GLS: Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Mysterious Master

The Wind Colour Guild office.

The president Popular Land Under Heaven and the vice presidents were clearing the Frost Temple instance in the game. They chatted while facing the boss.

Popular Land Under Heaven said, “Wind Colour in today’s match against Time was too handsome. Our Captain Ling is too domineering.”

“Yes, there was a 0:3 disadvantage and he incredibly took six points. It was super fun to watch!” Same Boat Under Wind and Rain cried out.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps was heard behind them. The two people looked back and stood up with shock.

In the game, Popular Land Under Heaven and Same Boat Under Wind and Rain were instantly killed by the boss’ big move. However, they completely ignored it because the person in front of them was the difficult to see Ling Xuefeng!

Captain Ling didn’t care about the guild side of the team and left Vice-Captain Yan in charge. They weren’t psychological prepared when he suddenly came today!

The few management members couldn’t help feel guilty when they met Ling Xuefeng’s deep eyes.

Popular Land Under Heaven immediately squeezed out a smile and laughed hollowly. “How can Captain Ling come here? Haha, I will go to pour Captain Ling a cup of tea.”

He was just turning to leave when Ling Xuefeng said, “No need.”

“…” Popular Land Under Heaven wiped the sweat on his forehead and secretly glanced at Qin Mo. Had Qin Mo told the captain about the things that happened in the game? However, Qin Mo’s pale face was looking down and no clues could be seen. Popular Land Under Heaven scratched his head and looked back at the captain. “Captain Ling, did you come here for… an inspection?”

“I want to look at the situation in the new district.” Ling Xuefeng went straight to the president’s computer. He sat down and found that Popular Land Under Heaven had been killed by the boss’ big move. The map in the upper right corner showed it was the Frost Temple instance. “You reached level 40 so quickly?”

Popular Land Under Heaven immediately replied, “Yes, we are desperately levelling in the new district.”

Ling Xuefeng asked, “Do you know a person called Love to Eat Braised Fish?”

“…” A chill suddenly went down Popular Land Under Heaven’s spine!

Captain Ling took the initiative to come here and also mentioned Love to Eat Braised Fish, meaning he must’ve learned about the matter with Love to Eat Braised Fish. Lying in front of Captain Ling was tantamount to digging his own grave. It was better to confess honestly!

Popular Land Under Heaven thought this and obediently replied, “I know. Love to Eat Braised Fish is a very powerful elf summoner who appeared in the new district. Our guild happened to meet his three member team while intercepting a bounty mission. The result was… our team was wiped out… twice.”

It was too shameful saying this to Wind Colour’s big leader!

Popular Land Under Heaven sneaked a glance at the captain’s face and found that Ling Xuefeng looked calm, not angry. Thus, he continued to say, “Cough I wanted to report back to Captain Ling but the match was coming up and I was afraid it would impact the team’s performance. I looked for Qin Mo to check and Qin Mo logged into the game to PK against him once…”

“The result was a loss?” Ling Xuefeng’s voice didn’t contain any emotions.

“…” Popular Land Under Heaven and Qin Mo looked at each other with embarrassment.

Ling Xuefeng looked at the two people. “Do you think that Qin Mo losing to a master in the online game is normal?”

“…” The two people were afraid to speak.

“Qin Mo is a professional player with a stable hand speed of more than 300. He has been training professionally for half a year with the Wind Colour team and qualified for an official debut this season. The Miracle Professional League has very high requirements for professional players. Casually losing to an online game master, won’t this make the Miracle Professional League a joke?”

Ling Xuefeng’s voice was very calm but the Wind Colour Guild’s management hung their heads with shame.

“A master elf summoner that you have never heard of. Have you ever thought that this person’s origins might not be simple?”

The group froze and looked at each other with surprise.

Captain Ling was right!

Qin Mo might be a newcomer who just debuted this season but he was still a professional player. He received formal training for half a year and was a very talented rookie. Usually, everyone would learn from Qin Mo when he was idle. Qin Mo abused the guild’s management so easily. How could he lose to a master in the online game?

There was only one possibility—Love to Eat Braised Fish’s origin wasn’t simple.

The Wind Colour Guild was so angry about being wiped out that they forgot such a key point!

Popular Land Under Heaven’s spirit only came back at this time, causing him to guiltily scratch his head. He was too embarrassed to face Ling Xuefeng.

Ling Xuefeng didn’t blame him. Instead, he looked at the computer screen and asked, “Where is Love to Eat Braised Fish?”

Vice President Same Boat Under Wind and Rain immediately ran to sit next to him and typed in the Wind Colour’s Q group: [Quickly give me the coordinates of Love to Eat Braised Fish!]

Someone soon replied: [Vice President, this person isn’t online. He went offline at 11 in the morning and hasn’t logged in during the afternoon.”

Same Boat Under Wind and Rain went to the undercover group. [The undercovers of other guilds, do you know the origins of Love to Eat Braised Fish?]

Someone jumped forward. [The Flying Feathers team checked but couldn’t find anything.]

