain set?” Bai Xuan asked.

“It isn’t decided yet.”

Bai Xuan was a bit surprised. “Didn’t you decide at the 3 o’clock meeting?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “It was originally planned but the Japanese team suddenly came to the door to provoke us. We had a friendly game against the Japanese team and the meeting was delayed. I was worried and came to see you first.”

“It was like this.” Bai Xuan touched his chin and mused, “I remember that the Japanese team has the pretty good Fujita Rika? What was the outcome of the friendly game?”

Li Cangyu smiled slightly. “It was death racing mode and the score was 9:2. The Japanese team was wiped out by us.”

The stunned Bai Xuan quickly understood. “Did you go out personally?”

Li Cangyu quietly replied, “Yes.”

Bai Xuan couldn’t help laughing. “No wonder. I guess that they probably have a psychological shadow.”

After seeing that the two people hadn’t finished talking, Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help walking to the bed and stared at Bai Xuan. “Your body isn’t comfortable and you should rest. We will go back to the meeting.” He wanted to drag Li Cangyu away.

Xie Shurong also followed Ling Xuefeng’s cue with a smile. “I will take care of Vice-Captain Bai. You go ahead.”

Li Cangyu stood up and shook Bai Xuan’s hand. “Have a good rest.”

Then he turned and walked away with Ling Xuefeng.

Bai Xuan relaxed. He always felt that while Cat God was present, a certain someone’s eyes were staring a hole in him.

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