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GLS: Chapter 274

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Chapter 274 – Japanese Team’s Challenge

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the team members gathered in the conference room on time. The sharp-eyed Cheng Wei found that two people were missing and instantly asked, “Where are Ah Shu and Vice-Captain Bai?”

Li Cangyu explained, “Bai Xuan is sick and taking time off. I won’t arrange any tasks for them in the next match.”

Cheng Wei was surprised and worried. “Vice-Captain Bai is sick? Is it serious?”

“According to Ah Shu, it shouldn’t be serious. He always had stomach problems and hasn’t accustomed to the food for the past few days.” Li Cangyu paused and glanced in Liu Xiang’s direction. “Captain Liu, Bai Xuan might not be able to recover in these two days. You will be the healer for the next economic battle and there will be no healer for death racing.”

Liu Xiang nodded easily. “No problem.”

Li Cangyu followed up with introducing the Spanish team on the big screen. This PPT was undoubtedly made by Ling Xuefeng. Yan Ruiwen had long been used to this and no longer reacted.

They were just going to analyze the lineup of the other side when there was a knock on the door. The nearest Cheng Wei ran to open the door and saw a beautiful long-haired girl.

The surprised Cheng Wei asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Tan Shitian pulled his collar from behind. “Fool, can she understand you when you are speaking in Chinese?’

Cheng Wei’s spirit returned and he shook his head. “However, I can’t speak English. How do I say ‘who are you looking for’ in English?”

Then he heard the other side say in non-fluent Chinese. “I can understand Chinese. Hello, Captain Tan, I am the vice-captain of the Japanese team, Fujita Rika.”

Everyone, “…”

The group of people had expressions of ‘crap!’

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng glanced at each other and guessed the reason for the ‘uninvited guest.’ Li Cangyu stared at Ling Xuefeng and Ling Xuefeng walked towards the door. He asked coldly, “Miss Fujita, are you looking for us for a game?”

Sure enough, Fujita Rika smiled politely at Ling Xuefeng. She smiled and said, “We want to play a friendly match with the Chinese team in death racing mode. The map used will be the Mechanical City submitted by the Chinese team.”

Ling Xuefeng frowned, “Is this what your captain wants?”

Fujita Rika told him, “It is the intentions of all our team members. We have seen the replay of the Chinese team and the Australian team’s match. We are very interested in the Mechanical City map so we want to play a friendly match game with the Chinese team. We aren’t in the same group and don’t have to worry about exposing the tactics of both sides in a friendly game.”

These words weren’t wrong. The Japanese team was assigned to Group A and the Chinese team to Group B. It was impossible for them to meet unless it was the finals. Playing a friendly game against each other would certainly have no effect.

Ling Xuefeng looked back at Li Cangyu, who nodded and stood up. “It is a friendly game? No problem.”

Fujita Rika glanced at the captain of the Chinese team and said, “Thank you, Cat God.”

Everyone, “…”

She knew that Li Cangyu was called Cat God in China?

The Chinese team members glanced at each other. Once Fujita Rika left, Cheng Wei spoke in an admiring manner, “She is beautiful and her voice is very soft. Are all Japanese girls so gentle?”

Tan Shitian wondered, “Do you like this type?”

Cheng Wei looked into his deep eyes and immediately said guiltily, “Cough, how can I like Japanese girls? Liu Xiang of our team is much prettier than her.”

Zhang Shaohui agreed. “I also think Sister Liu Xiang is better than this Fujita! Our Chinese team’s sisters are beautiful! The Japanese girls have a thick layer of makeup.”

Lou Wushuang stared coldly at him and Zhang Shaohui shrank back. “Brother, did I say something wrong?”

Liu Xiang, “…”

These two league idiots, could they stop dragging her out as cannon fodder? She truly was someone who as unjustly implicated!

Liu Xiang saw this and was helplessly forced to stand up and calm down the battle. “Everyone’s focus is on the wrong thing. Shouldn’t we discuss Fujita Rika? I remember that she is a very famous female swordsman of the Japanese team. Her ranking is similar to Captain Su?”

