GLS: Chapter 270

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Chapter 270 – China VS Australia (Complex Mechanisms)

Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan were originally fixed partners and there was a tacit understanding between them. The big move Light and Shadow Rotation decreased the blood of the three opponents and Bai Xuan’s control finally ended. He immediately used Big Healing Array and filled up Xie Shurong’s blood.

James’ face was a bit green. They had fought for so long only for the two opponents to be full of blood again!

If they couldn’t successfully kill the other side, it was equivalent to wasting their control skills and blood. James thought this and decisively ordered, “Jamie, summon the crows and then get rid of them!”

The demon summoner Jamie called the demon crows and released the signature skill, Cover the Sky!

The overwhelming black crows screamed as they attacked Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong, trying to black out their vision. At this moment, Bai Xuan suddenly stepped on a red floor tile in the corner and the whole room suddenly shook like there was an earthquake.

James, “????”

There was a loud band and everyone in the room fell down to the lower floor.

The three men of the Australian team were shocked. They realized that Bai Xuan had stepped on a mechanism that directly collapsed the room and moved everyone down to the lower floor. The Chinese team’s map designers were really too bad!

By the time the three fallen people managed to stand up, they found that Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong had disappeared.

James endured the urge to slam against the keyboard and took a deep breath to calm down.

According to the map observation before the game, he remembered that there were four corridors in the east, south, west and north with each corridor having a gate.

Once going out from the gate, there was a large block of floor tiles, with an abyss between the scattered tiles. The tiles on the ground were constantly moving.

James ordered in a low voice, “The three of us will stay here. Ron and Bruno, quickly come to the lower floor!”

The named Ron was the white magician who was set in place by Xie Shurong when he came out of the room. He wanted to rush to the 1st room to help but as soon as he walked through the door, he saw the inside shaking and collapsing. It was a horrifying scene and he froze for a moment.

He recovered the moment he heard the command and jumped straight out of the collapsed room.

Bruno, who refreshed alone in the lower level from the beginning, was in the east corridor while his teammates who fell from upstairs were in the west corridor.

From east to west was just a straight line.

The problem was that the middle contained moving floor tiles, not flat land. If they directly stepped onto empty air, they might fall directly to death. Bruno thought it would be safer to go through the hallway but he made a big mistake. The Chinese players were also in the corridor!

Bruno had just walked through the corner on the southeast side when he saw the five players of the Chinese team in the south corridor. His heart rang with a warning and he immediately retreated, but it was too late!

Yan Ruiwen was much faster than the Australian black magician. The moment he saw the enemy, he cast the black magic big control, Dark Fear!

Bruno was precisely set in place.

Su Guangmo, Yu Pingsheng and Xie Shurong also acted at the same time. The three brothers had once led the Flying Feathers team to win the championship. They were separated for various reasons but the tacit understanding between them was still there!

Su Guangmo started with the swordsman’s big single attack, Breaking Bone Sword!

The giant sword fell straight down and created a shocking visual effect. The thick-skinned berserker lost 20% of his blood from this attack.

Xie Shurong’s style was completely different from his older apprentice brother. He quickly circumvented to the other side and didn’t use any skills. Instead, he dazzled the other side with ordinary attacks. The higher the number of combos, the more damage there would be. This practice of quick and continuous attacks was Xie Shurong’s characteristic play.

Yu Pingsheng looked gentle but he was very violent when attacking. One move was to cut off the other party’s retreat with the heavy axe in his hand. The skills of a berserker were smoothly released—Breaking Soul Chop and Breaking Wind Chop!

Yan Ruiwen stood in the distance and wasn’t idle. The spells in his hand kept coming out as black mist that entangled around Bruno. Death Mantra instantly overlapped in three layers.

Bruno’s health fell to 10% from combos of the four people! He called for help on the team channel. By the time James and his teammates quickly jumped over the tiles, they saw Bruno being killed by XIEXIE!

His head was taken by Xie Shurong!

In just five seconds, his combo broke through ten times. The damage caused by an ordinary attack was no worse than a swordsman’s skills. It could be seen that Xie Shurong’s explosive speed was this powerful.

The head was 1:0.

The Australian team had four people left and there were five people left in the Chinese team. This was a disadvantage in terms of numbers. However, there was no other way. If the Australian team retreated now, there would be no chance!

At the very least, Xie Shurong, Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng’s skills were on cooldown while Yan Ruiwen’s control skills had been used. For the Chinese team, they were currently in a vacuum period regarding their skills.

That’s why Australia had a chance to win, even if it was 4v5!

James’ head worked quickly and he ordered, “Summoner, cover them!”

The Australian team had two demon summoners. Jamie had used Cover the Sky in the upper room but there was still the summoner called Ethan.

He heard James’ instructions and instantly summoned the black crows, casting Cover the Sky!

A large group of black crows rushed in the direction of the Chinese team, causing many domestic audience members to be nervous.

From a god’s perspective, it could be seen that the Chinese team were standing at the junction of the south and east corridors. This was a dead end. They might’ve succeeded in killing the Australian team’s Bruno but this dead corner meant they would fall to the black crows’ vision control.

It would be trouble if everyone in the group was affected, because Su, Yu, Shu and Yan’s many skills were on cooldown.

Then Bai Xuan raised the white staff in his hand and a white light fell from the sky. This was just enough to cover the position of the Chinese team.

—Desperate Prayer!

This was the priest’s ultimate move. The group skill added a lot of blood and made the party immune to any control for three seconds.

The group control skill released by the Australian team’s demon summoner met the white light and disappeared without a trace.

The domestic audience members wanted to scream and many people were crazy in the live broadcast room. [Vice-Captain Bai is handsome!] [Daddy Bai, marry me!] [The milk dad’s big move is really powerful!] [No control. He freed them from control at the crucial moment!]

The commentator Yu Bing couldn’t help being excited as while. “Vice-Captain Bai is really decisive. This move completely ruined the Australian team’s plan to control the Chinese team and then kill them during the vacuum period.”

Kou Hongyi was also very impressed. “Our god milk has strength! He might have no fame in the world rankings but today Bai Xuan told the Australian team members with practical actions—there is a god milk! If you want to kill my teammates then you have to get through me!”

Ah Shu’s hand speed was very fast. The moment that Bai Xuan opened the big move, he didn’t forget to send a row of thumbs up on the team channel.

Then he turned and walked outside the corridor, jumping onto the tiles at a very fast speed. The other teammates also quickly jumped out of the dead corner. The five players of the Chinese team were like a fan that exploded in an instant, quickly dispersing.

The tiles moving in the middle didn’t affect everyone’s position. James looked at the five Chinese players jumping flexibly between tiles and suddenly wanted to cough up blood.

It was too much of a scam! The Chinese team was too much!

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