GLS: Chapter 277

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Chapter 277 – Crushing Strength

Sato, who was locked up in the cage, wanted to vomit blood. A cage could drop from the roof to trap people? Was it like the Chinese martial arts movies where the bad people were caught?

Such a disgusting map, the designers of the Chinese team were too good!

He had vaguely guessed the secrets of the Mechanical City. According to the rules of the league, the effects of a self-made map couldn’t exceed four. The Chinese team collapsed the 1st and 5th rooms. The downstairs corridor caused a rain of arrows and the abyss was a teleport point. Since the 6th room had the cage, it was likely that the 1/3/5th rooms collapsed while the 2/4/6th rooms contained cages.

It was no wonder why the Chinese team didn’t jump into the black hole! The location corresponded to a room with a cage and it was useless to directly teleport there. Instead, they waited for the Japanese team to go up and then used the mechanism to trap them.

The feeling of being locked up wasn’t pleasant. The four people in the cage glanced at each other.

They were somewhat puzzled about why the Chinese team didn’t come and hit them. Fortunately, the careful healer pointed the mouse at the iron cage and looked at the attributes. He immediately said, “The cage can’t be moved but it also can’t be attacked.”

It dawned on Sato. If the opponent was locked up in the cage, it was too unfair if the remote classes used their skills. The Chinese team who submitted the map could completely kill the opponents within the iron cage. Even if the other side was strong, they could be completely destroyed by the map. This was too unfair.

The designers probably considered the balance and review of the league. The iron cage had the effect of ‘you can’t come out but I can’t hit you.’ The four people of the Japanese team were trapped by the iron cage but this ensured that they were temporarily safe. The healer wisely filled up everyone’s blood.

However, the one person who was tragic…

The assassin Itoh Sawa resurrected at the blue point and had his skills refreshed. In order to avoid the siege of the Chinese team, he cleverly lurked with his stealth skill and searched for his teammates using the mini-map.

He froze as soon as he entered the 6th room.

His four teammates were trapped in an iron cage. What was going on here?

They stared at each other through the cage and Sato Takashi immediately said, “You must withdraw first. Don’t stay here!”

It was too late.

Lou Wushuang had long expected that the resurrected Japanese member would come find his teammates and had been lurking invisibly in the 6th room. He saw the healer in the cage step forward and knew that the team member must’ve come!

He typed a signal on the team channel and the people on standby in the 5th room immediately came through the side door.

—Death Arrow Rain!

Tan Shitian was resurrected and his big moves refreshed. The distance was very far and the range very wide. It instantly hit the Japanese team’s invisible assassin! Lou Wushuang had been waiting here and after seeing the assassin emerge, he used Pain Blade to set the other person in place.

Next was a combination of gorgeous and flashy skills. The five members of the Chinese team combined to kill the Japanese team’s assassin.

The four people in the cage could only watch their teammates die in front of themselves.

Sato felt a chill go down his back…

In the match against Australia, only one-sixth of the mechanisms of the Mechanical City were used.

He finally realized the full picture of the Mechanical City in today’s friendly game!

It had to be said that the Chinese people can’t be underestimated.

They could create such a complex map despite the World League explicitly stating that there couldn’t be more than four effects on a map. Many of the mechanisms were based on tactical designs.

For example, this prison cage. It looked very simple but the usage was actually large. This cage was a barrier to isolate the battlefield and the four members of the Japanese team were confined inside. This left one person outside who could only be killed!

Moreover, while the Japanese team members were trapped in a cage, the Chinese team’s players could go and restore their blood and blue while waiting for their dead teammates to resurrect.

Yes, Li Cangyu and Tan Shitian who died had been resurrected in full blood.

The effect of the cage would soon be lifted. The four people of the Japanese team would face the siege of the five Chinese members.

Sato’s guess wasn’t wrong.

Once the time came, the cage broke apart like a sword was taken to it. The Japanese team’s imprisonment was lifted but they also lost their ‘not attackable’ state.

At that moment, Ling Xuefeng summoned black crows and used Cover the Sky!

Large crows flew to where the Japanese team was standing and they lost their vision.

The Japanese team’s healer wasn’t stupid. He decisively used Purification to resolve the negative state of his teammates. The next moment, Su Guangmo quickly moved and used Spirit Lock!

The frozen healer couldn’t add blood and could only watch.

Lou Wushuang took advantage of this time by moving behind the black magician Sato Takashi. Sato Takashi just wanted to cast a big move to control the Chinese team but he was interrupted by Lou Wushuang!

The two melee of the Chinese team, Su and Lu became a nightmare for the Japanese team!

