GLS: Chapter 276

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Chapter 276 – The Real Mechanical City

After watching the game between China VS Australia, Sato Takashi and Fujita Rika specifically studied the map of the city and according to the 3D map released by the league, they inferred that there were six mechanisms in the upstairs and downstairs levels.

Everyone saw the effect of the 1st room. It caused the room to collapse and for players to directly transfer to the lower floor. The lower floor’s mechanism fired arrows at the players. The effects of the other rooms and corridors were currently unknown.

The three people who died were concentrated at the blue recovery point, waiting to fight again after their resurrection.

The remaining two were delayed for a while and jumped directly into the gap between tiles. According to the rules of the league’s death racing mode, suicide deaths weren’t counted as a head for the opponent.

The two of them wanted to commit suicide to meet their teammates. The surprising thing was that after jumping into the dark abyss between the floor tiles, they didn’t die. Instead, they were transmitted to the 5th room on the upper floor.

Japanese team members, “…”

Wasn’t this map too pitted? Jumping into a dark hole actually transmitted them? The Chinese designers were too cunning!

The assassin and priest of the Japanese team looked at each other and didn’t know what to do. As a result, Ling, Tan and Cat sneaked in from the aisle while Su Guangmo and Lou Wushuang also jumped into the abyss and were teleported upstairs. In the blink of an eye, the five people gathered in the 5th room.

The netizens would probably be spitting if they saw this setting.

The moving floor tiles looked very dangerous. According to general logic, they should fall down when stepping on air. Who would think they would instantly move upstairs? Could it be more pitted?

The two players of the Japanese team were surrounded by five people and wanted to cough up blood.

In the 2v2 battle downstairs, they had to deal with Su Guangmo and Lou Wushuang’s outbreak. As the priest, Yamaguchi Ryuzaki had to crazily press the buttons and his fingers were sore. Now he had to face five people and he had the feeling of ‘nothing left to live for.’

Su Guangmo and Lou Wushuang had obviously only wanted to consume his skills. After all, it was hard to directly kill a healer in a 2v2 fight. Now it was different. After meeting his teammates, Su Guangmo didn’t say anything and rushed forward with the sword, accurately using the move Spirit Lock. He stabbed the chest of the priest before using Light and Shadow Rotation.

The colourful sword directly cut the blood of the priest and assassin to 70%.

Lou Wushuang calmly moved behind the priest and stunned him with Pain Blade. He followed up by moving to the assassin, the knife in his hand cold and fierce—Back Stab, Soul Stab, Death Strangulation!

His intention to kill the assassin was obvious. The other team members started cooperating. Tan Shitian fired his arrows, Ling Xuefeng’s skeletons surrounded the opponents and Li Cangyu’s fire spirit continued to throw Fireballs.

Su Guangmo was handling the priest, lest he add blood to his teammate.

Under the bombardment of the four people, the assassin of the Japanese team quickly lost blood and the heads ratio became 4:0!

The Chinese team cheered again.

Then Li Cangyu suddenly ordered, “The lower floor!”

His voice was clear and allowed everyone to hear it. The training room became quiet and Ling Xuefeng instantly stepped on a mechanism.

The three members of the Japanese team rushed over to rescue their teammates and saw this image—the 5th room shaking like there was an earthquake and the floor collapsing. Dust flew around and the Chinese team’s five members were collectively sent downstairs.

Japanese team members, “…”

These guys could really play!

Sato’s eyes were cold as he ordered, “Chase them!”

It might be 4v5 but the Japanese team was actually in a good position.

First of all, they just came from the resurrection point and everyone was full of blood. Second, the death racing mode refreshed everything after resurrection. In other words, their current skill cooldown time was reset and all their big moves were available.

On the other hand, the Chinese team won four heads and the big moves of the summoners, archer, swordsman and assassin were on cooldown. The remaining small skills wouldn’t pose too much of a threat.

If the Japanese team caught up at this time, they were likely to kill the other party!

Sato Takashi and his teammates instantly jumped into the pit after the 5th room was destroyed and landed in the lower west corridor.

The Chinese team had left the corridor by this time and spread out on the floor tiles. Sato Takashi chose Tan Shitian, who had the least blood. “Kill the archer!”

Fujita Rika had long wanted to get revenge for the arrows. Once she saw the archer, she jumped forward and chased Tan Shitian. She decisively used Spirit Lock to set Tan Shitian in place and then used Light and Shadow Rotation!

This girl’s style of play was really fierce and her positioning was very sharp. Her strength was among the top swordsmen in the world but… she was a bit worse than Captain Su.

Tan Shitian evaluated her in his heart. She was fierce but lacked some calm.

After using Spirit Lock, she could just use Breaking Bone Sword and two general attacks to kill him. There was no need to waste big moves.

However, Fujita Rika was too aggressive and wanted to kill Tan Shitian at the fastest speed. Thus, she didn’t hesitate to use a big move. Of course, her actions were incorrect. Who knew when the Chinese team members would come over to interfere?

The thing that surprised her was that Li Cangyu didn’t care about Tan Shitian being hit.

As Fujita Rika pursued Tan Shitian, the black magician Sato Takashi, the elf summoner Ida Takuya and the assassin Itoh Sawa surrounded Li Cangyu and started to kill him.

Li Cangyu relied on his rapid movements to avoid the siege of the three people but this time, Sato Takeshi’s encirclement was very tight and they surrounded him from three directions.

Nearby, Ling Xuefeng and Su Guangmo wanted to come to the rescue. Li Cangyu guessed the thoughts of his teammates and immediately typed on the team channel: [Don’t save me. Gather at the red dot.]

Ling Xuefeng understood his thoughts and decisively turned towards the stairs.

The Japanese team successfully killed Li Cangyu and Sato Takashi’s heart felt more comfortable. The score of 4:2 was better. At least they had some room to fight.

Then he was surprised when he looked around. He found that there were no Chinese members left on the lower floor.

It seemed that Tan Shitian and Li Cangyu deliberately delayed the time to let their teammates escape?

Sato frowned at this thought and ordered, “Gather upstairs!”

He was smart this time and directly jumped into the gap between tiles with his teammates. Sure enough, this seemingly dark abyss was actually a teleport point to go upstairs. The coordinates for this location corresponded to the 6th room on the upper floor. All Japanese team members were sent to the 6th room.

There was no one else and this was normal.

The Chinese team chose to run up the stairs instead of using the teleport.

A bad feeling suddenly appeared in Sato’s heart.

This was clearly a shortcut. Why did they use the stairs instead?

He was thinking when a rumbling sound entered his ears. Sato Takashi wondered if the room was going to collapse again. Were they having fun with this?

However, it turned out that the Mechanical City had more surprises for him.

This time the room didn’t collapse. Instead, a huge iron cage dropped from the sky. Like prisoners, all four of them were stuck in the cage.

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I love and hate how pitted this map is I’d be coughing blood too

Mighty Chocobo
5 years ago

If this is me i would curse the freaking map… With everything that i have

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Aerilistarylia Sae
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Aren’t you guys too devious…

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what kind of hellish map is this? if i were to play in this i would give up already and not even fight… this is just too confusing hello???