[Time also checked and there was no result.] Another undercover came forward. [However, I heard that Time wanted to pull him into the guild and was rejected. The president of Time reasoned that this person is abroad and should be the opposite of our playing time. It is afternoon here so his side should be early morning. He is probably sleeping at this time.”

Someone asked curiously: [Vice President, who is this person? How can three guilds be checking up on him?]

Same Boat Under Wind and Rain replied awkwardly: [I’m not checking…]

Ling Xuefeng saw this chat and didn’t react.

Perhaps this was the person he had been thinking about for three years.

Ling Xuefeng’s grip on the mouse slightly tightened before he got up from his seat. “Since he isn’t online, forget it. Send people to pay attention to his movements and as soon as he goes online, immediately notify me, no matter the time.”

“I understand Captain Ling.”

Ling Xuefeng walked away and Qin Mo followed after his master.

The guild management looked at each other and took a while to recover!

Who was this Love to Eat Braised Fish? He was actually being stared at by several guild members at the same time! Flying Feathers was reasonable since they experienced the same tragedy as Wind Colour and were wiped out during the bounty interception. Then why was Time interested in him? Was he really a mysterious master?

They felt like something big was going to happen…

Popular Land Under Heaven touched his chin and continued to clear the Frost Temple instance, but he always felt a bit uneasy.


[Boss, an undercover in the Wind Colour group said that the vice president suddenly asked about the origins of Love to Eat Braised Fish.]

Flying Feathers Liangshan was playing the Frost Temple instance when he received the news and immediately replied: [What did they say?]

[They reacted super slowly. It was only after two or three days that they finally understood that the origins of Love to Eat Braised Fish isn’t easy and started to investigate.” The undercover reported seriously, [There is something else. I suspect that the blood kin summoner who fought Love to Eat Braised Fish yesterday might be Qin Mo.”

Flying Feathers Liangshan was shocked. [You mean Captain Ling’s disciple Qin Mo? He wnt to the online game?]

[Yes, the vice president of Wind Colour said that a master came to teach Love to Eat Braised Fish a lesson. I think we all know the masters of the guilds. The only ones we don’t know are the professional gods on the team side. I joined in on the fun when they were surrounding Love to Eat Braised Fish and felt that the style of the blood kin summoner was very similar to Qin Mo.]

Flying Feathers Liangshan couldn’t help feeling shocked.

It was close!

When the first Flying Feathers team was destroyed, President Flying Feathers Liangshan made the same choice as Wind Colour and put together a team of management masters to teach Love to Eat Braised Fish a lesson.

The result was that the Wind Colour team got there first and were wiped out by Love to Eat Braised Fish. Flying Feathers Liangshan immediately chose to retreat.

If he hadn’t retreated, perhaps the unlucky people right now would be Flying Feathers.

The undercovers of Flying Feathers were much more powerful than other guilds. The key was that the president Flying Feathers Liangshan often watched spy warfare movies and had a lot of experience in this aspect. All undercovers were only connected to him and didn’t know each other. This way, absolute secrecy could be confirmed.

It was unlike Wind Colour and Time where a undercovers group was opened and news would easily spread.

Flying Feathers Liangshan felt both proud and tired at the same time.

Playing an online game like it was a spy movie… it was almost insane!

The undercover player continued to talk in the private chat. [President, I think this matter is strange. If the blood kin summoner really is Qin Mo, how can he lose to an online game master? It isn’t just Love to Eat Braised Fish. The healer and swordsman by his side are also very powerful. So many random masters gathered in one place isn’t common in online games.”

The calm president had naturally realized this point, which was why he had wanted to find out the origins of Braised Fish.

It was reasonable to say that there were also masters in the online game. After all, China was huge and it was impossible for all skilled people to play in the Professional League. There were a few domestic players who couldn’t enter the league because their ‘parents disagreed’ or their ‘age was unsuitable.’ They chose to entertain themselves in the online game. However, these random masters either joined major guilds or played solo. In addition, their IDs were famous on the national server rankings.

Love to Eat Braised Fish? Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork? Blossoming Tree?

What were these messy names? He had never heard them before. Could it be the side account of a professional player?

Flying Feathers Liangshan thought this and immediately replied: [You continue to follow up on the Wind Colour side. We won’t move. I will tell everyone to pay attention and to not provoke this Love to Eat Braised Fish.]

[I understand President.]

Flying Feathers Liangshan touched his chin and suddenly asked someone in the office, “Ares, do you know where Captain Su is?”

The Flying Feathers member sitting opposite him immediately raised his head. “Ah? Were you calling me?”

He was just playing an instance and probably hadn’t heard clearly.

Flying Feathers Liangshan continued, “I haven’t seen Captain Su for two days.  Where did he go?”

“Oh!” Flying Feathers Ares replied, “The team hasn’t played a match recently and there will also be a week off after the first round of the regular season. Captain Su put together a 10 day vacation and travelled to Inner Mongolia with the vice-captain.”

Flying Feathers Liangshan, “…”

Their captain loved to travel every time there was a holiday. Since he had gone to see the prairie in Inner Mongolia, Flying Feathers Liangshan would wait for him to come back before saying anything.

In any case, Love to Eat Braised Fish only had three people. How could they turn Flying Feathers upside down?

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