The priest was fixed in place and the black magician interrupted. Su and Lou wanted to grab the head first? There was no way!

Sato Takashi was annoyed as he kept being interrupted. He wanted to destroy Su Guangmo and Lou Wushuang in one breath but their flexible movement made him feel helpless!

In addition, the size of the room was limited and there was no way to retreat further.

Su Guangmo’s Light and Shadow Rotation was opened again, cruelly cutting everyone’s blood. Lou Wushuang cleverly exchanged positions with him and stared at the priest’s casting bar.

The two of them cooperated with each other so there was always one person close to the priest!

The healer of the Japanese team wanted to cry. From the beginning, he released only one big group skill while the rest of his skills were continuously interrupted…

The assassin and swordsman took turns staring at him, making him want to smash the keyboard!

Ling Xuefeng constantly summoned and interfered with the four Japanese members and the damage caused by Skeleton Explosion was considerable.

However, Li Cangyu stood in the distance and didn’t attack them. He was doing a gorgeous operation at an extremely fast pace.

He quickly summoned the water elf, fire elf, thunder elf and wind elf. The Chinese team’s players watching from behind guessed what he wanted to do and held their breaths nervously. The Japanese team’s Sato Takashi and Fujita Rika realized it too late.

—Banshee Summoning, Witch Demon’s Curse!

Ling Xuefeng knew what Cat God wanted to do and cooperated with the banshee to pull the four members of the Japanese team to the right position. It was like gathering the mobs in an instance to the right position, providing Li Cangyu with the best output space.

Li Cangyu decisively pressed the T key that was rarely used on his keyboard.

—Elf Cataclysm!

There was a huge bang as the water, fire, thunder and wind spirits exploded together. The blue, red, green and purple mixed in a raging tide that washed over the four people of the Japanese team!

Four kills!

This move directly collected the heads of the four residual blood members!

The number of heads changed to 9:2!

The crowd watching behind the Chinese team clapped excitedly.

“The captain is too handsome!”

“Cat God is too powerful!”

“Everybody is awesome!”

Li Cangyu also had a smile on his face. Xuefeng’s tacit understanding pulled the four Japanese people into a group and his Cataclysm directly smashed all four people. In one word, it was cool!


Sato Takashi’s face was almost green and Fujita Rika was gritting her teeth. The expressions of the other three members were somewhat frustrated.

9:2, this score was really embarrassing.

They came to the Chinese team’s door for a friendly match and sent their strongest five players. The result was that they were completely abused by the Chinese team’s Mechanical City. This was simply a disgrace.

The players watching behind them couldn’t help saying, “It’s all because of the map. This map is too perverted.”

“That’s it!”

“The map is too much!”

The healer Yamaguchi Ryuzaki coughed and smiled. “There is no need to be too serious with a friendly game…”

Neither the captain or vice-captain spoke. It was because Sato Takashi and Fujita Rika were people who had seen too many world masters. They both knew it wasn’t only the problem of the map but…

The Chinese team were too powerful!

There was no need to mention the demon summoner Ling Xuefeng and terran swordsman Su Guangmo, they were high-ranking players in the world. The assassin Lou Wushuang was also famous in the assassin circle. However, Li Cangyu’s summoner and Tan Shitian’s archer were people who had never been seen on the world’s leaderboard!

What was the result?

Tan Shitian killed three of them in one breath. Li Cangyu killed four people in one breath!

The thing that Sato Takashi couldn’t accept was that even if it wasn’t the Mechanical City and they were facing each other on a flat and unobstructed map, the Japanese team still couldn’t beat the Chinese team!


After seeing that the Japanese team was quiet and refused to come out from the resurrection point, Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling and typed on the public channel: [Captain Sato, this is the Chinese team’s map and it is too unfair for you. Don’t you have to train this afternoon? Why don’t we call it here. We can’t delay the formal matches.]

Fujita Rika had a good understanding of Chinese and translated these words for the captain. Sato Takashi’s face was as dark as a pot!

It was obvious since the Japanese team didn’t leave the resurrection point. The other side already saw that the Japanese team didn’t want to play and let him step down.

In fact, this was a slap to the face that made him feel ashamed.

On the other hand, it made the Chinese team seem quite gracious…

Sato’s ears were red as the five players directly exited the room.

Li Cangyu didn’t ridicule the Japanese team. As the captain of the national team, he must maintain his grace in front of foreign teams. The Japanese team took the initiative to come to the door and challenge them but Li Cangyu let the other side take a step back. This directly smashed Captain Sato!

Regardless of whether it was the map, strength, tactics or demeanour, Li Cangyu ruined the Japanese team’s provocation.

The Chinese team members were so handsome!

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Silence is Golden
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