GLS: Chapter 275

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Chapter 275 – Ace Lineup

Li Cangyu’s understanding of the Japanese team wasn’t as deep as that of Su Guangmo. There was still a bit of time before the official start of the friendly game and he let Su Guangmo give a brief introduction of the Japanese team players.

Among the Japanese team’s players, the vice-captain Fujita Rika was the most popular. In addition to her good looks and figure, she was best known for her aggressiveness. She looked very well-behaved but she had a strong personality that was particularly competitive. She often visited the World Swordsman Forum and challenged swordsmen from many different countries.

Su Guangmo received her invitation and had a ‘try it out’ attitude as he went to the Japanese server with a side account to PK against her. The two of them won one game each and Su Guangmo’s deepest impression of her was that she was a very aggressive swordsman.

She hardly wasted any seconds. As long as she had a skill, she would continue to constantly attack the opponent. She used offense as a defense and her play was quite fierce.

At the time, Su Guangmo felt that this girl’s style was a bit like Brother Yu and stopped after a draw. It was due to Fujita Rika’s challenge that Su Guangmo’s account in the Japanese server wasn’t deleted.

He played for a period of time in the Japanese server and met some professional Japanese players while qualifying for the arena, including the captain of the Japanese team Sato Takashi.

Sato Takashi was a black magician whose attack power was stronger than Fujita Rika. He was just relatively low-key and wasn’t as well known as Fujita Rika. However, Sato Takashi occupied an important seat in the world’s black magician rankings while the Chinese team’s Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan combination weren’t ranked.

Li Cangyu’s knowledge was similar to that described by Su Guangmo. After hearing this, he asked, “Apart from Fujita Rika and Sato Takashi, do you know the other outstanding layers of the Japanese team?”

Su Guangmo thought for a moment. “There are several more famous people in Japan. There is the elf summoner Ida Takuya, the blood kin assassin Itoh Sawa and the healer Yamaguchi Ryuzaki. There are the top candidates.” Everyone looked at him with expressions of worship. Captain Su must be very powerful to say all these tongue twisters!

Cheng Wei couldn’t help saying, “It is so hard to remember the names of the Japanese players. I only know Yamekuchi and…”

Tan Shitian suppressed a smile and rubbed Cheng Wei’s head. “Go to the side and don’t cause chaos.”

Cheng Wei smiled and walked away. Zhang Shaohui also said, “I don’t remember a single name that Captain Su said. Ito, Sato, they give me a headache.”

Lou Wushuang stared at him coldly. “If you have a headache, go to the side to rest.”

The two idiots were kicked to the side and everyone else continued discussing the topic.

“As Captain Su said, the Japanese team should send out these high-profile players.” Li Cangyu thoughtfully touched his chin. “Once we gather, we will directly abuse them using the mechanisms.”

The members participating in the friendly match said they understood.

The others weren’t participating but they excitedly sat in front of the computer to watch.


The room in the Miracle Village’s server was quickly created. The Japanese team sent an invitation to Li Cangyu. Once Li Cangyu entered the room, he also pulled in Ling Xuefeng, Su Guangmo, Tan Shitian and Lou Wushuang.

Everyone looked at the display panel. The players sent by the Japanese team were really the black magician Sato Takashi, the terran swordsman Fujita Rika, the elf summoner Ida Takuya, the healer Yamaguchi Ryuzaki and the blood kin assassin Itoh Sawa.

They were exactly the top five members in Su Guangmo’s ranking.

They really sent out the aces to destroy the Chinese team?

Many people sneered in their hearts.

Li Cangyu politely typed on the public channel: [Shall we start?]

Fujita Rika replied: [Start.]

They quickly pressed the ready button. The owner of the room was the captain of the Japanese team, Sato Takashi. He selected the Mechanical City map as they arranged.

The maps submitted to the World Competition were kept secret before the competition. This map had already been used during the China VS Australia game this morning. Therefore, the Miracle Village updated it for all countries to try. Mount Huangshan Plank Road was still in an invisible state due to being banned by the Australian team.

The map loaded and the friendly game officially began.

The positions that players on both sides appeared in were random. The Chinese team members were still scattered but the Japanese team also didn’t have good luck.

Since the friendly game didn’t have the referee channel and the god’s perspective, the other players of the team only saw the refresh positions of their team members and weren’t aware of the other side.

Cheng Wei chose the best place to watch. Due to his small size, he moved a small stool over and stood on it. He placed a hand on Zhang Shaohui’s shoulder as support and stared at everyone’s screens.

Li Cangyu, Ling Xuefeng and Tan Shitian refreshed in the 1st room, 3rd room and 6th room on the upper floor. Lou Wushuang and Su Guangmo were in the east and west corridors on the lower floor.

The commander of this game was naturally the national team’s captain, Li Cangyu. He glanced at everyone’s positions and instantly ordered, “Gather in the upper 3rd room. People on the lower floor should come up as quickly as possible.”

The left side contained rooms 1, 3 and 5, the right side contained rooms 2, 4, and 6 while there was a middle aisle between them.

The rooms had side doors connected to each other. Therefore, Li Cangyu in the 1st room went directly through a side door to the 3rd room and reached Ling Xuefeng. The two of them were close to each other and gathered in less than 5 seconds after refreshing on the map.

Tan Shitian was in an even number room. If he wanted to come over, he needed to go through the middle passage.

As soon as he went out, he saw three people from the Japanese team coming from the 5th, 2nd and 4th rooms. The Japanese team also had three people on the upper level!

