GLS: Chapter 273

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Chapter 273 – Accident

Everyone went back by car and headed to the restaurant of the Miracle Village for lunch. The restaurant at the Miracle Village offered buffet meals but since most of the chefs were from the United States, there was definitely no Chinese food. The breakfast here were mostly omelettes, milk and bread. The Chinese members mostly ate steak, toast, fruit salad and pastries.

People who liked to eat sweets like Cheng Wei and Tan Shitian were very happy. As soon as they arrived at the restaurant, they grabbed plates to find things like matcha cake, black forest cake, strawberry cake etc. They ate cake all day and weren’t tired of it. They also didn’t get fat. This made the three sisters of Red Fox feel envious.

In fact, Tan Shitian didn’t love to eat sweets. He just saw that Cheng Wei loved them and wanted to accompany him to eat.

Zhang Shaohui really liked steak and loved meat since he was a child. In the Ghost Spirits team, he always had meat. The form might’ve changed once he went abroad but he wouldn’t refuse as long as it was meat. He could eat two big steaks in one meal.

Others lacked interest in Western food and some frowned and soon as they walked into the restaurant.

It had been a few days of eating the same food in the Miracle Village and the people not used to it wanted to vomit. However, the World League was relatively strict. During the competition, players weren’t allowed to go out at will. They were unfamiliar with this place and if they received food poisoning from eating something unclean, the league couldn’t afford to bear the responsibility.

It was a foreign country so the players’ requests couldn’t be too high. They ate enough to fill their stomachs.


Today, the steak in the restaurant was 70% cooked. Xie Shurong brought over to plates and handed one to Bai Xuan. He sat down and complained, “I want to eat your sweet and sour ribs, cola chicken wings, braised eggplant, steamed bass…”

He drooled as he mentioned the names of the dishes.

Bai Xuan saw his greedy appearance and couldn’t help smiling. “Endure it for a few days. Once we return home, I will make them for you.”

“Okay, I will be sure to eat your cooking when we go back to the country!” Xie Shurong gave Bai Xuan a plate of fruit salad. “These fruits are quite fresh. You should eat some more.” Cheng Wei was eating cake with relish next to them. He glanced at Ah Shu and Bai Xuan and asked, “Should I get a few cakes for you to try?”

Bai Xuan told him, “I’m not hungry. I will eat anything.”

He didn’t have an appetite. After finishing his lunch, he headed back to the dormitory with everyone.

Once they reached the stairs, Li Cangyu told them, “Have a good rest to raise your energy for the afternoon. At three in the afternoon, we will meet in the meeting room.”

Everyone dispersed and went back to their rooms to have a nap.

Xie Shurong soon fell asleep. In his dream, he was holding a naked Bai Xuan in his arms. Bai Xuan was red-faced and completely didn’t resist. Xie Shurong was quite cheap and couldn’t help smiling slightly.

He didn’t wake up from the dream until his alarm clock rang at 2:30.

Xie Shurong sat up in a contented manner and turned his head. He found that Bai Xuan wasn’t in bed. His quilt was quite messy, as if he had just emerged from it.

The light in the bathroom was on and Xie Shurong walked over doubtfully. He opened and saw Bai Xuan crouching beside the toilet. His face was pale and bloodless as he vomited. This made Xie Shurong’s heart jump up!

“Are you okay?” Xie Shurong rushed to Bai Xuan’s side. One hand was placed around the waist while the other hand patted Bai Xuan’s back in a worried manner. “Did you eat something bad? Is your stomach uncomfortable?”

“Yes…” Bai Xuan nodded and forced out a reluctant smile. “It might be because the steak and fruits were digested after eating. My stomach is a bit uncomfortable…”

After seeing the pale face that was trying to be relaxed, Xie Shurong felt both distressed and angry, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I didn’t call you after seeing that you were sleeping.” Bai Xuan softly explained while holding Xie Shurong’s arm and standing up. “Don’t worry. My stomach disease won’t last more than a day or two. Perhaps it is because I have been eating cold things these days and they haven’t digested. After eating lunch, I wasn’t very comfortable…”

Xie Shurong lifted him up and whispered, “Is it still uncomfortable? I brought some stomach medicine. I’ll find something for you to take.”

As he spoke, he gently stretched out his arms and carried Bai Xuan.

Bai Xuan was shocked and asked, “What are you doing? Put me down.”

“Look at how uncomfortable you are. What do you expect me to do?” Xie Shurong gave him a reproachful look. “I am your boyfriend, not someone else. Do you see me as an outsider?”

“…” These words made Bai Xuan speechless.

Yes, boyfriend, he promised to be Xie Shurong’s boyfriend of his own accord!

Bai Xuan felt a bit awkward when he saw Xie Shurong’s serious expression. He also couldn’t help feeling a bit of warmth.

Yes, there was no need to hide in front of his boyfriend. Bai Xuan thought this and held his shoulder with a frown. “I have a bad stomach. You should take it lightly.”