Su Guangmo nodded. “Fujita Rika looks very gentle but her style of play is fierce. I used to talk to her in the swordsman section of the Miracle forum. I also played against her in the Japanese server and won half the time. This was last year.”

Yu Pingsheng glanced curiously at his brother. “You know her?”

Su Guangmo told him, “Don’t think too much.” Then he explained to everyone, “This girl is particularly belligerent and took the initiative to challenge me. In addition, she knows the Chinese team very well. She is very clear about Cat God’s deeds in Miracle. As far as I know, many players on the Japanese team are aggressive and the captain is the same.”

Li Cangyu thought for a moment and stated, “It seems that the Japanese team isn’t just looking for a friendly match?” He looked at Ling Xuefeng while talking.

Ling Xuefeng spoke in a direct manner, “Can the Japanese players have a ‘friendly’ match with the Chinese players? The Chinese, Japanese and Korean countries in Asia were fiercely competitive in various areas. The Japanese e-sports circle can’t beat China and South Korea. They are obviously eyeing the Chinese team, unlike the Korean side who sent some newcomers as a test. If I haven’t guessed wrongly, Japan should send out all the great gods to destroy our prestige in the name of a friendly match.”

Ling Xuefeng’s analysis was reasonable and everyone nodded in agreement.

South Korea and China were both e-sports players. They have played many times in previous e-sports projects and both sides have won and lost against each other. A few days ago, the South Korean team offered to play a friendly match. Their attitude was modest and cautious. It was indeed a ‘friendly’ exchange.

However, the Japanese side was different. Their e-sports strength was worse than China and South Korea and they had been holding back for a long time. In this World Competition, Japan was divided into Group A while China and South Korea were divided into Groups B and C. They weren’t destined to meet in the group stage so they intended to play a private match.

It was easy to make a fuss in a friendly match. If the Japanese team won, they could say that the Japanese team overpowered the Chinese team. If they lost, they could say that they didn’t use all their strength. The Japanese team’s tricks could be guessed.

Since the other side came to the door to provoke them, the Chinese team couldn’t shrink back. Li Cangyu thought for a moment before saying, “Since they want to destroy the Chinese team’s prestige, we won’t give them face…”

He kept thinking before making a decision. “Is it the death racing mode? I will go with Captain Ling, Captain Su, Captain Tan and Captain Lou.”

Everyone, “…”

Cat God, did you have to be so serious? Directly sending five captains? Wasn’t he afraid of scaring the Japanese team?

Li Cangyu smiled, “I am just using the Japanese team as practice before facing Spain. I just named a few people. Is there a problem?”

Ling Xuefeng’s face was blank. “No problem.”

Su Guangmo, Tan Shitian and Lou Wushuang naturally had no opinions. Their hands were itching to punish those who came to provoke them.

The five people sat down in front of their respective computers and quickly logged into the Internet of Miracle Village.

Cheng Wei was very excited. “Such a luxurious lineup might not necessarily appear even in the finals!”

This sentence was correct. There would be several rounds of games in the finals that must be led by different tactical commanders. Su Guangmo, Tan Shitian and Lou Wushuang were unlikely to appear in the same team.

Sending five tactical commanders to directly confront the Japanese team was really rare!

It seemed that Cat God was really serious this time!

The group of people couldn’t help lighting a row of candles for the Japanese team in their hearts.

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5 years ago

I do love Japan, but still . . . * silently lighting up a row of candles

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas
Ethereal Rainbow Canvas
5 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Yeah, that was quite ironical, speaking of valentine & the charged history between the 3 countries…

5 years ago

*silently lighting candles for Japanese Team + sister Liu (who, once again, got dragged between two bottles of vinegar)*

Aerilistarylia Sae
Aerilistarylia Sae
5 years ago

Fuuhhh… Do you really have to provoke the Cat. And you already know his prestige. My condolences if you cry.

5 years ago

RIP Japan 😭😭😭