Tan Shitian’s memory was really good and he soon remembered the players that Su Guangmo introduced. The female swordsman with the big sword was obviously the aggressive female player Fujita Rika. The black magician was the Japanese team’s captain Sato Takashi and Ida Takuya was an elf summoner like Cat God.

They met 1v3 in a narrow corridor and Tan Shitian naturally couldn’t win!

Even so, he knew that Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu were nearby so he wasn’t afraid.

He quickly typed a ‘3’ on the team channel before using a big move, Death Arrow Rain!

It was the archer’s most powerful attack skill. It was instantly released, the cooldown was long and the consumption of blue was large but the far attack distance caused many professionals to get a headache. Tan Shitian took advantage of his long range and attacked the three people in the passage.

The dense arrow rain arrow and the blood of the Japanese team members suddenly dropped to 75%!

Sato Takashi was very calm. He saw the other team’s archer and didn’t hurry to attack. He had analyzed the Chinese team’s Mechanical City map. Six people should appear in the six rooms upstairs. This meant there were still Chinese players upstairs and it was likely to turn into a group battle.

This type of judgment was correct but once Tan Shitian used Death Arrow Rain, they were naturally unwilling to stay still.

At this moment, their teammates gave feedback on the team channel: [It is 2v2 downstairs.]

These words were simple but it was enough to let Sato Takashi know the current situation.

He hadn’t rushed to attack because he was afraid the other two people of the Chinese team would come up from the stairs as support. Now that both sides downstairs had met, there would be no chance for the two Chinese players to withdraw and act as reinforcements.

The Japanese team had a healer to add blood and it wasn’t easy for them to die in 2v2. Upstairs, they could gain an advantage if they killed the lone archer first.

Sato Takeshi thought this and immediately ordered, “Kill the archer before his support arrives!”

The aggressive Fujita Rika had long been impatient. She heard this order and didn’t hesitate to rush forward. The sword in her hand stabbed straight forward and the skill Spirit Lock was unleashed!

Tan Shitian wisely used Flying Feather Steps to subtly move one metre, avoiding the skill in a thrilling manner. At the same time, he fired the bow in his hand and Shock Shot hit Fujita Rika’s chest!

Due to the short distance, this move only caused her to lose 10% blood. However, Fujita Rika felt very defiant after being hit twice by him and she turned to chase Tan Shitian.

Breaking Bone Sword, Devouring Soul Sword!

The two big moves hit and the fragile Tan Shitian’s blood started to plummet.

The elf summoner instantly summoned the water spirit to freeze Tan Shitian in place. At the same time, he operated the fire spirit to throw Fireball. Tan Shitian was hit to half blood but he felt lucky. It was fortunate that the elf summoner wasn’t Cat God or he would have no life left!

[The two of you, don’t just watch!] The frozen Tan Shitian couldn’t help typing on the team channel.

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were hiding in the 3rd room at this time. They couldn’t see the situation outside but the news that Tan Shitian had been attacked had long appeared on the system channel. According to the current analysis of the map, Li Cangyu judged that Tan Shitian was currently facing the three people of the Japanese team while on the lower floor, Su Guangmo and Lou Wushuang were facing the Japanese team’s assassin and priest.

Yet he wasn’t in a hurry and gave the Japanese team time to play?

Once he saw that Tan Shitian’s blood had fallen below 40% and estimated that the Japanese team had used most of their big moves, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng finally came out of the 3rd room.

Banshee Summoning, Witch Demon’s Curse!

Ling Xuefeng used the big group pull skill!

He called the banshee in a clever position. He had the banshee stand in the middle of the Japanese team and strongly pulled them to the banshee’s side.

Li Cangyu had pre-determined the location in advance and used the big move, Thunder’s Wrath!

Purple thunder fell from the sky and struck the three people.

Sato Takashi felt uncomfortable when he saw the two summoners in front of him and ordered, “Retreat!”

However, Li Cangyu didn’t give him the chance to retreat.

Ling Xuefeng released his hand speed and summoned four skeleton infantry to the east, south, west and north. They surrounded the three people of the Japanese team, not allowing them to run away!

Then Li Cangyu cast another big move, Frost Heart!

The water spirit’s big move froze the other side while causing a lot of damage. The result was the imprisonment effect of the skeletons had just ended when the water spirit’s ice arrived!

The blood volume of the three Japanese members dropped like an avalanche!

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng joined forces and impeccably linked skills. Control was followed by a group attack and then another control, not giving them any chance to breathe!

All three Japanese players were beaten to 20% blood.

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng used their big moves while Tan Shitian stood in the distance and happily harvested heads. the archer moved with light footsteps while shooting, his movements flexible and his arrows accurate.

—Barrage Shot!

—Seize Life Shot!

—Shock Shot!

The archer’s skill casting time was fast and their attack distance was long. The three members of the Japanese team couldn’t run away.

Tan Shitian fired three arrows and directly took three kills!

Behind them, the watching Chinese members cheered. Cheng Wei was very happy and shouted while clapping, “You are bursting with handsomeness!”

The three people of the Japanese team, “…”

The combination of the two summoners made them dazed. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were too fast and their cooperation was perfect. Their explosive power was terrible! Combined with the rapid shooting of the archers, they successfully killed three people in this wave.

Sato Takeshi couldn’t believe it. Then he recovered and frowned. “Gather at the blue resurrection point!”

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Rip Japanese team

5 years ago

Well a the other gods said “Ling Cat combi is bioweapon” what can you expect? Destruction ofc

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Vei Kyuu
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But the Chinese, yeah, the short, too similar names kill me & I’m still training my ears (with mitigated results) to the Chinese sound. I’m missing a lot of dramas & some anime too, because of the language barrier. Sigh…

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

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