“Yes.” Xie Shurong’s movements were very careful, as if he was holding a valuable treasure in his arms.

He gently placed Bai Xuan down on the bed, carefully covered him with a quilt and then quickly turned to find the medicine in his suitcase.

Bai Xuan felt somewhat surprised. He didn’t expect Xie Shurong to have brought more medicine than him…

“Why did you bring so much medicine?” Bai Xuan asked with a complicated expression.

Xie Shurong replied while pouring water. “Yes, I was afraid your stomach wouldn’t be comfortable and that you would get a fever. I brought all types of medicines to prevent problems before they happen.”

He tasted the warm water. Once he determined it wasn’t too hot, he came over to give Bai Xuan the medicine.

Bai Xuan was a bit embarrassed about being helped. It was obvious that this person was younger than him and had the ‘I will take care of you’ gesture. His movements were very convenient and he was a strong boyfriend.

It was the first time he was taken care of like this and Bai Xuan accidentally discovered—it felt really good?

Ah Shu had the consciousness of being a boyfriend…

He just thought this when Ah Shu got into bed and hugged Bai Xuan gently in his arms. “If it is difficult then tell me. I will take you to hospital if things become worse. Don’t just endure it, understand?”

“Yes.” Bai Xuan responded awkwardly.

Xie Shurong kissed his forehead and said, “I will learn to cook. Every day I will give you light and digestible things to eat. Your stomach disease should be slowly adjusted. This time you went abroad and couldn’t adapt to eating these things.”

Bai Xuan was surprised. “You want to learn how to cook?”

Xie Shurong stared seriously at him. “Of course, it is natural to cook for my wife.”

Bai Xuan’s face reddened and a fist slammed into Xie Shurong’s stomach, “Who is your wife? Don’t you have any shame?”

“I can’t have any shame. Otherwise, who could I catch you?” Xie Shurong grabbed Bai Xuan’s hand, pulled his clothes and directly placed Bai Xuan’s hand on his muscles. He said proudly, “Come touch my abs. It is an eight pack.”

Bai Xuan was forced to touch the abs and his fingertips felt the young man’s strong and powerful muscles. He thought of how Xie Shurong said, “Your boyfriend is very good in all aspects’ and evil pictures filled Bai Xuan’s mind. His face couldn’t help turning red and he had to retract his hand.

Xie Shurong saw his blush, let go of his hand and gently hugged him.”Bai Xuan, your illness might not be serious but you must pay attention when eating or you will become sick. I will be distressed…”

As he said this, he touched Bai Xuan’s back in a straightforward and gentle manner.

He made such a fuss that Bai Xuan’s mood improved a lot. Warmth from his heart slowly flowed through his blood vessels and his cold stomach gradually warmed up.

Bai Xuan didn’t reach out to hold him, instead saying in an exhausted manner, “Don’t talk. I want to sleep for a while…”

Xie Shurong immediately said, “Sleep, I will watch from next to you.”

The simple words made Bai Xuan feel particularly at ease. He smiled as he closed his eyes.

Xie Shurong’s body had the same warmth as the sun. He was young and his method of expressing his feelings was very straightforward. He was a bit cheeky but he was very sincere.

This person wasn’t as mature and stable as Bai Xuan’s ideal type but Ah Shu never dropped the chain at critical moments.

Maybe it was right to choose him as a boyfriend?

Bai Xuan thought this way and fell asleep in Xie Shurong’s arms.

In fact, it was almost 3 in the afternoon, which was the time Li Cangyu said to meet.

Bai Xuan felt uncomfortable since noon and now he was sleeping. Xie Shurong sent a text message to Li Cangyu: [Captain, please let me and Bai Xuan take the afternoon meeting off. His stomach is making him feel uncomfortable. I will take care of him.”

Li Cangyu was concerned. [How is Xiao Bai’s situation, is it serious?”

Xie Shurong told him: [It shouldn’t be serious. He is just sleeping after taking medicine.]

Li Cangyu let go of his worries. [If he is uncomfortable, I will arrange for him to not play in the next match. Let him have a good rest. You stay in your room and take care of him. I’ll see you later.]

Xie Shurong quickly replied: [I understand, Captain.]

Xie Shurong looked at the man sleeping quietly in his arms and his heart softened. He couldn’t help kissing Bai Xuan’s forehead.

The gentle Vice-Captain Bai always took care of others. Let Ah Shu take care of you in the future, okay?

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5 years ago

Ah-Shu being caring boyfriend-slash-husband (yet still as shameless as ever) is making me blush u///u

They ate cake all day and weren’t tired of it. They also didn’t get fat. This made the three sisters of Red Fox feel envious.

I feel you, sisters! 😭😭

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Awwww. I always love this couple. Reading Ah shu being so sweet to milk dad really made my day 🙂

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Thanks for the chapter! That’s the way to show how reliable you are, gently, but surely taking care of your loved one when needed.
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despite all the dog food, I am distressed. VC Xiao Bai please don’t overexert yourself T^T